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The Perfect Rental in Seattle

by Amy Azzarito

The journey to Seattle’s Beacon Hill began about a year before Sara Knowles and Logan Cox settled into this 1924 Craftsman-style house they now call home. Last year, the couple decided to leave their life in Washington, D.C. to embark on a cross-country road trip and spend the summer in Sara’s home state of Alaska, ultimately landing in Seattle. Sara’s sister owns a home in Beacon Hill, so when the couple found this rental on the same street, they knew it was meant to be. Sara works in interior design, so she rose to the challenge of turning a rental into a home (no permanent changes!), and luckily their home had been recently remodeled by their landlords so it has served as a great blank canvas. And right now, they are channeling that home renovation energy into using Logan’s expertise as a chef to start a new line of healthy (and beautifully packaged) snack foods! –Amy

Photography by Dorothee Brand of Belathee

Image above: “I love this corner of the house – our little entryway,” Sara says. “Out of the frame is a big hobart mixer that we use to house a lot of our shoes. I don’t think a house can have too many buckets or baskets. They are great for controlling clutter and adding a little pizzaz to a space. Before moving to Seattle, I spent the last three years working as a buyer for a wonderful vintage home furnishings store in Washington, D.C. called Miss Pixie’s. This corner – and many others in the house – are a nice reminder of that wonderful job. This console table was actually purchased by Logan when he was wooing me, so it’s a sweet reminder of our courtship, too!

Image above: “We spend a lot of time in this nook of the house – be it alone, together, or surrounded by family and friends. We brought the 6′ pine farm table from D.C. (another Miss Pixie’s gem) and were determined to find a space big enough for it since we love it so much. We love to gussy up the table, make a big meal and invite friends over. We have also done a lot of great people-watching from this window which looks directly out onto the sidewalk below…it’s amazing how no one ever looks up!”


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Image above: “This is my home office/crafting room. After years of apartment living, I feel so lucky to have a space to store supplies and a quiet spot to craft and write snail mail. This room gets a ton of natural light so it’s an inspiring place to spend time. My work is mostly independent so it was important for me to have a space at home to be productive.

Image above: “We moved into the house in November and one of the first things we did was order a chord of firewood for our wood-burning stove. When it’s cold we use the fireplace almost every day – it creates such a cozy atmosphere and really makes our house toasty warm. And I love the campfire smell! We made a conscious decision to leave a TV out of this main living space in order to encourage more fireside chats…so instead of looking at the television we get to stare at Doris, whose portrait resides on the mantle.”

Image above: “A great little spot for newspaper reading!”

Image above: “Our dining room/living room/entryway are all basically the same room, and this is the heart of it! The couch was a recent Craigslist purchase – a serendipitous one as we have become friends with its former owners. It’s quite long which is good for us since we’re both tall – being able to lay down head-to-toe was a requirement. I have a little bit of a pillow obsession so I have a fun time moving our 5,867 pillows around the house to shake things up a bit. This couch is a great blank canvas for all sorts of pillows and blankets.”

Image above: “I call this the corner of curiosities. I fell in love with this glass curio cabinet at IKEA and knew it would be the perfect spot to showcase some of the treasures I’ve been collecting over the years, including our first attempts at pottery and glass blowing. The wolf mask I picked up at a museum in Seattle because it reminded me of my brother, and sometimes it’s just fun to have a mask around. The bar cart is also an IKEA piece that I spray painted a matte navy. Logan makes a mean cocktail and I love fun glassware and bar accessories (and cocktails) so having a bar cart was a must. I purchased the paper lantern years ago in Israel, and have carefully transported that gem between many apartments! It kind of looks like a moon when it is lit up at night in our dark living room. “

Image above: “We fell in love with this kitchen when we first saw the house. Though it lacks some modern conveniences like a dishwasher and disposal, I wouldn’t change anything about it. The beautiful blue cabinets are so uplifting, especially on a grey day. The open shelving provides another great spot for showcasing glassware and a nice home for Logan’s collections of dry goods.”


