10 Second Studio Tour

Coral & Tusk Pop Up Shop

by Grace Bonney

The weeks leading up to design season in NYC are always packed with exciting events, classes and pop-up shops. While a lot of them take place across the river in Manhattan, we’ve been excited to see more and more taking place in our backyard here in Brooklyn. Yesterday we stopped by a great new pop up in Williamsburg organized by Coral & Tusk.

Coral and Tusk‘s founders and owners, Stephanie Housley and Chris Lacinak, organized an incredibly well-curated pop-up that was designed to give visitors and shoppers a full lifestyle vision of what their products (and products from some of their favorite designers) are about. From the moment you walk in the space, it’s clear what that vision is: colorful, whimsical and full of texture and playfulness. From the embroidered birds flying overhead to the patterned rugs underfoot, the space is a feast for the eyes. What I love most is the way Coral & Tusk brought together artists that know how to work with color and pattern in a way that’s understated but fun. Nic Newcomb‘s ceramic plates (above) add a fun patterned pop to any table, Beth Salvini‘s paper mache food is a hilariously fun spin on table decor and accessories from Peg & Awl, Amelie Mancini and Fredericks & Mae celebrate simple but high-quality ingredients with well-chosen decorative details.

The shop showcases over 25 independent artists representing some of the best in the design scene right now, ranging from stationery and textiles to furniture, jewelry and ceramics. In addition to the shopping offered, Coral & Tusk’s shop will offer classes, too: floral arrangements by Rose from The Great Lakes Goods (with a limited edition vase collection by Small Spells) on the 10th and 11th and an In God we Trust trunk show on the 10th, from noon-6, including complimentary on-site custom engraving. If you’re in the Brooklyn area between now and May 31st, this is one pop-up not to miss. Click here to check out the full list of artists being featured and to get more information on hours and location to plan a visit. Thanks so much to Stephanie and Nic for visiting with us yesterday! xo, grace

All photos by Kate Lacey. Photo above, wall hanging by MQuan.

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Plates and trays by Coral & TuskBig Fun Store.

Pouches and bags by Peg & Awl

Cactus pouches by Amelie Mancini, ceramics by dbO Home

Hanging bells by M Quan

The window display at Coral & Tusk‘s pop-up shop in Williamsburg.

Embroidered birds by Coral & Tusk

Furniture by Coral & Tusk

Furniture by Coral & Tusk

Embroidered patches by Coral & Tusk, Jewelry from Catbird and arrows by Fredericks & Mae

Artwork and upholstery from Coral & Tusk

Tassles by Fredericks & Mae

Perfume by DS and Durga

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