Southern Living: State of the Union

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I grew up in a house where there was always a copy of Southern Living on the coffee table. The coffee table may have changed over the years (campaign style, glass with concrete rabbit feet, tufted French style) but the magazine remained. 2014 marks my 11th year in Brooklyn but inside, I’m still a southerner. So I was excited to hear that Southern Living was doing a very special June issue that serves as a ‘State of the Union’, addressing all things related to food culture in the American South.

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In addition to a 32-page ‘A to Z’ guide to hot button Southern issues like people, places, provisions, trend and even some DIY ideas, the magazine is included a mini 11-page cookbook of great contemporary Southern recipes that require five or fewer ingredients. This time of year is always when I start to miss the south the most (fresh corn, tomato salads, watermelon) and long for the things that remind me of home. So if you happen to be a southerner living in a different part of the country (or world now), this issue might be for you. I really hope that ‘C’ is for corn, because we have a big cast-iron skillet that needs to have some fresh cornbread and corn fritters in it this summer. xo, grace

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This is fabulous news! I’m a northerner (Wisconsin) living in the South (Athens, GA) and I’ve not only discovered Southern Living, but also the beauty that is called (of all things) Garden and Gun. And of course, the literary beauty of The Oxford American.


Agree- great news. I not only follow Southern Living but also LOVE Garden and Gun and the Oxford American- this was a nice tid bit and glad you posted. This is part of what I love about DS – you pretty much hit every note for almost everyone – maybe it’s Grace’s southern roots but what ever it is it definitely makes for the very best any lifestyle/design blog has to offer.


Can’t wait for the June SL to hit my porch! I’m a Southerner living in Boston, and I’m always on the lookout for great recipes to share the dishes I grew up on with my Yankee pals. Thanks for sharing!