Katy Skelton’s Zelda Table

by Grace Bonney

When I think back to this year’s BKLYN Designs show, one piece stands out in my mind: Katy Skelton‘s Zelda Table. It has all the elements that I love in a great piece of furniture: simplicity, well-chosen materials and a pop of metallic detail that makes my eye return over and over again. As part of this year’s editorial focus on mindful buying, I wanted to dive deeper into designs like this that I feel are not only worth investing in (if they suit your style and needs) but have design elements that bear further investigation and understanding. Thankfully Katy was willing to tell us the story behind her Zelda table, from inspiration and draft versions to material challenges. Thanks so much to Katy for sharing the back story behind one of my favorite tables. xo, grace


Click through to read the toughest challenge Katy faced when designing this table…


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