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This week has been one of the most exciting yet. I taught my first Social Media Workshop Class (There are 2 seats left for next week’s class here!), we made some big plans for summer content and we began the process of planning a little facelift for D*S to come in a few months. I love when things feel like they’re moving and changing and chugging forward. That sort of momentum is so uplifting and inspiring. My mom is coming into town this afternoon, so I’m heading out a bit early to pick her up at the airport. Until Monday, I hope you all have a great weekend! xo, grace

Photo above is by LaClariere from the #dslooking feed on Instagram



Beth Dean

A new follower from BlogLovin’! Love your blog it’s got some really cool ideas I’m going to give the pouf a go :)


Hi! the “Dulce de leche” recipe is sooo old here in Chile! It’s kids fav treat for bread at breakfast. Mom used to make it a lot when I was little, and believe me it’s the nicest one. In Chile, Dulce de leche is called “manjar” and it’s super popular, we use it in a huge variety of pastries, cakes, and on its own. I’m glad you discovered it, because it’s dead easy to meak and tastes really good.
Lots of love from my thin country, I’ve been a follower for the past 10 years.
Long life!!!

Fiona Duke

sadly i do not have ‘quite’ enough to rent Jonathan’s pad but it was nice to have a quick peek inside thank you as realistically that’s the closest I’ll ever get !!!


That article was really interesting! I am currently on a summer shopping cleanse (no clothing, accessories or shoes) to better understand my consumption habits and get a little more conscious. Love that your blog continues to look at issues like this too and isn’t just about buying this and buying that!