The Big Question

What was your childhood bedroom like? #NoJudgement

by Maxwell Tielman


The Design*Sponge community is filled with people who love design and, more specifically, design in the home. For each of us, this passion may have formed in a number of different ways—from magazines devoured during trips to the local bookstore, visits to a neighbor or relative’s beautiful home, or maybe the design collections at a favorite museum. Most likely, though, your first forays into home design and making your home more beautiful came by way of decorating your childhood or teenage bedroom. For many of us, this was ground zero for our interest in design—the laboratory in which we experimented, discovered new interests, and really began to get our hands dirty. Although many of our bedrooms were, in retrospect, nothing to write home about—temples to our favorite boy bands, places to hoard personal mementos, and canvases for colors we would never dream of today—they were no less formative or personally special. Today, we’re sharing some of our own memories of our childhood bedrooms and, readers, we want to hear about yours. The good, the bad, and the downright ugly—we don’t care! Like the Beach Boys said, “there’s a world where I can go and tell my secrets to, in my room.” This is a safe space. Spill. #NoJudgement. —Max

Grace: One word: GRAPEVINE. I wanted a pale purple room so badly that my mom finally gave in and let me paint it. But the theme didn’t stop there. I also had a grape-themed quilt, grapevine wallpaper border (we had a real problem with those growing up) and a purple lampshade. Let’s just say I’m glad I grew out of this one.

Amy: When I was eight years old my family lived in a small house in Southern California. It wasn’t big enough for all three of us girls to share a room but, as the saying goes, necessity is the mother of all invention, right? My Dad took down the closet doors and built a bunk bed inside the closet. Then, he built a top bunk/loft bed that stretched out on the opposite wall. Under that bed was open floor space and a dresser for clothing. The idea was to have the maximum amount of floor space available for playing since we certainly didn’t have room for a playroom. I was on the top bunk, as was my middle sister, and so to give my littlest sister something special of her own, my parents painted a rainbow with clouds and all of our names on the underside of the bunk above her. I wish I had a picture of that room. It was crowded but very special and even more special knowing how much sweat went into creating it.

Max: When my four-person family moved into a new home when I was nine, we made one massive error. The home, despite being larger than the ramshackle urban cottage we had just vacated, only had two bedrooms. My sister, ever the diva, was sure to stake her claim on one of them immediately, leaving me to make do with whatever leftover space I could convert into a makeshift room—a closet-sized “office” on our terrifying first floor, our laundry room (yes, that actually happened and it was LOUD), and an oversized section of hallway on our house’s second floor. I had even considered converting our musty old basement into a bedroom before I decided better of it. I’m not sure if this was out of guilt for leaving me more or less bedroom-less until I went to college, but my parents were pretty much on-board for any and all decorating ideas that I had—and boy did I have ideas! Throughout the history of my room-hopping career, I was known to have installed full-on, wall-to-wall shrines to my favorite obsessions du-jour: Ani Difranco, Harry Potter, The Spice Girls. I fancied myself something of an artiste, and the walls of my various sleeping spaces fell victim to this mentality, oftentimes covered in crayon scrawls, large-scale tempera paint murals, and later, Sharpie-marker graffiti left by me and my friends. Luckily (or horrifyingly), there is photographic evidence of a few of these bedroom incarnations, some of which I have included below. No judging!


Above: This particular “room” was located in a large alcove in the hallway of my home’s second floor. It was essentially missing a fourth wall, so I fashioned a “theater curtain” of sorts from thick paisley fabric for added privacy. Peeking inside, you can see some of my floor pillows (I loved floor pillows!) and my groovy little red TV that I got from Target.


Above: Another angle of the same room. This was my little “office” area underneath my loft bed. Next to my computer, you can see some super fancy-shmancy “candle-scaping” alongside my mini zen garden. I was super into candles and zen gardens at the time.


Above: This was one of my last room incarnations, located in my father’s tiny vacated office on the first floor of our house. I had the wild and, in retrospect, rather unfortunate idea of painting the room GLOSSY bright yellow and allowing my friends to tag it with black Sharpie markers. Let’s just say that the imagery swiftly degraded from pleasant little doodles to decidedly NSFW-territory. This room has since been made-over into something a bit more tasteful.

