ICFF 2014: Leather Switch Plates from Canoe

Yesterday I left ICFF and Surtex feeling happy. Happy that after two years of shows that felt thin and full of only large-scale manufacturers we don’t typically cover here, the show seemed to be bigger and independent design had a larger presence again. Over the next few days I’m going to be breaking down my favorites by trend and material, but I wanted to kick off the morning with these hand-tooled leather switch plates from Natalie Davis at Canoe in Austin.

Switch plates seem to be a mostly forgotten market right now. I tend to just buy flat white versions to blend in, but I’m always longing for something cool, especially in a small space where a little bit of detail would be nice. So when I walked into the ICFF Design Boom Mart and said hi to Natalie of Canoe (also of Miss Natalie), I was thrilled to look down and see these beauties at her table. Each one is made of hand tooled leather, dyed black or chestnut, with an all-over pattern. The leather has a metal plate backing and easily attaches to the wall like a standard switch plate cover. Unlike most of the work at ICFF that hasn’t hit retail yet, these are already in stock and ready to go at Natalie’s online shop right here ($108 each). Stay tuned for more ICFF 2014 later today! (You can also get a preview of the Stationery Show from our Instagram feed today). xo, grace

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Wow, compared to the standard plastic uglies that one usually sees, these are amazingly attractive. It’ll be fun to see how daily use leaves its mark on them, I have a couple spots where they’ll be perfect.


Thanks so much, Grace! The light switch plates are one of my favorites to make because each is different. We can also do custom shapes for folks with multi-switch plates. Just drop us a note on our website!

fran Pelzman Liscio

I love these leather switchplates–and I love the creative thinking about materials and functions that inspired their creation. Thank you so much for posting about these.