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24 Hours in Portland, OR with Egg Press

by Stephanie

Illustration by David Saracino

One of our favorite things about traveling – and the inspiration for this column – is that every city can look different from another person’s perspective. What one local will consider a must-visit may be unheard of to another, so for our 24 Hours In Series, we will occasionally be offering a few different takes on a single city. Today we are getting a second spin on Portland, OR with Tess Darrow and Kara Yanagawa of Egg Press. For 19 years, Tess and Kara have called Portland home and today they take us on an ideal 24 hours spent grabbing morning coffee, dining at Italian cafes and shopping at eclectic boutiques in their city. Thank you, ladies, for showing us around your Portland! —Stephanie

Illustration by David Saracino

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all photos from Cel Jarvis

We both moved to Portland in 1995, and we’ve seen a lot of changes over the years; whole neighborhoods have been revitalized and transformed, we’ve built a world-class creative community and we’ve gained legitimate food destination status. But despite all the changes, Portland is still the cozy, liveable and accessible place we fell in love with back in the day. We love the supportive community, the interest in craft, the entrepreneurial spirit and the access to wild nature (it’s only 90 minutes to either the ocean or the mountains). If we were to plot out a great day in the Rose City, it might go something like this…


8 am: Tess heads to the Yoga Shala for Shadow Yoga with Char Rice, “It’s a great way for me to have a peaceful moment in the morning. I especially love to listen to Char’s voice, which takes me to a meditative space. I feel centered, quiet, and a little taller when I am done.” Kara starts her mornings with a jog in Forest Park, “It’s just me, my podcasts and Justin Timberlake. The tree-lined trail is lush with moss and ferns, the air is amazing, and the canopy keeps the trail cool in the summer and protects it from rain in the winter.”

Yoga Shala, 3808 N Williams

Leif Erikson Trail, NW Thurman St. entrance

9:30 am: As a reward for running and stretching, we caffeinate ourselves at Ristretto Roasters. We practically live here. Tess likes the Chai (heavy on the Chai), and Kara is a split-shot mocha maniac. Tess has been known to splurge with a Sweet & Salty cookie made by Bakeshop. Other mochas of distinction can be found at Sterling Coffee (such good coffee from such a tiny, tiny place), Cacao (they make their own blend of impossibly velvety drinking chocolate here), and Oui Presse (they have an amazing magazine selection to go with your mocha!).

Ristretto Roasters, 2181 NW Nicolai

Bakeshop, 5351 NE Sandy Blvd

Sterling Coffee, 417 NW 21st Ave

Cacao, 414 SW 13th Ave

Oui Presse, 1740 SE Hawthorne Blvd

10:30 am: We find inspiration in some pretty unusual places, which is why we’re always down for some second-hand shopping adventures to search for unique objects and ephemera. We’ve logged serious hours at Periodicals Paradise pouring over vintage knitting patterns and scouring 60s and 70s mags for inspiring ads, images and typography. Half Pint Leather is the mother lode of pre-loved and reconditioned leather boots, shoes and accessories — it’s serious bag lust in these here parts. Tess heads for the vintage coach bags and man-boots, while Kara seeks out any large, impractical travel bag she can find. For a big dose of visual stimulation, we love to visit the The Knittin’ Kitten. The deep archives of vintage fabrics and notions can be overwhelming, but we never walk out of this place empty handed or uninspired.

Periodicals Paradise, 1924 NE 40th

Half Pint Leather, 3920 N Mississippi Ave

The Knittin’ Kitten, 7530 NE Glisan


1:30 pm: We stop in for a light lunch at Luce. This friendly Italian cafe is open, inviting and familiar. And delicious. The half-sized pastas are flavorful and perfectly proportioned — Tess loves the carrot ravioli and Kara’s a big fan of spaghetti with clams. After a few raviolis, Tess is liable to bust out her yarn and start knitting.

