Best of the Web + Perfect Peonies

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This week has been all about bringing the outside in. Julia and I took a trip to Terrain with my mom last weekend and we bought two beautiful iochroma cyaneum trees, two thornless blackberry bushes and a clematis. Our little fire escape corner is now teeming with life and it’s so much nicer to look out our kitchen window and see so much green and purple, rather than the side of another building. In addition to some new plants to cultivate, I grabbed a small handful of peonies at Sprout and this one (above) has become my favorite. I love a vivid fuchsia (that’s the color of our couch now, too) and this color is now inspiring me to rethink my neutral summer wardrobe and embrace something a little more colorful. In the meantime, I’m off to water my plants, create a watering chart for myself and try to keep these guys healthy, thriving and alive through the hottest part of the summer. Until Monday, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! xo, grace






Grace, I inherited a blackberry bush and it’s going NUTS right now. Mine has thorns though, haha. Enjoy your pain-free harvest!


Thank you for the Pittsburgh shout out! It has been so exciting to see this city grow over the past few years.

Christan Flaherty

You do know it’s 6/27, not 7/27, right? Don’t wish away our precious summer! :)

Michelle Poe

Beautiful! I have quite a few thornless blackberries out front as well and love them. There’s nothing like walking around your yard and seeing a beautiful vine ripened blackberry and picking it. The flavor is amazing. Enjoy!