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The Dean Hotel in Providence

by Amy Azzarito

I haven’t spent that much time in Rhode Island, but now that The Dean has officially opened in downtown Providence, it might be my chance to give the city a bit of my undivided attention. Though it was originally built in 1912 by the Episcopal Church to provide social services, the building also had a previous life as a gentlemen’s club. It now houses an ultra-chic, 52-room boutique hotel created by ASH NYC – a Brooklyn-based group of young designers. Inspired by the ever-popular mix of old and new, ASH NYC decided to make each room slightly different, decorating with vintage artwork and custom-designed fixtures and furniture. The overall result is a space that doesn’t feel too much like any one era and has a unique contemporary vibe. Oh, and did I mention that there’s a karaoke bar in the hotel? I’m already looking at my calendar. –Amy


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  • Just stayed there 2 nights ago! Perfect for a quick getaway from Boston. Glad to see more places like this opening in New England.

  • Yay for a little Rhody love!
    And, for sure, Bolt Coffee and Faust are not to be missed!

  • Have stayed here twice. The rooms are beautiful. The black bathrooms are stunning. They still need to solve the problem of the open shower flooding the bathroom floors. The lips they added still don’t do the trick.

  • Happy to see the Dean featured! I live in Providence and had actually been thinking of e-mailing D*S to say you should do a feature on it! They’ve been getting a lot of great press. As a local, I have been enjoying the new food and drink establishments – so far I have tried the Magadalenae Room (their cocktail bar), and Faust, the beer haus. Both are excellent. Can’t wait to try the karaoke bar and Bolt Coffee as well. The decor all over the hotel is stunning.

    I can’t recommend Providence enough as a place to live and visit- it’s a great city with so much going on. The Dean is within easy walking distance to a bunch of other spots you can’t miss when you’re here: Westminster Street for shopping, Federal Hill for Italian food, and the RISD Museum among other things.

  • Strange question- On the 4th photo, are the back legs of the two chairs photoshopped out?

    Otherwise, definitely a beautiful and characteristic building! I’ll have to look into it if I ever visit!

    • Wow, Sean. Good eyes. I didn’t even notice that. I’ll check in with the hotel. Strange. -Amy

  • @SEAN, I was thinking the same thing! It looks like the back legs just line up perrrrrrfectly with the join between the baseboard and the floor. Good job photographer!

  • Amy, I just randomly looked through the comments section, I am the photographer and the legs are not photoshopped out. They just line up with the floor and wall.

  • i started following them on instagram and totally want to make a trip to providence just to stay there! looks super cool

  • My husband and I stayed here after I saw this post and we loved it. It reminded me a bit of The Wythe, too, but it is way more comfortable. The design is beautiful, there’s not one detail that wasn’t considered, and it’s within walking distance to many great restaurants. There’s only one downside to the design and the management is aware- the bathrooms get absolutely soaked when the showers are used.