A Day In The Life

A Day In The Life of Ruthie Lindsey

by Grace Bonney

I first discovered interior designer, stylist and creative director Ruthie Lindsey through her beautiful Instagram feed. I love her upbeat attitude combined with her wonderful old-meets-new aesthetic. When she’s not designing beautiful interiors, Ruthie collects vintage jewelry she often re-sells in stores like Catbird and she’s also in demand as a stylist for photo and video shoots (Taylor Swift shot her album cover in Ruthie’s home!). There’s always been a little part of me that’s wanted to live in Nashville for a while, so catching a glimpse inside Ruthie’s beautiful flower and friend-filled day makes the idea even more tempting. Thanks so much to Ruthie for letting us peek inside her day! xo, grace

Photographs by Sionnie LaFollette

My day usually starts pretty early, I don’t sleep a ton so i usually go to bed pretty late and wake up pretty early, this morning I was up around 7:30. I love not being rushed and having time to read a little bit and make a to do list for the day!

I got to do a really fun collaboration with my friend Chelsey of Type A Press with designs by my buddy Christian Watosn of 1924us. Chelsea is the amazing lady behind Kinfolk’s beautiful letterpress work. We made encouragement postcards with some of my favorite sayings. Letter writing is one of my favorite things, I adore sending and receiving letters so I’m so thrilled to get to have these super fun cards to send folks! you can order the cards here, I’m mailing some off right now to my precious friend-kindred spirit Katie Ann Denis.

My favorite place to work and have meetings is Barista Parlor. It’s only a half mile from my house, I adore all the folks that work here, the vibe is amazing and the food, oh my gahhh! I don’t drink coffee or tea but I LOVE the food! The sausage biscuits and the macaroons are both to die for! If I’m hard pressed to get a lot of work done I cant really work here because all of my friends also frequent this awesome place so it can easily become social hour! I had a fun meeting with my dear friend who happens to be one of the most talented and inspiring film makers and photographers i know, Cale Glendening. He also is one of my favorite people to ride motorcycles with.

Lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant ever, Mas Tacos with my dear friend Molly Parden. Their tacos, elote and tortilla soup is to die for, I eat here as many times a week as possible. I love the owner and all the people that work here. For Valentine’s Day my best girl Sionnie and I went to all of our favorite places and brought mustache tattoo valentines, candy and a jam box filled with some of our favorite songs to dance to. We wanted to spread the love to our favorite places so we of course had to stop by mas tacos and do a little dance for them. we busted into the kitchen and danced with the staff to Jason Derulo’s Talk Dirty To Me. It was a mighty fun time! we also gave all the guests eating in quite the little show :)

I am in the middle of a project decorating Donald Miller‘s new office in Nashville and finishing up my dear friend Mikky Ekko‘s new loft so im always on the lookout for really cool old pieces at antique malls, flea markets, Craigslist and garage sales to add character and pieces with history and a story. This is one of my favorite antique malls in town to find treasures in, the Downtown Antique Mall. Spending the rest of the afternoon shopping around Nashville is always fun!

I absolutely adore my neighborhood East Nashville, I have lived over here for almost 10 years. There are many days that i don’t have to get in my car because all of my favorite places and people are within walking distance. Ellie my pup LOVES going on walks around the neighborhood.

Spring time is my all time favorite time of year because everything around me feels like its coming to life after a long winter. I LOVE picking flowers to have around my house and to give away. In the past year I’ve also started arranging them for events which is just so fun for me! I keep cash and clippers in my car all spring and summer long for when i see gorgeous flowers in folks yard, I can knock on their door and offer to pay to cut a few stems. No one EVER lets me pay but I always always offer. Fresh flowers in my home bring me such joy! I also enjoy collecting small vintage vases because I love giving them to friends with fresh flowers as often as possible. I think being a delivery girl for a florist would be such fun- you get to make people SO happy!

Another favorite past time in the springtime is having sunset picnics with my friends. Sunsets plus picnics- only two of the best things ever! We have a beautiful walking bridge in my neighborhood that connects east Nashville to downtown. My girlfriends and I love to go watch the sunset over downtown Nashville here. This night we packed sandwiches in my little thrifted picnic carrier! Such a fun night listening to music, eating drinking and chatting with some of my favorite girls. We also happened to have a mighty gorgeous sunset on this night.

Every Monday night our local east Nashville bar The 5 Spot has Motown Monday. they play incredible old soul and funk and the entire place becomes a room filled to the brim with incredibly sweaty dancing folks! It’s SO fun! My friends and I all love to dance, so Monday nights are always a great excuse to get our dance on!

Time to call it a night, I always have to bathe after Motown Mondays because I become a hot sweaty mess! I usually find myself doing a good bit of work before I go to sleep, I return a lot of emails, do online shopping for clients, etc. I love scratching off my to do list. I’ll write the most obvious things like, sleepy time just because it feels so good to scratch it off! My sweet Ellie girl is always right there beside me in bed and gets so excited when I finally get home after a long day away from her!

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