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  • Two words: Pink. Shag.

    Probably the reason I own few things pink. Current bedroom will be Benjamin Moore’s Welsh Green. Will be. Eventually. Once I finish the drywall seams. Sigh.

  • What a precious way to revisit childhood memories. The personality of a child is always reflected in the colors and walls of their room. It is the only place in the world, at that age, that is wholly their own (for better or for worse). Among N*SYNC posters and blow-up furniture, I had a blast in my little youngster habitat.

  • I lived in Long Island & my parents took me into the city to buy a bedroom set at the fabulous Conran’s when I was 13. I picked out a formica-ish (white) platform bed, matching dressers and armoire that looked like a refrigerator. My carpet was dark purple, lavender walls covered in Duran Duran posters, ESPRIT catalogue pages and satin soft sculptures of rainbows & unicorns. It was the best (80’s) room ever! #nojudgement #noregrets ;)

  • I’ve lightened up a lot but my mid-90s bedroom had warm gold walls, maroon trim and hunter green accents. The bedspread was a Ralph Lauren paisley and the trashcan, artwork and rug all had a fox hunting theme. I was eight. In retrospect I’d now feel much more at home in my previous bedroom which had peachy walls a sculpted pastel bedspread and a matchy matchy golden oak bedroom suite.

  • Grace – my teenage bedroom was almost exactly like yours. Super pale lavender – and then I painted a purple iris border around the top of the room because I couldn’t find a wallpaper border that I liked. That was probably my first foray into envisioning something, looking for it, not finding it, and then just doing it myself. I was obsessed with iris – I even bought a sheet / pillow comforter set with purple iris to take to my first college dorm room. I also got to travel in Europe with my high school French class, and so I had lots and lots of Impressionist prints framed and hanging in my lilac room!

    I still love iris, but only the real ones that come out of the ground!

    And Max – we had a basement hang out space, and we had a party where all our friends got to come over and spray paint on it. You better believe there was some adult oversight on the content. I need to find those pictures…

  • Because my mother was (is) a total neat freak, I was not allowed to decorate as my heart saw fit. I wasn’t allowed to put up posters on the wall, but I could put up some parent-approved decorations, which included brass butterflies, some brass asian symbols (which might have actually been trivets) and decorative Spanish fans. I lived in an old lady’s sitting room. My bed frame was also brass… Later in high school, I changed things up and went for a Victorian vibe, creating vignettes of velvet gloves, a candelabra and a Ouija board. The only semi-crazy thing I had in my room was the black valances I inherited from my grunge-loving sister, who also had to decorate with parental approval. They matched the dust ruffle on the bed – how rebellious. Also, for a time, I shared my room with a lifesize cardboard cutout of Captain Picard… #NoJudging

  • Laura Ashley. Always Laura Ashley, as soon as I was old enough for input. Every inch. Except for my insp board of J. Crew tear sheets.

  • One year my parents gave my brother the present of painting his room, but not me… So because they didn’t think that would be something I’d want for my bare white walls, they let me paint my favorite quotes all over my room. I had music lyrics, inspirational quotes and riddles painted all over my room with Crayola paint… Let’s just say I was glad it wiped off the walls with a Magic Eraser and it was basically brand new again!!

  • My walls were always totally covered in pictures of Radiohead and Ben Folds Five, and I remember once writing lyrics of all my favorite songs on index cards and covering my closet door in those. Aside from that, I had a white daybed that I was obsessed with, matching desk/dresser combo, and giant, tall bookshelves for the ridiculous number of books/magazines I owned (as well as my huuuuge boombox!). The walls had (and still have) white wallpaper with a little purple floral.

  • I, too, had a few childhood rooms since we moved. The one I decorated myself was lavender with flowers stamped on the ceiling, a giant canopy bed with purple curtains and a green velvet duvet. Oh and lots of random doilies thrown over furniture.

    Grace, I loved the grapevine arbor look so much one of my wedding functions had that as a theme…I can send you pictures if you would like.

  • I think I spent too much time at Disneyland when I was younger, because I wanted my room decorated just like the Tiki Room. I even had my parents get me a wooden toucan bird to hang as an *accent* piece.

