ICFF 2014: Unexpected Designs

by Grace Bonney

mt washi tape_3
mt washi tape_2
Every year at ICFF there’s something that makes me stop, smile or turn my head and ask a question. These are the pieces that stay with me and are usually the things I end up telling people about the most when I recap the show in person. From giant inflatable beach ball lights (which were just a delight in person) to sandwich-shaped notebooks, these little unexpected highlights at the show really make my day. Some of these designs (like mushroom toothpicks) are lighthearted and others are more serious and come with a deeper story. I hope you’ll enjoy them all- especially the little surprise embroidered drawers in Volk‘s dresser. I didn’t see that coming and it was such a fun surprise. xo, grace

Image above: mt washi tape had their own booth. Naturally, it was a colorful heaven made of washi tape.

marsmers korea2
Image above: Marsmers of Korea made baguette and salami-shaped notepads. I love them.

Images above: Butterfly shaped screws and a butterfly tabletop (made using a lost wax casting technique) from Fred & Juul.

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Image above: A fuller view of Fred & Juul‘s table with butterflies (made using a lost wax casting technique)

toby house_2
toby house
Image above: Playful inflatable beach ball lights from Toby House (they use cold light technology on the inside so they’re safe)

Image above:

Images above: Glacier-shaped candles from Bozu (designed to raise awareness of the receding glaciers world-wide).

Images above: Volk Furniture‘s dresser with custom embroidered drawers by Coral & Tusk

Image above: Semihandmade makes a beautiful series of cabinet fronts for IKEA furniture.

Image above: 100xbtr made these cups using a 3D printer!

twosix design_1
Image above: This tiny ottoman/stool from TwoSix design kept reminding me of a hamburger.

Image above: These folding chairs from Umbra Shift are so clever. They fold up into a very thin shape that has its own hanger!

Image above: Bien Hecho had a dramatic coffee table on display made from discarded tree trunks.

Image above: Petter Wiig Aune‘s bird feeder is designed to feed smaller birds and protect them from crows and other birds that would take their food. (My hasty shot of the explanation tells a clearer story)

Image above: Delightfull‘s playful dollar light.

marsmers korea
Image above: Marsmers of Korea made these playful mushroom and herb party picks.

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  • Great work! Love the baguette sticky notes! Just a wee message though to say that the link for the Marsmers stationery isn’t right – it’s the link for the Japanese company for the previous image. :)

  • Wonderful pieces at ICFF 2014! I love the graphic Collection from Delightfull! #funny #original! Congrats for your post!

  • Great Peak at the ICFF Unexpected Designs. Love Bien Hecho’s designs, raw, earthy, & simple. His wonderful designs let the nature speak for it’s self. The tree trunk table drew me in like a magnet. Checking out the website, I found beautiful desks and more. Thanks!