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A little rustic, a little romantic with a lot of Southern charm

by Amy Azzarito

Vania Morris’ home is a mix of her native Southern Italian roots paired with a touch of rustic Alabama charm. She particularly loves pieces and colors that remind her of her childhood in Sorrento, Italy. The more worn and tattered something is, the more she likes it. Vania owns her own photography company, Simply Bloom Photography, and her work has taken her around the world – she’s shot weddings as far away as Hong Kong. While traveling, she usually manages to squeeze in some shopping time and has returned to her Huntsville, Alabama home with curtain panels, maps and even a kitchen table. But when she’s not behind the camera capturing weddings, you can usually find her in the kitchen updating recipes from her Italian mother and creating her own family memories for her husband, Brian, and their 18-month-old son. Thanks, Vania! –Amy

Photography: Simply Bloom Photography

Image above: Our kitchen table was an antique store find from Nashville, TN. My mother and I repainted the top of the table for that crackling effect in a light shade of cream. The chairs were collected from different antique shops over a period of several months.

Image above: For our dining room we wanted something slick, elegant, but still with a shabby chic tone. That is why we paired the clean glass table with soft, fabric-covered chairs. The seasonal décor at the center of the table varies from holiday to holiday. In this photo, our hand-painted eggs hang from pear tree branches.


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Image above: The cart table is perhaps my favorite piece in the house – it embodies what I love in shabby chic furniture: old materials, a story and a repurposed use.

Image above: The vintage plates on our coffee table are wedding favors from a good friend’s wedding that took place in Tuscany – they are reminders of our friendship and bring joy to my heart. Large pillar candles sit on old table legs I purchased on a trip to Austin, TX (at Uncommon Objects) and transformed them into candle holders.

Image above: The hutch was purchased at an antique shop in Nashville, TN and each cream or white colored object that sits inside was a find from one of our trips around the world: the plate is from Rome, the bust is from Colorado, the teacups are from my husband’s grandmother’s collection and the maritime hanging ornament is from Hawaii. All these objects have a story of their own and remind us of where we’ve been.

Image above: The large world map we acquired on a trip to Seattle – it was love at first sight with this map because of its grand size and neutral shades.

Image above: A pin is stuck in each place we’ve traveled to. The map is a huge conversational piece whenever anyone visits our home.

Image above: The standing globe was passed down to us from my husband’s grandmother. It is so meaningful and special to us.

Image above: The lavender wreath brings such happiness to me every time I pass it by, it reminds me of southern France and the scent is just entrancing.

Image above: Cotton bundles make many appearances in our home – they remind me of the beauty and charm of the South, where we live.

Image above: We acquired this scalloped curtain in Paris and the shop owners told us that it actually comes from Provence. I am simply in love with it.

Image above: This mirror ties the whole dining room together. It has an oval shape just like the glass dining room table, but it is vintage, which sets the tone for the room.

Image above: Our bonus room is perhaps the most colorful room of the house, with shades of canary and turquoise. The Moroccan pouf is such a quirky touch paired with bird accents and curtains from Anthropologie.


Image above: Our headboard is one of our newest purchases (from Home Decornation). It was very hard to find something in king size but still with the French/vintage feel that I love so much. I am in love with the neutral fabric and ornate shape of it.

Image above: This little display of photos is so dear to my heart: they are images I took around the world, and they simply happen to look as if they belong together. They show best the way in which I view the world. Images were taken in Mexico, Italy and New York.

Image above: My baby’s nursery, as most nurseries are, was a true labor of love. When planning the design of it, I knew I had to create a room with rustic and vintage touches that was still playful and whimsical. My mother created all the textiles in the nursery: pillows, curtains, bedding, the quilt etc. She is sensational and made all my visions come to life flawlessly.  My husband built the raw wooden shelves and other wooden accents.

Image above: The dresser is an antique purchased in Nashville, TN. The wallpaper is from St. Jude’s – it was an investment but it was worth every penny! I feel it is a versatile wallpaper and that it can grow with the room as it transforms into a toddler’s room.

Image above: The mobile is something I constructed after I purchased the knit little lambs on Etsy.

Image above: Rocker by Pottery Barn Kids

Image above: The ribbon display was made by my best friend for my baby shower. As soon as I saw it at the party, I knew I would incorporate it into my baby’s room. It is such a meaningful and beautifully designed backdrop.

 Image above: I carved Peter Pan and the words “once upon a time” out of the pages of a vintage book to add a bold, whimsical touch on the shelves.

Image above: We used bunny knobs from Anthropologie as curtain drawbacks for something a little different and playful. My son absolutely loves these!

Image above: I used and stamped oversized clothing pins to separate my baby’s clothes by age – a simple and effective DIY!

Image above: My son’s playroom is perhaps the only modern-themed room in our house – with very bold colors, shapes and patterns. All colors are fair game in this room. As always, all the items have a special meaning or were acquired on a trip somewhere. The wooden boat actually used to be a bookshelf.

Image above: This simple bookshelf is filled with loads of very meaningful, modern and vintage toys, books and décor. The knit horse was made for my son by a dear friend of mine from Ireland (Little Fox Quilt Shop). The red metal rocking horse is from an antique shop in Birmingham, AL. The artisan ladybug carillon I purchased in Sorrento Italy, where I grew up as a child. The “la vie est belle” mirror we purchased in Paris before even knowing we were pregnant. The elephant, zebra, reindeer and alligator toys are magnificent animals that spell out my son’s name, “EZRA.”

Image above: The patchwork owl as well as few of the other knit and quirky toys, I purchased at ABC carpet in NYC. The zebra on a stick is a maracas we acquired on our latest trip to Mexico; and finally the bubble gums in a mason jar were a favor from a friend’s baby shower.

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  • Absolutely lovely home, and nice to see someone from my hometown! I tried to book her to shoot my wedding this fall, but couldn’t afford her. Her photography is amazing!

  • i would really like to see some zoomed out shots. it’s difficult to get a sense of the space, which, from what i can gather, is very beautiful.

  • There is so much attention to detail, it is very impressive. The cotton is wonderful!!!!
    I love the white candles in all sizes and shapes. The little rocking sheep! Sooo cute and the bookshelves with the pink baskets and toys, each piece meaningful. a delightful look into a lovely home.

  • I usually don’t care for shabby chic look if it’s not well done–and this is well done! Lovely home.

  • You call this rustic, but I see it as classy and artistic. Very lovely, indeed! The decor would look nicely on the old homes here in South Carolina, even or better yet at the beachfront properties at Wild Dunes. I would love to see those beautiful wooden pieces in one of the homes around here. It would simply complement the area perfectly. There is just something about the sun, sea, sand, stone, and wood, that make them go together charmingly. Great work!

  • What a picture perfect home, down to the very last detail. I love the light, white rooms with beautifully detailed and character filled furniture and hints of pastel/delicate colour. The stunning dresser in subtle shades really highlights the detail in the wall paper. The beds headboard is gorgeous – such a feature. I love the French and Italian style furniture that really adds charm and the unique recycled pieces – the cart table is fantastic.

  • Can you let me know what type of paint and color is used on the nursery dresser? So beautiful!