New: Wooden Mobiles from Fort Makers

Design Sponge Noah Spencer
After 10 years of blogging about products, I feel the need to dive a little deeper with each one. Rather than only posting the basics (cost/where to buy), I want to hear more about what inspired a piece, what the design process was like and get to know the people behind the product. Fort Makers launched a beautiful new wooden mobile collection today and I thought it seemed like the perfect time to get the story behind the object. Thanks so much to Noah and everyone at Fort Makers for letting us peek inside the making of such a beautiful design. (You can check out Fort Makers’ sale over at One Kings Lane right here, too!) xo, grace


Click through to read the toughest part of the design process and how many versions of the mobile Fort Makers had to create before reaching their final product





Really love the pieces they make!! They are different and most important unique!!
We, as designers and handcrafters, appreciate the work of others specially when they do not mass produce their works. :) Congratulation!!

Susan - ofeverymoment

In middle school a friend and I bought a bunch of wood with the idea that we would make and sell mobiles from it. MUCH harder than we thought, to get them balanced right. Theses are beautiful!


As a fellow mobile maker, I can relate to the challenges of production and photography Noah shares here. I too have found that each piece must be carefully balanced individually – there really is no way to mass produce mobiles even when you are reproducing the same design. That is just one of the things that makes them interesting and special!