New Mugs from Xenia Taler

Every time I visit the Midwest I am seriously tempted to pack up shop and move. We flew to Madison last week for a talk with the incredible community of Design Madison and got to drive around town, meeting some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. (Side note: if you ever get a flat tire, Madison is the place to do it. Their repair shops are the friendliest I’ve ever seen.) After Madison we drove to Chicago for two days and enjoyed some of the most delicious food and beautiful weather. Chicago is home to some of my favorite artists, so whenever I’m visiting I have the temptation to knock on their doors and see their work in person. Thankfully I didn’t do that, but it reminded me to check back in with some people to see what was new in their collections.

Xenia Taler is one of my favorite Chicago Toronto-based artists* and she recently introduced a beautiful line of mugs that carry her signature folk-art inspired illustrations onto a new surface. I’ve collected Xenia’s patterned tiles for years, but these mugs are a fun way to bring her pattern design into your home on a more day-to-day basis. I’m cutting back on coffee, so I think these mugs, especially the golden horse, would be perfect for holding pencils and pens on your desktop and adding a little detail to a desk that needs a tiny update. Xenia decided to branch out into mugs because she felt that they were objects that often, “elicit emotional attachment because they’re often at your desk and by your side throughout the day.” I think her hunch is spot on- my favorite mugs are always out somewhere, whether they’re holding tea, pencils or a tiny flower arrangement. Xenia’s first twelve designs are online now (with more coming soon), so if you’re interested in checking them out or ordering one ($20 each), click here for more. xo, grace

*It’s a good thing I didn’t try to find her in Chicago, Xenia is from Toronto. First mistake of the day? Check.

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Thanks so much for wonderful talk at Design Madison, Grace! It was so honest and refreshing and by far my favorite DM talk I’ve been to. You’re an inspiration!


Hi Grace,

Isn’t Xenia Taler Toronto based? Just wanted to clarify. :) Love the new mugs!


Those are beautiful designs – deceptively simple but with a spot-on sense of colour, proportion, etc. Also a really nicely shaped mug. I am weirdly picky about what I drink my tea from and I can definitely see one or two of these in my future!


the whole state of Wisconsin is lke that, friendly and helpful. I have lived in 3 states and WI one of them and they couldn’t be nicer and helpful.

Louise shane

Love the mugs! How do I purchase the horse and swan?