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Living with Less in California

by Amy Azzarito

It was no easy task for Taylor Kitto to find a pet-friendly rental in San Luis Obispo, California. When her lease was up on her last apartment, she was on Craigslist multiple times a day trying to find a place that was safe and dog friendly, with a yard for a garden. Finally, she found this apartment, which also happened to be the smallest space that Taylor has ever called home. Luckily, she has an Etsy shop, Wild Poppy Goods, where she sells curated vintage clothing and home wares, which helps her curb her shopping habit. And since nearly everything in her home is for sale on her Etsy site, she’s constantly changing up the space, which keeps things feeling fresh and new. Since the apartment was a new construction, Taylor had to find ways to bring in a vintage, handmade touch. Nearly everything she possesses has been either thrifted, found while traveling or handmade. Thanks, Taylor! –Amy

Image above: The mirror and table are handmade by my guy. The mid-century lamp was thrifted for three bucks and the wood deer head for twenty-five cents! I love to have friends over for dinner, but there wasn’t space for a table in the kitchen, so we made one for the living room! It may be breaking a few rules having a big table in such a small house, but it just works. I built this table using reclaimed wood and a few pin legs. I love the empty space it creates, and it gives me a lot more room in the kitchen to work!

Image above: Upstairs is a loft which is actually pretty spacious and features a patio, a small closet, and lots of windows. I am a morning person, so I love the light that peeks through the windows in the early morning. Creating a calm bedroom is very important and I find that I am more relaxed and sleep better if everything is neat and tidy. The bed was once a hospital bed from the 1920s and the end table is a wooden ironing board. They were both found at my favorite antique shop from my hometown.


Image above: A peek at my cacti collection! I am a crazy plant lady and my obsession is getting worse. Lately I’ve been loving cacti because they are so easy to take care of! These are from Home Depot.

Image above: Industrial shelving I made myself using a tutorial found here. It was very simple to make and is an efficient use of space! I recently switched out the TV for an iMac, which is great because I can use it for business as well as binge-watching my favorite shows. In a house with little space, it’s really important to have a double use for everything. The mirror was found at a vintage shop in France, it has such an unique shape and is one of my favorite travel finds!
Image above: I love this cozy kitchen nook, although my dogs often claim it as theirs, but they are pretty cute so what’s a girl to do? When they aren’t hogging the space, I love to sit in the early mornings, drink coffee and listen to records.  I purchased the sheep skin at a farmer’s market in Slovenia last summer, the pillows are both thrifted, the driftwood shelf is from Etsy, and the hanging terrarium is another thrift score.

Image above: You can just barely see it, but the shell chandelier is such a special item and was found for a steal at a shell shop in a local coastal town. I never thought about how they’d look in a bedroom until my friend Addison showed me her collection above her bed. So swoon-worthy!

Image above: My tiny little kitchen! I do love it, but I am not going to lie, I am often envious of the beautifully subway-tiled, modern, open shelf, white kitchens I find on Pinterest. I constantly have to remind myself that it’s just temporary and just to be grateful for what I have. My last apartment didn’t even have a kitchen, so it’s definitely a step up from that!

Image above: I am a ceramist as well as a collector of vintage pottery. I love how each item has its own story to tell and is uniquely made.


Image above: The vintage ironing board at the end of the bed acts as my night stand, and fits in there perfectly!



Image above: I have a tiny closet, so I decided to put in a branch clothing rack to showcase some of my favorite clothing. The bed is from an antique store, bedding from Ikea, thrifted rug, and industrial lamp from Ruby Rose.



Image above: Walking downstairs, you can see my favorite woven bags as well as Rory’s crate. I love that bright blue door–such a great pop of color! 


Image above: I love eating outdoors, especially in the summer time, so I am really happy to have such a great little patio. Although it’s tiny, it’s just the right size to lounge out in the sun with a drink in hand. 

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  • A pet-friendly apartment with a yard is a rare find, congratulations! I really like how you are using the vintage ironing board at the foot of the bed for a nightstand and the hanging branch as a clothing rack. We have four people in a (work in progress) 650 square f00t house so we are always looking for new ways to make better use of our space.

  • I love the sleeping loft, such a sweet and bright yet restful space. I have a thing for accordion peg racks, and it’s fun to see one so well used. The dogs are the best part for sure!

  • I’ve been waiting for this post! She has such a great eye. I love all the layering.

  • Love the brilliant use of the small space. San Luis Obispo is my home-town, and I know how hard it can be to find affordable pet-friendly rentals there. Finding a place with a yard is a huge bonus! Huge bonus points if it’s easy walking distance from Higuera and the massive Thursday farmer’s market. Making me homesick.

  • What a charming place with a lovely homey feel to it. I loved how vintage it looks from the furniture to the decor, as well as to the overall look of the place. The little rustic vibe it subtly gives off adds to its charm too.

    It a look that an atmosphere that sits close to my heart. Living place that has an old world elegance, I for one can appreciate its beauty. In Charleston, where I come from, many homes here are still in the old Charlestonian look, granted some are really old. Even those waterfront homes in Charleston SC, are guilty of having such a character, save for the more modern resorts.

  • Wow, I love this.

    Did you make the lampshade/lantern hanging beside your shell chandelier? And, how did you come by the leaf print on the kitchen floor (by the window nook, in the photo with your two gorgeous dogs)? Did you do that yourself?

    So many great details, thank you for sharing!

  • Love this Home, and the Outdoor space! I was wondering where can you buy a *Ceramic hand like the one holding the jewelry? Thanks!