10 DIY Projects to Make for Your Next Picnic

After such a long winter, I’ll take any opportunity to eat alfresco. And if that meal can take place surrounded by nature, even better. I’m not very good at the spontaneous picnic thing. I usually feel the need to plan things out, confirm schedules, plan menus. But I’d like to get better about saying, “It looks nice outside, let’s have a picnic.” I’d like to be that person. Maybe I just need to do a couple of projects to motivate me. Now, I’m curious, do you take advantage of the nice weather for spontaneous picnics? -Amy

Image above: A DIY basket liner for all of your picnic needs. See the full instructions here.

Image above: A DIY to dress up your paper cups. See the full instructions here.

Image above: A DIY bag to tote all your picnic needs to the park. See full instructions here.

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Image above: A DIY cutting board that’s just about perfect for those farmer cheeses that you want to serve. See the full instructions here.

Image above: A DIY all-in-one summer picnic kit. Get the full instructions here.

Image above: Add some panache to your picnic with DIY cocktail napkins made from floral sheets. See the full instructions here.

Image above: A DIY for those of you who don’t like sitting still at a picnic – introducing the Swedish lawn game Kubb. See the full instructions here.

Image above: If you’re planning on taking your camera to the park, you should have a little extra protection. This wool camera wrap has just the right picnic look. See the full instructions here.

Image above: You don’t have to sit on the flowers. Enter the camping stool option. See the full instructions here.

Image above: If you’re cutting down on your paper usage, dress up your glass jars with a leather cup wrap. See the full instructions here.


Love these ideas! Especially the lawn game, to help get moving after a sumptuous feast! I also like to pack a frisbee for picnics, since they are so light and easy to carry.