Design Week Recap: It’s Summertime at The National Stationery Show

by Maxwell Tielman


Above: Charlotte Trounce’s Jungle and Tropical giftwrap, found at the Wrap Magazine booth.

This year’s New York City design week was one of new trends and unexpected surprises—and the National Stationery show, the paper goods behemoth held yearly at The Javits Center, was no exception. If you told me a year ago that we’d be ushering in a return to 1980s Postmodern style, I would have told you that you were crazy. The same goes for the wonderful, unabashed embrace of florid, fruity, tropical colors seen at NSS this year. A slight retooling of the neon obsession seen in recent years, this particular color trend seems less interested in industrial and machine-made palettes, its hues more reminiscent of south Pacific sunsets, poolside daiquiris, parrot plumage and turquoise seascapes. With all of these bright teals, corals, pinks and seafoam greens, I think it’s safe to say that summer has arrived in the design world! Check out our favorite beachy-keen picks after the jump! —Max


Above: Linda & Harriett’s Vacation-themed Journals

think&ink2 think&ink3 think&ink

Above images: Cards and prints from Think & Ink channeled summer days and ice cream flavors.


Above: These fruit-themed nail decals from Museum Nails will make sure even your manicure is ready for summer!

yellow_owl_1 yellowowl_2

Above: Greeting cards and stamp kits from Yellow Owl workshop.


Above: Josie Portillo’s Get Away Car Card from Red Cap Cards.


Above: The booth design from Azuline Design.


Above: Black, white, and pink all over—it’s the zebra gift wrap from Smudge Ink!


Above: Lady Fingers Press’ “What’s Up Hombre?” Card


Above: Get your houseplant terminology down with special glossary-style prints from Brainstorm.


Above: Lilco Letterpress’ Hex Card gets a happy message across without words.

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