Design Week Recap: Max’s Stationery Favorites

by Maxwell Tielman


Above: One of Margins’ beautiful moon phase calendars.

Over the past few days, I’ve been calling out some of my favorite emerging trends from this year’s Design Week and National Stationery Show. So far, we’ve taken a look at 2014’s slew of canine-covered stationery and the new tropical color palette we saw everywhere. Some of my favorites from the National Stationery Show, however, defy categorization. From Margins‘ stunning moon-phase and snowflake cards to Azuline Design’s herb-scented scratch-n-sniff stationery (you read that right, and it’s fabulous), these designs are awesome by their own merits. Check out all of my best-of-the-rest faves from NSS after the jump! —Max


Above: This card from Ladyfingers Letterpress speaks the truth.


Above: Fawn Paper Co’s sympathy card is sincere and funny—a great combination!


Above: These scratch-n-sniff herb garden cards from newcomer Azuline Design are pretty and they smell like the real deal!


Above: This encouraging card from Ghost Academy wins ten points for sheer adorableness.


Above: Wish your favorite millennial happy birthday in style with this snazzy card from Holstee.


Above: This bunny clearly knows how to have a good time. Card by Dear Hancock.


Above: Wish a favorite pal good luck and congratulations with this awesome card from 9th Letter Press.


Above: Santa doesn’t mess around—duly noted. Card by Power & Light Press.


Above: Same-sex marriage was making its way into cards this year in a big way. Let’s hear it for gay! Cards by Red Cap Cards.


Above: These fabulous birthday cards from Smudge Ink are perfect for any age.


Above: These wonderfully multi-function cards from Rock Scissor Paper double as snazzy decorations.


Above: You can never have too much Dowager Countess. Downton Abbey Coasters by Smokey Road Press.


Above: Take your relationship smugness to a whole new level with this awesome “I’m taken” buttons from Regional Assembly of Text.


Above: All of the buttons at Regional Assembly of Text knew how to keep it real (and cute).


Above: I would be remiss if I didn’t speak for all the cat ladies (and lads) out there. This lovely newsprint wrapping paper from Knot & Bow is right up your alley.



Above: These floral woodcut cards from Katharine Watson are just lovely—beautiful and simple.


Above: This gorgeous card from Margins depicts actual snowflakes—designed by NATURE.


Above: Show of your NYC pride with style with this wonderfully understated pennant from Three Potato Four

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  • Hey Max! Thanks so much for including our Pinning card in your roundup! We are thrilled to be featured on the site! Our company is actually called Ladyfingers Letterpress. Could you please change it in your post? The link is correct! Glad you had a great time at the Stationery Show!

  • I’m thrilled to see some cards from The Regional Assembly of Text in Max’s picks. I’m from Vancouver where they are based, and LOVE everything about them from the monthly letter writing club to the button making station, to all of the amazing things they carry in their storefront.

    Yay tRAoT!!!!

  • My best friend sent me that Santa card from SF last Christmas cause it was “so me.” Haha I love it!

  • Ahh! Nice roundup- I wish I would have spotted you & your “little old man” ensemble in the wild! Was a great NSS for Idlewild- Now just need about 11 months to recover..