West Elm $500 Giveaway

This month’s DS BIG 10 Giveaway is coming courtesy of a brand that has been a big part of Design*Sponge’s history: west elm. Not only were they our co-sponsor for the DS book tour, but they provided such genuine and uplifting support during that nearly 30 city tour that kept Amy and I going when 4am wake-up calls started to wear on us. As a brand, west elm has been influential in supporting and celebrating the indie community, frequently partnering with Etsy to showcase handmade work and doing guest collections with some of our favorite design schools and their students. It’s rare to find a company that is excited and truly interested in helping the community that surrounds it, so we feel incredibly lucky to have west elm based in our own home town of Brooklyn. Today they are generously giving away a $500 gift card to one lucky DS reader. All you need to do is answer the question below in the comment section. At the end of the month, west elm will pick their favorite answer and send them a card for a serious shopping spree. Thank you so much to west elm for their support over the past years and for this generous donation to the DS BIG 10 giveaway year. xo, grace

To enter the competition all you have to do is answer this question from West Elm team in the comment section below: What is the one thing West Elm doesn’t sell but you wish they did?

UPDATE: Congrats to our winner, Erica Warren!

Click through for an interview with West Elm’s Creative Director, Vanessa Holden after the jump!

VH Portrait HR
What inspired you to work at West Elm and what inspires the pieces you create there, as a team?

I truly believe that everyone has an inner decorator just waiting to get out. But decorating has mostly been about an ‘expert’ projecting their aesthetic point of view on us. There really is no right and wrong way to decorate. Sure, there are lessons we can all learn about mixing color, texture, materials, about space planning, lighting, and meeting functional needs in your home. But our homes are our stories. They are the most personal spaces in the world. And most people just need a little bit of confidence, reassurance and help. It’s pretty fun to help people discover their personal style – to tell someone ‘your taste is you and that’s amazing, own it!’

On a daily basis I’m inspired by the people around me (I call our office the smarty party), and by our customers. We’re creating products and inspiration for their homes – that’s pretty meaningful! We just started showcasing customer Instagram photos with the hashtag #mywestelm on our website. It’s so fun to see how their homes look and how they are using our products – sometimes in ways we never expected.

What is the hardest part of your work and/or business?

Focusing and narrowing down choices. There are so many products we could create, events we could host, collaborators we could work with. Everyone quotes Steve Jobs, but I do really love his quote about focus: “People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good things that there are.

What are you proudest of as a business/brand so far?

We’ve had a lot of awesome days at west elm and shared in a lot of success, but I have to say one of my proudest days at work was the day we decided – very quickly – to stop selling products from a vendor who was obviously knocking off the work of independent artists. We did not expect the positive response that we got from the community. It reinforced a lot of our hard work and made us all pause and realize that our customers really appreciate what we stand for. It was a very cool day for all of us.

What are your next big goals or projects at west elm coming up?

You wrote a really interesting piece recently about changes in the blog world. The same is true for the retail world. The way people are shopping has completely changed in the past few years – in ways it hadn’t changed in the last 20 or even 50 years before that. With that in mind, we’re super focused right now on creating a seamless cross-channel experience for our customers – helping them gather information and inspiration, and shop whenever and wherever they want. We’re also working on ways to personalize the shopping experience online and surface content and products that are relevant to a customer’s specific needs. And we’re still completely focused on building community around our stores. Our stores are our home and we love throwing parties and events, hosting classes and workshops, and using our spaces to introducing our customers to artists, makers, creators and ideas we love.



Abra Burke

I wish West Elm sold more stuff for children, like a little toy section. It would be so much easier to go into the store and shop if I could promise a toy or have something for him to look at too!

AR Fonville

I’d love to see slipcovers for the upholstered dining room chairs! I have a pair that need a little updating to go with the arc base table.


It’d be great if West Elm carried more pet supplies, like attractive dog beds, bowls, and pet food containers. Its so hard to find well designed stuff for pets beyond boutique online shops that sell out or disappear quickly.

Carrie Eastman

I LOVE all your products and really don’t think you should add anything else to sell. I do wish it was cheaper!

life blessons

I would love to see them sell more outdoor furniture and gardening things. Now that there’s nice weather, I’m all about vamping up my yard!


This isn’t super specific, but products especially for small spaces/compact living!


I would love to see more of the gorgeous basics that West Elm Market has started making, a gorgeous broom, a gorgeous tash can. Things we all need, made gorgeous!

Melissa Wilson

A hanging/murphy bed. My boyfriend made one since it was the most space-saving solution for our room. Everyone I know wishes they had one. I think West Elm would make a lovely variation.


I wish there were more custom options available, like upholstery for some of the beds and even smaller items. I’m also looking for better semi-custom shelving. I just can’t quite make what I’ve found online work for our space.


I wish West Elm sold pet products: there is a limited market for design savvy dog beds, cat furniture and the like thats not completely hideous and covered in carpet! I’d love to see some Modern but affordable solutions for pet home decor.


What do they not carry?! I would like to see more lighting… but seriously, they have everything.


Child friendly textiles and furniture. I love love love West Elm, but since having kids, all of my West Elm textiles/decor items have been destroyed or packed up. Since this is not cheap stuff, I can’t bring myself to replace the destroyed items with something that is dry clean only. It is simply not practical.


I wish West Elm would sell kid/baby furnishings. I think their simple, clean aesthetic would translate so well to that kind of stuff!


I wish West Elm would sell a curated selection of vintage products – accessories, vintage stock wallpaper, textiles and furniture.

Lauren M.

I think West Elm does a great job of carrying a large variety of home products. If anything, I’d love to see more vintage and travel finds – one of a kind pieces like you sometimes feature in your “Found” collections, but more frequently available and replenished.


They’ve pretty much got it all, but as a new mom I would say nursery/kid furniture.


I would love to see WE picks for furniture care products. Oils, rags, dusters, washes, the works! To have quality products from a store you trust is so key. It would make maintenance so much easier!


I looove West Elm (and I’m moving into a new apartment…I need this!)

I wish they sold peel-and-stick/removable wallpaper/backsplash tiles. I’m a renter and am always looking for semi-permanent solutions that don’t look cheap.


I would love to see West Elm carry pajama bottoms – they could be in the bedding department.


Maybe some statement jewelry pieces that are reflective of the other products sold. Wood, iron, steel — some sort of modern jewelry from artists.


I wish West Elm had a larger line of outdoor decor – flooring, house numbers, lighting, mailboxes, etc. It’s so hard to find modern outdoor decor that is affordable.


that’s a tough one, W.E. has everything! I guess…outdoor/patio items?


What is the one thing West Elm doesn’t sell but you wish they did?
Pet’s accessories!! Like bowls, scratchers, collars, leashes, and other forniture such as that awsome cat window perch!! ^__^

Kate H

I wish West Elm sold baby furniture. I love their aesthetic and wish they had options for little ones (I’m expecting in October and am stumped on the nursery).


I honestly can’t think of anything. West Elm is great for bigger pieces, like the storage cabinet I just put up in our dining room, and for small accents that give spaces that extra oomf. I love shopping at west elm, I love seeing the new products they put out every season. I really respect their mission as a retail provider. I’m a big fan all around.


If West Elm sold dresses, they would clearly all be pleasant shades of grey and so soft and flattering, and every single one would have pockets.


There isn’t much that WE doesn’t sell…but maybe dog beds could be fun


What is the one thing West Elm doesn’t sell but I wish they did? Paint! I LOVE the color palettes West Elm comes out with and would jump at the chance to match some of the great shades & patterns with a fresh coat of paint on the walls or my furniture.


As an expectant mother, I wish West Elm sold stuff for the nursery – whether it be furniture or even just accessories, blankets, and so on. Love their style and would love to bring it into my little one’s room.

nancy brennand

Smeg refrigerators are the bomb!
Now please help us with more choices for our other major appliances in the future,West Elm style.


I would love if they mimicked Ikea and sold full kitchens, would be beautiful.


I wish they had better options for “apartment size” desks! They do make a small Parsons desk, but I would love it if they had a few options for small writing tables that could be tucked easily in a living room or bedroom.


More types of kitchen storage! Things to complement/replace cabinets in a studio space.


Sophisticated, modern toddler/kid’s bedding – it would be great to have an affordable alternative to Land of Nod!


I LOVE West Elm but wish they sold more small organization items (desktop or closet, etc.)


I would love to see what West Elm would do if they started to sell hardware for kitchen cabinets, bathrooms and DIY remodeling of old furniture. I’m dreaming of brass handles and crystal knobs!:) The possibilities are endless!!

Taylor B

I wish west elm would sell furniture meant for children because they would be gorgeous and last while they grow up.

Cara Narkun

I think it would be super great if West Elm curated some vintage/antique products and sold those. I love West Elm’s style, and I also love vintage items. If there was a way West Elm could find and sell items that match their general style but that were truly vintage, I would definitely be interested in purchasing.


I wish West Elm had more sheeting options. While organic cotton is lovely, it would be great if they were made from bamboo or modal. I love my modal sheets from Bed Bath & Beyond, but I’m noticed the quality has gone downhill over the years and they seem to be the only place that sells them. Target used to sell a cotton/modal blend but that wasn’t as soft and silky. It would also be fantastic if they came out with color ranges and styles similar to what’s being currently offered with their shower curtains. I love the color blocking and patterns.


I wish West Elm carried a line of “lifestyle” items – like handbags that had the feel of West Elm does with their housewares.


I love West Elm! It would be great if they sold fabric and wrapping paper. Unique wrapping paper is that extra touch to making a great gift, and interesting fabric isn’t as available except during a long haul (for me) to IKEA.

Katie Krynak

I LOVE West Elm! I do wish they carried furniture and decor for baby rooms though!


I’m loving succulents this season, so I was pleasantly surprised to see West Elm had them in store when I went by the other day. I would have said “carry succulents!!” but they are already on it!


a functional and beautiful line of furniture for new parents. I’m having a baby in a few months, live in Brooklyn, and all of the attractive baby furniture is hideous or cost a million dollars. If I could buy a West Elm designed crib or high chair, my world would change!

Vanessa Florez

Groceries so I can spend more time in the store!

Naomi Parker

I feel like West Elm has everything, I honestly don’t think it needs to sell anything more than it already does or else it risks trying to offer “too much.” It’s usually best to specialize rather than generalize. However, if you had to offer anything more, I’d say look at Muji’s business model for inspiration. They offer home and organizational products like you do, but they also have really unique clothing and fashion accessories like watches, button-downs, umbrellas, and jackets in the same aesthetic as the rest of their store. It’s a perfect curation of aesthetics. Anyway, I love West Elm as is! Don’t ever change! -Naomi


Ummm…I already drool over almost everything in the West Elm catalogs. What I don’t need another irresistible thing to tempt me into dipping into my savings ;)
Really, I’m stumped. They offer so much already, I can’ see any holes.


I would love it if West Elm offered a line of furniture and decor for nurseries and young kid’s rooms!

Lauren Black

Really beautiful and classic stationary. I love to have pretty notes as reminders or some nice paper so I can send a sentimental note to a friend. I’m sure if West Elm did stationary it would be gorgeous!

Rose Marshall

That’s kind of a tricky one because West Elm sells LOTS of different things! They could sell more entertaining products, like party decor, then it would be a one stop shop for tasteful party decor, gifts, and home decor!


First let me just say I love West Elm’ mid century line – the dressers and desks are gorgeous! I have an in home art studio – which houses a useful but clunky drafting table. Most of the other drafting tables I have found online are very utilitarian and uninspiring or extremely expensive. A sleek drafting with the West Elm look I think would be a great addition to the office collection. Good luck with your future ideas!


The only thing I’ve consistently wished West Elm carried is a tufted storage ottoman. Thanks for hosting such an exciting giveaway!


A proper range of stuff for pets! Nice pet food bowls and mats that aren’t bright green with pawprints on, stuff that coordinates with the rest of their ranges and aesthetics.

Karla Diaz

Clothing, that matches the same feel and attitude of the current West Elm brand


I wish West Elm produced baby and children’s furniture! I love West Elm lines, materials and design, so I would love for my future baby’s space to be as refined and functional as the rest of my (heavily) West Elm home. I can picture the mid-century cribs and high-chairs now :)


There are home items that West Elm doesn’t sell? Oh geez. Maybe plants or cute terrariums. Or maybe a little terrarium that also has adorable snail pets. Yup. That’s my answer.

Carrie Roy

Interesting tile for kitchens and baths especially, but for anywhere tile is used in general. The staging is always so beautiful, I feel like west Elm would nail tile.


Tiles. I’d bet they’d have the most amazing selection of bathroom and kitchen tiles if they decided to sell them.

Karla Diaz

Clothing that matches the feel and attitude of the current West Elm brand.


A beautifully designed Murphy bed! Or one that transforms into a 10 person dining table (I’ve been mentally designing this ever since I moved to Brooklyn)!


More stuff for pets! Chic dog & cat beds or things that will help you keep the pet clutter out of sight :)


Fair trade certified textiles, for sure. Love the aesthetic but there are so many textiles being made in sub-par conditions that we should support fair working wages/conditions if we can.


Beautifully designed retro trash can! I would love one for my kitchen.


I heart west elm! I only wish they had a kids bedroom/bath items.
Love this giveaway, fingers crossed.


I wish they sold more reclaimed wood products, especially when it comes to tables, side-tables and desks. I love that turquoise blue/brown reclaimed wood look, that mixes the modern with the beachy (and is also perfect for storage). But right now their only selection that seems specifically reclaimed is a pink reclaimed wood desk. I would love more options in that “eco friendly” category.


I wish west elm sold clothing. I love their textiles (rugs, bedding,etc) and would actually love to see that in clothing form! Kind of like how Muji sells clothing, but also housewares.


Hmm, is it possible to ask for something they sold out of? I was in love with their industrial milk glass pendant lamp… But more realistically, I’d like to see perhaps outdoor door mats, or one-color (ie, white!) sheer linen curtains.

Lisa Sobczynski

Fun Read! Definitely a West Elm fan. The one thing they don’t sell but i wish they did? Tile! It’s hard to find great tile when doing a renovation that isn’t crazy expensive. I’d love to see what a West Elm tile collection would look like. :)


I love having West Elm in my home. It reminds me of passion, and to be passionate. Each detail has a story, or something unique about it. In an ever expanding market of choice I still feel that emotional connection to each of my West Elm pieces, lamps, couch, plates, dresser, plant pots, magnets, etc. I wish West Elm launched a bohemian wonderland line that infused traditional *shabby chic decor with the west elm neutral/bohemian flair. A glowing mix of what I would define as perfection. Thanks for considering my answer! Cheers


oh gosh, west elm already has so much! i think one thing that i would like to see them sell is products oriented towards children–modern kid’s bedroom furniture, bedding, toys, etc.

