A Day In The Life of Kathleen Whitaker

Kathleen Whitakernn
In my dream life, my dresser is covered with a small collection of Kathleen Whitaker jewelry. Her delicate but edgy jewelry is always at the top of my wishlist and her Instagram feed has become one of my favorite places to go for inspiration. She regularly posts beautiful fine art exhibitions, sculptures, ceramics and gorgeous snapshots from her life in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. Today she’s giving us a peek inside her daily life, including time at the beach, packing up jewelry to be mailed and heading to the jewelry district. Thanks so much to Kathleen for sharing her day with us! xo, grace

*Image above by Nancy Neil

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Breakfast: “We have a lot of coffee-making contraptions. The siphon makes the best cup. Here, enjoyed in a Peter Shire mug.”

Desk Worktable2
Worktable: “These are two different images of work rooms. One is where the jewelry and ceramics are made and shipping and packing is done. The other is where I hunker in front of a computer and get to emails, line sheets, blog posts, etc.!”

Prepackaged materials to be mailed
Jewelry to be packed up
Mailing materials: “This is my jewelry in inventory before being packed up and shipped out (in little ceramic dishes) and more jewelry (on leather) ready to be delivered.”

Lunch break
Lunch break: “Quinoa, arugula, fried egg, avocado, olive oil, salt and pepper.”

Walk-by for a break
Break walk: “There is rarely a day that goes by without a stop (some times two!) at Cookbook, our local, tiny green grocer that has it all – the best dry goods, freshest, in-season produce, prepared foods and the coolest, kindest shop girls.”

to-do list
To-do list: “I’m a big fan of to-do lists. I usually have five going at a time.”

Dinner at Bottega Louie
Dinner: “If I am downtown in the jewelry district, it is easy for me to pop in Bottega Louie for a quick bite for dinner. If I dine solo, I’ll bring takeaway home to my husband.”

Walk the dog on the beach
Dog walking: “On special evenings, we take a drive to the beach and let June (our terrier mix rescue) chase the surf.”


Sunset: “We have a pretty view from our house; evening sunsets never disappoint.”


That quinoa arugula salad looks really yummy! Thanks for the reminder to start making to-do lists. Gotta do it!


Oooh, that coffee siphon is fascinating. Where could I find it? Or is it something you made?


I love her jewelry! Tiny and gorgeous. Thanks for the post about the woman behind it.