Luce, 2140 E Burnside


2:30 pm: After lunch, we head down to Una for some boutique browsing. Kara loves this place, “It’s where all the favorite things in my closet come from. I only buy a few things a year, but each piece becomes a unique staple — something that can be worn all the time but has its own distinct flavor.” We also love to peruse the retail spaces of Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. (a great mix of modern lighting and home goods — we could easily live in their showroom), Canoe (modern basics for life and home — every gift from here is a home run), and Alder and Co. (just the place for indulgent gifts, flowers, clothing and textiles).

Una, 922 SE Ankeny

Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co., 2181 NW Nicolai

Canoe, 1136 SW Alder

Alder and Co., 616 SW 12th

4 pm: After our adventures on the east side of town, we pop across the bridge to visit our go-to, downtown yarn shop, Knit / Purl. Tess has been knitting old-school, wool crewneck sweaters for her boys all fall, and her yarn supplies need restocking. They’ve got a great house brand and they also carry Brooklyn Tweed, one of her favorite lines. Portland is loaded with outstanding fabric and yarn shops, here’s a few more favorites; Close Knit (cozy neighborhood yarn store with good basics and occasional exotics worth splurging on), Modern Domestic (at this fabric store and sewing studio you can shop for fabric, sign up for a workshop, or bring your own project during open sewing hours), and the Pendleton Woolen Mill Store (well worth the trip for the always-changing assortment of Pendleton yardage and to see what’s new on the bargain tables).

Knit / Purl, 1101 SW Alder Street

Close Knit, 2140 NE Alberta

Modern Domestic, 1408 NE Alberta

Pendleton Woolen Mill Store, 8500 SE McLoughlin Blvd

5:30 pm: After our packed day, we head over to our old standby Café Castagna for one of the happier happy hours in town. Kara believes that she’s sat in every seat in the house over the years, and she can remember the exact moment she fell in love with bread pudding thanks to these guys. And Tess can recall the days (pre-kids!) when she and her husband Jeff would meet for burgers after work — and in a town bursting at the seams with burger options, theirs is a standout. Other exemplary happy hours can be enjoyed at Lincoln, Aviary, and Sauvage.

Café Castagna, 1758 SE Hawthorne (Happy Hour 5-6 pm & 9 pm to close)

Lincoln, 3808 N Williams (Happy Hour 5:30-7 pm)

Aviary, 1733 NE Alberta (Happy Hour 5-7 pm)

Sauvage, 537 SE Ash Street #102 (Happy Hour 5-6 pm)

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  • I was just going to post about Sauvage, we stumbled onto this gem last month when we were in Portland and it was certainly one of the highlights of our trip. Sad to hear and sad others missed the opportunity to enjoy.

  • Oohh! I love that you’re doing city guides with different perspectives. It’s so true, everyone has their own favorites. Please do more! I’d love to see another SF and Berkeley!

  • Something is funky with the Lincoln and Aviary links—looks like they’ve been combined into one link for Aviary’s Yelp page.

  • Great post! Next time, visit Bolt on Alberta for wonderful fabric selection & Extracto on Killingsworth for a killer cap…luv PDX!!

  • Thank you for including us in your day. We appreciate the shout out. One of our customers who designs a dress/skirt line and has been very successful making clothing from our vintage fabrics and our vintage wool cloth, Loni at http://www.lovetoloveyou@etsy.com gave us you site address to look at. She said she enjoy your site every much.

  • Terrific list! Right next to Luce is Appetite, a groovy textile studio filled with handmade pillows, purses and kitchen towels plus terrific vintage bits and pieces.

  • Papa Hyden for coffee and dessert. Their boccone dolce (strawberries, whip cream , and meringue) is heavenly– and very difficult to make at home.

    Powell’s isn’t here– sacrilege!!!

  • So many of my favorites are on this list, I would also recommend Navarre for an amazing meal whenever visiting Portland. It’s not far from Luce.

  • Sadly, Periodicals Paradise is also closed. There’s a decent crop of vintage magazines to be found at Cameron’s Books & Magazines, 336 SW 3rd Ave.