Karen Hedberg

I would love to see a fresh flower stand inside the store.


I love West Elm bedding and furniture so much; I wish they made a dog bed in the same style!


West Elm is my go to for everything! I’ve been looking for the perfect brass tri-fold wall mirror for my powder room and that is what I wish West Elm had.


I wish West Elm sold record players/radios or some kind of music entertainment system.


Oh, that’s an easy question for me to answer because I’ve been dreaming about this for-like-ever! To my knowledge, they don’t sell a sleeper sofa with a full-size mattress that will fit in my very limited space of 70″. If they made the Henry sofa in a full size (right now they have twin and queen only) I’d snap one right up.


Removeable wallpaper for apartment dwellers would be awesome!


hardware! drawer pulls, handles, hangers, etc. sometimes it’s nice to add a touch of modern flair to already-owned pieces and west elm would be a good source for this!


I’ve been wishing lately that they would sell cribs! It’s so hard to find really attractive ones at a reasonable price, and I bet they’d do a great job designing them.


Hand wet-felted organic vessel containers to hold almost anything……made by me! They can be made in wide range of color and sizes to fit any decor using using organic and kindly sourced corriedale wool roving.


I wish West Elm sold a wooden closet system instead of wire


I would like West Elm to expand their pets section and offer dog beds and solutions. Brian Patrick Flynn had a great dog bed/bedside table combo on his instagram and it was hand made. I wanted it immediately but I’m not a carpenter. The idea still lingers in my head and would be the perfect piece of furniture for my bedroom and for my dog. Plus, I love the WE fabrics and would like to have a dog bed in my living room that went well with my other textiles and furniture.


I would love to see a stylish adjustable-height coffee table!

Katie Good

Well, I think you already carry a TON of awesome items. However, I would LOVE if you offered a more affordable selection of furniture (i.e. coffee tables in the $250 or less range).


I end up buying almost everything for my home from West Elm. Their style is just always exactly what I’m looking for. I don’t have any kids yet, but I’d LOVE it if they sold children/baby furniture and decor. My house would be complete…that’s of course when we do decide to have a couple little ones.


I would also like West Elm to sell wallpaper. They have such great textile patterns and I would love to use those patterns in other areas of my house.


One this that West Elm doesn’t sell (though they used to) but I wish they did is the Mobile Chandelier! I am in love with that light fixture, but didn’t have the means or the place to put it when they still sold them.

One thing they don’t sell, but i wish they did, are plate display racks. The ones that hold something like 5 plates one in front of the other, standing up. Its a simple thing, but I’ve looked everywhere for nice ones and have come up short.

Jessica Thiessen

West Elm sells almost everything! One thing I wish they would sell is modern and stylish baby/kids bedding and decor. The baby market is saturated with cartoon animals in blue and pink or “mommy’s angel” slogans. Yuck.

Tycen Klemer

I wish West Elm had some products that were designed to hide wall mounted TV’s

CC Chapman

I would love it if West Elm would develop a track shelving system.

So many people today, even if they own their homes, still want furniture that is removable. Track shelving provides a balance between the sleeker, streamlined look of built-ins and the portability of free-standing cases.

I just bought my first home and am torn between needing to unpack my media collection and not wanting to build a bunch of built-ins before I replace the floors. Wall-mounted track shelving would be a great solution, but so far I haven’t been satisfied with either the price or appearance of what I’ve found.

Rebecca Jones

What is the one thing West Elm doesn’t sell but you wish they did? Anything dog related! :)


I wish West Elm sold succulents to go in the terrariums – give me one stop shopping for those gorgeous glass boxes!


Gosh…they sell everything don’t they? I honestly can’t think of one thing. I can however think of a million things they do carry that I wish I could get! Ok, I’ll try…maybe, ceiling fans? That aren’t ugly?

Erica Warren

It’s totally out there, but I wish West Elm designed and sold cars. I love their aesthetic, and think they could do wonders making cars look modern, sleek, and connected to their surrounding, rather than big, heavy metallic squares rushing through the world.

Kim Hart

I wish West Elm sold coffee table books because they make great gifts! I love everything they have, especially their bedding and furniture.


Since West Elm pretty much already carries pretty much everything I can think of… hmmm… Maybe some childrens furniture?

Laura Wise-Blau

I would love it if West Elm sold wallpaper and paint.

melinda denney

I wish they started a nursery decor section. Nothing too cutesy…. In fact, it should be the exact same style, but with cribs and other nursery furniture.


Sputnik style mid-century chandeliers! I love the mid-century furniture collection but would love more options for lighting.


I wish I had the opportunity to buy fabric from West Elm. Many times I see a fabric pattern that I like but I want to use it in a different room for a different purpose. The textiles that west elm uses are great.


I need a kitchen pantry to replace a baker’s rack and it’s tough to find one!


The rugs that you sometimes see in their spreads, like the one in the Gold + Grey Living Room spread. Where can I find that?!

Mary Briccetti

I wish they would sell a media/home office combo credenza. I need one longish (48′ – 60″) with file drawers below and an open shelf for components, holes for wiring and suitable for large flat screen on top.

My husband works from home, likes to have tv on for news and sports. No existing console works for us. We could cobble it together with modular office furniture, but it LOOKS cobbled together.


Jewelry! I can only imagine the pieces west elm would curate for their store would be beautiful and graceful!


A greater selection of large-scale 100% cotton dhurries! — I believe West Elm carries a few styles, but the majority of the dhurries seem to have some element of (sadly, sometimes scratchy) wool to them.


I wish that West Elm sold more outdoor decor! We just bought a new house and are looking to furnish our patio, and we’re having a hard time finding things we like within our budget.


I have been desperately seeking an affordable window treatment option for my kitchen. Roller blinds? Panels? West Elm, please save me from bistro curtain hell!


I’d love to see some art done by local artists to each West Elm location! Art is such an amazing way to add life to a home and this is supporting local artists by having them be recognized by a reputable brand and give them an outlet to reach a wider community!


Nursery/kids bedding! I am pregnant and working on decorating a nursery right now and wish I could find gear like crib sheets and changing pad covers from West Elm.

Nicole F.

Not necessarily adding to their product list, but I wish West Elm’s website allowed for me to “style” a room online. What does the room look like with this couch, these curtains, and this rug all together. Almost a virtual look into what the room would like.


i wish west elm sold roman shades to match their drapes. and not blackout ones…


If only the Crosby two-piece chaise sectional came in leather! That sofa in black leather would be perfection.


They’re already doing better than most retailers in this area, but I wish West Elm had a larger selection of organic bedding and towels. Most of what’s on the market is plain… it’s hard to find something reasonably priced and stylish, and West Elm is one of the few stores that accomplishes both.


I wish they sold more pet accessories (bowls and such).


I wish West Elm sold a small section of curated vintage items – new “old” stock wallpaper, furniture, textiles, accessories. Maybe only in store?


More products for small living spaces.

These kinds if products are very hard to find. I love when I find beautifully designed objects that are compact or have more than one use.


I think it would be great if West Elm started offering products to complete a true kitchen renovation. I’m thinking sleek modern cabinetry, countertops, and maybe even large appliances. Give Ikea some real competition!


Flooring and paint to compliment the west elm esthetic. I’d also love to see a Murphy bed.


This is a hard one to answer since I already covet the entire West Elm catalog! There’s not one “thing” that I wish they sold, but I do wish West Elm took more risks with fabric choices. There are so many couch styles that I love (and honestly can’t choose between,) but none have the bold color and pattern choices I’d really enjoy – ones that would set the furniture apart from all others.

Often you get either traditional furniture styles with traditional fabrics, or bold fabrics with equally-bold (and sometimes over-designed) furniture. To pair quality furniture and timeless design with bold color choices and unique patterns would set West Elm apart … and of course make it much easier for me to get the vibrant green sofa I’ve been looking for!


I would love an outdoor entertaining cooler from West Elm, something pretty that would double as a table, and not look so cooler-y!

Elle Campbell

West Elm already sells everything I could ever want to purchase for my home. Except an entire home… fully decorated in West Elm perfection. I would like to buy that home please.


Pie! OK, honestly children’s furniture. Would love to see a collection from them in the future.

Stacie J

I definitely think West Elm should offer their own affordable wallpaper line! It would be amazing!


I think West Elm should partner with someone like Spoonflower to create custom designed fabrics, wallpapers, and wrap. Spoonflower offers awesome design options, and creative shoppers could easily create their own designs (or re-color or reconfigure existing designs) and West Elm could market them and offer in-store DIY options.


I would love if they sold sink vanities. I am having an impossible time finding a simple, stylish, affordable vanity.


I wish West Elm sold stationary to go with the lovely furniture and chairs.


I love West Elm and love how all its products and designs fit into my home perfectly. I would love for West Elm to expand its pet line – pet beds, dishes, collars, leashes. My pups are an important part of my home and they deserve to enjoy good design, too! :)


More products for small living spaces.

I live in a small NYC apartment. I love when I find things that are not only beautifully and thoughtfully designed but are also compact or multi-taskers.


I wish they sold kids furniture! I know WE would have an awesome option for crib-big kids beds! I don’t even have kids but I know in the future I will wish WE sold Children’s furniture.


I love the clean, modern lines West Elm has perfected in all their furniture. We just moved into a tiny, 1930s house with limited entryway closet storage and have been looking everywhere for a coat rack to solve that problem when we have guests. I am sure if West Elm made one, it would be just what we are looking for!

Lucy James

It has been said before, but I would love some simple stylish children’s furniture and storage solutions, it is hard to find well priced, high quality designs for children’s rooms. For their main line I think designer collaborations could be fun.

Laura Brown

I wish West Elm sold houseplants. They always incorporate plants so well in their catalog and website photographs. It would be great to be able to pick those up as well when refreshing a room.

Mia Hill

I wish they would design a line of outdoor solar lighting. It is such a necessity when enjoying your outdoor space. Daytime can get to hot, so the majority of my time spent on my outdoor furniture is in the evenings. String lights are great but many of us do not have outdoor outlets, and running those extension chords is such a eyesore. I have seen some great options for outdoor chandeliers on Etsy but West Elm would make them look so much more refined. Hope they take me up on this… would be purchasing some ASAP


I love the table linens that WE does sell, but I want tablecloths!!!


Easy – children’s furniture. Please. Please. Please. Most furniture and children’s accessories aren’t created with design in mind, and just because I choose to have kids does not mean I want to sacrifice my sense of style. Make my dream come true!


Roller skates! Wouldn’t that be fun?! Or a way to buy just the whole page with a few clicks of the mouse. That would be dangerous but make my life easier.


More chair cushions, larger ready-made frames and chic disposable party supplies (paper cups, plates, banners. Similar to the Oh Joy collection from target or Martha Stewarts, but West Elm style.)

Mary McDaniel

I was recently looking for a cool fire bowl/pit for our backyard. I was hoping West Elm would carry one, because then I knew it’d be sweet! Wonh wonh, no fire bowls :(.


I wish they sold removable wallpaper….such a fun way to decorate!


I would love to see a desk long enough to accommodate two work stations, so at least five or six feet long. It’s a great space saver (two desks in one) and I know that West Elm would make a beautiful one!

Michelle M

It would be great if they sold hardware like pulls & handles in the West Elm style


Wall decals/appliqués and stencils so our walls can be as fabulous as our West Elm furnishings. I’m thinking dots (circles), triangles, small trees and other decals that can be repeated in a pattern. Very modern and of the moment.


Mid-century clothes (vintage or new) to go with all the great mid-century style furniture. I have to look as good as my furniture!


I wish they sold removable wallpaper…..what a fun what to decorate!


Pendant lamps that are fully flush with the ceiling! I’m dying to replace the standard ones that come with nearly every NYC apartment (and happen to look like breasts!)

eileen b

Bathroom fixtures. I also like the idea of more compact furniture that is multifunctional–settees that can work in living rooms or as a banquette, for instance.


I already love so much at west elm! Things that would be nice to see? Fabrics & wallpaper (including the temporary kind for us renters! :)


I’m always on the lookout for nice quality bamboo chopsticks! Would love to see West Elm bring in some with pretty Japanese designs.

Nicole Eubanks

While pondering this at my desk, I started looking at my pretty file box, pencil holder and calendar. One of the things that really takes a work space to the next level, is what you put on it. It would be great if west elm had a small area to pick up high end and fashionable desk accessories. Also, calligraphy is super popular right now, so maybe including the pens and starter kits could be a fun addition to your office area.


I wish they had more furniture that would work well in small spaces, like a kitchen table that could partially fold down.

Amanda Christopher

I love everything West Elm but it would be even more enamored if they sold more children’s furniture and decor items.

Angela Z.

I have to chime in and say baby/kids stuff, please!


I wish West Elm sold potting benches. Could you just imagine it! They’d be gorgeous.


I wish they had a pinterest like board to save design ideas/products to. Often times I’m thinking of redoing a room and will start looking months before I buy, plus it would be good to see how it all looks together!


I wish West Elm sold removable wallpaper! Everything they sell is so beautiful, and I would love to have something small like this so I could throw up an accent wall easily and change it up when I’m ready for something else.


I wish West Elm sold a curated selection of interesting house plants. I’ve seen succulents in some of the stores, but we’ve been looking for larger indoor plants or trees, and struggled to find something that seemed original. West Elm has thoughtful style, and it would be great to have a go-to source.

Ashley Elrod

Welp West Elm I do have a major crush on almost everything but alas I do wish you had some great resilient house plants. One of your stores in Seattle had a great display with airplants and I really wanted to have more options. I want to buy the awesome planter but I want to get my plant with it all in one swoop (I know so need)


I wish West Elm sold more wall textiles—hanging tapestries, crochet pieces, beautiful yarn work, etc. Those types of pieces are great conversation pieces and absolutely beautiful to look at.


West Elm pretty much has everything covered, but I’d like to see a freestanding wooden clothing rack. West Elm would not only deliver on design, but the price would be a little easier on my budget then any I’ve seen so far.


The only thing I can think of is baby/kid furniture and decor. Love West Elm!

Sarah D

No idea but this giveaway would be so nice to have so I could get really nice mirrors for our bathroom renovation!

Alyssa M

I’ve been browsing the West Elm website, which I do most days at work. I just put new curtains in my living room, using the curtain rods left behind by the previous renter. I would love to replace the rods, and I wish West Elm had a bigger selection.