  • My room was pale peach with a white canopy and a blue quilt till about 14 when I decided I preferred bright colors and fell in love with the Marimekko poppy print. Walls were painted stark white and it really let my bedspread shine. We did a blocked color wall too. I think I’ve always loved bright colors, I want my home now to be bright and happy…maybe not as clean as then. I’ve embraced chaos. And I’ll always have a soft spot for poppies.

  • When I was eleven I got my own room and went all black, white, and red. Red venetian blinds, black blankets on the beds, an awful framed print of a piano keyboard with a red rose lying across it and the sheets matched the wallpaper: isolated black squares on a white background. Yeah. I was super cool.

    (I still want to live in that mural foyer from Three Men and a Baby though…)

  • light pink walls. one wall behind the door was covered in buffy the vampire slayer clippings from magazines, etc. I was obsessed.

  • I shared a room with two sisters most of my childhood years – it was actually the master bedroom and very large. It had gray shag carpet, on which either my brother or younger sister had thrown up after drinking Hawaiian Punch and there was a pink stain near the door we could could never get out (I haven’t drunk Hawaiian Punch since). The wallpaper was cream with dribbles and streaks of gold, silver and black, as if Jackson Pollack had designed wallpaper for girls. There were shelves and shelves of stuffed animals and dolls. Off one side was a sun porch with a hardwood floor, part of which was converted to a closet for me and my younger sister. The large closet was reserved for our older sister.

    When I finally got my own room as a teenager, it had gold carpet and an accent wall that had dark brown wallpaper with silver near life-sized trees. I covered that wall with band posters.

  • My childhood room consists of bookshelves filled with hundreds of stuffed animals – my best friends and companions growing up. Before I left for college I made a spreadsheet with their descriptions and locations so I wouldn’t forget their names!!!

  • Miami Vice! Aqua Walls. On my coral dresser was an altar with the Miami Vice soundtrack album cover and single glass bricks. Pink art deco tape deck. I wore white leather loafers with no socks like Crockett. and lilac linen pants!

  • I was channeling Elsie De Wolfe at nine. I had an antique white wicker desk, chair, nightstand, and two chairs (bought with babysitting money); a white-washed Victorian high/low dresser; a potted palm; wicker etagere (a birthday gift) and curtains, bed spreads, and sheets made from this dark red/black/blue floral print that I would still love. To complete my vision, I wanted to pull up the baby blue wall-to-wall carpet and put in wood floors with a Persian carpet but my parents nixed that idea. I wish I had a photo of that room. Except for the desk, I still have all the furniture.

  • BAY CITY ROLLERS! I was mad about the cute Scots, so plaid invaded my room, wardrobe, even a plaid bday cake! My mom was sweet enough to paint the room a pale green and then hand painted tartan on the walls. We had matching pillows and then my sister and I covered the walls with posters of the lads and made our own banners with “Les” and “Woody” above our beds. It was fabulous.

  • I actually didn’t even think about interior design until my 20’s, so my bedroom was the result of my parents’ decorating decisions, which I didn’t bother altering, even in high school (my personality came out in other ways, mostly through absurd clothing choices). Their decorating style for my childhood bedroom: a sickening shade of dark dusty pink on EVERY SINGLE SURFACE. Dusty pink carpeting, duvet, rose wallpaper, pink and white “art” on the walls (the one I remember most was a dusty-pink-framed portrait of a fluffy white cat – note, no one in my family has ever owned a fluffy white cat). My furniture was a matching white wicker bedroom set with twin trundle bed that I had until I left for college. I make fun of it now, but my parents chose those items with love, so I remember it fondly :)

  • When my parents and I moved into the house where I grew up, my room was baby blue. Then we painted it a pale yellow and it stayed like that for a few years. Next up was a pastel green sort of color. Then finally just before I moved out, I painted it a dark tan. The main decorating I did was on the back of my door where I plastered pages out of my fashion magazines. I was obsessed with Micheal Kors back when he was at Celine.

  • In 1980’s Indiana: Pale blue wallpaper with green and white flowers, white French provincial canopy bed and dresser and a wall covered in photos torn out of People magazine of JFK Jr. (RIP, sniff). And a big boom box playin’ a whole lot of Janet Jackson. Good times!

