Erin Guido’s Pick-Me-Up Prints

When it comes to artwork, I like very different things at home and at work. At home, I like calm, serene photos of water and fields or simple photographs of places that mean something special to me. But when it comes to my work space, I like the art around me to be uplifting. Whether it’s a “go get ‘em, tiger!” sort of poster or something a bit more subtle, I like to make sure my work space is full of images and sayings that will motivate me to work smarter and try harder. Two of my favorites right now are these colorful (and shiny) prints from Erin Guido. I first spotted them at Leif and they reminded me that inspiring prints don’t have to be so straight-forward and business related. They could be great moments or feelings that keep you happy or remind you of how you want your team, customers or community to feel. I decided to dive a little deeper into the back story of these prints, and thankfully Erin was kind enough to indulge me. I love learning that these sayings are inspired by a specific person Erin would like to send a message to - that little tidbit made my day. Thanks so much to Erin for sharing the story behind two of the happiest prints around. xo, grace


Click through to read why Erin’s design motto is “reduce, reduce, reduce” after the jump!




As a great friend of mine, I can honestly say Erin is every bit as happy and upbeat as her fantastic work. Awesome post. :)

Congratulations Erin!!!

Lauren Koepsell

Truly the artist is a wonderful as her work…..

Pat Koepsell

Are they for sale. Although simple, they deliver a great message.


I want my home to feel happy and upbeat and these would be perfect! Great future!


I was thinking the same thing Tara. Very similar to Rachel Castle!


I’ve loved Castle & Things for years & this artwork is just too close. Uncomfortably close.


These are gorgeous but as someone else has mentioned above they are almost exact replicas of Rachel Castle’s trademark work that she has been producing for many many years…

Elana Kilkenny

Beautiful, joyful and uplifting! I am adding these to my print options for my Feng Shui Design clients! Thank you Erin!


Although people say they are similar artists… since when has their not been designers or artists that have a similar style but have a different ways of approaching it. Erin’s style is unique and she uses the old school technique of cut paper and glue which is different than the style of Castle and Things, who sews and uses fabric shapes. Castle and Things also uses different leading and tracking for her wording. They may have similar styles of using bold, colorful phases and letters but the approach and their design process is completely different.