I am loving the new collection of wood and marble pieces, I am dieing to get it into my living room.

Kristina Strain

I wish West Elm offered some sort of online design services, maybe in conjunction with a guest-curated collection of items.


more styles of gliders – the graham is nice, but the shape is not quite my style.


I would love to see even more outdoor decor! We love entertaining outside and would love to bring the West Elm aesthetic to our patio!


I think party decorations would be great if they could be bought individually. I really liked the NYE kit but didn’t need everything in the box.


I love lighting and would love more pendant style lighting.


I’d love nursery/kids decor. We’re decorating a room for our first kid, and all the pastel animal options are grossing me out. Just b/c someone is small doesn’t mean they can’t have great design!


I love West Elm! It’d be awesome if they sold more renter hack type things. Decals for tiles, etc. I am a renter in Brooklyn and am always hunting for ways to spruce up without too much trouble.


Until recently I would’ve said succulents and air plants! That is my new favorite section of my local store. A hanging chair would be nice. I’d love to see the variation West Elm would carry.


Counter height and pub height dining tables and chairs that AREN’T square. Rectangles and circles please!!!!


With spring (hopefully?!) right around the corner, I’ve been thinking about spending lots of evenings outdoors. It would be great if West Elm produced some decorative fire pits–perhaps with mosaic or hand painted details–to make warm nights all the more enchanting!


I think more beautiful kitchen organization/cleaning supplies. You all offer a handful of both, but I think a wider variety would be amazing. Maybe featuring wood and mid century vibed organization, or cleaning items that we need but that are made beautiful, such as brooms, or spice rack organization, etc. GREAT work offering SMEG fridges. More mid century appliances would be amazing, as well! I love West Elm….it was tough to pick something to add to what you currently have! :)

Christina Slick

I wish that West Elm sold…

A line specifically for young, urban professionals. A collection that was slightly less expensive with the same design aesthetic as the other products/collections. The collection could be narrowed down into more basic pieces that allowed someone to build on in the future (when the budgets and apartments get bigger!) I would rather start small/basic with my West Elm collection and watch it grow, rather than Ikea :-)


I wish they would design and sell a collection of all the ugly stuff you have to have in your home (ie smoke detectors, thermostats, door bells, ceiling fans) The stuff that is practical and necessary, but most have been ignoring for soooo long.


this is a toughie! west elm is the bomb.com. i think the one thing i wish they had more of was wall shelving options. i live in a v. small apartment and have run out of floor space, but that doesn’t mean i have run out of books!


Renter hacks! Like DIY tile stickers, etc. I love West Elm!


A line of modern stationery, wrapping paper, office goodies, etc. I’m a nut for paper.


I love West Elm, such great style. I’d love to see a hanging chair, children’s furniture and pet products. I think WE would offer unique items for each of the listed categories that I’d love to get my hands on! Please :]!


Others have already said this, but I would LOVE a West Elm pet section. I have a fluffy cat I love to spoil and will be adding a dog in another couple months. West Elm’s aesthetic is so great for my lifestyle it just makes sense to me that a pet section with them would only fit my desires as well. :)


Stylish things for pets would be nice! I’ve struggled in the past to find non-ugly pet beds, food bowls, etc. Also, more art work! I love the collaborations they’ve done in the past and can’t wait to see what they cook up in the future. :)


Fabric and stationery, as mentioned above, would be amazing!


Books! I’m always on the lookout for great books about interiors, lifestyles, etc. It’d be awesome if West Elm had a hand-picked selection of books that inspire their buyers, curators, etc.


Love West Elm! It’s hard to think of something for the home that they don’t sell, but one thing I’m having a hard time finding is a tall nightstand. Why are they all so short?! (Their short ones are cute though). Oh and more pretty, patterened rugs that aren’t wool. :)


I wish West Elm sold more outdoor/patio furniture and accessories!


I’d love if West Elm sold plants to go along with their gorgeous planters!

Sarah Z

Also: electronics: a slick-looking (compact) record player to go with the beautiful media cabinets. Or a sexy TV or Tivoli-like radio!

So often the utilitarian items I use daily look so ‘blah’ compared to beautiful, well-made West Elm furniture.

What a lovely giveaway from a lovely company. So glad they continue to support independent artists and craftspeople.

Cait Spera

I wish West Elm sold at least a couple globes or perhaps a globe light. I know they were trendier around 2010, but globes are a classic piece of decor you should always offer!

Tiffany Roberts

I would be very interested to see West Elm’s take on camping supplies, from knick knacks to larger items. I picture stylish yet durable items that would turn camping into “glamping.”


I’d love to see a West Elm line of bathroom vanities! Less permanent: indoor/outdoor rugs.

Katherine Henry

I would love if West Elm would create a line of throw back vintage toys for children, and home accessories for adults. For instance, a record player or some games from the 60’s era. I think it would be great to infuse nostalgic and quirky items from the past into contemporary design and living.


I live in a 100 year old home that doesn’t have central air. Ceiling fans are a necessary evil- West Elm, if you could solve my design dilemma buy selling a stylish, modern ceiling fan I would be forever grateful (as well as the envy of all of my neighbors)!


West Elm is fantastic, I adore their aesthetic! It would be great it if they added outdoor lighting options, both temporary (ie party) and permanent fixtures.


I wish West Elm sold fair trade jewelry/handbags. I feel like this would go well with the global yet modern ascetic West Elm already has. I’m thinking heavy on the brass for the jewelry and interesting textiles for handbags. You should do it!


We’re big WE fans! I’d love a pretty hammock for this summer–stylish and natural, in WE’s aesthetic. I am also a sewer, so I’d love a selection of WE fabrics so I could make my own cushions, curtains, quilts, etc.

Jessica Cremers

I would love to see wallpaper. I think West Elm could come up with some amazing designs :)


I wish they had make-up organizers that looked good enough to have out in the open!!


I would love to see some designer collaborations with West Elm to bring limited-time soft good offerings to stores!

Christine Meier

I wish they sold bathroom vanities & fixtures. Ikea is too spare and pottery barn is too traditional. Not enough warm modern bathroom fixtures curated in one nice collection.


Yes, yes to something someone else said–some smaller scale pieces/options for those of us in tiny apartments!

Hillary F

Wallpaper/Wallcoverings, Textiles (for sewing projects, not drapery or dining linens) and possibly DIY furniture kits that include all you need to create a basic project yet allow you to customize it on your own a bit.

Katy Mitchell

I saw someone else had the same idea, but I would love to see more of the basic household items West Elm-ified! Brooms, cleaning and organization tools, so on and so forth. My favorite thing from West Elm is my Bamboo Laundry Hamper. It’s hard to believe how challenging it can be to find simple and beautiful practical items like this, and I think that is where West Elm really shines.


I wish West Elm sold vibrant wall hanging textiles, preferably made by local designers. A DIY workshop in-store would be the extra icing on the cake!


I’m having a hard time thinking of anything they leave me wanting — except for the stuff that’s out of stock! I pine for so many things they sell and would be ECSTATIC to win $500 to spend there!


I wish they carried options for entryways. They have so many great things for small apartments – something from WE to greet me at the door (a bench! with coordinating hooks!) would set the mood for my apartment right off.


I was going to write “registry,” because when we got married 2 years ago we really wanted to register at West Elm and wound up just putting things from their registry on a myregistry.com site. But now I see they have a wishlist- so, done! I second the ideas for baby & kids’ furniture and to keep pulling in more local products.

Ms. C

Children’s furniture and prints. Much of their design has such a whimsical style anyway that it seems like a small shift to actually add a few, well curated Children’s pieces.

Michelle R

kid/nursery decor, kid bedding… they could have a whole line for kids and I would gobble it all up.

Marla Jensen

I am planning to remodel my kitchen, I would love it if they sold hardware for cabinets, such as knobs and pulls.

Andria Lisle

The one that got away!!!

Let me explain. When I decide to buy new, West Elm has just about everything I want and/or need. And therein lies the problem: Working at a non-profit art museum, and always chipping away at the fine-tuning design issues in my 100 year old “mutt” of a house, I can’t always afford to purchase stuff whenever I want.

So I long for the iron whale tail hook that would’ve made the perfect wall hook in my slightly nautical guest bedroom/home office, the fluffy Mongolian pillow that could’ve been the ideal foil for my vintage thrifted Bertoia diamond chair, the ceramic fox ipod speaker that should be positioned on my kitchen counter… Stuff I could’ve/should’ve/might’ve bought, if I only had deeper pockets!!!


I’m a big fan of West Elm, and love to keep up with your new products! There are so many affordable, current designs. One thing that I do often think about when looking at your products is the need for more American made furniture, and greener options on your sofas. Specifically, sofas that aren’t made with regular petroleum based foam. Peace.

Amanda Brady

I wish they had more things for kids rooms, toys etc.! Its really hard to find non-cheesy things for kids.


I would love to see carpet tiles. I love West Elm’s Patterns, graphics and color palettes (especially in their current area rugs) but it would be awesome if you offered affordable carpet tiles sold separately that could be mixed & matched and that could be laid out in different configurations for a more custom look. They would be easy to throw in the wash and you wouldn’t feel married to one look – you could change them out with changing seasons, reconfigure, hang them on the wall as art (with the added sound absorption) – the possibilities are endless!

Dawn Richards

I would love to see a modern wallpaper line at West Elm.

Courtney B.

I love West Elm! But I wish they sold more outdoor decor like patio chair cushions and pills or house numbers.

Hilary A.

I wish I could get more paper goods from West Elm. I love thoughtfully designed stationary, wrapping paper, desk items, cards, gift tags, and anything crafty! I think that there would be a large market for that and could even tie in with supporting local designers and letterpress shops.
I love West Elm!


I wish West Elm sold kitchen appliances. A Kitchen Aid mixer in a range of West Elm partner colors would be amazing! :)


I used to work for WSI and I fell in love with West Elm from the beginning. I think a line of wallpaper and shelf liners or removable adhesives would be an awesome addition. I would buy them!


More products for people with pets – accessories, furniture (hidden litter boxes!), bags, water/food bowls. Maybe partnering with rescue organizations to donate a percentage of purchases, or with a designer who can customize a line of products for pets of all sizes!


Kid furniture! Especially beds/ bunk beds, smaller scale desks and dressers, night tables, and fun accents. It is so hard to find modern, stylish kid furniture that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.


I think West Elm would do very well selling wallpaper! I would love to see West Elm wallpaper!


It looks like my thinking is in line with other comments here: their own vintage, one-of-a-kind section! I think their buyers could curate a really amazing selection of limited items, and I’d definitely follow their advice!


I love West Elm and since designing our nursery for the first time am really wishing there was more sophisticated furniture out there. Would love if you had a changing table, or crib, or children’s fair trade textiles. I think so many people would be receptive to this!

Bridget P.

I agree with a lot of other people commenting – kids stuff would be awesome!


A built-in bookcase shelving system that is easy to install & remove – for renters especially.


Already mentioned but I’m in desperate of a stylish fan for the living room. Ceiling or standing!


A proper tea service with the West Elm aesthetic including a teapot, strainer, cups, etc.

Melanie Kahl

Reading this article and refreshing myself on your website… your own advice is pertinent:
“What is the hardest part of your work and/or business?
Focusing and narrowing down choices. There are so many products we could create, events we could host, collaborators we could work with.”

You have an abundance of (awesome) offerings. But it could be focused.

Perhaps instead of a product, you might leverage the incredible industry/interior design community you have by having “studio hours” offered by a series of local designers. A “design bar” of drop in services to help people navigate your great designs and a way to offer flexible side gigs to local designers in the community.

(I also love the modern toy or children’s product ideas)

Traci G.

I wish they sold the scalloped plates I bought a few years ago – I NEED more of them! 2 was not enough! ha!


More things for people on a budget. I am currently in love with about half of the things that they have on their site an can only afford a few of them- I like to save for really great pieces, but I also like to patron stores I like things from (such as W.E.). I with they jusyt had some high low options.


west elm is my most favorite store ever!! i wish they would sell dog accessoriess-food bowls, foot rugs, collars, leashes!

Ashley B.

They have such wonderful stuff! I have a wish list a mile long. The only thing I haven’t found yet has been the perfect ceiling fan. Strange I know. I love their lighting fixtures otherwise but I think a ceiling fan in that amazing West Elm style would be priceless.


I would love to see their take on children’s furniture!


i wish west elm still sold these small square floating frames they used to sell. i bought two for a beautiful pair of prints, and i wish i had the foresight to buy more!

i also wish west elm sold PLANTS. the crate and barrel near me started selling cut flowers years ago, which i think is a lovely idea (need a gift? buy a vase, buy the flowers, one stop shopping!) i think a west elm cut flower dept would be lovely, but i also like the idea of selling indoor plants.


I love West Elm! And I’m soooo excited that we’re finally getting one in Michigan this year – in the town I live in, no less!

I wish West Elm sold more window treatment options – as in, something along the lines of roman shades.


I would love love if West Elm carried more animal lovers gear (Hello amazing West Elm puppy bed!).

Kate Davis

I’m going to have to second the drafting table idea, that would be so great! Also, a flat file storage unit by them would be amazing.


I would love to see cribs and baby bedding at West Elm. Especially, bedding. Amid all of the animals and typical boy/girl colors, it would be really refreshing to see a West Elm take on textiles in the nursery.


I would love if West Elm could do a coffee table on wheels…something rustic or industrial looking, which I think could really fit in well with the overall WE aesthetic. Having a small apartment, it’s always useful to be able to move furniture out of the way in a pinch!


i love everything west elm sells. what i wish they did is had a registry available!! i’m getting married this year and would much rather register for things there than stores like CB and Pottery Barn!


i love west elm!! it is my most favorite store!! i wish they sold dog accessories-food bowls, food mats, leashes, and collars!

Stella Kimbrough

Drawer handles and knobs. I went in to West Elm maybe a year ago and the people working there said they didn’t have any. But online it seems like you have some available now.


I would like to see more variety in your textiles. Specifically your window coverings and sheets. I love the product you do offer but i would like to see more color and more options. Also other widow coverings besides just drapes/curtain panels.


Baby/kids furniture + decor for those of us who can’t afford ouef/dwell! Simple, clean lines, what I come to expect with my other West Elm purchases!


I LOVE West Elm and that’s tricky because they seem to have just about everything for the home. The only thing I can think of would be a line of modern/cool electronics or small kitchen appliances…

Anne Robin

KIDS! Cribs, toddler beds, changing tables, textiles and bedding – sophisticated but geared more toward kids and mix/matchable with current furniture collections- West Elm would do it so well, and I’m sure it would be incredibly profitable.


