A Day In The Life

A Day In The Life of Kat & Roger

by Grace Bonney

1 Headshot
Last year I stumbled onto an Instagram feed that had some of the most beautiful handmade pour-over coffee filter holder (say that 10 times fast) I’d ever seen. I dug a little deeper and discovered it was made by K&R Ceramics, a collaborative studio run by Kat Hutter and Roger Lee.

6 Kat Studio
Based in Los Angeles, Kat and Roger met in gradate school, where they studied painting and ceramics. That earthy free-hand style translates so well into their current work, which combines patterns and natural clay textures for beautiful vessels of all types. All of Kat and Roger’s work is hand-thrown and hand-painted at their home studio in L.A. and is beautiful enough to leave out on the counter all time, pre and post coffee use. I was curious to peek inside their daily lives as artists, so thankfully Kat and Roger agreed to share their Day In The Life with us here today. I hope you’ll enjoy this look at their process as much as I did. Thanks, K&R! xo, grace

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2 Coffee
“Our morning routine starts with a nice cup of coffee and tea. An advantage of making ceramics is there is never a shortage of pour-overs and cups.”

3 Break
“We always take the time each morning to discuss our orders, progress, and goals for the day. This involves the third K&R member, Sugaree, as her opinion matters most in our house.”

4 Roger Studio
“Our studios are upstairs, so we take our coffee and begin working. Roger works on the same wheel he has had for over 20 years. This wheel has moved with us several times, and has been the center of Roger’s livelihood.”

5 Roger Studio
“One of our favorite pieces to throw and paint are the large planters (shown here).”

6 Kat Studio
“After the work is thrown, it is brought into Kat’s part of the studio, where each piece is then hand-painted.”

7 Lunch
“After a good morning session, we take a break to fuel up with lunch usually consisting of fresh ingredients from our garden.”

8 Garden
“A major advantage of working from home is that we can enjoy our surroundings. Every year we plant a vegetable/herb garden. We both love working in the yard, and being in California it is crazy to see how fast and fruitful the plants are each year.”

9 Glazing
“A crucial part of the process is the glazing and firing. We fire offsite at one of our great friend and fellow ceramic artists’ studio, in a nearby neighborhood. It is nice having some interaction with our fellow artists, it really makes us appreciate the community that exists in a large city like Los Angeles.”

10 Finished Order
“This image is part of a finished order ready to be packed and shipped.”

11 Sunset
“To end the day, we usually take Sugaree on a nice sunset walk. Our neighborhood is full of amazing views, so we try to take advantage of that anytime we can.”

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  • Absolutely beautiful! I’d love some of their fresh lunch plates, too.

    In an attempt to familiarize myself with LA before moving there… looks like Eastside :)

  • Really really gorgeous work! I completely love this series of columns, D*S, it is so cool to get a sneak peak into artists’ and craftspeople’s work areas!!

  • I love this series, too. Inspirational to see other artists’ workflow, space, day, process, life!

  • Beautiful, beautiful work. I cannot wait to get back to the states and hit up one of these stores! Thank you for sharing your art with the world. Many Blessings!

  • Thank you so much for this series – after languishing in an extremely uncreative slump for what feels like ages, seeing amazing work by amazing people has really helped to get me going again – I’m so grateful, D*S and artists, for giving me my inspiration back!

  • The picture of their adorable dog drew me in, and after that I was hooked. What a great lifestyle, creating products that are beautiful, eating from a large garden, and taking sunset walks with said adorable dog!

  • Lovely work. This Ceramics reminds me of one of the Etsy shop’s Silver Lining who is a potter as well; different in style however. Thank you for sharing.

  • I just bought a beautiful ceramic little black dog. He is #1, hand printed ROGER LEE FLEENOR II AND A WIDE “8” with a thin “8” over the top of the top of the wide “8”. Thus, the year 88. Amazingly enough, we have a little dog, black with large brown eyes, that he thinks is a litter mate. Great job. Anything you may remember about your #1 ceramic little curled up dog? Our little Ceba is in love. Thanks.