DIY Hanging Succulent Garden

Even if you don’t have an outdoor space, usher in summer with this simple DIY hanging planter to add a splash of green indoors. With just a bit of rope and a couple of square terracotta pots (available on One Kings Lane), you can create a two-tier succulent garden in an afternoon. Keep reading for my step-by-step guide to this simple project, and be sure to check out my weekend decorator column on the One Kings Lane Style Blog for even more fun ideas! —Megan

Photography Lesley Unruh

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Here’s what you’ll need:
– 2 square terracotta pots
– 1 bundle of cotton clothesline cord (50 feet)
– 1 bundle of green cotton venetian-blind cord (optional)
– 1 brass snap hook
– 8 to 16 wooden beads (optional)


Begin by cutting three 16-foot lengths of clothesline cord and one 16-foot length of green cord. Next, fold all four lengths in half; thread the midpoint through the snap hook and loop it back over, pulling to tighten. Make sure you have an even amount of cords on both sides.

Position one of your terracotta pots upside down. Feed your four cords through one of the drainage holes. Repeat with the other section of cords through the other drainage hole.

Next flip the pot over and position the cord as pictured above. You are now ready to add the second pot. Repeat the steps above using the remaining two sections of cord.

After you have looped through the second pot, gather the excess rope and knot it at the bottom. Trim the rope hanging below the bottom to your desired length. If desired, attach two beads to each cord, knotting below to secure into place.

Feeling vertical gardens? Head over to the One Kings Lane Style Blog to see how some terracotta pots and cord can also become a playful hanging planter for your outdoor space.

Photography Lesley Unruh


I LOVE this project! I am moving sometime in July and I think this will be one of the first additions to my new place.

Angélica Calvé Vicens

Great idea!!! Hope I’m able to use the drill to make the holes without smashing the terracota pots ;)

Connie Shelton

Love the mini pots hanging in multiples great job and awesome idea!!


This is definitely on my to-do list (along with millions of others) Just FYI the One Kings Lane Style blog link seems to be broken.


These look good..but most plants usually benefit from saucers – and these designs dont allow for that.

James Schiller

Wow! This not only a creative idea but an awesome one too. I like the resulting product, maybe I can try it myself one day too. I know many of my friends would appreciate this little trick you have here, most especially those who live in little spaces like condominium units or apartments in downtown Charleston where I’m from. They could even do this to grow their herbs or flowers to make their home feel more welcoming and warm.

I also think they would look really nice in some waterfront properties around Charleston. They can make the whole place look even more vibrant and refreshing, aside from housing to some edible greens and flower. Nice post! Thanks!