More fabric by the yard options. Solids are great and their patterns are nice starting points, but I want more dynamic patterns and colors. They always have great pillows, I’d love to see more of those colors/patterns in lose fabric options.


Children’s furniture! I think parents want their kids room to reflect the same style as the rest of the house and there are not a lot of chic, modern options available. West Elm has really great textiles as well and to have those for children would be amazing.

Chelsea Franchi

I can’t think of many things that I need that West Elm doesn’t already carry – except for one thing: I’d love to see more West Elm stores! It’s so much easier to spend money when I can browse around the store and see and feel the items I’m interested in.

Lauren R

I wish west elm sold proper bedside lamps for reading! I love their lighting, but need something beside my bed to go with my West Elm midcentury bedroom furniture…


I wish they would sell swatches of their fabric on the website – I don’t have a store nearby and I love their wares, but it would be really nice if I could see some of the fabrics before I decided to buy!

KC Saling

I love everything they sell, but I’d love to see more outdoor living items. There’s so much that can be done with a beautiful outdoor space, and with the right items, it can be a wonderful extension of your space.


beaded (or other materials i guess) curtain room dividers/door hangings – it’s difficult to find lovely modern designs of these


I’m about to make a cross-country move. A lot of our move-or-sell decisions hinge on our ability to replace or upgrade items, so I’ve spent a lot of time browsing furniture and housewares online lately. There’s one item we want that almost no one carries: an upholstered dining banquette. I’ve seen quite a few inspiration pictures of dining areas where people have repurposed a loveseat or created a custom padded bench to accomplish this task. Something with a bit more structure (and without the constraints of a built-in) would be superior. A banquette would be a natural extension of West Elm’s existing lines and would work with several of their tables — like the Terra table.


I wish they sold more things for pets, like a cute little leash/toy/food bowl storage system that was friendly on the eyes while also being effective at storage.


I’d love to be able to build a custom kitchen from West Elm – cabinetry, countertops, sinks, faucets, a larger selection of hardware and appliances. It would be a great answer to IKEA’s offerings!

Billy Andrews

Definitely more products for small/compact living. I love spaces that are open and airy, with lots of clean lines, but living in a 300-400 square foot studio apartment can make this a challenge. Specifically, if they could make an attractive wall bed/sofa combo that utilizes storage space and doesn’t scream “HEY! There’s a bed hiding in here” I would be the first to purchase this.


Well, they have all but… the only thing missing is their store in Slovenia…


I wish West Elm sold original art. They’ve done a create job collaborating with Etsy and designers, so I would love to see more original pieces that they’ve curated.

Adriene Riordan

I would love if West Elm expanded their bath lighting/sconces! Their options are great but I have a pretty large bathroom and they don’t offer much in the way of larger lighting options.

Megan Rasmussen

I wish West Elm offered in-house sewing services for things like pillows, curtains and slipcovers. Something that allowed you to use your own material but they do the labor, for less than hiring an independent seamstress/reupholsterer/interior decorator. Bonus if you could drop off said fabric in the store and pick up whatever item its turned into at the store.

Shannon J

I wish West Elm sold their fabrics. I wind up buying and re-purposing some of their sheets, bed covers, etc. and would love to just buy it by the yard!


I love West Elm’s little critters. I have a sequins squirrel that sits on my mantel!


I wish West Elm sold a tall round free standing bookcase with open reclaimed wood shelves. Bookshelves can be works of art!


Not very realistic, but I’d love to see selections from their fabric by the yard in stores.


More bathroom lighting, ie. vanity lighting other than sconces.


I would love to see removable wallpaper-backsplash tiles at West Elm. I’m renting my apartment and am always looking for stuff that can be easily remove and look great!

Nicole Eubanks

As I sit here at my desk trying to figure out what west elm should sell but doesn’t, I see my cute folder organizer, pencil holder and calendar. What really takes a work space to the next level is what is on it. I think it would be awesome if there was a small area in conjunction with the office furniture to showcase high end and fun desk accessories. Calligraphy is also on every blog right now and I think it would be a huge draw for people if they could purchase starter kits and calligraphy pens.


a collaboration with Pendleton blankets. A classic blanket in a modern design.


I wish West Elm sold a tall free standing circular bookcase with open, reclaimed wood shelves and pretty peg legs. Bookshelves can be a work of art too!

Tofa Borregaard

Round throw pillows! I love (and have) many of West Elm’s square throw pillows but I wish they offered them circular as well. I think the design contrast of sharp modern couch (or armchair) with rounded pillows is so pretty. Yet round pillows in contemporary shades and designs are strangely difficult to find.


Solid, bright colored quilts and curtains. There always seem to be a lot of grays, but I would love to see more red, pink, orange, green!


I would love to see their take on a cast iron bed frame!

Ann Kwilinski

A west elm airstream would be amazing. OR a west elm prefab tiny home! I’ve been looking to do a office in my back yard so these tiny homes have been on my mind.

Jen B

I wish they sold wall or ceiling mount pot racks for kitchen pots and pans. I’m looking for one now and I would love to have one with West Elm’s style!

Emily Rimada

I wish West Elm would sell a shower mat that appeared to be made out of wood. Or, small bath mats that resembled stone pebbles.

Leslie Monk

West Elm would be greatly enhanced if they made wall coverings and paint! They have such beautiful, fresh colors and patterns that they need to be displayed on walls! Think about it… and then they could have fun, whimsy names like ‘succulent mint’ or ‘worn denim’. :)

Jen B

I wish they sold a wall or ceiling mount pot rack for kitchen pots and pans. I am looking for one now and would love one with West Elm’s style!

Karen Q.

Love West Elm! Maybe a line of paint or flooring- that would be amazing! It would be a one stop shop! Keep being awesome WE! :)

Shoshana Clark

I wish West Elm did a line for children’s rooms. I love their aesthetic since it so easily matches with mine but when it comes to looking at children’s furniture/decor everything is a little too precious or traditional for my taste. I’m leaving this comment well into the future before I actually need any children items so I’m hoping you take the hint and maybe you can beat me. Wishful thinking!


I wish they sold wooden toys or had a children’s line that reflected the classic effortless of their brand. Something that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to have in my living room if the neighbors dropped by. Basically the opposite of that bright / hideous plastic stuff that most children’s toys are made from.


I wish they had bold patterned sateen sheets (I hate percale) that fit full mattress beds. No one that I know of sells patterned sateen sheets, except for Inhabit, and those are only in queen and king.


i would like it if they had a little more dining and kitchen wares.


I wish West Elm sold a tall, circular, free standing bookcase with open, reclaimed wood, shelves and pretty peg legs. Bookshelves can be a work of art too!

Ashley Johnson

Children’s furniture basics. You could collaborate with different etsy designers for children’s bedding & textiles as well…


Outdoor items would be great, and more focus on useful everyday household items (kitchen tools, cleaning supplies, etc.)


This may sound weird, but ceiling fans! I often think ceiling fans are kind of an eyesore, but often necessary. I’m sure that if WE tackled it, you’d have some gorgeous, modern looking fixtures.


I would LOVE if West Elm sold stationery in similar styles to their other textiles (like kitchen linens, curtains, etc). I would also love if they brought back some of the food products they have previously sold — ex: the jars of cider onions.

Bonnie Boyson

I need a small (in width) secretary desk that is TALL, visually light, modern, stunning. One that gives me lots of storage to fit my whole home office in my guest room. 7′ would be perfect!

Emily Rimada

I wish West Elm would sell a shower mat that gave the impression of being made out of wood. Or, shower mat pieces that resembled stone pebbles.


West Elm always has such lovely pieces. I would love to see them expand the pet collection and include items for cats. Particularly a collaboration with IOVO Designs to make the “Litterfish” litter box happen (worth an internet image search). Its been a challenge trying to find aesthetically pleasing accessories to match our beautiful WE furniture.


I would love a mid-century style alarm clock from West Elm. I haven’t been able to find a stylish, affordable and functional alarm clock. Most of the clocks I find are tacky black plastic or something with a kids theme, and I bet West Elm could do so much better!

Jordan Cobb

West Elm is a beautiful company with beautiful products. The one thing I wish you did have though is kids toys and bedding. I would love to purchase goodies for my niece and nephew.


I wish West Elm sold paper or party goods, or kids/child bedding and furnishings!


I would love to see them offering additional food storage options, especially for on the go people.


I would love to see more midcentury accessories such as house numbers, outdoor lighting, etc.

Krissy Porter

Children’s furniture and plush toys. I’m pretty sure if West Elm did a children’s line they’d put Land of Nod to shame. Please consider. <3 a vey big West Elm fan.

Melissa Hodge

A teen line – one that could transition into college and after. Have yet to find something that could speak into that line. Maybe West Elm could?


Fabric!! I always wish that West Elm’s limited edition bedding came as standalone fabrics so I could make my own complimentary poufs and floor pillows. It doesn’t seem like an impossible dream, especially now that West Elm does so many great small-scale collections and collaborations with local artists…!


Temporary solutions for renters and more small space furniture


Commission art and design objects by renowned or emerging artists for limited special editions. Prints, ceramic table top accessories, textiles, wood sculptures, creative lighting, etc. It would be extra cool if WE worked with regional artists so the NYC stores feature NYC artists, LA stores feature CA artists or Denver store features Rocky Mountain artists. Exposure for the artists and more affordable original art/design price points for the consumer. Win, win!

Amanda Watson

While I find West Elm’s product line to be near perfection, I think that adding authentic one-of-a-kind vintage pieces would be a great addition. I love special vintage pieces in my home.


Love everything from West Elm and their styling is spot on, but I wish they had a line for kids. Also, more convertible/flexible/configurable furniture.

Taylor Beyer

I would really love to see more options for pre-made sofa covers. I’ve searched the web high and low with no luck finding any nice options. I see that you guys have fabric but I’m not too handy with a sewing machine.


I know West Elm sells books but it would be great if they had a larger or dedicated design library with top books and an ongoing or rotating section of design and art books from around the world in their stores. It would be such a great resource and wonderful way to pick up a small gift or some design tips while at the store picking up other beautiful things.


I wish they sold a line of furniture inspired by “Mad Men!”

Emily S.

I wish West Elm sold more furniture with removable slipcovers. These are soo useful for dog owners, as they protect the furniture and allow owners to clean them frequently, and extend the life of their furniture. It’s not easy to find slipcovered furniture in the first place, but especially difficult to find modern clean lines.


It would be fun to shop at West Elm for modern party supplies–straws, banners, doilies, paper tableware, decorative paper. I would love to coordinate these party items with the tableware and other decor I get at the store. Also, I would be interested in DIY kits or craft supplies such as stones, unfinished wood blocks (or other pieces), stamps, paints, etc. The way the store is set up provides great inspiration!

Margaret Lamar

I love West Elm! I know lots of people have probably said this, but I wish they had some selection for kids. I don’t typically like a lot of child-specific things because I want my furniture to be interchangeable throughout the house and serve different purposes. I do think it would be great if they had a few nursery items to help keep my nursery in the same style as the rest of my house!

Bekah K

I wish that West Elm sold vacation excursions with their designers and buyers… because that would be amazing. Their South Africa inspired collection had me weak in the knees and ready for a glamping safari. :)


Attractive ceiling fans. So essential in the South, and so hard to find good looking ones.
I’d love to see West Elm’s great taste applied there. I happen to be ready to upgrade all of mine!


LOVE West Elm!! I do wish that they sold a bigger variety of lower bookcases.


Baby nursery decor! I’m having a difficult time finding things I like for my first baby’s room!


I think a nursery section would be a great addition. I put a west elm lighting fixture in the nursery I am working on, and would have loved to use more West Elm in the rest of the room.


It would be awesome if West Elm incorporated local goods and designs into their stores. I imagine this would be difficult given that West Elm is everywhere, but maybe even just a little corner highlighting local goods would help to incorporate West Elm within the local design community! Just a thought :)


I wish West Elm sold more pet stuff- they have some great pieces for dogs, but what about for cats? Smaller beds/harnesses/collars, maybe some mid-century-looking enclosures to hide litter boxes? Especially in small spaces this can be a tricky item to conceal!


My local West Elm store once carried a small amount of natural based cleaning supplies; more of these along with those pop up sponges and well-priced kitchen, cleaning towels would be so convenient. Of course I love so many things about West Elm and always look at the window displays and store displays for inspiration–I wish that some of the installment decor would be available to purchase, the strands of decorative cut-outs, etc.
Wonderful give-a-way, thanks!


Metallic paints and wall stencils for the do-it-yourself-ers!


I wish West Elm would sell furniture and items for kids. I would love to see a beautifully designed crib and eco-friendly wood toys.


Kid’s furniture , bedding, and accessories! It’s literally the only thing I could think of that they don’t carry…. Outdoor games? Bocce, croquet, corn-hole? I’m sure they would be beautifully designed!


I would like to see more mid-century modern pieces. Also I think y’all should bring back your Scoop-Back bench and maybe add some new cool colors. I like green. :)


West Elm is the best!! I do wish they carried a storage ottoman that would better fit in a small space. The Tilden storage bench is beautiful, but would never fit in our small apartment.


I love West Elm…Kids furniture; items for pets; small space storage solutions; and I wish the legs on the couches could be interchangeable.


I wish West Elm would sell more multifunctional small space storage items. I know they already have quite a bit, but it never hurts to have more!

Also, while I love how adorable their textiles are, I wouldn’t mind paying a little more for softer and higher quality sheets and duvets


I love West Elm so very much, and have ordered online and visited stores in Vancouver and Toronto. It makes me so sad that many products can’t be shipped to Canada, including curtains. Which is just weird, and random. I just want to order curtains, that’s it. Sigh…


Metallic paint and stencils for the do-it-yourself-ers!


Hands down my favorite store! I loved it when it was catalog-only for me and now there is one close to my house! It’s addicting! A children’s line would be a nice addition to compete with Restoration Hardware, Land of Nod, Dwell. I appreciate that West Elm has some affordable options and ask that they continue to keep their prices at an affordable (most of the time) level. I think a small section of design books would be nice, too – so many bloggers with books reference West Elm and it would be nice to see the stores carry those books from bloggers who support them. Keep up the good work!

Miriam Jacobson

This is a difficult question to answer because West Elm keeps expanding and keeps adding more sustainable, green, and fair trade things. How about adding actual vintage or reclaimed furniture, just as Rejuvenation has added vintage lamps to their catalogue?