  • What a fun post! My parents were awesome at letting me make my room my own… I’ve had striped wallpaper, spongepaint, dolphin borders, tie dye, fushia and lime, and purple and black… the list goes on- each one is outrageous. I’m glad they let me take risks though- it definitely helps me take (more tasteful) risks in my home now.

  • In 1998…I sponge painted aqua and lime green paint all over the walls. The room had ocean-themed decor complete with a mural of a tropical island overlooking an ocean sunset that I spent a whole summer painting. The mural is still there and one of the islands in the distance looks like a green and brown turd.

  • My bedroom as a kid was an awesome room objectively (good light, good size) but had terrible furnishings. This aweful faux-antiqued gilded French provincial stuff leftover from my older cousins cluttered the room. There was no headboard. The walls were dingy white. I had zero say in how the room looked. Despite that our house had a lot of rooms, there was no play room and I had only one tiny toybox. So, my toys cluttered the heck out of my bedroom (and the living room, when I could get away with it).

    One thing I can promise my kids – when they need it, they WILL have a play room or play space with ample storage. I am in the process of setting up a kids’ craft space now even though my kid is under one year old! Hey – be prepared, I always say. (hey D*S, how about a cool kids’ play or craft rooms wrapup? hint hint)

    The one thing from my childhood bedroom that I wish I had was a poster of a photograph of the moon at night. I’ve tried to find something similar on Etsy but have not been successful yet. I still have the toy box :). Everything else is gone, thankfully.

  • What a great idea for a post! I was obsessed with Snoopy and used to cutout the comic strip from The Sunday Times (UK) to make wallpaper,I was on such a mission to finish it, that I use to go to a local recycling type place and rummage through for them and was pretty great by the time I was finished. I was also really into stickers so my door was covered with a million. I often think about that room and would love a tiny version of it.

  • The ceiling was coated in glow stars. One wall featured an underwater scene that I painted in fluorescent tempera paint. Another wall featured a sharpie mural sketch of the Bridge of Sighs (Venice.) The other two walls had every square inch covered with various magazine and newspaper clippings of my favorite bands, soccer idols, etc, and photos of my friends. When I ran out of wall space to decorate, no problem, I went ahead and painted the blinds with neon tempera paint (Mom was not happy). The carpet had (has) spots of spilled rubber cement. My old computer monitor was covered in neon post its. Lava lamp. Three black lights. Incense, incense, incense. My army of plastic “homies” on the dresser. It was way more chaotic than it sounds, haha.

  • When I was about 3, my parents designed my room super girly… the same pale purple walls, pink and white wallpaper (with blue and yellow hearts on it) with a purple tulip border. A few years later, I turned out to be a tomboy and HATED it. My mom wouldn’t let me paint, so for many years I just covered every inch of the walls with animal pictures and posters. Mostly cats and dogs, but I think every member of the animal kingdom was represented.

  • What fun! I often think of my childhood bedrooms now that I have kids. I had many as we moved A LOT! When I was 7 I had an E.T poster and every shelf was covered with statues of cats. At 10, I asked for a fuchsia quilt and yellow sheets and pillows. It was heaven for me! I often arranged my furniture like a maze with my bed as the final space. I thought I was so clever!

    Thanks for doing this, it was fun to reminisce!

  • Bright yellow walls. One with lime green, orange and white shelving for the book problem I had even then. Bedding in matching colors. One entire wall covered with pages from National Geographic magazines….
    As a little kid we had little money and I had to share a room with my younger sister. My mom made us a cupboard out of cardboard boxes covered in contact paper. It had real metal knobs and opening doors. I still think it was amazing.

  • They say that smell is the sense most strongly linked to memory, and this is probably why my room from ages 14-17 sticks so clearly in my mind. I wanted a new shade for my bedroom walls (previously eggshell white), so I went digging around in the garage. I could only find a can of… more eggshell white. BUT, fancying myself a bit of an artist, I stole a packet of turmeric from the kitchen and mixed up a lovely deep gold hue. And it worked! A little uneven, but these were the Debbie Travis years so a mottled sponge effect was not undesirable. However, I failed to take the smell into account. My room reeked of turmeric for at least a year, and even now the smell kind of turns my stomach.

