2014 Design*Sponge Survey + $300 Giveaway

by Grace Bonney

It’s been four years since our last reader survey and, well, the internet has changed. A lot. Instead of a small handful of blogs to choose from, readers now have a wonderful wealth of options in every possible niche imaginable. Instead of reading home pages as often, people now find content that interests them through RSS and social media, and desktop reading is quickly being outpaced by mobile. It’s a quickly changing world and we want to make sure that we continue to spend our time writing and producing content that is important for not just us, but for all of you. So we figured it was high-time we ask YOU what YOU want to see on Design*Sponge. We also want to know what you want to see more of, less of and what you’d like to see us offer that we’re not offering yet. For our 10th anniversary we really want to knock it out of the park, so we are ready, waiting and our eyes and ears are open and ready to hear all of your requests, feedback and anything else you have to share. Thank you so much for your time and input. xo, grace

CLICK HERE to take the survey!

*One lucky reader will receive a $200 gift certificate from West Elm, a $100 gift certificate from Leif and a signed copy of Design*Sponge at Home, so be sure to enter your email in the survey to be entered for a chance to win. Deadline to fill out the form is Friday at 7 pm EST

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  • Oof! When I finish the third page, I click “next” and it takes me back to the first page — an infinite loop! While I’d love to give feedback on D*S all day, I think you guys probably intended for the survey to end. :)

  • Umm, I have problems with saving / sending the survey, as there seems to be no button for this. I’m getting set back to page 1 every time. Is there something wrong or is this just on my end?

  • Would have loved an option on some of the questions that dealt with social media for those that don’t use it and only read the blog/website.

    Also hoping the contest is open to Canadians as so many aren’t…

    Happy Tuesday!

  • Question 17: when I type something in “other”, it still asks me to choose from the list above; doesn’t make sense. :-)
    Also, question 20: I have to choose something although none of the answers pertains to my situation. Same for 21 (my answer should be none: I only read you on your webpage).

  • Hi! I just completed the survey online — thanks so much for asking our opinions in your well-designed survey! One question: will there be an option to post additional written feedback? I know I could do so here but I wish there were a more anonymous option, too. :)

    Just a heads up: one of the questions requires an answer I think it was about which social media feeds we subscribe to? We had to choose at least one but I don’t actually subscribe to any (I just wish the homepage often. ;-) I’m just letting you know for when you analyze the results.

    • Lena

      I’m afraid not, as those responses aren’t as easy for us to quantify as traditional questions. But you can always (always!) email our submission account (submissions at designsponge dot com) to share feedback any time :)


  • I took the survey in Chrome without a problem. I would have loved an open feedback section though. I love DS, and there are things I’d love to see changed that I wasn’t sure how to indicate on the survey. For example, I LOVE the way you’ve integrated more with instagram in the past year or so (10 sec studio tours, etc), but often when I’m on my phone and click over to the homepage from the instagram profile, the page isn’t properly sized for my iphone screen. It’s a small thing, but it’s annoying that the page layout doesn’t automatically respond.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Natalie

      We’ve debated back and forth on responsive designs- they’re tough to make work well. But we’ll definitely keep that in mind for the new version this fall :)


  • Number 20. is a required question, but none of the answers apply so… Your data on these kinds of questions will probably be incorrect. I’ll choose one option just so I can continue on with the survey.

  • I just took the survey and was slightly disappointed that there was not a feedback section.

    My feedback is this – I love the Biz Ladies/Business Advice articles and want to pin them on Pinterest but usually the only image available to pin are covers that are small and look terrible on Pinterest.

    Also, the Biz Ladies articles have the same cover every time, so I’d be pinning the same image multiple times. It would be nice if there were Pinterest appropriate sized images (and different ones too) for each article.

    • Hi Rachael

      Thanks for your feedback- what sort of covers/images would you prefer the Biz Ladies posts to have? They’re currently illustrated differently each week, so there should be some variation. Would you prefer quotations, pictures, etc?


  • Not a very well-written survey. I don’t foll0w any Design*Sponge social media accounts but that wasn’t an option. I probably also would not buy Design*Sponge branded products.

  • I agree with Lena K … I selected an option on the question that requires an answer but I didn’t really have a true response.

    Also agree with Natalie … I follow along on Instagram quite a bit but my biggest reason I am so rarely on Design*Sponge blog itself anymore (when it used to be my favorite blog for years) is I am a new mom now and most of my blog reading is done on my iPhone while my baby plays. It is really hard to read it on a phone. :( I do understand it is difficult to have a lovely responsive theme, though.