Emily Yau

I wish West Elm sold a line aimed at recent college grads – newly independent adults who aren’t fully developed in their style or budget but still want to adorn their living spaces with sheek West Elm style pieces! As a recent grad myself, I found myself wanting good quality staple pieces that are a nod to modern style and sophistication without emptying my bank account, and I certainly spend a good amount of time lusting over their website.


Potted flowers and herbs! And coffee table books and curated magazines would be great!

Andrea Martin

I would love for West Elm to make outdoor glider rockers in metal and wood with beautiful cutout designs so I could sit outside enjoying a beautiful summer day rocking in the breeze.


It would be great if West Elm offered a section of small gifts like hostess presents, etc. I am always looking for gifts to bring to parties and West Elm is so unique and great quality. I do often find items when looking throughout the store, but it would be nice to have a quick stop, in and out for hostess gifts.


I wish west elm sold jewelry! I can only imagine the beauties you would find!


More styles geared towards kids- we love your aesthetic and would love that in our daughter’s room too


I was originally going to say drawer pulls/hardware, but then did a search and they had it! I think having some modern kids items would be great!

Nicole Stone

Definitely more outdoor entertaining/outdoor decor items. Totally echo Kelsey’s comment about mailboxes, house numbers, etc.


This is a tough one – feel like they sell it all! But per suggestions above, I agree that a children’s line and wallpaper could be pretty awesome.


I love West Elm and I think they have most things covered already! Perhaps starting a furniture and accessory lines dedicated to kids’ spaces?


Ceiling lights. Not pendants or chandeliers, but some sort of cool, modern light fixture to replace the infamous boob lights. I live on a houseboat and there are 3 of those on my 180 square foot main level. The ceilings are too low to install pendants, and I’m having a hard time finding good fixtures that are ceiling mounted and have that modern aesthetic and don’t cost thousands of dollars.

Elizabeth B

As an expecting mom I would love to see a kids line that complements their standard line of furniture.


I wish West Elm sold a tall, circular, free standing bookcase with open, reclaimed wood shelves and pretty peg legs. Bookshelves are works of art too!


It would be awesome if WE sold fabric, there are so many awesome patterns and graphics that they make, it would be cool to be able to do DIYs with their fabric.


tough question. they seem to have all their bases covered. even some of the answers already given seem to be services/items they actually do provide! there are some items that have been discontinued for whatever reason, that i would love to make a come back!



West Elm is the kind of store where you go to pick up quality, tasteful pieces that reflect your contemporary, educated, urban tastes. However, people who *really* care about design and modern living have a fundamental desire to be unique and authentic. The problem with stores like West Elm is that things start looking the same across the globe–that is the nature of a store that sells products that are made wherever and sold all over. What’s the emerging trend? West Elm is on it (and, admittedly, often does a superior job of replicating and perfecting it).

Even though West Elm partners with emerging designers and etsy craftsmen, I think that was is missing from this equation is an emphasis on what is local that makes someone who lives in Brooklyn different from someone who lives in Tucson or San Francisco or Cleveland. West Elm brick and mortar stores should have a section dedicated to the uniquely local. That way I can stop pretending that I live in Faceless Modern Downtown, USA and start embracing the fact that I live in East LA.


I think that a collection of decorative games would be a wonderful addition to West Elm’s offerings, balancing form, function, and fun. Checkers, chess, backgammon, dominoes, poker sets – all of these can be designed to complement a variety of styles.

Erika Katayama

I would like to see luggage, like a 3 piece collection, that matches the design aesthetic of West Elm. It would be functional, space saving, but on-point design-wise. I am thinking a weekender, roller bag, and dop kit or on the plane bag. Many thanks!

Chelsea Franchi

I have a difficult time thinking of products that I need for my home that West Elm doesn’t already carry (with a beautiful aesthetic!) but there is one thing that I wish West Elm had more of: brick and mortar stores! I’d be much more likely to spend (even more) money there if I had the opportunity to walk around and see and feel the items I was interested in.

lori callister

I wish West Elm sold the ability to color wash my walls with my iPhone so I can test colors virtually, the ability to pick the right sofa at first glance of their catalog, the ability to teleport one of their consultants when it is 11 at night and I’m perusing their website. In other words, I wish West Elm sold their ability to just know what will work for my home. But I guess I have to do that myself … with a lot of help from your teams.


Closet options! That could be used many different ways, as shelves or kitchen storage or clostes – with door options. I know this sounds familiar (hi Ikea) but the style and quality of west elm in a functional peice of furniture that has options – home run!!!!


Cribs! Recently pregnant for the first time and redoing our nursery! Need West Elm’s help!

Kristin Casey

More hardware… light-switch plates and outlet covers!


I’ve never stepped into a West Elm store, unless you count my bosses’ house since all of their new furniture has come from there, as told by the 6 year old that I nanny. Sometimes I like to just stare at one of their neatly done up rooms and glide my hand along their furniture. Being a student, I am no where near their level of home-put-togetherness, but being an avid DS and Apartment Therapy reader inspires me to dream. That said I have no idea what West Elm doesn’t sell but should, but I’m going to assume it’s stuff that’s not affordable by college students. And maybe you don’t want your main demographic to be “broke” college-aged students, but hey we like gorgeous, well made things, too! :)


Tiles? I love the West Elm aesthetic, but all the tiles I love in that type of style are incredibly expensive. I think WE would do well in that market.


With DIY projects being so popular right now, it might be cool to see some West Elm DIY-inspired kits to make certain things…like maybe some simple chairs or stools. This might be especially cool as a kids project pack? The DIY inspired kits could contain parts that can be constructed in a variety of different ways, allowing the kids (or adults) to build whatever option they want, OR use the parts to create something totally unique! They could even combine a couple different DIY kits and go totally bananas!!


I wish West Elm had a larger selection of decorative hardware, such as knobs, pulls, and switch plates. While I don’t have the budget to replace existing furniture, I would love a way to update with their aesthetic.


Oh, so tough. I’m pretty sure West Elm sells pretty much everything! Maybe beautiful organizational things (jars, boxes, baskets, etc.)? I’m sure they have some, but more variations, perhaps.

Erin J.

More affordable wall mirrors and stable modern coat trees/racks.

Anne Robin

KIDS! Cribs, toddler beds, changing tables, bedding and textiles. All in sophisticated West Elm style but geared towards children – so you can mix/match with current furniture pieces in the collection. West Elm would do it so well and I would imagine it would be very profitable.


I would love to see pet accessories—specifically a stylish modern sleek dog crate.


Classic chairs like Eames, Kagan, Bertoia, etc. would be lovely!


I would have previously said “Everything you already sell, just in a store in Kansas City,” but I’m so thrilled to hear you’ll be back in the area! I would love to see an air-tight and stylish pet food bin.

Lisa H

Pet Stuff – Cute Dog Bed, Bowls & Mat that match the esthetics of their items for humans :)


More things for pets that are aesthetically pleasing and fit in with the style of my home. Toys are often so unsightly. I would love to see something on the site that I wouldn’t mind lying around in my living room. For me, dogs toys are only now becoming more pleasing to the eye but these items often aren’t durable and especially the stuffed toys, they shed threads all over my beautiful area rug. Save me from my misery west elm!


I wish West Elm carried more hand-painted (larger sized) bowls/salad bowls. I’d snatch them up in an instant.


I would like to see more acrylic storage solutions. I see you have trays, but more assortment of trays, boxes, magazine holders, etc… would be awesome. I love to be able to keep things organized AND show them off at the same time! Also, more fun party supplies and props of all varieties: decorations, festive (and inexpensive) serveware, bar tools, hats, etc…


I’d love to see bike accessories (baskets, bottle holders, etc…) from West Elm.


West Elm carries such a broad range of well-priced products – functional and stylish, from basic to aspirational! If I could add anything to the store, it may be a line of allergy control products, such as bedding, slip covers, air filters, and hand-vacs. I would love to have those items available with West Elm prints and colors.


West Elm is my go-to for decorative accents, and I’d love if West Elm sold more decorative table accents, perhaps in a tablescape package.

Chandan Hilgert

More kitchen supplies, storage, decor, full plate sets, etc. and possibly a trendy, lower-end sub brand such as Target’s Threshold!


I love that West Elm introduced their Collaborations/Partnerships. Knowing the ‘history’ of an item makes it that much more special. I would like to see this expanded to children’s furniture and textiles. I’m sure the designs would be beautiful and it would be a great opportunity to educate my son about supporting a company that gives back.


How about some consultation or interior design/decoration services?


A lot of their ceiling lights still have outlet plugs — I wish they sold more integrated lighting. But that’s a really small thing — overall, I *love* their products! Thanks!


My first wish was for a cute folding chair and table set I could take car camping… and then I found it! (http://www.westelm.com/products/jardine-folding-bistro-table-driftwood-h739/) West Elm already made my wish come true! I had to think of a second wish, so I looked through the site a little bit and thought of it. I already love the way West Elm styles its products online: the folding patio furniture is accompanied by patio lights, a lantern, a succulent, etc. The trouble is, it takes me a while to find the other pieces that are featured there. West Elm, could you maybe incorporate a “Source this Room” section? Or add the smaller items to the “You May Also Need” or “Related Products” sections?


Textiles such as fabric and wallpapers (both textured and flat). I think the company could do a quality job in that area. Sometimes there are West Elm pieces that people love that are not still available so reupholstering them in a new West Elm fabric would be just the solution. Also, more people are going to West Elm for redecorating not just with furniture (such as the “stick on” wall panels, counter tops etc) so wallpaper, especially a range of textured wallpapers would be amazing.


West Elm is always such a stimulating shopping experience; even just to visit the store without making a purchase, I always feel inspired to channel energy into my home and special spaces. I imagine this ‘inspiration’ will only graduate to a new level when it comes to welcoming a new family member: a baby nursery! Such an exciting and meaningful space shouldn’t have to forfeit the great design and curated elements that West Elm really delivers :)


The black and white ikat chevron stripe shower curtain I got 2 years ago. I have really hard water and it’s getting discolored.


Hardward! Plates and outlet covers, drawer and cabinet handles with the West Elm design aesthetic that I love. I also adore the Etsy pop-up shops.

K. Dempsey

I would love to see a fashionable iPod dock that is affordable, yet blends into the decor of a room.


I’m about to move across the country and a lot of our keep-or-sell decisions hinge on the ability to replace or upgrade items. I’ve spent a lot of time looking at housewares and furniture online lately — and a lot of time on West Elm’s site. I wish they had an upholstered banquette to go with their dining tables. Almost no one sells these, but a lot of people seem to want them. I’ve come across quite a few inspiration photos where people have repurposed loveseats and/or built benches to serve as banquettes. An upholstered banquette would be a natural extension of West Elm’s existing lines, and could work well with most of their dining tables — like the Terra table, for example. We’d buy one!


More modularity. For example, I would love to be able to switch up the legs on my Bliss sofa for ones that would fit in better with the rest of my living room.

Erin Fritts

I wish they sold chic craft space accessories. I am always looking for a pegboard system or something useful to make my craft room look stylish. I know Pottery Barn carries these items but it would be great to see it in the West Elm style.

Grace Bonney


I think that’s a great idea to have a more permanent local section. West Elm actually does something similar in some cities, partnering with Etsy to have pop-up shops that showcase local Etsy artists, which I love. I agree a more permanent local section would be great to add :)


Bailey Bell

I already think West Elm has a fantastic selection of home necessities and decor- so a children’s collection would be wonderful!


I would love to see more modern knick knacks! I have a few bare shelves that need a little something!


I wish West Elm offered interior design services. The last time I redesigned my living room I hired an in-store designer at another furniture store but then brought my shopping list to West Elm. ;)


This is oddly specific, but hammocks. I feel like West Elm would have some really adorable hammocks and I finally have a spot where I could hang one!

K. Dempsey

I would love a fashionable iPod dock – something that is affordable AND blends with the decor of a room. Turn up the music and dance!


West Elm is my happy place. I go there for inspiration and to buy smaller stuff because I can’t afford most of it. I wish they had a more affordable furniture collection for those of us who like nicely designed pieces.


More hardware (drawer pulls, hinges, hooks, etc.) and outdoor fixtures.


Wall mounted bathroom accessories like towel bars, toilet paper holders, and shower curtain bars! I’ve been hunting for affordable modern brass bathroom accessories such as these for a while now and I think West Elm could knock this out of the park!


Items for kids & babies. Also would like to see your textiles available as fabric.


I would love to see a beautiful fireplace at West Elm. Beautiful free standing wood stove/fireplaces would be really neat.


if they had robert downey jr and/or ryan gosling, that would make life better, right?


I wish West Elm sold textiles by the yard – Sometimes I see a duvet cover and think the fabric would be great as curtains or a table cloth or a skirt…..


I’d love to see more floor lamps! There aren’t enough attractive floor lamps in the world.


Honestly, it’s hard to think of something they don’t sell. More bedding and fabrics maybe.


Like many of you, West Elm is my go-to place for design inspiration. However I wish they sold a vintage looking record player/radio console. Somethings sleek and contemporary looking. A piece that would really let you get your groove on.

Megan Maes

I feel like they do a bit of this, but I wish they sold more gardening/DIY stuff.


I would love it if West Elm had line that was geared toward those of us with tighter budgets. Crate and Barrel has CB2, I would shop more at West Elm if they created a furniture line that was more affordable but still great quality.


I’d like to see customizable options such as tabletops and legs, that could also be used for diy projects. These could also extend to sofa/armchairs to coordinate the entire room while mixing styles.


I love West Elm, but I wish there were window treatment options besides curtains. I’ve been wanting some cool, modern shades (or maybe even shutters!) for awhile now and have been too lazy to DIY them.


Stuff for the little ones in our lives (a.k.a. a baby & kid section)

Kim W

I wish West Elm had a slightly better variety of small items: from drawer pulls to string lights, I’d love to complete the looks that I fall in love with in the catalogs!


I would love to see accessories and Jewelry that complement the aesthetic of West Elm. The Etsy artist collaborations are such a great way to bring new and unique ideas into the store, I would love to see more of them also!


Would love to see an expanded lighting section – especially ceiling pendants/chandeliers — for those not afraid to DIY and hardwire!


I always wish West Elm made a line of bathroom storage furniture — I think they could make beautiful and modern etageres and floor cabinets that aren’t made anywhere else!

Carolyne Schultz

I wish that West Elm sold more kitchen and bath fixtures and hardware!


Hardware/more finishing products to personalize your West Elm furniture. It’s so gorgeous as it is but sometimes you just want to put a little bit of your own spin on things. Something to give furniture a super personal touch to get just the right stain on the wood, just the right colour on the mirror frame, the right door pulls etc.

