Muted Colors in Monterey, California

For two years, Hanni Liliedahl and Jesse Silacci worked on a floor-to-ceiling renovation of their Monterey, California home, the downstairs commercial space (formerly a bar) as well as the building’s exterior – all while living in the space. So it’s no wonder that when it came time to make decor decisions, they sought peace and quiet. That meant utilizing organic elements and working with a stripped-down color palette, allowing the different materials, textures and tones to take front stage. Their commute is just a staircase away – downstairs to their boutique Lilify, which opened in 2012 and is an extension of the love of clean lines and organic elegance that they live with at home. They also operate a boutique floral design studio out of the shop along with micro-roaster Bright Coffee – building a coffee shop in your own home. I’m not sure that it gets any smarter than that. -Amy

Photography by Eileen Roche and Jesse Silacci.

Image above: “We found this midcentury table at a thrift store and we decided to mix and match the chairs – two metal and two wood. When we seat more people, the table has two leaves, which we couldn’t live without.”

Image above: “Our favorite part of our desk setup is the cognac leather, super worn chair that we scored at Architectural Salvage in Santa Barbara.”


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Image above: “Convincing Jesse to paint the fireplace black took over a week and Hanni created an inspiration board of black fireplaces to close the debate. We both love it!”

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Image above: “To get this cactus from an estate sale in Carmel to our home, Hanni bribed Jesse, his father and a dear friend with a home cooked dinner in exchange for careful transport and hauling it up our front steps. The ordeal took over four hours, as we drove 15 miles an hour for the entire way home.”

Image above: “This is our collection of crude string instruments. The furthest to the left was handmade in the village in Guyana where we served in the Peace Corps. The kangaroo skin and trunk belonged to Hanni’s Mom when she lived in Australia in her early 20s.”

Image above: “Jesse designed these floating record shelves and then our good friend Mike Zimmerer of Zimm Metalworks built them. Jesse also built the stereo cabinet.”

Image above: “Opening up this wall and installing a bar was one of the smartest decisions we made during our renovation. When guests are over, everyone can be a part of what is happening in the kitchen.”

Image above: “We salvaged the upper doors from the original cabinetry. We scraped many layers of paint off of them.”

Image above: “To be able to showcase our kitchen treasures, we didn’t install upper cabinets in half of the kitchen. Jesse built these reclaimed wood corner shelves.”

Image above: “We set our table with a variety of vintage serving pieces and just adore Brooklyn ceramic artist Suzanne Sullivan’s work.”

Image above: “The wood block print is by Alaskan artist Eric Bealer that we purchased on a trip to Hanni’s hometown of Juneau.”

Image above: “We fell in love with this old wind chart.”

Image above: “We didn’t want our bathroom to feel cluttered, so we opted for a pedestal sink with corner shelves.”

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Image above: “Chairs from Overstock and redwood table built by Jesse. The table was the site of the most recent great party – an impromptu salad potluck to celebrate Hanni’s birthday. A lovely group of friends had cocktails inside and then moved to dine outside, hanging out at this table.”

Image above: “This is the entrance to Lilify and Bright Coffee, located below our home!”

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LOVE the floating record shelves! Any tips on how to recreate these? As an avid record collector these would be so much better than the current crates i have holding mine.

naveen khan

Loving the corner shelves and the wall paint! What kind of lighting have you used around the house? CFL , incandescent or led?

Elizabeth Thankful Shannon

I love the muted, matte, almost stone-like wall colors. Personally, I’m a much more color-oriented person, but there’s something very soothing, serene, and organic about them. They have a Zen-like quality, as if this couple is now residing inside of a giant beach pebble.


As a military family that has learned to make many places our home, we understand that the walls are the least of it. The found treasures of family members not only tell a story, they provide roots, even as we wander from location to location. I love what Hanni and Jesse have accomplished and am glad you shared their story and their beautiful home.


Hooray for cactus rescue and care. The personal touches and woodworking projects and ceramics are lovely. I was in Peace Corps in South America too; nice to see the stringed instrument on display from your experience. The streetfront looks charming, clean and inviting. Congratulations on the renovation- enjoy the fruits of your creativity and hard work.


How are these record shelves built?! Would love to know! thanks!


Those record shelves are just awesome! Can we learn more about the design and what their made of??


The record shelves are basically just steel bent at a 90 degree angle with pieces on the ends and in the middle for support. I thought about it for a couple of months and made a small paper model before I had Mike build them. You want to make sure you hit studs because it’s gonna be REAL heavy once all the records are in. Good luck!


Do you mind sourcing the bedroom wall light fixtures? I love those!


Beautiful, calming space. Echo the others by saying the records shelves are amazing.


That place looks gorgeous. It seems to be very comfortable and useful and the same time it’s fancy :)

James Wright

I love the wall colors. I enjoy muted wall colors with a highlight wall in a room of slightly brighter color or, right now I am planning on using wood floor planks on a highlight wall. This is definitely my style, and I think it translates well to many different sensibilities which means it is great if you’re thinking of staging your home for sale.


Would love to know the wall paints used in this house.


I live in Monterey! I love what you’ve done with the outside which of course I can see as I drive by. But it’s super exciting to see what you’ve done on the inside. Love it!

Valerie Rice

I would also love to know what wall paint you used to create such a serene home. Thanks for sharing with all of us!

Valerie Rice

I would also love to know what wall paint you used to create such a serene home. Thanks again for sharing!


I just recently acquired my grandmother’s record player & collection of records that she’s curated over the course of 40+ years. I’d say it’s about the same size as the one in this post. I absolutely love their storage/display solution. So creative! I haven’t found one yet, so I am definitely bookmarking this post.

I also love how their entire home has incredible visual flow….one room leads you into the next seamlessly…very well decorated!


Fourth on the wall paint. This is one of the best homes I have seen!


Please do share the wall paint color! It’s the perfect calming greige.


Could you share details on the gorgeous light fixture that hangs over the kitchen table?


I remember discovering Lilify last year while visiting my best friend. I was delighted by their selection and felt the store had a sister vibe to my neighborhood, the Temescal district in Oakland. Even better to see how the owners live the style!


Thanks so much for sharing. I am really interested in the details of the “floating” record album shelves. That is so neat. Also I wonder how it would do for my most favorite magazines I want to keep on a shelf like that:>))) Thanks, Dee


OMG! My family and I stumbled upon your shop early this year. I loved the candles I purchased. Beautiful earthy modern inspired home. It works well.

Aimie Vallat

What a beautiful place. Do you have the link to where you got the light over the dining room table?


Do you mind sourcing the desk? I am looking for a piece just like that for my home office.


Love the kitchen floor tiles! Were they original or are they new? Any details you can share? Beautiful neutral color palette!


Could you please share with me the color that you used. I am thinking that this might be a very calming color for our son with asperger’s.