ICFF 2014: Wallpaper + Wallcoverings

calico design_3
Pattern is always on my mind when I walk into ICFF every year. Where can I find it, who will come up with something original and what will be the big trends? And this year the message was clear: digital is king. While there were a few beautiful hand-printed and hand-drawn options, the majority of wallpaper offerings focused on designs that were created by tiling or repeating photographs or digitally created images. This look isn’t always my cup of tea, but it is wonderful to see people experimenting with technology that allows them to make dramatic statements and work with some pretty incredible large-scale imagery. [Image above: Calico Wallpaper]

moonish_1 copy
In addition to bold digital wallpapers, there were a few wallcovering options, like plywood tiles from Moonish and a gorgeous faceted concrete tile system from Oso Industries. I really love seeing designers expand the offerings we have for our walls. While most of us probably won’t end up using concrete tiles to cover every surface at home, it really broadens the creative possibilities in homes, public and retail spaces, which is inspiration for everyone. My favorites are below after the jump, I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I did. xo, grace [Image above: plywood tiles from Moonish]

Click through for my favorite wallpapers and wallcoverings from ICFF 2014 after the jump–

calico design_4
calico design
[Image above: Beautiful ombre and marbled wallpaper designs from Calico Wallpaper]

daniel heath_1
daniel heath_2
daniel heath_3
[Image above: Wallpaper designs by British designer Daniel Heath]

[Image above: Bold digital prints from Flavor Paper]

[Image above: Wallpaper inspired by twin cities from Grow House Grow]

[Image above: Great geometric wallpaper from Michele Varian]

moonish_2 copy
moonish_3 copy
moonish_4 copy
[Image above: plywood tiles from Moonish]

oso industries and aperiodix
oso industries and aperiodix_2
[Image above: Aperiodix, a new concrete tile system from Oso Industries]

[Image above: New wallpaper and pillows from JuJu Papers in Portland, Oregon]

[Image above: colorful wallpapers from British design studio Quirk & Rescue]

[Image above: Wallpaper from Studio Job]

[Images above: Wallpapers based on photographs taken by the artist, inspired by Moorish architecture, jewelry and chain mail. Photographs and wallpaper design by Stefan Hengst]

Carol Miller

Pretty good stuff there from York Wallcoverings too. Flock, Mylar, Iridescent and Hand- Mades. Not boutique, butvery beautiful!

Katie Deedy

I am sooooo into Moonish’s tiles! I walked by them as they were setting up, and stopped in my tracks. Really wonderful stuff!


These are all beautiful. I wish someone would come up with ideas for stucco interior walls, as in my loft and so many parts of the country stucco is common.


I love tiles to bring a personal touch, there is a wide selection to make our own composition. It’s beautiful!


Love a custom touch to a room. It might take a brave person to go for something so bold without the aid of an interior designer but the rewards are a really luxurious looking room.