Knot & Grain Wallpaper

When I first started Design*Sponge, faux bois and wood grain designs were everywhere. From more sophisticated designs to dramatically over the top kitschy wood grain, I felt like every other post involved wood grain in some way. Thankfully the style took a bit of a break and has come back recently in more elegant and minimalist applications. This Knot & Grain wallpaper is a great example. While the darker version is my favorite, both styles take wood grain and turn it into something that feels modern and sophisticated. I’d love to see this used in a small bathroom or wallpaper; complimented with some thin brass lighting it would look stylish for years and years to come. Click here to check them out in more detail- I’m hoping we’ll see the darker version pop up in magazines and home tours soon- I’d love to see this how this looks and feels in real life. xo, grace

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Trix & Trumpet

This is a great reinvention of the wood-grained wallpaper. Paper can add so much dimension, texture and interest to a space and I like the more subtle grain of these particular wallpapers. I like the darker version as well, with it’s blueish, charcoal colour, it could look quite striking in an interior. Looking forward to more of these designs.


I remember my grandma had soft pink wallpaper with the wood grain texture years and years ago (decades). One year during our annual summer visit she said she was changing it out because she felt like she was waking up inside a frosted cake each morning. I guess that was the end of the trend for her. :-)