Sherry Gerstein

I think they should sell branded craft kits so we can make west elm lampshades etc on our own. Failing that, they should sell my origami jewelry. ;)


I’m always looking for cool/functional bookends, and I’m sure that anything in the West Elm aesthetic would be amazing. So, more bookends please!


I would love to see West Elm bring back wall-mounted bookshelves – they used to have a couple but no longer do. Also, some sort of media storage that would work well in a corner, which is surprisingly hard to find.


Pretty much nothing is missing from the store but I’ve been looking for low bookshelf that is not open 360 degrees (like the Parsons Low Bookshelf or the Bookshelf Console). I want to do sort of make-shift built in type effect under a window. These are a great height and shape but I don’t want the wall to show through the back.


Decorative drawer pulls (similar to Anthropologie), and a more inexpensive line of decor like accent pillows, throws, vases, lamps and frames.


I wish WE had more small space furniture such as nesting tables. I also love the idea of emphasizing a local style.


kids stuff, plants, more garden, more organic provide more sourcing information


I really love their marble Hex side table, I wish they had a larger coffee table that was a similar geometric style, though I do love their C-side table with a similar marble.


While I’d love to say that West Elm has everything, there’s always room for more growth!

I know that there was the holiday charity mugs but it’d be great if there were a permanent product line that donates a portion of purchase price to a charity or charities. Or like what Amazon is doing where a percent of all purchases are donated to a charity of choice.


More upholstered chairs that are not part of sofa sets.


I wish West Elm sold beds in California King. I’ve scoured the internet for attractive Cal King beds, and have yet to find a good collection. I’ve even considered downsizing my mattress, but I don’t think my cats would appreciate it.

Tiffany MacRae

I really wish that West Elm sold more tablecloths. They have so many interesting prints on their other textiles but no tablecloths. More please!


How about one or two specialty food (or drink) items, like West Elm chocolates or West Elm popcorn. And make it something truly unique (a special flavor, perhaps) that you can only purchase at West Elm.


It’s funny to me, every West Elm Catalog I receive, my eye is always drawn to the “prop” chair or the wall hanging off in the corner. I know these are just interesting pieces the photographer/stylist has thrown in to make the photo- But I wish that West Elm would design a piece that based off one of these old vintage chairs or whatever that always seem to be in the background of their photos. Oh- and offer it for a great price.

Summer Fluhrer

Art! If my local West Elm featured local art(both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional) that would be great. As a designer, I’ma loyal West Elm purchaser, but having a unique piece of art to go along with the bedding and coffee table I purchase for a client, would make me feel good, knowing that I’m contributing to my community and finding a new artist to support. I would love it if they would feature the artist of the month with a “sip and see” where you could meet the artist and do some West Elm shopping as well.


I adore West Elm’s style. I wish they would sell modern children’s furniture and room décor.


I would love an adorable West Elm bar cart for my apartment. That is literally the only thing I can think of that I don’t think they make, but I would definitely invest in.


I wish they sold ceiling fans that I could co-ordinate with my lighting and curtain hardware. I have such a old ugly fan, but I have no idea where to find something modern and stylish without dropping an arm and a leg.

NIchole R

I’d love to see their take on kid and baby items! Functional and modern, but blends in with grown up stuff!

Sarah D

I’d love to see some temporary wallpaper from West Elm. It’s one of my favorite stores!


I have two suggestions. The first is sinks. Perhaps I’m the only one who gets really excited over sinks, but there is a tragic dearth of really nicely designed, modern and simple ones around. I bet West Elm could design a hell of a sink. The second thing I would be excited to see are more hardware items, such as table legs in various lengths (mid-century style hairpins, etc.) for us DIY-ers out here. Thank you!


I would love to see West Elm have a children’s line. And more light colored curtain options :)

Ana Carolina Zuniga

I love West Elm and appreciate all the beautiful items they provide their customers, but more designer collaborations would be something I’d like to see. It’s nice to have pieces that were curated or designed by well-known or even up and coming designers from different industries, be it fashion design or interior design.

Elizabeth Williams

I would love for them to sell baby furniture.


I’d love to see pet beds and accessories to match the over look of West Elm!

Rosalie Kicks

I think West Elm should source products locally and possibly even invite artists to visit the shop to showcase their creations. I would also love to see items available for my pet!


This is a tough one since West Elm pretty much covers all design needs- but I would love to see more items, especially in terms of furniture, that serve multiple functions. With so many small space apartments cropping up in urban areas and so many great designs being created for such lifestyles, I think West Elm could really produce amazing pieces for so many people. For example, I recently saw a bed that could be transformed into a desk. Two large furniture items in one! Look out New York! ;)


Paper Goods! I bet W.E .would design some beautiful stationary sets, notebooks, and even pens, staplers and other office supplies.


I can buy items but what I want is more design advise. I can spend a $1000 dollars but in the end the pieces do not fit.

Stephanie C.

More things geared toward small spaces would be nice (e.g. folding dining chairs, expanded storage/organization selection). But the one thing I’d like to see most from West Elm is product reviews!! I no longer live near a store, and without customer reviews, I would hesitate to buy large items (like furniture) online.


Fabric! Tiles! And a store in Melbourne, Australia for when I have to move back to live there!!

Alexa B

What is the one thing West Elm doesn’t sell but you wish they did? – I think West Elm is kind of a lifestyle brand as well, so I would love to see collaborations with other celebrity personalities or brands to showcase it’s design. It’s a hip brand, and I look to it like it’s going to have the next new trend or big thing.


West Elm has everything I want! I just wish they would have a wedding registry so I could register at West Elm for my July wedding. Instead I had to register at another home store with less than desirable home style. Help West Elm!


I wish West Elm sold bath and kitchen fittings: vintage–y/repro hardware drawer & cabinet pulls, knobs and hinges! seems like a little thing but you can only find super high end or super low end online and West Elm’s aesthtic would be great for the little details!

Lauren C

I’d love to see West Elm do some capsule collections with artists and designers (not sure if they have done this in the past?). And I LOVE the comment above from Halia about having a local section!

Margaret Cutin

I LOVE West Elm, and you already offer a great selection of items. But one thing that might be a useful and beautiful addition to your line of upholstered furniture would be a sectional sofa (I’m thinking more modern than traditional) with removable, two-toned cushion covers for both the seat and back. A linen/cotton blend fabric would be nice, perhaps in complementary neutral tones. Or a mix of textures — a burlap-like fabric on one side and velveteen in a saturated color on the other side. In keeping with your tradition of offering hand-crafted items, hand-blocked prints or interesting weaves would be nice too (particularly if this could benefit under-served artisans around the world). Folks might buy one set of covers for warm weather, the other for cold. Thanks for listening.


Definitely a line for children and infants! However with that said, I love their collaboration with artists…maybe West Elm could convince Ariele Alasko to sell her pieces through them? I love her work!

Jenna K

As a college student, I would love to see storage options incorporated into more of the designs. I love the minimalist furniture but a drawer from time to time wouldn’t hurt!


Free standing hat rack/coat rack. And garden gnomes of course.


What is the one thing West Elm doesn’t sell but you wish they did?

West Elm has great wallpaper but I wish there were more wall decal offerings; tile decals especially would be a great option for renters looking to spruce up a boring/gross kitchen without worrying about damaging walls or cabinets. I’d plaster my backsplash with peel and stick Moroccan tile if I could find quality decals!


I 100% agree with the comments on local. I would love to see a local section that includes collaboration projects with local vendors, artists, craftsmen. I would also love to see a section of “found objects”, antiques, urban relics, etc.


I wish West Elm sold body pillows – or very large throw pillows! Other places have them, however I feel like if West Elm had them they would have the perfect cases for body pillows


As a guy, I kind of wish that West Elm sold some nice shaving razors. They’ve got the shaving cream and a nice wooden shaving brush, but no matching razor! At least the handle would be nice, so I could slap a replaceable head from my preferred brand on it.

Lauren S.

Items for my puppy, and more DIY-ables. I’d love to find mix-and-match table components (tops and legs), etc.


Solid brass bottle openers. I’ve seen some beautiful ones out there and I’m sure West Elm could source or design something that would fit the brand perfectly. I’d buy them in a heartbeat.

Nicole G

Mid century litter boxes and other chic pet furniture.

Stephanie F

Kid stuff! Love the whimsical Xmas decor (especially the santas and elves/gnomes), wish it translated into more child decor!


Vintage/retro bicycles with interesting accessories like baskets/drink carriers/bells/gear/leather etc. I think combining west elm style with these items would create a really fabulous product!


More dog supplies! Dogs are deeply ingrained in my home. I love the design elements of West Elm and would love to see the dog bowls, collar, and leash all with the same aesthetic.

Erica Kelly | Rethink Design Studio

I would love to see more handmade, artisan-based jewelry from West Elm! They have such a beautiful aesthetic and their connection to global trade could allow for some stunning pieces.


I would love if West Elm offered more office supplies and desk-friendly options. I love all of the West Elm items in my home and would love to have it in my work-space as well. I could envision a line of beautiful desk trays, paper weights, file folders, pen cup, laptop stand, mail organizer, and more!

Sarah O

I’d like more options for things to give as small gifts.


I wish West Elm would carry more kid’s items. And adding reviews and ratings to the website would be very helpful!


I wish West Elm would carry locally made furniture and housewares in every location! Doing so would support artisans, expose shoppers to their local talent, and help West Elm conform more to their specific customers’ asthetics. Even a chain can “act locally”, and I think sourcing from small producers is a great way to really stand out as a business which cares about design AND community


A sister/separately branded line of larger products such as kitchens and cabinetry. “The West Elm ___ Collection” including a separate website to showcase the items. Could potentially even include appliances. I’ve been going crazy looking for a reasonable but quality looking and beautiful line of kitchen cabinetry, sinks, etc. Maybe you could also offer in-home design consultations as a secondary service.


I would love to see more kids stuff–bedroom furniture, yes, but also stuff for main living areas of a home. Chairs, tables, storage, all ‘west elm’ style but with a little whimsy? Would be so lovely. Also, partnerships with local, independent artists and craftspeople. I know this is already done a bit, but more!


Outdoor hardware- sconces, door knockers, doorbells, and mailboxes!


I wish West Elm had more round rugs (I find them easier to decorate with) and yes to a jewelry line !


thank you for a lovely article and a constant source of inspiration! the west elm store and blog are my go-to sources for design ideas and beautiful, high-quality products. affordable vintage finds would be a great addition to your already gorgeous collection. it would allow your customers to express their personal style by mixing unique pieces in with your beautiful staples!


I wish that West Elm would provide a service that would come to my place (my husband and I are about to move across the country and buy our first home…ahhh!) and furnish/style everything. I mean, really. Everything. What a dream that would be!


Temporary wallpaper for renters that isn’t crazy expensive.


Two things — I wish West Elm sold fabric by the yard, and I’d love to see trendy kids furniture and decor.

Stephen K

I wish they sold consultations for designing my home and office.


I’d like more sizes of gallery frames, specifically 11 x 14. I guess it’s an in-between size, but I seem to have a lot of art that size and it’s really difficult to find a simple, wood gallery frame. Would also love to be able to buy wallpaper in the store!


I really like the set up at ABC carpet in NYC. Having said that, jewelry cases filled with jewelry from local designers. Ceramics from local designers, one of a kind upholstered chairs.


I wish West Elm carried wall mounted beer bottle openers in different styles, colours etc.

Sara L.

I would love for West Elm to sell “Furniture Makeover” kits. They could do a partnership with Annie Sloan chalk paint or a similar product, and sell the paints and stains along with a “West Elm Painted Furniture How-To” book that details how to create patina and other effects with distressing, glazing, etc. The brick and mortar stores could even sell nice, “curated” secondhand furniture (and/or new unfinished pieces from one of their Etsy partners). That way, they’d serve two kinds of DIY-friendly client: those who just want the paint kit and the book (e.g. those who have time to search for their own flea market finds) and those who want to be able to purchase the furniture painting kit AND the furniture at the same store. How much fun would that be?


I feel like cozy pajamas would be such a nice complement to West Elm’s amazing bedding.


I would like to find more local products in each store. I appreciate West Elm’s efforts to sell both products made in the U.S.A. along with products made by Etsy artists, but I would like to see more of it.

Also, I always wondered why West Elm doesn’t offer a traditional gift registry. This would drive lots of business, more than the current “wish lists”.


I wish they sold furniture and accessories for airstream trailers!


I’ve been on the hunt for linen bedding. I see that they have a cotton/linen blend duvet cover, but I’d love a 100% linen set, including the sheets. Beautiful heavy, smooth, cool to the touch linen. In muted greys and blues.

danielle f

I would love some baby/kids stuff and a local section. I know West Elm does stuff with the community, but to have a local flair in each store, would be amazing!!


Hardware like outlet covers. Also, removeable wallpaper would be a great option. Thanks.


I love West Elm! They have such a wide variety of products and could easily spend this! I’m moving into a new apartment with my boyfriend and I would love to see some solutions for apartment living. Extra storage, removeable wallpaper, cabinet knobs, or multi-functional furniture would all be great!


I would love to see more permanent furniture for the kitchen and bathroom. WE vanities and cabinets would be a wonderful option in the world of interior design.

I would like to work for West Elm. Not only am I drawn to the WE design aesthetic, I am also drawn to and align with the WE mission and core values. I am working on my resume. :)


Pet supplies, so hard to find attractive pet supplies!


I love the Mid-Century inspired furniture but I really wish it came in different stains. Specifically the bed, that just comes in white and acorn – I’d love that in a walnut, or even darker stain.

Ashley Davis

I am currently looking for a display cabinet for a small corner in my living room. I am envisioning a tall skinny piece.

I would love it if they expanded their selection of display furniture pieces


More lighting that was more permanent as opposed to temporary. Small investment pieces you would have for years to come, especially hanging fixtures and sconces. So hard to find affordable ones, but there needs to be that middle ground between high end affordable and cheap and temporary.


How about a unique line of photo books with a very modern aesthetic and designs that changed with whatever colors, patterns, and trends they are offering?

Of course, this would have to be an online product and is very much out their wheelhouse, but honestly they carry everything I love now!


Wonderful interview- it’s a rarity to find a major retailer with agreeable values as well as aesthetic.

I’ve added a Great Pyrenees to my little family, but I’ve yet to find a large dog bed that we’re BOTH comfortable with. West Elm has always offered a tasteful and practical selection of fabrics for upholstered furniture- I’d love it if they sold simple pet cushions that would blend seamlessly with my decor!


I’d love to see more things for children with the West Elm feel – and design books!


