ICFF 2014: Lighting

by Grace Bonney

Lighting at ICFF has become one of the most guaranteed categories to impress each year. Designers seem to go all out for showstopping pieces that hang dramatically from the ceiling or jut out beyond their booth borders with strong angles or branches that reach out toward visitors. Designers like Mary Wallis and Bec Brittain celebrated smoky glass (my fav) and Raw Studio from England made use of LED shading to create some great 3D moon and shape lights. Along with wallpaper, lighting seems to be the place a lot of designers have fun, so this was a great year to be covering the show and see so many interesting pieces. Stay tuned for more ICFF tomorrow, including my favorite crazy/whacky/unexpected favorites. xo, grace

Image above: Tall standing lamp from Matter Made

Image above: Beautiful pendants from Mary Wallis

atelier de troupe2
Image above: I loved these curvy lights from Atelier de Troupe

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raw studio
Image above: Raw Studio‘s Moon light is made by surrounding a piece of handmade paper (drops of water create the “craters” on its surface with LED lights that create a natural shadow effect.

fort standard2
fort standard
Images above: Faceted lighting by Fort Standard

Image above: Painted driftwood pendant by Hinterland.

Image above: A long row of pendant lights by Gabriel Scott.

Images above: Cork and metal pendant and Blue Willow-inspired pendant by Liqui.

Images above: Dramatic glass, neon and metal lighting by Bec Brittain

Images above: Simple but beautiful lighting from Andrew Neyer. I think his booth was one of the best new things of this year’s show.

Image above: Pendants by &Tradition

Image above: A sophisticated modern table lamp from O&G

rich brilliant winning 2
rich brilliant wiinnig
Images above: I love the shape of this wall light and these soft hanging lights from Rich Brilliant and Winning.

Image above: Stickbulb (by Rux) offered customized large-scale lighting at their booth.

Image above: Token’s booth was full of great design, including these pendants that looked like jelly. Some of them have colored cords that really added a great pop of pattern.

raw studio 2
Image above: Raw Studio‘s LED lightning bolt lights.

atelier de troupe3
Image above: More modern lighting from Atelier de Troupe

calico design_5
calico design_3
Images above: Patrick Weder Design lighting at the Calico Wallpaper Booth

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