Star Cards

Last night was our first hot night in Brooklyn and while I don’t enjoy overheating, I sort of love that first day when you sleep on top of your sheets and put a fan in the window. It instantly brings me back to my first summer in Brooklyn and wondering how anyone could fall asleep with their windows open while street noise blares night. But I’ve become immune to the noise and find the first week of hot summer nights romantic in a way- especially when we start to get better glimpses of the summer sky.

While I’ve never been a huge follower of astrology, I do enjoy star charts and a general appreciation all things “sky” related. I used to have a small collection of cloud maps in college and now I find myself bookmarking star charts and night sky maps left and right. These diagrams are from Present & Correct and map the stars at night. Each one is foiled in white onto a black card, in either a square or rectangular shape. I’ve slowly been collecting black and white art for our walls and these would be such a beautiful addition. They’re simple but still have a strong graphic feel that could hold its own on a larger wall. Present & Correct is selling them right here (they’re roughly 10×10 inches and 11.5 x 8 inches) so if you’re looking to celebrate the sky (summer or any other season) these might be just the ticket. xo, grace

The Slow Pace

The prints are a good idea to decorate our walls. And, about the noise at night, we use to thing that car sounds are like the sound of waves, the problem is when a noisy siren break this though.



Grace, I’m curious where you found the cloud maps you referred to? Those sound beautiful as well! In my google searching I found a lot of the wrong type of thing :)

I absolutely love star charts- we have a small gallery growing on a wall of what we call “the book room”. Thanks for the continued inspiration!!

Grace Bonney

hi emily!

i had a few vintage ones that were gifts from a friend- i don’t know where she found them. i did a quick search on etsy and couldn’t find anything like it. if i do, i’ll send them to you via email :)



Thanks so much! I really appreciate your response :) We’re planning a “cloudy” nursery, and I must say I always love the thrill of the hunt when it comes to finding things I have pictured in my head.
Thanks again :)