Calico Wallpaper’s Aubergine Wallpaper

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Formed in 2012 by friends Rachel Mosler and Nick Cope, Calico Wallpaper is a company that defies preconceived notions of what wallpaper is and how it is made. A far cry from the toile patterns and repeating floral motifs often found in mass-market papers, the designs produced by Moser and Cope are based on handcrafted, one-of-a-kind designs, drawn from centuries of craft techniques and artistic traditions. For their Aubergine wallpaper, created in late 2013, the Calico team used ancient marbling methods to create a design that is at once classic and extraordinarily unique. A design that certainly walks the line between decor and fine art, the paper is a breathtaking, sumptuous and utterly new take on a traditional idea. Check out more photos of Calico’s papers, plus their design notes, after the jump! —Maxaubergine_wallpaper_2

Inspiration: “Our first collection of wallpapers was inspired by the breathtaking art of paper marbling – a technique that has been explored by artisans over the centuries in Turkey, Italy, Japan and elsewhere. We studied these methods (even practicing with masters in Tuscany) to create our original artwork, which eventually becomes custom, non-repeating wall murals. The artistic inspiration for the actual patterning in Night ‘Aubergine’ was found in the elegant ceilings of the palace of Versailles, complete with a dramatic surface of cross-hatch gold gilding. Finally, when working with DESIRON (who we collaborated with in designing this pattern), we wanted to create something that was elegant and refined, yet moody, a pattern that could exist in a contemporary luxury setting and also complement its furniture pieces.”

Biggest design challenge: “The most difficult part of designing this product is to successfully lay out the pattern uniquely for each project—something that we were thankfully able to master prior to product release.”

Number of prototypes/versions before the final result: “We sampled about 20+ different color-ways until we settled upon the top three— Indigo, Aubergine and Slate. We are also able to create custom colors for special projects. Night ‘Aubergine’ is now installed at 200 Lex on the ground floor in the DESIRON window and has been installed in numerous commercial and residential projects thus far.”


Love this, haven’t seen anything like it before – its so beautiful and not anyway in your face, but still you notice it! NEED this!! :)
Anna x

Jill Malek

Calico Wallpaper hands down one of my favorite wallpaper design studios. Tasteful and so elegant…



Gorgeous! That pattern is amazing! I think I could stare at that for hours.