Sights And Sounds To Start Your Day


Photo by Giulio Ghirardi. Flickr | Portfolio

I can be a bit of a grouch when it comes to summer. The stifling humidity, the sunburns, the mosquitos—I just can’t. Still—there are certainly a few things that I love about the season, one of which is its unfailing ability to provide daydreams. Indeed, the drawn-out, heavy days of midsummer seem perfectly suited to laying on your couch and letting your mind wander, with a good tune playing and a cool breeze on your face. Here are some tunes I’ve been feeling this week, along with a few beautiful images to accompany them. Enjoy! —Max


Photo by Hannah Moulds. Flickr | Tumblr


Photo by Andrew Wertz. Flickr


Photo by Jeff J. Dillon. Flickr


Photo by Flickr user Star*Ship.


I’m totally with you on the humidity and heat, though admittedly this year I’m a little less bitter about it considering the not-so-distant Polar Vortex PTSD. Love love Lo-Fang, and “When We’re Fire” is one of my faves from his album too. Thanks for all of these summery picks!


I love hearing these bits of music. I need it! I’m so totally out of touch, this really helps! I love the Steph Chang. Great sound. Thank you for this!


Max – I am an avid Design Sponge design nerd and have followed the blog for as long as I can remember. I have been reading you for quite some time and I have to say you are THE most amazing writer. Seriously. I’ve never quite experienced a person through their writing in the beautiful way you do it. You are funny, smart and insightful. I know this about you because that’s how you write. Grateful.


Wow, I can’t do summer either, for me its just one long wait for glorious autumn. So seldom do I hear anyone admit they don’t care for summer! Why is this so taboo?


LOVE this column – you have such great taste in music. more please!