  • I would also be interested to know at what age people started envisioning and decorating their rooms on their own. For me it was about 11 years old. My mom and I designed and painted an ocean mural (palm trees, birds, waves…) and everything was ocean themed. When I got a little older I repainted the whole room a pale yellow and added a vintage suitcase and dried flowers, and strung up a Mexican hammock. Very peaceful. Totally dislike dried flowers now, though.

  • Such a fun post! My childhood bedroom wasn’t really too much of a nightmare (sort of a Laura Ashley bland-town). The real weirdness happened in the bathroom, where my parents allowed me to paint a mural of my choosing. It was a mermaid and undersea scene at first, then I painted over it all red and black (?) with musician’s faces, flying music notes, electric guitars and, like, “ROCK AND ROLL” painted across it. It kind of looked like the mediocre celebrity portraits you see in coffee shops. Yikes.

  • When I finally had my own room at the age of 9, my mom decked it out with a brass bed frame as well as three floor to ceilings mirrored armoires that didn’t fit any where else in the house so had to go into my room (they stored extra/special occasion clothing, sheets, etc, and one belonged to me). My dresser was white and I had a genius idea of painting each drawer with a different theme using nail polish. Bless my parents. The walls reflected all my current interests – ranging from ‘pin up’ posters of JTT, Jonathan Brandis, the cast of the Mighty Ducks from Bop and Big Bopper, paint your own stain glass suncatches (all over the windows), Disney everything, Lisa Frank stickers. There was a regular closet also in my room, but since all my clothes fit into the one armoir and dresser, we kept some extra coats in there and I made the built-in shelves into a modified dollhouse, each shelf was a different room (I had a regular dollhouse in the attic, which was me and my brothers playroom more or less). As I became a teenager, Lion King and teenyboppers were replaced witha giant poster of Leonardo DiCaprio from Romeo + Juliet (where he it’s a close up of his face and he’s looking through the aquarium at Claire Danes, SWOON!) and of Sugar Ray/Mark McGrath. I think the one standard that always remained was some sort of Hello Kitty/Sanrio something.

  • My early childhood room was painted pink with furniture that was white with gold trim. I don’t remember it being my choice unless someone leaned on me to choose it. As a teen, (it was the Seventies), I painted my room electric blue (“Profound Blue”). My mom sewed curtains and pillows from what was called an “earthquake print”, abstract swirls in more electric blue, white and mauve. Though I moved out a few years later, the design scheme stayed the same through the Eighties and maybe into the Nineties. It was that cool!

  • Every room in my parents’ house is a different color (orange, turquoise, green, lavender…it’s awesome), and they gave me full control over my bedroom. The walls were (and still are) dark purple and lime green (alternating) with bright orange bedding, and for decor I chose anything sun and moon related, and a poster from A Goofy Movie. A little garish, but I loved it.

  • These comments have been so much fun to read!! I can’t recall much that is really significant about my childhood room, but I can recall, for some unknown reason, having to sleep on a trundle bed for a – thankfully brief – period in my teens (visitors, perhaps???). My sister and I had sneaked in to the Exorcist movie. Later that night, she thought it was hilariously funny to precipitiously release the trundle bed to the floor level position as I slept. Needless to say, I hit – figuratively, of course – the ceiling. Maybe that is what obliterated all other memories of my childhood room.

  • I used to compete in horse shows when I was younger. So my room was decorated with photos of horses and awards. the walls were covered in green and maroon and white striped wall paper. And those colors were throughout the entire room, bedding, furniture, etc. But I loved it, the wall paper and everything else is gone, but still have the photos and awards in a box, ah memories! :)

  • This is such fun to think about. I had two distinct rooms growing up. One when we moved into a new house and I was about 8. VICTORIAN. Oh, my word. I had flowered everything, including a stenciled border of roses that my mom lovingly did for me. China dolls, a leafy green daybed, antique prints stolen from my mom’s closet, the whole nine yards. It was pretty amazing to me.