Everything West Elm does is absolutely perfect, from the mobile chandlier to their agate knobs, they’ve managed to transform my space into my dream dwelling. More than anything though I wish they carried macrame wall hangings. I feel like they’re totally the West Elm aesthetic and would be a great addition to any home. Fingers crossed some pop up in the store soon!!

Jessica S

I’ve been having a really hard time trying to find an attractive home office standing desk and counter height office chair. I wish this was something West Elm sold!

Christine E-E

I agree, partner w Spoonflower to feature some of their fabrics that enhance the West Elm design style. Also, smaller furniture for those of us who embrace minimal style living. A book featuring the best of West Elm designed spaces. And, of course, offer some pieces that are less expensive. Oh, and consider opening a store in San Luis Obispo, CA.


I’m literally obsessed with West Elm and use their furniture and accessories all the time for clients of mine, but I need to start filling my own house! The selection is to die for, but if I could source funky decor for my upcoming mini-me’s nursery, it would be the icing on the cake!
Keep doing what you’re doing West Elm… oh, and a store in Edmonton would make my dreams come true! XO, S


It’s hard to say, they have so many creative beautiful products! I would say silk duvets. Looking for the pintuck duvet in silk.


I would love if it West Elm offered organic upholstered furniture and rugs. I’ve been shopping for these lately and am finding out how difficult it is to find options that don’t contain toxic flame retardants.

Christina Slick

I wish they had a collection for young, urban professionals… Similar design aesthetic to everything else, but a more basic series for recent grads to build off of (instead of Ikea!) A collection that would fit into smaller budgets and apartments :-)


I wish west elm sold a larger variety of chic storage solutions. Things like organizational bins, closet shelving, hangers, etc. Who wouldn’t want their closet looking like it was professionally designed and part of some fancy boutique. I would also love it if they sold children’s furniture. Not that I need it anytime soon, but it would be awesome to have a west elm designed nursery!

Michaela Klein

I would love to see a selection of books – maybe interior design books, cookbooks, and the like. They’d be great for gifts as well as design inspiration!

Paula Miller

I wish west elm sold some of the unique vintage pieces they use in their catalog photos- even reproductions would be great! I often take note and wish I could purchase those to add to the mix and complete the look!


I wish they sold unique antiques that would go with their awesome furniture.


One of a kind art by local artists that matched the colours and themes being featured in the stores! Maybe a feature gallery wall?


They seem to have a pretty expansive selection of products already


I’m going to have to piggyback and the person who mentioned removable wallpaper! But for the most part I love your line.


I wish West Elm sold more small credenzas/sideboards, like the Copenhagen (or a Rustic Storage style) in a smaller size. Also, more Steven Alan rugs!


More Bar Cart options and bar accessories. Also more Mid-Century modern options in hanging lighting would be nice.

Laura Rupp

Artwork from local artists would be nice. It would also create a nice community feel in your stores. Kid stuff would also be really cute!


I’m on the hunt for a stylish twin day bed/trundle. It’s soooo hard to find an attractive one. They are all too children’s roomy. I would love West Elm to offer some trundle bed options!


I love West Elm’s collaborations with local artisans and would love to see more of that. Also echo others’ comments about a fab baby / kids line!


I would love to see a line of fabrics by the yard –I love so much of the patterns and textiles West Elm offers, and would love to incorporate them into DIY projects.


I already love everything they have. I only wish I could afford it!


More Eco-Friendly items! I love West Elm’s aesthetic, and being conscious of our environment, it would be great if the two could merge!


I wish some of their items were a bit more DIY friendly. I love that they’re finally doing items like brackets and cabinet hardware, but sometimes I fall in love with a detail of a design (like a table leg, a fabric, a nailhead trim) but can’t afford the money or the space in my small NYC apartment. If they offered smaller, affordable pieces of their great design then we could all benefit in our own DIY projects (which DesignSponge is so good at inspiring/teaching)!

Tyler G.

I wish West Elm sold a line of high quality Bluetooth speakers (possibly as a partnership) that are well designed and deliver pristine audio.

As a music lover, it is hard to find electronics that fit the design of our home while maintaining high fidelity audio.

Sarah M

I think they should sell Jewely, just a few very select pieces that would be a good fit with th e brand :)
Sarah M


It would be great to see children’s items – but things that could transition from toddler to teenager.


More curtain rod options, ditto partitions.

Perhaps a modern rotary phone for those of who still have home lines?


I would love to see more “ethnic” inspired items to add some character to West Elm’s established style. Vintage items would be great too!


I would love to see their take on tiles and/or flooring!


I’d like to see a line geared toward children. I’m sure West Elm’s style would be really great for kids rooms/playrooms.

Caroline R

Kids toys and clothing! For my future niece or nephew :)


Pet products, but not just collar/leashes/etc (that space is super saturated) – I’m thinking more along the lines of furniture-like beds, beautiful bowls, etc. I feel like so much of my pups stuff doesn’t compliment my apartment, and the only available options are extremely expensive (I saw a $500 wooden dog bed, no joke).


I love West Elm and they sell such great stuff already- this is a hard question! I do love their collaborations (Sherwin Williams Paint, Their Market Products, and their linen collection) I always get inspiration or find new modern stuff to love. Would love if you had collections like these for pets, plumbing fixtures or children’s products.


How can you improve upon perfection!? If I had to pick one thing, it would be…. a beautiful children’s’ line.


I would love to see them sell more of local artist’s work in store! They could have small sections dedicated to artist’s and designer’s paintings, letter press and screen printed posters, etc. Maybe host small workshops for the community to make their own original artwork to compliment their new West Elm furniture :) Similar to what is happening with their partnership with Minted, but on a more local level.


I wish West Elm sold Carpet Tiles! Sold separately so they could be mixed & matched and changed from season to season, this would be an economic way to create a custom look from West Elm’s awesome patterns and color palettes without the commitment of a major purchase. You could even hang them on the walls as artwork (that absorbs sound!).


It would be amazing if West Elm had a plant nursery arm of the brand (maybe sell some Elms in there?). They could sell indoor and outdoor plants that go well with the West Elm aesthetic.


This may be cheesy, but I love West Elm’s aesthetic and wish they made some cool cat furniture! Like bookcases with a side for cat scratching, or furniture that hid litter boxes (could be all purpose, could hide a pet bed for dogs or cats), wall shelves suitable for climbing, etc. Dogs get a lot more furniture and accessory attention and as a cat owner who also appreciates design and will never put an atrocious carpet covered “castle” in my house I would love some fun pet/cat friendly furniture! The few stylish options out there are VERY expensive and I’d love to see the West Elm take on cat furniture :)


More plumbing fixtures like apron sinks, faucets, accordion mirrors with mounts, open concept cabinets for the bathroom & Mullen doors for standard size shaker cabinets for easy DIY’s.


I love West Elm’s mid-century pieces! I’ve been looking for lounge chairs that mimic the mid-century classics and I do wish they would do more of that!

Kirsten Brontmire

I wish they sold more children’s stuff because it would be great for my kid’s room.


Artwork by selected featured artists every month or so would be lovely! Local to that city, etc. would be even better.


I would love to see West Elm sale organization items.


One-of-a-kind art pieces!!! (Not that reproduction poster stuff) Great interiors start with great artwork. Think Serena & Lily’s art section, but with a West Elm curatorial point of view.


I love repurposed wood that can guarantee safe original finishing and products. I’d love to see a repurposing section where furniture is reimagined from old items — so that there is less waste. I know a long time ago, Chef David Burke used to serve his bread bowls out of unique items like an antique red firetruck. He’d place them in the back cab. Super cute.


I like the local offerings mixed in with the West Elm offerings in our store. More of this would be great. Pantry staples and more kitchen goods too – I love those products, and would shop for them more often than a larger piece of furniture or a light fixture.


Children’s furniture! I am pregnant with my 2nd child, and would love it if west elm had a children’s section. We love all things west elm!


My first reaction was that this HAD TO BE A TRICK QUESTION — because they sell so many amazing things — even kitchen appliances (!!!)… but if I had to pick something, I’d ask for nursery furniture/decor — I think they’d put together an amazing selection of items.


As I’m having a hard time finding one I like right now, I’ll go with mailboxes


It took a while looking at HOW MUCH they have on their store to figure this out (reading some of the other comments gave me inspiration too), but I think having more pet accessories would be great – I would LOVE to be able to find a cute/modern cat bed/tower that’s not the same old ugly stuff.


I would also love a section for photo and shelf displays. I have a corner in my family room and smaller sections of walls in the house that need that ‘just right look’ of photos and small selves to display keepsakes. Combining the frames and shelves is so tough for me, I can’t even get close to the challenge. It would be great to have a section that helps me mix and match so that it’s not too uniform — and get unique tips that only WE can bring to design?


A line of paint that goes with their aesthetic. Maybe just a few colors that are trending at the moment.


I’d love to see them carry dog beds and pet accessories.


I think West Elm does a great job curating beautiful collections. It would be interesting to see them branch out and extend their gifts section to include jewelry – perhaps collaborations with up and coming local designers. After all, they have a gorgeous collection of trays and boxes to display them in.


OK, this is totally weird, but I wish west elm still sold a nice toilet brush. I am so sick of cheap, plastic-y things slowly falling apart in the corner, and I don’t like all the chrome, high design or “I’m a plastic flower pot” choices.” Didn’t you carry a nice wooden handled one briefly? This is what my life has come to – pining for a toilet brush.


Goodness, I think that WE carries most everything I can think if except a children’s selection. My favorite is their bedding , love it!


West Elm is one of the most enjoyable places to shop! I wish they sold more tech gear, such as laptop sleeves and iPhone cases. I would be all over that!


I’m a crazy dog mom, so pet products would be an awesome addition to the collection!


A murphy bed would be awesome. I’d also love to see coffee-making equipment (french presses, Chemex, hand burr grinders, etc.)

Daron Jermstad

I wish WE sold baby furniture! A sweet mid-century crib would be to die for!


Square frames with square mats for Instagram prints – it’s so easy to print with PostalPix, but framing options are very limited!

Beatriz Melendez

children’s furniture and curated vintage items!


I think expanding the lighting section would be glorious.


Oh! My first thought was clothing, but I second the comments above asking for tile or other fixed home decor collections (house number hardware, mailboxes, maybe doorknobs?). And pet/cat furniture; since IKEA stopped selling a cool non-carpet tree, there isn’t much out there that’s not tacky. Luckily I own the IKEA tree :)

Christen M

West Elm does have everything, but maybe they could add plants and flowers to go into their beautiful planters.


Luggage. I know they have totes, but a full line of luggage would be great. You know they would make the perfect weekender bag. And if anyone could make a rolling carry-on that is actually attractive it would be WE


Sell more experience in smaller markets. I’d love to see more pop up stores in smaller towns. I just moved from Chicago to Detroit and miss walking around and experiencing west elm . I’d love a full store here but if not, I think popups in areas of cities with growing art communities would be fun and in line with the WE brand.


I love West Elm! I’d love to see more children’s room items, including furniture and accessories.


A selection of vintage items (rugs!) and maybe a baby/kid specific line.


It would be great if West Elm carried indoor plants, more seasonal decor, stationary and greeting cards.


I’d love to see them partner more with local designers and offer those items in select local stores.


More textiles would be great. And seasonal items like wreaths.

Kelly Queen

I wish West Elm carried mid-century modern themed pet furniture (wooden platform dog beds, etc)…


I love the market items, but I would love an expanded kitchen item section. When I needed mixing bowls recently, I wished some were available at West Elm.

Emily Johnson

I really love West Elm (I’ve been eyeing/saving for the Ainslie sofa for months!), and it’s really my go-to for creative dining accents along with being my destination for practical inspiration on how to arrange a room, enhance character and infuse my own personality into a space.

With that said, I’d love for WE to do two things: focus on creating more fantastic white furniture (so classic, so transferable, so workable) and designing more amazing chairs. Yep. I’ve been looking a long time for the perfect reading chair and haven’t found it yet. I think it’d be cool for anyone creating the perfect reading nook to simply know that WE is the place to go. I’m talking more colors, more patterns, more functional designs. With matching or coordinating ottomans and even dog beds (because what cozy reading corner is complete without a sleeping pooch!?).

Thanks, WE!:)


Considering the resurgence of DIY, I would love to see some beautiful home decor DIY kits. Many people love doing things themselves but don’t have access to beautiful materials.


This isn’t exactly an item that I wish they sold… but when I was getting married, I really wanted to register with West Elm, but they didn’t have a registry option. That’s what they’re missing!


Designer plush toys. Simple and classic shaped animals that have beautiful patterns.

Nancy Parnell

I wish West Elm sold paint. The colors you use are so great. It would be awesome to see those colors in paint. I’ve been searching for the perfect colors and finding it really difficult.


They have everything! I’d love to see more outdoor/gardening items and reclaimed furniture. More dining table options, please!


I’m a huge fan of West Elm. The Mango wood console table is my newest favorite!
I’m lucky to live in Brooklyn and have the Marketplace nearby so I can check out the localized offerings. That is one of the most wonderful additions to their business plan. But if I were to want MORE from them, I would reiterate some of the comments above and say ‘Curated DIY’ options: tile, paint, more fabrics, wallpaper (and needed accessories for wallpaper), temporary options for renters and full on DIY building blocks for homeowners. Home Depot is great but there’s no one to curate a go to area for good design pieces. Ikea is great but often cheap. West Elm is gorgeously curated and could really cater to those of us that like to have style and do it ourselves! Thanks for this offer it’s a fun one to contemplate!


I wish West Elm sold DIY projects. I love that there are meet ups occasionally in some of the stores, but for those of us with busy schedules or who don’t live close, it would be great to have more opportunities for customers to not only shop at West Elm, but use it as creative inspiration.

Michelle M.

I would really like the Mid-Century Media Console (large) in a Black or Espresso finish!


I know it’s been said before but what first came into my mind was clothes!! Also kittens. Because, kittens.

Liz dolatowski

I wish they would have more options when it comes to sheets.

Nicole S.

I would love to see West Elm’s aesthetic extended in to children’s home goods: linens, cribs, etc.


I am wishing for two new categories at West Elm…1. Pet products are aplenty everywhere, but modern, natural or organic, stylish pet beds, condos or supplies that are affordable are hard to find and would be a winner. 2. Fitted slipcovers for your sofas that would create transition from fall to spring…change up decor in a room…or simply satisfy the desire for all of us dual personalities to have both a velvet and linen sofa at a moments notice = increased sales and customer happiness at the same time!


