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A Dream Home 2+ Years in the Waiting

by Amy Azzarito

The way Andrea Duclos (known to family and friends as Drea) tells the story, she didn’t find this house, the house found her. Andrea is a full-time lifestyle blogger, currently writing a plant-based family cookbook. She spent two long years (and two offers declined) searching for a house in South Florida to call her own, when she stumbled upon this house in a neighborhood that she never even knew existed. The house was a short sale and even though it was dark and needed a lot of work, Drea saw its potential. But after no response to her offer, she packed her bags and went to Hawaii with her daughter to cook for another family. When she returned two months later, she called her realtor, who suggested that it was time to start over, but just thirty minutes later, he called back with the news that her offer had been accepted! In the six months of waiting for the house, a lot had changed – broken AC, broken windows and the backyard had become completely overgrown (See the backyard before and after right here). Drea got right to work making the house the welcoming space that she had been dreaming about for the past two years, and now it’s the perfect space for her, husband Alex, daughter Marlowe, Jerry the dog and Jerry the fish!  –Amy

Photography by Hannah Mayo

Image above: “Our living room is our fun and bright space,” Drea says. “I love how open it is. I believe it was a later addition to this house – as well as the open alcove up top. It’s not really functional, mostly decorative, but it brings in the extra light that I love. I love the fact that we have enough space to relax here and play here.”

Image above: “The master bedroom: it’s still always a work in progress, but the way the late afternoon light comes in over the bed is absolutely perfect. When I’m in the kitchen, my bed is my office. A calm and cozy space for me to work in. The tapestry above my bed is one of my most asked-about pieces. It’s a one-of-a-kind, hand stitched vintage piece. I love it through all its imperfections and bleeding inks.”

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Image above: “A full view of my living room. It’s packed with colors, patterns and flowers. The layered rugs were a solution to not finding a big enough rug that I loved in my price range. The yellow floral couch was the thrift find of the century at $50. The coffee table was found on the side of the road. The lamps were hand-me-downs. The elephant was another thrift find at $15. The giant art piece in the back is actually screen printed paper, cut into strips, and collaged into a face. It was made by my husband a few years back. The built-in and the shutters were a 70s brown when I moved in, but a few coats of paint later and the whole space is light and bright again.”

Image above: “The kitchen has been one of my least favorite spaces in my home, but probably the most used. Even before writing the cook book that I’m now working on, we spent a lot of time here. We’re a food-loving family. We grow food together, cook together and eat together. This kitchen was dark and very brown before I moved in. I painted all cabinets white and moved the fridge back a few feet into this random doorway space. I also bought two large pieces of butcher block and had them melded together – I had the carpenter create a lip around the block and place it right on top of the marble island. This way, I have a more pleasing looking island – while still keeping granite for re-selling later, if we choose.”
Image above: “On the living room shelves, we have art books, music books, a collection of lanterns, an illustration of our daughter and dog, the champagne bottle and dried flowers from our wedding day, a pile of garden tools and boxes and cuttings we’re trying to grow.”

Image above: “Marlowe’s tiny bedroom, a playtime space filled with cities of towers, and more color and light. Her space, without a doubt, gets the best morning light. With the addition of the big girl bed we lost a bit of space, but we all get to spend a lot more time here. Her room is a perfect collection of new, vintage and handmade. You can see it throughout the house, but her tiny space brings it together.”


Image above: “When we moved her room from a crib to a bed, we knew she needed a night table, but didn’t want to go out and buy one, so we pulled out my husband’s old drums to set them up. On top sits a pair of gold piggy banks and a salt lamp.”

Image above: “Surprisingly this corner in my daughter’s room is one of my favorites, even though it is one of the busiest. There’s Indian textiles and tapestry in place of a curtain – I love Indian pieces. Actually, I love almost anything handmade, hand stitched – you can see they’re everywhere in my home. I’m planning a big two-week textiles workshop in India next spring. My husband and I purchased that dress for her while we were in Mexico on our honeymoon.

Image above: “Just on the outskirts of our living room is our daughter’s play table. She eats breakfast here, I typically eat dinner with her here on the red stool and she creates many of her masterpieces here.”


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