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Ramona: A Sister Bar Finds Its Home In Greenpoint

by Maxwell Tielman


Greenpoint, our professional home and favorite little nook of Brooklyn, has been pegged as “up and coming” for what seems like eons. In recent months, though, interest in this charming, industrial neighborhood seems to have skyrocketed, with dozens of beautiful new shops and restaurants sprouting up with welcome frequency. One of the latest additions to the area is Ramona, the across-the-river outpost of the popular East Village haunt, Elsa. Although billed as “sister bars,” Elsa and Ramona are more like fraternal twins, sharing much of the same menu items and decor elements, from a richly appointed interior by the firm hOmE to custom artwork by local illustrator Jordan Awan. The visual style employed by Ramona echoes many of the design sentiments of today, functioning as an extension of the bar’s overall ethos—quality craftsmanship takes precedence over ornament, and beautiful materials like copper, repurposed wood and marble come to the forefront. The overall effect is one both casual and refined, industrial and comfortable—right at home amongst the old factories and rowhouses of Greenpoint. Check out all of the photos after the jump! —Max

ramona_3 ramona_5 ramona_6 ramona_4 ramona_8 ramona_9 ramona_10 ramona_7 ramona_1

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  • I wonder when people are going to stop describing gpt as up and coming cuz boy, it’s most definitely arrived. we moved to the graham stop a year ago and i don’t even recognize my old hood (we lived across the street from y’all, whhhaatttt!). so many places to try!

  • Oh!! And I just realized this is the gorgeous new joint where that creepy music room or whatever place used to be. I spotted that last weekend and it was so pretty!

  • Ugh! It’s not often that I miss living in the city, but Elsa bar was one of my favorites and this sister bar looks so lovely it hurts. I’m definitely adding it to my “When I go back to Brooklyn for a visit” list.

  • Those cocktails sound super delicious!! I’m flying to New York tomorrow and staying with my friend who lives in Greenpoint, I’m so excited to try all these new places you guys have been mentioning!!

  • Such an amazing vibe, copper material it really makes a statement, I am now designing for a luxury brand called BRABBU, and the new piece Kendo floor light translates that statement and would fit this space perfectly.