    Then in my teens, I switched bedrooms with my brother and went totally purple. Everything purple. Light purple walls, medium/dark purple stripes on the wall of closet doors, I even found a chandelier at the thrift store and painted it white… with purple beaded shades! I loved that room, actually. It had a distinct 1940s vintage vibe that made me happy every time I went into it.

    Weirdly, I never hung a single poster to any movie/actor/boy band or anything ever. I was too into Anne of Green Gables and antiques for that I guess! LOL.

  • I never really had much control over my room decor – my grandmother is an interior decorator. When I was younger all my walls were a dusty pink. I had a white & gold metal daybed that squeaked. The window treatments & bedspread were needlepoint-like. When my parents remodeled our house (I was in 6th grade – ’96), I requested black walls with red trim. Man, am I glad I didn’t get my way! It ended up being lavender with a white lace bedspread and dark wood furniture. From then on, people would give me lavender scented candles, room spray, etc. I hate the smell of lavender now.

  • Way back in 1999, while transitioning from my junior high tomboy skater phase to early high school femininity, I permanently collaged (with glue) an entire wall of my bedroom with pages of Abercrombie & Fitch catalogs. Time past and I never had the energy to collage over it. 15 years later the wall is untouched.

  • at the age of about 16 was finally allowed to paint my room and I spent ages looking through decor books, before settling on a pale ‘eu de nil’ shade. Unfortunately the paint I chose from a swatch turned out to be an extremely bright shade of turquoise! I remember my dad coming into my room as I was painting, and saying ‘are you sure that’s the colour you want?’ I of course was adamant that it was the exact perfect colour. All the bedrooms in our house led of a central hallway, and there was always a blue glow coming from my bedroom, it was so ridiculously bright. In an attempt to tame it I painted all my furniture white, so it ended up a bit Mediterranean. I turned my bed into a sofa during the day with loads of cushions, and I arranged all my rubbish into arty arrangements . I felt so grown up and sophisticated :)

  • Oh lord – I was SO proud of my bedroom in high school. Since I was the oldest, I moved down into the guest room to have my OWN ROOM for the first time in my entire life. The walls were black and red, and plastered with posters – everything from Grease, to Rocky Horror, to Miles Davis, to Ricky Martin (my long time crush). I had these rounded-corner modular pine bookshelves that I painted glossy black (all by myself) and a big white Ikea wardrobe (that I also built myself). My music stand and trumpet were in the corner next to my full-length mirror where I took early 2000’s MySpace selfies. The BEST part, however, was the sliding glass door out to the backyard, which was perfect for sneaking out to see my now-husband. These days, there’s still a little punk rocker in me, and I’m starting to itch for that black paint again.

  • We always lived in apts so we never got to paint. My childhood bedroom set was all cream-painted wood with carved yellow flowers and gold flecks. Ugh! As a teen I convinced my mom to get rid of it in favor of cheap white melamine. My walls were COMPLETELY covered in posters (Michael Jackson in the Thriller days, Prince, David Lee Roth). And I had several life-sized Freddy Krueger cut-outs from our local video store.

  • What a lovely post! My mother always took extra-special care to give my sister and I creative, fun spaces. I remember she painted our favorite cartoon characters on the walls (this was waaay before decals existed) and made most of our decor, which was awesome. I remember going away as a teenager for the summer and coming home to a newly decorated bedroom that had tons of traditional Japanese details (I really liked Japanese culture as a kid!) Every couple years we decorated and did different things. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! :)


  • My teenage bedroom had an overstuffed chair upholstered with a velvet crazy quilt, a giant handpainted copy of Roxy Music’s ‘Stranded’ album cover on the wall . Scarves and peacock feathers were tied to the columns of the four poster bed. Instead of curtains I hung up white sheer dresses with rhinestones that reflected sparkles all over the room… my inspiration was the film “Performance.” The fact that it was always knee deep in dirty clothes only added to the ambience LOL.

  • seafoam green walls, black four post bed with white chiffon draped all about it. and LAVENDER everywhere else. it was too sweet for me. my favorite part was the iridescent hippie purple beaded curtains! YES!

