City Drop Cuts by Pop Chart Lab

The design world seems to have no shortage of love for specific geographic areas. Whether it’s a regional print celebrating the flora of California or a poster touting the delicious produce of Florida, shops seem to be bursting with artwork celebrating artists’ favorite cities and states. One of my favorite new additions to the theme comes from Pop Chart Lab. Their brand new “City Drop-Cuts” series celebrates five American cities (hopefully we’ll see more soon!) in the form of a laser-cut wooden map. Each city also comes in a deluxe version that features neighborhood lines and a color inspired by that area (like “Golden Gate Orange” for San Francisco). I love when someone does something a little different – but still clean and modern – with a trend, so these are definitely going on my gift idea list for this upcoming holiday season. I know a few people who would love something like this to celebrate their new home city. Click here to check them out in more detail and shop online and thanks to Ben and Patrick for giving us some more details on their new work! xo, grace


Click through to read about their biggest design challenges and see more images from the collection!


DC-Boston_Deluxe_500x669_A copy

DC-SanFran_BlackWhite_500x669_A copy

DC-Brooklyn_BlackBlack_500x669_A copy


That Chicago one…be still my heart. I may live in Los Angeles now, but the Windy City will always be my home.


I love this idea. If Philly was on here, I’d be buying one for sure!

I really love these. I would love them more if they expanded out to other cities. Though I may just have to buy a Chicago one as my dad grew up there.


Ugh the city map silhouettes thing needs to be over already. Way too omnipresent.


I can’t quit Pop Chart Lab. I want to buy everything!