Best of the Web 5/2


I know that I’m not alone in saying that this past winter was probably one of the most horrendous, soul-crushing, suffocatingly oppressive in recent memory. But guess what, you guys! I think we’re through it! It’s finally May and it finally looks that way, too. If the #DSLooking Instagram feed is any indication, spring has most certainly sprung! The above photo of sun-drenched hydrangea (it’s about time!) comes courtesy of reader Catherine Goron. Check out the #DSLooking feed for more spring-spiration. Bring on the May flowers! Have a wonderful weekend, everybody! —Max



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I’m surprised to see a link to Oh Happy Day here, in light of Jordan Ferney’s donation in support of Prop 8 (source 1, source 2). While I understand the two sites have a long relationship, continuing to endorse her site seems so contrary to Design*Sponge’s ethos.


Ah yes! Back this week, now to occupy my weekend :)

Grace Bonney


I don’t see the world as a black and white place. Yes, that decision to support Prop 8 was not something I would support. But Jordan has been a huge support to a number of my friends in the LGBT community since, and I personally feel her actions since then show a change. I rarely write people off for one decision, even if it’s one I don’t agree with. I think some of the people who were called out for those choices (supporting Prop 8) online have learned a lot and heard from a lot of people one-on-one since then, leading to a change of heart for some. I always welcome anyone with an open heart and mind in my life and I feel that Jordan’s relationships with people I know reflect that.



Grace, thanks for your thoughtful response! I’m grateful for this explanation and glad to find out that Jordan’s supported the LGBT community in other ways.