  • My teenage bedroom was the size of a postage stamp. I kept my bed low, and on the floor, with tons of pillows. I was surrounded by candles & stacks of books. And, my walls were covered with subway posters of The Cure & Joy Division. It was my goth lair. #noregrets #nojudgement

  • Goodness, my adolescent bedroom was a spectacular ode to my first love, tie-dye. Bright blue walls with a tie-dye: border, rug, bedsheets/duvets on my gigantic bunk bed, and vintage 70’s tie-dye tapestries from my dad’s hippie days on the walls and curtains… not to mention the teenager who lived in it, who was known to wear tie-dye head-to-toe. Those were the days.

  • I think I had a light gray, wood paneling in my room, plus the basics: a bed, dresser, and desk. I used to tear out pages of magazines and hang them on my walls. So along with my peace-sign poster, I had hung up pages with people like: Jon Bon Jovi, Andre Agassi, and Dweezil Zappa :)

  • When I was 12, we moved. Before that my room was literally covered in Garfield posters (underneath a colourful retro farm scene children’s wallpaper:)). I was obsessed with becoming a cartoonist (or an inventor) and had Jim Davies little resume pinned next to my bed. I had a huge white ikea vintage steel bed, where my twinsister fitted in as well in times needed ;) and a huge old wooden closet, which used to morph into all kind of things at night…
    Half the bed was filled up by a monstrous white stuffed polar bear, which I named Cress, like the dog of the adventures of the wilderness family (the actual bear name of the movie “Samson” was already taken by my sister and her polar bear, so I took the dog name…)

    After moving I had a tiny bedroom right under the roof with sloping ceilings, door to door with my twinsister. I grew a bit out of Garfield (not cartooning), kept the steel bed, and was superproud of my life-size MacGyver Poster, which I collected bit by bit of our german teenage magazin “Bravo”. The rest of the walls were covered with New Kids on the block, The Wonder Years, Roxette, Kevin Costner as Robin Hood, Bruce Willis (at the times of Moonlighting) a film poster of Stand by me, and all kinds of 90-heroes and a Billy Joel Poster! I had a glow-in-the-dark- star sky over my bed and loved my extremly colourful terry cloth sheets…

    For a little while (when musically ambitious) I had a whole drumset set up next to my bed and nearly hugged the basedrum while sleeping.
    We had an attic tunnel which connected all the rooms to each other, which was the coolest hiding place when we used to play our favorite game : hide and seek in the dark. We actually still played it one time at my 16th birthday #NoJudgement

    My twinsister had a bunk bed and when my parents sold the house a year ago and removed the bed, the whole ceiling was filled with our Tetris High Scores we used to nail on the gameboy usually still up playing at 2am :)…

    PS: while selling the house, my sister and me had to dig through old childhood boxes from the attic and found (amongst other hilarious things) the hip of a life-size David Hasselhoff LOL…

  • MIMES. I had gray and white zigzag wallpaper, with a coordinating border that featured creepy mimes dressed in gray, slate blue, and maroon. I chose it myself at age 9, and I thought it was incredibly sophisticated. Doh.

  • I’ve had some whacky questionable colours. My first bedroom was half green (on the bottom) and half yellow (on the top) with a heart border in the middle… sounds delightful. It then went retro with orange and white walls and a hanging chair from IKEA, cream has graced my walls ever since…


  • I went from a white walled, tan carpeted void to an Oriental paradise during the summer of 6th grade. My adventurous dad painted three of my walls deep red (a bit overwhelming in an 8 x 7′ room) and the fourth a golden, faux-bamboo texture. My nightstand was a large oriental chinese drum we found at a thrift store, and my shelves were all painted red with gold trim. The icing on the Asian cake was this door curtain with colored, raffia stars framing the entryway. I was even given a bonsai for my birthday that year! It was a great escape from the hardships of middle school.

  • i had my own purple phase where my parents finally gave in and painted my room a pale purple with a purple and ivory rose border. that quickly gave way to * NSYNC posters and frogs. I was obsessed with frogs. i had a complete shelf full of them and anything that i could stick on my wall, i did. i had so many odds and ends stuck on my wall. it even spred into my closet and the front and back of my door. there was not an empty space left on my walls. you couldn’t even see the purple walls underneath.
    it was a hot mess, but i was so proud of it all.

