14 Florists to Follow on Instagram

by Grace Bonney

I am a shameless lover of flower photos. I have to stop myself from constantly uploading and re-gramming photos of giant peonies, fresh bouquets of ranunculus and just about every spring branch that’s blooming in New York right now. After a fairly brutal winter, I feel the need to document each moment as if to declare to myself and the rest of the world, “See! Spring! We finally made it!”

Thankfully there are plenty of people whose jobs involve sharing beautiful floral work online, because they are actual florists, not wish-they-were-florists, like me. Aside from new homes to feature, I’ve found Instagram the most helpful in discovering new florists across the globe. From Ruby Barber of Mary Lennox in Germany to Euphoric Flowers in the UK, my favorite floral feeds are not only a wealth of flower inspiration, but perfect for coming up with color palette, entertaining and pattern ideas. I’ve found some of my favorite paint ideas from floral photos and come up with great concepts for making arrangements at home. So whether you’re looking to get practical advice and tips or just want to sift through hours of pretty garden roses, these are the feeds for you. Thanks so much to all of these Instagrammers for inspiring us online. xo, grace

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Design*Sponge's Favorite Florists on Instagram: instagram.com/JoFlowers

Design*Sponge’s Favorite Florists on Instagram: instagram.com/JoFlowers

Jo Flowers: I love this feed for all of its romantic, moody and cascading arrangements. Jo is based in England and often posts photos from her own backyard that are just as impressive as any arrangement.

Design*Sponge's Favorite Florists on Instagram: instagram.com/emersonmerrick
Amy Merrick: Although I’m clearly biased (Amy worked with us at Design*Sponge for close to five years), Amy Merrick is probably my favorite florist to follow. Not only does she know her way around a dramatic arrangement, but she travels to some of the most beautiful places and installs not just flowers, but trees, centerpieces and other plants that give me such great ideas for my own home. Amy has a beautiful way with photography, too, so she’s definitely one to follow.

Design*Sponge's Favorite Florists on Instagram: instagram.com/Saipua
Saipua: I feel strongly that Sarah Ryhanen’s floral business is responsible for an entire generation of new florists we see working in a more organic style now. Working in the tradition of florists like Constance Spry and the Madderlakes, Sarah lit the fire for so many people who’ve gone on to open their own businesses. I love Sarah’s feed not just for its flowers, but for its peek inside the daily life of Sarah and Eric, who bought and now operate a farm in upstate New York that is home to some beautiful animals and fresh flowers.

Design*Sponge's Favorite Florists on Instagram: instagram.com/ruby_marylennox
Mary Lennox (Ruby Barber): I discovered Mary Lennox through Sarah at Saipua and have loved watching her work evolve online. The vibrant pinks and yellows in her feed always leave me wanting more and make me want to spend more time photographing the delicate underside of petals.

Design*Sponge's Favorite Florists on Instagram: instagram.com/studiochoo
Studio Choo: The incredibly talented, West Coast-based Studio Choo team are also former D*S team members and they’ve gone on to do such amazing things. From watching their book come together to getting glimpses of their flower buying trips, the Studio Choo feed is one of my favorite places to look for finished arrangement and centerpiece ideas.

Design*Sponge's Favorite Florists on Instagram: instagram.com/euphoricflowers
Euphoric Flowers: I’ve noticed that floral designers in the UK seem to have a distinct aesthetic of their own, very different from the looseness we see a lot of in the US right now. But there’s a place for every look and a beauty in every style, and this feed is no exception. I love the lush archways Euphoric Flowers posts – they make me wish I suddenly lived in a castle with roses growing up every wall.

Design*Sponge's Favorite Florists on Instagram: instagram.com/tulipinadesign
Tulipina Design: Kiana Underwood’s feed (and business) is based in San Francisco and her photos ooze that sort of upbeat, sunny, super-colorful California charm.

Design*Sponge's Favorite Florists on Instagram: instagram.com/lizzymcginn
Lizzy McGinn: Lizzy collaborates with Cathy Haebe of kneadtomake and I love seeing the way she combines lush florals with baked goods. How could that ever go wrong?

Design*Sponge's Favorite Florists on Instagram: instagram.com/fairynuffflowers
Fairynuffflowers: Another UK feed – this is one of my go-to stops for GIANT close-ups of flowers. If you love a close-up shot of a peony as much as I do (they’re full of so many petals!), this is one to check out.

Design*Sponge's Favorite Florists on Instagram: instagram.com/victoryblooms
Victory Blooms: This Marietta, Georgia-based floral studio is run by Megan Dunlap. She’s regularly featured on some of the top wedding blogs and what I love most is that she posts some pretty stunning flowers that aren’t too wedding-centric. She’s shared some truly elegant photos of wisteria, dogwood and vines that feel wonderfully moody and romantic.

Design*Sponge's Favorite Florists on Instagram: instagram.com/floradelphia
Floradelphia: Dan Fingerhut’s feed is upbeat, fun and full of colorful arrangements. He plays around with some fun and inventive vases and vessels and it’s always a blast to see what he’s up to.

Design*Sponge's Favorite Florists on Instagram: instagram.com/pretty_streets
Pretty Streets: I discovered Kristen of Pretty Streets through the delivery grocery service Good Eggs. She posts several flower shots a day that are simple and slightly wistful. I never mind that when it comes to beautiful, drapey arrangements, they make me long for days spent inside with buckets of flowers to arrange.

Design*Sponge's Favorite Florists on Instagram: instagram.com/mooncanyon
Moon Canyon: Kristen Cassie’s feed focuses on plants and gardens along with flowers. I love her floral headdresses, ombre-themed arrangements and the way she focuses on vines and flowering plants as much as cut flowers.

Design*Sponge's Favorite Florists on Instagram: instagram.com/nicacamille
Nicolette Camille: My love for Nicolette Camille’s flower arrangements has been well documented. She is the queen of a romantic bouquet. I love the way she captures interiors, too. Her feed is a great guide to romantic spaces for weddings and special events.

Design*Sponge's Favorite Florists on Instagram: instagram.com/flowersofvisalia
*Honorable Mention: Flowers of Visalia: This feed isn’t a floral shop, but is dedicated to GORGEOUS flower photos taken in Visalia, California and neighboring Central California cities. I am constantly liking every picture in this feed and re-gramming them to sing their praises.

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