    • Andrea

      Thanks so much for your feedback, we recently launched an app (though we’re debugging it now) that makes it VERY easy to read on your phone, but we’re launching a more mobile friendly version of the site in September :)


  • I just finished the survey and thought there would be a space for feedback. I just wanted to say that what I like the most about Design Sponge is that you know you will always get the same true, quality writing, editorials and information here. I find it frustrating to visit the same blogs and find them slowly being taken over by sponsored posts that sound so forced, covering the same circle of pictures and home tours between 10 blogs and integrating too much social media. I choose to keep my social media simple and so I dont have a twitter, etc and this prohibits me from commenting or entering giveaways on other blogs that I read daily.

    I love that Design Sponge has the most original and highest quality posts in the design blogosphere! Keep it up!

  • Oh also, on the question that asked about what social media platforms we use, I had to choose one in order to keep going with the survey. Maybe you can add an “opt out/no choice” option?

  • Survey complete! Additional feedback – I’m SO glad to hear you’re changing the mobile version! The font on this site is SO small and I’m basically legally blind. There isn’t always a button that makes it text/images only and would love to ZOOM on the text!!! It is pretty irritating that you can’t do that on an ipad. This is acutally the only site I follow that doesn’t allow for pinch zooming. Gah.

    Other than that, I basically heart you all, and esp the heartfelt posts about your personal styles. I guess I do miss this site being more personal like it was in the beginning, but things evolve! Thanks for everything you do. I would totally pay to subscribe! You’re all so worth it.

  • I found the design of this survey to be in the same vein as the rest of the posts on this blog: poorly thought out, poorly edited, and hideously condescending and patronising. Note that I expect a rude and passive-agressive response to this comment, as per the usual response to any comment on this blog which dares to offer anything other than praise. Will not be coming back here.

  • I just wanted to offer some additional feedback, and this may simply be personal to me. I started reading in 2009 or 2010, and I used to read every day. I only log in about once a week now. The blog seems to have moved to a very handmade, artsy place versus a showcase of beautiful interiors, furniture redoes, etc. I really don’t have time or interest in making paper flowers, knitting coasters, etc. I do have an interest in how to properly execute a gallery wall, style a dresser, etc. This may be a purposeful move on your part, and that’s fine. Since 2009, I have married and now have a baby, so that certainly has changed what I am interested in reading online. Maybe some of your veteran readers have had similar life changes. Perhaps it’s not so much that I don’t WANT to make a paper flower, it’s that I wouldn’t have time to do that in a million years. Trying to design my home, however, is still a priority. Some of my favorite and inspiring interiors have come from DS. You really have an eye for THOUGHTFUL and beautiful interiors. I would love to see more. Just my two cents!

    • Alicia

      Thanks so much for your feedback. From a quick overview of the survey so far, it seems like you’re not alone in wanting more advice and styling tips. We will definitely be sure to add more of that going forward.

      (DIY is still our 2nd most popular request and category so hopefully it won’t feel like we’re trying to pressure you- or anyone- to make anything) ;)


  • Like many here commented, I wished there was a comments/feedback section, and that some questions had a “None” or “Other” option.

    I have been reading Design Sponge for about 3 years and am disappointed with how the content in some sections has changed for the worse. In the past 6 months to year, I personally have felt posts are responding to rather than setting trends and feel much less personal and thoughtful. I don’t know if this shift has to do with sponsors, more emphasis on social media or just taking a new direction, but I miss the blog I used to love reading.

    For me, the most disappointing change has been in the Before + Afters (which used to be my favorite). Recently it has been lacking the DIY ethos and accessibility and seems to be all professional remodels/renovations with very little furniture makeovers or small projects. I would love to see more tutorials and more explanations as opposed to a format of pictures without enough thoughtful text to make me care more than just aesthetically. (This thought holds true to a lot of the content recently as well).

    While I like the 10 seconds tours in the context of Instagram, it feels lacking on the website. Maybe there could be more text accompanying the videos when posted online?

    I hope these comments are constructive for the growth and development of Design Sponge. I look forward to continuing to follow the blog and seeing whatever changes happen.

  • I’m so glad everyone is commenting today, fresh off the survey. Alicia’s comment above strikes a chord with me: as a full-time professional and mother and wife, there is no way I’m making handmade flowers anymore, yet I love the handmade posts. It’s a funny irony and maybe has to do with enjoying keeping up with trends. Also, I replied that I “wouldn’t” pay for content, though I am unsure — I prefer not to make a glib promise.

  • I think Design Sponge is seriously amazing. It’s thoughtful and well done. I noticed a few comments about trends and ‘setting the trends’ or following them. I’m moving to a point in my ‘oldness’ as I call it, I’m trying to move away from things that are overly trendy. I’m more interested in personal process and visual exploration of design, and how it applies to ones life. Love to see more content in that direction, but you’ve started to touch on it in some of the essays. Keep up the amazing work, I’m excited to see what the future brings.

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