Best of Spring Bike Accessories

I don’t really believe that it’s spring until my bike, with newly pumped tires, makes the trip from its permanent spot in my apartment out to the street. We decided to celebrate that moment with a roundup of our favorite bike accessories. When doing the research for this post, I couldn’t believe how much the bike accessories market has exploded – there’s something for everyone from helmets that look more like hats to heart-shaped reflectors. But my favorite? I just rediscovered that someone still makes the spoke beads that I had when I was a kid. Forget spring – to me, that’s the sound of summer. -Amy

Image above: 1. SüLi Bicycle Seat Cover Black & White Check $23 | 2. handlebar mounted cup holder $14 | 3. Fuuvi Charly Spoke Reflector $7 | 4. gingham striker bell $16 | 5. fuuvi charly bike mirror $28 | 6. hand painted bike bell $14


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Image above: 1. bobbin gold helmet $65 | 2. oval basket $59 | 3. Nite Ize See ‘Em Mini Spoke Bike Lights $8 | 4. lemon valve caps €13.12 | 5. wrapping bell silver $20 | 6. Fixie Upper Bike Tool Kit $24.99 | 7. FrillRide Bicycle Skirt Guard in Polka Dot $36 | 8. bike airplane $6



Image above: 1. Yakkay Helmet – Tokyo Rose $60 | 2. unlock key bright pink $14.99 | 3. Fuuvi Charly Kotori Bicycle Lock $30 | 4. Charly Diamond Ring Bicycle Tail Light $26 | 5. Bike Spoke Beads $7.60 | 6. strobelight $10 | 7. BOOKMAN Lights Seafoam $29 | 8. bike flag $35 | 9. beehive bell $7.10


Thank you for this cool and adorable collection of bike accessories. There is more than one item on this list I am definitely going to buy.


Hi DS! Just thought I’d let you know that you’re “Read More” links aren’t working in Firefox


Those locks are cute aesthetically but if you want to keep your bike safe please don’t rely on them to stop thieves!

Rebecca M

These are so cute. I just rescued a bike in need of some TLC and a few new accessories, too!

Grace Bonney

hi brooke!

they’re working for me– what version of firefox are you using? i’ll see if i can troubleshoot.

g :)


Hi Grace :) I’m using version 29.0.1 which seems to be up to date. All I see I FF is a blank portion where your Read More link would be. I noticed it started happening yesterday and I didn’t get a chance to mention it then.


Grace – All the links are working now! So whatever you changed fixed it. Have a great weekend!


Super cute bike things! Unfortunately where I live, pretty bells and lights like that would be stolen in a heartbeat, unless I were to take them with me every time I park my bike in a public area. Darn bad apples.