Our Favorite Stories from the Web This Week

This weekend we’re driving out to Long Island for a friend’s wedding, a little fresh air and a few moments of unplugged time to celebrate my 33rd birthday on Monday. As much as I’ll miss our pets, it will be nice to sleep in for a few days and wear clothes that aren’t designed to withstand dog paws and mud. Before I pack up for the weekend, I wanted to share this beautiful hellebore photo from Laura Sugimoto on Instagram. She submitted this shot for our ongoing #DSlooking feed and I’m hoping to snap a few of my own pictures to contribute this weekend. Thank you to everyone who continues to share such gorgeous photos on these hashtag feeds. I check them multiple times a day and have gotten endless inspiration from them. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you on Monday! xo, grace

*If you love hellebores (above) as much as I do, we’ve got some more posts on beautiful ways to showcase them at home.



Brendan @ Get Well Soon

Love the hellebores – the muted autumnal tones and the understated style of this plant says it all really – not trying too hard – just neing what it is – beautiful!