Brendan Ravenhill’s Grain Barrel Light

Some of our favorite designs are ones that exhibit, as architect Robert Venturi would put it, complexity and contradiction—objects that are not only beautiful, but able to play with our perceptions and contribute to the greater design discussion. Brendan Ravenhill’s recently released Grain lighting series does just this. Constructed from materials like spun aluminum, these lamps are imparted with a decidedly out-of-place but nonetheless suitable decorative finish: wood grain. A look that is created by using a wooden moulding tool that has been sand-blasted to exaggerate its grain, these objects are perplexingly and simultaneously industrial and natural—a tangible recording of the craft process rather than an artificial appliqué. Take a look at Brendan’s notes about his design and a few more photos of his Grain series after the jump! —Max


ravenhill_grain_2 ravenhill_grain_challenges ravenhill_grain_3 ravenhill_grain_prototypes ravenhill_grain_4