DS on Pencil vs. Pixel

The community of podcasters and online radio hosts feels like a serious family. Whenever I meet someone who runs a show online I immediately feel like we’re connected in some weird way that makes us instant friends and comrades. I felt that way about Jess Lively, Debbie Millman and now Cesar Contreras of Pencil vs. Pixel.

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Cesar was kind enough to invite me on his video podcast a few weeks ago to discuss change online, the future of blogging and trusting your gut. We even got to talk about my weird love of rude commenters on Instagram. I rarely get a chance to interact face to face with other podcasters, so this was a real treat to involve video. I hope you’ll enjoy our talk as much as I did – it’s so nice to speak with people who love to dive into all the major issues, concerns and stories that make up the internet right now. Thanks to Cesar for having me! xo, grace

CLICK HERE to listen to the show

Lindsey Thomsen

As an AVID listener of podcasts while walking my dog, I LOVE ‘After the Jump, ‘Design Matters’, ‘The Morning After’, ‘The Good Life Project’ and ‘The Jess Lively Show’ – and since I eagerly await the new episode each week I am thrilled to learn about ‘Pencil vs. Pixel’. Now I have a backlog of podcasts to catch up on. Thank you!

Ashley Johnson

Grace that was such an amazing interview. I started my day with it, and I now feel inspired, and more at ease about all of the things I have to face today. I am so grateful for you and the work the entire D*S team does. Merçi beaucoup xo