The National Stationery Show: So Much More Than Cards

Non-stationery goods being sold at the National Stationery Show is alternately one of the weirdest and best parts of the whole week. While on the one hand it can mean crazy whirligigs flying above booths stocked with Halloween masks and giant Miley Cyrus posters, it also means great independent booths displaying handmade cutting boards, colorful lighting cords and hilarious coasters that make perfect sense alongside some of the other paper goods people will be bringing home with them. We’ve shared our favorite cards, posters and gift wrap from this year’s show already, so I’m rounding things out with my favorite pieces that were outside of the paper category. I hope these pieces will make you laugh and smile as much as they did for me. xo, grace

Image above: wooden muddlers, cutting boards and napkins from AHeirloom

I loved this wallpaper from Anna Bond at Rifle Paper Co.

photo 2(8)
Colorful fabric wrapped cords for hanging pendant lights at the Sweet Bella booth.

Click through for the full post after the jump- including my favorite poster from the show and some great removable wallpaper!

AHeirloom‘s beautiful wooden cutting boards, muddlers and patterned textiles. I thought these napkins were particularly lovely and tied into the continued geometric trend we’re seeing in stationery right now.

This poster was probably my favorite piece from the show. Holstee really nailed the phrases and execution. I want to put this on my home office wall, stat.

MakeATX had beautiful glittery tangram puzzles as well as hilarious coasters made from mistaken lyrics. The Jimi Hendrix line was my favorite.

marami 2
These colorful notebooks and diaries from Mara Mi were perfectly work-bag sized and are a nice option for anyone who’s cloud-phobic and prefers to have things in writing.

photo 2(4)
This wallpaper from Anna Bond at Rifle Paper Co. was a major standout. The color, the bold pattern- everything was spot on. You can check out the collection, produced by Hygge & West, right here.

Jacqueline at Screech Owl also entered the wallpaper game this year with removable (yay!) wallpaper patterns that were subtle and fun.


love everything about this post. beautiful products!


lovely! thank you so much for including us in this gorgeous spread – we love seeing the national stationery show through your lens, grace.


tangrams! would LOVE to hear from you when these are available to purchase!


So many things to love here! Where can I get that removable wallpaper? I don’t see it on the screechowl site. Thanks!


I went to the Sweet Bella booth site and was unable to find the fabric wrapped cords… they seem to only have paper goods, can I have a more direct link?

Grace Bonney


I’ll track one down- these may not be for sale yet, this show is about debuting new things, so it sometimes takes a while for things to show up :)



Hi Grace — The removable wallpaper isn’t on the Screechowl site. Is there another source? Thanks!

Grace Bonney


These are the debut of most pieces, so they may not be for sale yet. Stay tuned though, because this show is the first look at pieces so the retail isn’t far behind.


Danielle korneliussen

Oh dear… I was hoping to find out more info on those fantastic cords, but was not able to find them. Any hints? Thank you ;)


I am wondering who made the Nautical Sign poster? I love it! Thank you.-pam