Image above: “This mustard yellow chair sits opposite my desk. This was one of my first purchases at an auction while working for Miss Pixie’s. I love the color of the fabric and the lines of the wood. The gargantuan wooden scissors in the background probably top my growing list of fun-to-look-at-but-not-at-all-practical items. Apparently I have a soft spot for oversized office supplies because there is also a gigantic wooden binder clip on my desk…the heart wants what the heart wants!”

Image above: “I read every night before going to bed, so it’s nice to have a little spotlight for doing that. I love these lamps because they don’t take up too much space on our tiny bedside tables. More room for books and flowers!”

Image above: “I love waking up to this view. Our house gets lots of natural night, so the sun acts as our alarm clock most days (though growing up in Alaska I’ve basically trained myself to sleep in even the brightest room). We opted for basic white curtains to maintain privacy but let in as much light as possible. I love the pop of color the red chair provides. The Lisa Corti quilt on our bed is probably my most beloved possession. It was one of my first big-kid purchases, and it reminds me of my Mother – whom also loves Lisa Corti textiles and was with me when I got this quilt.” 

Image above: “One of the biggest perks to having a basement…space for things like a ping pong table! This table was a Craigslist find and probably our most exciting purchase since moving in. These sliding carriage doors are one of my favorite features of the house – we are looking forward to spending our first summer here and opening them up for some neighborhood ping pong tournaments.”

Image above: “This covered patio is a perfect alternative to a backyard – we can still hang out here on rainy days. I love bringing a book outside and rocking back and forth in the glider. We picked up the swivel chairs at an antiques shop in Bellingham and spray painted them candy red. We love our outdoor living room!”

Image above: “That’s us! Just casually lounging as we do. We both love sinking into this wingback chair (though not at the same time). Very cozy!”


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  • Love your house, but also dying to know where you got those green/tan boots on the right in the first photo. Thanks!

  • Such a charming and whimsical home. I love it all – esp. your amazing outside space! I identify with the cushion obsession, too :-)

  • Adore this feature! Currently rental-shopping in Seattle myself, in preparation for a potential move. Would you be willing to share your living room paint color?

  • Love it. I’m originally from Seattle, now living in Denver. I have that little Ikea bar cart, and love the idea of painting it if it no longer fits my decor color. Also, we have similar Ikea tastes, as I’ve been eyeing both that cabinet and chair :)

  • What a great home! I love the mix of styles and the vintage inclusions. And the bench at the dining table, I need to think about this for my home. Thanks for the tour. Love your home.

  • You’ve done an amazing job! I love the dining table with the flowers and small gallery wall. It’s exactly the type of spot I would imagine a designer and a chef would host an intimate dinner party. I also like how you make affordable items look luxurious.

  • Thanks again for the nice comments! I am trying to track down paint colors and will post a comment when I get those. The rug is actually from overstock…it is called the hand-loomed Moroccan navy cotton rug – I love it! Also it’s reversible so you can get two different patterns out of it :)

  • Beautiful, and I too love your sofa. I also love that you painted your furniture – those red outdoor chairs are gorgeous. And the chest-of-drawers being the same colour as the bedside tables, even though they are clearly different styles, really brings the bedroom furniture together (and look perfect with the dashes of red).

  • You have your shoes in a Hobart mixer and I don’t get to see the picture? I need to see this.

  • There is a picture of the Hobart mixer on my website! I hope it lives up to your wildest expectations :) The US Map piece I unfortunately got at an auction so I’m not sure exactly where it’s from – try doing a google search because I think it came from a big store originally! Bedside lamps (and office floor lamp) are Ikea – I think it’s my favorite thing to come out of that store ever. The calligraphy pen is from “Zig Memory Systems” according to the cap – I got it at a Japanese grocery store.

    Hope this helps!

  • Amazing! Do you happen to remember the names of the paint colors in the living room and bedroom?

  • Unfortunately I’m not sure about the paint colors – one downside of being a renter – but I will try to find out!
    The candleholder on the table is from Crate & Barrel – it’s called the Gabriel Candleholder!

  • Where did the gorgeous wingback chair come from? we are currently missing a comfy reading chair, and i can’t stand it much longer. thanks!