  • In the 70’s, my room was yellow with daisies all over. It was such a great room to wake up in. In the 80’s my walls were covered with posters from every music group and actor possible. Yellow is still today my favorite color and when I ask myself why, I always think it is because of my bedroom as a child. A very warm and comforting feeling.

  • I really wish I had pictures of the many iterations of my childhood bedroom. First it was all pink. By the time I was about seven I was very interested in decorating my own space. I painted numerous times, cream, a very jarringly bright aqua, yellow and when I was a freshman in High School (1999) I convinced my parents to let me paint with chalkboard paint, so I could draw on the walls as much as I wanted. I also rearranged my furniture an alarming amount. I made a map of my room and then cut out little scale furniture and would see how I could move things and if they would fit. Sometimes I’d move things multiple times in one month. I’m so grateful they let me experiment with my space, sure the room may have shrunk a tiny bit from all the layers of paint but it made me so happy.

  • I was born in 1970, when I was a little girl I had a yellow room with one wall-papered wall with yellow, orange & pink toned patchwork styled wallpaper, sort of like a sorbet Holly Hobby. I had a white with gold trim canopy bed with matching bedside tables and dresser, very princess style. The bedspread and canopy where yellow, and I had a wicker chair by my window, with (gulp) green grass looking astro turf on the floor. haha! Compliments of my grandparents, and my cousin got the pink version of my room. :P

  • I started decorating at an early age. My Mom used to let me rearrange the furniture in the living room when I was 10 or 11. She was also supportive of my sister and I choosing what color the room we shared was and the accessories.

    I remember our bedroom being Pink,very early, with fashion dolls in frames on the walls. next was powder blue, and then finally green. One of the best memories was when my parents let us draw a jungle mural on one whole wall with colored chalk, because we were going to be painting the room a new color. We kept it that way for a month or two. I think we (I’m a twin)were in 6th or 7th grade then. Next we decided on bright lime green, with flowered comforters in shades of turquoise, blue, purple & green, we had Maple bunk beds and matching nightstands,and one dresser with pale green Faux antique frosted glass lamps, it was a small room. Later after leaving home I couldn’t imagine how we fit all our clothes into that small closet and single dresser.
    The walls were decorated with pictures and posters of interests as they came and went. I remember one poster of the zodiac done in that 1970’s Max Parish design, wish I still had that. I was into growing houseplants during high school and had them all over the house and my room, including hanging plants in macrame.

    I have always loved decorating and bought my first furniture pieces while in high school, a Thonet Bentwood Rocker and an antique 1920’s walnut vanity desk and mirror. I still have and use both of them today.

  • Hey there — not sure if this matters to you, but judgement is actually spelled judgment. One of my little ticks. Love this blog, so nothing but positive vibes!

    • Hey, Katie! Thanks for the heads up! This was not caught by my computer’s spell-checker or our copy editor, so I looked into it! It appears that the spelling is interchangeable throughout English-speaking countries, but it is more common for Americans to use the e-less option.

  • The next question is, how did our early “designing” ultimately influence our interiors as adults ? Or did it? My grandparents were REALLY in to wallpaper , so we always had it. From the fab (Vera patterns, foil abstracts) to the terrible (country hearts and Victorian florals in the 80’s). Now I have wallpaper throughout my house. Definitely influenced by my grandparents choices.

  • Oh man hunter green and mauve were the colors of my childhood bedroom. I wasn’t allowed to paint the walls (interesting my brother was several years later when he moved into that room) but you better believe I had mauve curtains, mauve/hunter green floral bedding, hunter green shelves and I even painted a small trash can I had in my room hunter green to match. AND angels…I collected angels for some reason at that time and there were TONS of them in my room. At the time I thought my room was completely awesome and perfectly put together. Looking back…oh how awful it was haha!

  • Bless my mom. My 2 childhood bedrooms were given her thought and decorative eye, and shock, I would use both in my adult home if redoing a guest retreat.
    First was pale yellow & muted Spode blue, white accent. “French Cottage-y” but little girl detail w/ accent & softness.
    Second- Tween to full teen: white, sepia, muted deep orangey pink in a tiny Liberty print.
    Both rooms centered around textile use & wall treatment. I Love You Mom~Your Timeless Beautiful Taste, continues to inspire.

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