After the Jump: How To Find Inspiration with Katie Deedy of Grow House Grow

by Grace Bonney

Today’s radio episode and next week’s are the last shows before I head out for a quick summer break (from radio, not the blog). So as I bring this part of the season to a close, I wanted to focus on some other big picture ideas that lend themselves to the sort of open-ended thinking, brainstorming and planning that I feel is best done on a vacation break.

This week’s show is all about INSPIRATION. Not just where to find it, but how to use sources of inspiration to advance your business, your life and set yourself apart from the pack. I was lucky enough to be joined by Katie Deedy, founder and designer of Grow House Grow, one of the most creative wallpaper companies around. Katie has found inspiration in everything from sister cities and carnivorous plants to pioneering women in science. Her diverse sources of inspiration – and methods for finding them – set not only Katie, but her work apart from the greater design community in a big way. So today she joined me to talk about all the challenges of staying inspired, how best to research and what to do when you hit the wall and can’t move forward (hint: she recommends yoga and a great support system). I respect Katie and her work immensely, so this show meant a lot to me. I hope you’ll get a kick out of her humor, be inspired by her work ethic and be blown away by the story of her mother’s shining example as much as I was. This is definitely a show not to miss. Thanks so much to Katie for joining me (despite a bad cold) – she was such a trooper and shared SO much great information and advice. xo, grace

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Katie’s go-to sources of inspiration
  • How to push through inspiration blocks
  • The pros & cons of digital inspiration
  • The story of Katie’s amazing mother, who is a professional storyteller in Georgia
  • Why Katie prefers her Lord of the Rings sans Elijah Wood


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  • This episode gave me that wonderful excited feeling inside! Cheers to Katie for finding a meaningful and unique way to design (mixing in storytelling), and to Grace for recognizing how special that way is!

  • I love listening to this podcast from here in the UK, I’ve found it super inspiring, helpful and insightful and particularly enjoyed listening to Katie today, thank you both!

  • “it feels now and has a history to it” – a quote by Katie in this podcast

    And isn’t THAT the holy grail of creative work?! Or at least it should be. I love those who can create something new while subtly referencing the history of that field or genre or design. So much more powerful than something pretty to look at that kind of floats in the ether untethered.