A Genius Take On The Oversized Calendar + Weekly Wrap-Up



Top photo photographed by Chelsea McNamara and styled by Randi Brookman Harris.

Every time December rolls around, I begin the frantic process of hunting down one of Massimo Vignelli’s iconic Stendig Calendars before they’re sold out. My love for this calendar is twofold—for starters, you simply cannot beat its simple, striking design and celebration of modern typography. Secondly, once each oversized month panel is finished, you can roll it up and stow it away to save as gift wrap! It’s beautiful and multifunctional! Although my Stendig-obsession runs deep, I did encounter one fabulous calendar at the National Stationery Show this year that might force me to shift my allegiance—Linda & Harriett’s 2015 Gift Wrap Calendar. With a size and color palette that is reminiscent of the Stendig, Linda & Harriett’s design is much more explicit in its dual-purpose abilities. Each month features a stunning monochrome pattern that, once retired, can function as a lovely gift wrap that will definitely be making it into the scrapbooks. It may not even be summer yet, but 2015’s looking pretty great! —Max


Our favorite links and articles from this week:

  • Sandra Bullock’s surprise commencement speech is, no surprise, amazing.
  • We love this discussion of the increasing popularity of women’s conferences.
  • Wallpaper’s peek at the Memphis Revival that’s happening in the design world right now is pretty on point.
  • Annalisa Hartlaub’s photo essay on the last century’s culture and counterculture is as fascinating as it is awesome(via Kottke)
  • We’ve been thinking a lot about the sustainability of fashion consumption recently, a topic that the film The Next Black touches upon.
  • The New Yorker ponders the question everybody seems to be asking: Why Are We So Busy?
  • We can’t wait for this documentary about the legendary and incomparable film critic Roger Ebert.
  • This treehouse/airplane cabin hotel room is perfect for travelers tired of the same old, same old (oh, and fans of Lost).
  • Anna Kendrick and Lena Dunham are starring in a movie together? We know where we’ll be on June 26!


Below is a summary of this week’s highlights:

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