I would love to see some sort of Wardrobe piece. I think it is fun to play up my clothes and would love a great free standing closet piece to change a spare room into a dressing room.

Also I would love for the bed that is pictured above (Alexa ) to be available as just a headboard.


I’d love to see tools & gardening supplies expand. I come to west elm not only for select products but because I think they have an amazing curated aesthetic overall and I would love to see that expand!

Emily Johnson

I’ve been a long time fan of West Elm (currently eyeing the Ainslie sofa!) and, for most things, WE is really my go-to. I find the prices to be affordable, particularly with the frequent sales and WE card. There are two things, however, that have long alluded me. First up: white furniture.

Maybe it’s because of my love for Scandinavian design or simplicity, but I always have a difficult time finding high quality, beautiful white furniture. I’d love for WE to create more white pieces. They could be classic, transferable and so workable.

I’m also in the process of creating a reading nook in my home and the perfect reading chair has alluded me. I’d love for WE to be the go-to spot for picking out the perfect chair. I’m talking more colors, more prints, more designs with coordinating or matching ottomans and even dog beds (because what reading corner is complete without a sleeping pup?!).

Thanks for listening, WE!


I have a 2 year old daughter, with our 2nd baby girl on the way. The second we found out we were having another girl, I was bursting with creative energy, ready to design the girls playroom/nursery. My aesthetic gravitates towards West Elm’s natural elements and simplistic design. To say that I wish they had a baby line is an understatement. I have visions of West Elm kids and it would be a beautiful thing.


i bought a platform bed from west elm sometime around 2005. it was a model that came with the option of interchangeable velcro upholstery. somewhere down the line my bed model was discontinued. id very much appreciate the option of this interchangeable bed frame upholstery brought back.

Marjorie Flores

I would totally buy a cute vintage metal fan and linen sheets :)


nothing new apparently but i’d love to see children’s furniture!


West Elm has such a lovely aesthetic, complemented by their work with artists and makers. I would love to see both that look and philosophy carried over into an expanded pet line. The work with Billy Wolf is wonderful, but limited. I am currently looking for an understated, functional new collar and leash for my sweet dog, and would love to find it at West Elm.


More coffee table books and cookbooks! Also, as previously mentioned, stationery would be wonderful. There are a lot of local letterpress shops that would pair beautifully with the other products you currently sell.


As a renter, I wish West Elm sold a well designed light fixture that could work with or replace the standard flush mount fixture found in most apartments.


Throws made of cotton! Most of the throws at West Elm are made of acrylic, and end up pilling and looking really worn within a month or two.

Lauren Seabolt

It would be so awesome if West Elm would sell furniture for kid’s/toddlers that they could use as they grow older. Dressers, beds, textiles, etc. that are childish, but not too baby-like.


I would love to see filing cabinet from West Elm that complements the Mid-Century desk.


Honestly? This may sound a bit odd, but I wish they sold pet furniture (for cats specifically as a recently minted cat momma). There are so many horrible carpet-covered beige cat trees out there, and for once I’d like to find something that goes with my gorgeous West Elm sofa…

Kayla Cowart

I believe that West Elm does a phenomenal job on the details of a home. They not only make each votive and vase unique, but they make great tea towels and step stools, etc.

What I would like to see is more detail in bathroom organization. While they do carry great bathroom items, I would like to see a wider selection of soap/toothbrush holders, toiletry organization, waste baskets, and they can elaborate on that.


I’d love to see more outdoor hardware (lighting, mailboxes, house numbers, etc) and more everyday home good items that are classic and well built.


West Elm is great, so inspirational! Would be also nice if they sold bathroom vanities and wall cabinets, and have more choices of compact sofa-sleepers for small spaces.


I wish the sold art from local artists. I think it’s great that they’ve started teaming up with local artisans, but having a bigger platform for local artists could go a long way in making each west elm location localized to their market, as well as giving west elm shoppers the chance to support local artists and have one-of-a-kind pieces instead of mass-produced prints.


Indoor hammock chairs! I could see West Elm making some pretty cool looking stands–dark wood and a gold base like the Vonnegut bench, marbled like the Reeve coffee table, mirrored like the herringbone coffee table, or geometric like the Origami coffee table. And I bet they could upholster the crap out of the actual chairs! The poufs provide some inspiration for what these chairs could look like–bubble knitted, Moroccan weddinged, Mongolian Lambed…actually I think every version of their poufs would look awesome in a hammock chair!


I wish there was more kitchen hardware. There are lots of beautiful, ornate cabinet pulls, but they’re not as functional in kitchens as they are in living rooms, etc. I also wish there were more tea towels!


I love the West Elm aesthetic, especially the Market pieces. I would love to see that expanded beyond the kitchen — maybe some simple bedding or items for organization and cleaning.

Andrea A.

Plumbing items such as faucets and taps and handles would be nice!


What I think is great about West Elm is that they sell interesting furniture and home decor items at reasonable prices. I’m not so sure that it makes the most sense to keep expanding to provide more and more completely different items but rather to expand the current product lines to to draw in different types of consumers who like some aspects of WE currently, but not all. Offering more fabric and (perhaps) wallpaper options would do that.

I find that West Elm’s current patterns are usually very modern and overly geometric. If fabric was offered that had a more artisan or handcrafted quality to it would be great. This would also be great for people who already have mid century modern dining room chairs (or other furniture) and need to reupholster the seat cushions to achieve a modern feel. Making fabric options like this also tie in to their handcrafted and collab projects.

A few brands that have a handcrafted feel to their prints that would work well with West Elm furniture and design sensibilities are Fayce Textiles, Bookahou, Block Shop and Mio Karo.


I love West Elm and definitely get the aesthetic they are looking for. However, I feel that although the color palette is well rounded for the products they make, it is the same shade of a white wash/grey over tone for every since product. I wish colors would be richer. For example, the greens are always sage and the yellows are always mustard. I’d love to see more concentrated colors.

As far as an actual product, I would expand on the entertaining/gardening movement that is going on now. Why not provide all the products necessary for the perfect outdoor party? You sell seating, pillows and plants. But what about string lights? A fire pit? Sparklers? Disposable bamboo cutlery? Sell the ambiance/mood that people are trying to create as well. And West Elm could enter the bridal world selling cake toppers, garlands. You know, sell a kit for any and all occasions that give the put-together West Elm look in just one box.

Aaleen C

I would love to see West Elm create a personalized bar set- minimalist, but great gift idea. For example: the mixer, shaker, and glassware to match a specified alcohol preference. And take it a step further, launch a build your own bar cart deal- various casters, finishes, etc. Everyone loves a good opportunity to customize!


I’m always looking for more items Made in the U.S.A. — it’s really difficult to find furniture that’s truly green — not only made from sustainable materials. Because West Elm has increased their focus on local artists, crafters, and bloggers, I think they would do a great job curating an affordable Made in the U.S.A line. Also! I wish they still did more paint collaborations than they do now!


I wish West Elm sold a bigger version of the martini table, and a larger version of their 3X4 rolling storage, probably without the rolling.


Oh, West Elm! How you steal my heart. It would make life much easier (and more visually appealing!) if you designed furniture and decor for children. Maybe nursery items that convert into a “big kid” room. My husband and I are moving into a brownstone in Chicago and will definitely be adding West Elm elements to our new home.


I’d love temporary wallpaper. I’m a renter, and really want wall love that goes with the rest of the WE aesthetic.


More outdoor furniture options! My next project is to furnish our porch, but I’m having trouble finding attractive pieces within my budget.


Larger picture frames!! A must needed staple that is hard to find. Please supersize the gallery frame line.


Dog beds in gorgeous patterns for my living room, machine washable please.


I’d love it if West elm had some better bathroom lighting solutions. I’d love chandeliers for every room but it’s just bout practical at my house. Functional ceiling lighting for the bathroom with awesome West elm style!


I love West Elm so much- I would love to see design/DIY books. Perhaps kits on refinishing wood or other home improvement projects.


I would love to see West Elm carry a selection of hardware (specifically knobs and handles), as well as bathroom sconces.


Smaller design elements that can be incorporated with the things we already own, like hardware (drawer pulls, hooks, individual fixtures, that sort of thing). A way to bring a West Elm design feel into my home along with my already beloved vintage furnishings.

Joan matarazzo

I think it would be great to have baby linens!

Kim Mesman

Baby stuff, pet stuff could be fun, but overall I have no complaints about the variety you offer for me personally


Wallpaper for renters!!! (Since West Elm is already so good with patterns.)


I wish WE would make a Roman Shade that could be customized with different fabrics! I inherited these awful window shades with my apartment that are dying for a classy remix.


I love that WE showcases local talent at some stores, but I would also like to be able to buy these local pieces online. I support my own local as well as others.

jenni o

like many others here, I’d love to see children’s furniture and textiles. If you want modern for kids, there are only 2 mainstream choices, ikea or pottery barn. West Elm should definitely enter the mix!


Outdoor rugs (I really want a nice quality one for indoor living with kids and pets, and love their rugs). Children’s decor would be great too!


I would love for West Elm to offer a line of hardware – knobs and pulls, hinges, door knobs, doorbells, door knockers, etc.

Ashlee Wylie

I LOVE West Elm! I shop online all the time but it’s hard because I live in Kauai, HI. Not all things ship here! So I wish they would open a store here!! As for wanting things from West Elm they don’t already have…Nursury items and baby things!!!


More of a local artist concentration! I always look forward to seeing and hearing about West Elm St. Louis’ pop-up shops, etsy meet ups, and craft nights. So nice to see a large and successful company interacting with their customers on a personal level.


west elm’s aethetic would translate into an incredible line for children, a niche of contemporary mixed with the work of local and international maker’s….the aesthetic that their current customer would love to translate to a space for children. although i would be thrilled to see what they would for furniture, it could start out as a destination for crib linens and the smaller pieces. many of their current pieces work in a nursery (i recently advised a friend to get the james harrison rocker for her’ sand it looks amazing) but what if they were intentional?! they could fill a gap in the market. I’ve even got a name for the line; it’s yours if i’m chosen. ;)

Jennifer R.

There are two things that I wish West Elm would consider – nursery items and a wedding registry. When I was getting married all I wanted was West Elm, but couldn’t register. Would be fantastic!!


I wish West Elm had a wooden trunk for linens, and I would keep it at the foot of my bed for stylish storage.

Sasoon Kim

West Elm has such beautiful patterns…It would be great to see that translated into wall paper or wall/ceiling decals. Maybe there can be contest for local artists to submit their design ideas and people could vote on their favorite design/s.


I wish they sold more furniture for smaller spaces. I live in a tiny studio and everything always seems a bit too large for what I’m looking for :(


If only I could so easily find a charming eligible bachelor, preferably of the tall, dark variety, to subtly complement all the smart West Elm furnishings in my home (and who my mother would also like) as I did finding the furnishings to begin with. Get on that West Elm, could you? But kudos on your current line – love all of it!

Claudia Fuentes

Collaborations with local artists and artisans would be amazing. Tie-ins with local charities and non-profits ($ for pet shelters or designing interiors for habitat for humanity) would be the cherry on top:)

Kelly W

I wish west elm had a better supply of small -scale lighting – pendants and near flush mounts. I’m so over boob-lights and need to replace the ceiling lights in our wee foyer and hall way. I like the aesthetic of west elm and need it in light form.

Melissa Tilley

I would like to see more kitchen linens such as dish towels, tablecloths/runners, etc.


This is a tough one! I’d have to say removable wallpaper. Or maybe supplies like paint for DIY-ers.


Would love to see west elm carry children’s furniture and linens!


More practical kitchen/bathroom items: drain catchers, utensils, carts, knobs, racks, etc.


I would love to see more pet related items! Dog beds, leashes, water bowls, and especially crate covers (!!!!) would be awesome!

Greta Wesslen

Curb appeal products such as outdoor lighting, address numbers, window boxes, door knockers, mailboxes, etc. I had a hard time finding reasonably-priced, contemporary address numbers for my home, and I know if West Elm would have had some, they would have been perfect.

Erica Boyer

The one thing I wish west elm would offer is artwork. I would love to see what a curated collection of art from west elm would be, especially with the cool and modern aesthetic that touches on all of the other items that you sell!


Definitely more local art and artisans and even gallery openings with tie-ins for local non-profits (designing spaces for habitat for humanity) or charities (pet shelters, etc) would be amazing.

Elizabeth J

More child friendly stuff! Nonbreakable, easily washable, etc.


I would to see more options for wall art. My local West Elm would sell some prints/art by Alyson Fox, but it would be great to have a wider selection from established artists.

Elyse Wigen

I’d love to see some filing cabinets/file solutions


west elm’s aethetic would translate into an incredible line for children, a niche of contemporary mixed with the work of local and international maker’s….the aesthetic that their current customer would love to translate to a space for children. although i would be thrilled to see what they would for furniture, it could start out as a destination for crib linens and the smaller pieces. many of their current pieces work in a nursery (i recently advised a friend to get the james harrison rocker for her’s and it looks amazing) but what if they were intentional?! i can only image what sorts of goodness they’d come up with. they could fill a gap in the market. I’ve even got a name for the line; it’s yours if i’m chosen. ;)

Madeline Jacks

Hi! Oh man…what don’t you have already?! I know I’ve looked for garden beds (like wooden raised ones) that some other stores similar to you carry…but I don’t think West Elm does (yet…!)…


Pet supplies! It’s hard to find anything for pets that also looks nice enough to have in your home…

Courtney Whiting

I would LOVE things for babies/childrens’ rooms! I’m about to have my first little one and would love to bring the same sort of style I have in the rest of my place into that room too!!!!


Seems like they have it all! I like the idea of a pretty and simple ceiling fan!


Lots of comments about baby stuff, but I’ll get specific and say replacements for all of the plastic junk available, like exersaucers. We took a minimalist approach to the toys we offered our daughter since we didn’t want her to get overstimulated, and I would have loved a simple wooden exersaucer with a few toys made from natural materials (e.g. fabric, wood, bamboo, etc.).

Caroline V

I’d love to see smaller scale coffee tables. I love the origami coffee table, but wish there were more options for small spaces.


baby stuff! winning this would be so nice! its been financially tough and would be so great to spruce up our living space to enjoy our many staycations! :)


I wish West Elm would offer more products that I could afford. ;-)


Wallpaper would be one! I love Ferm Living’s wallpaper, and I would like to see what West Elm would do if they decide to sell some.


1. Shades or rollers that can be cut to width, 2. Extra-long length waffle weave shower curtain, 3. Bring back bathroom plumbing fixtures


Perhaps an attractive vaporizer with a line of ogranic essential oils to go with it.


I would love to see more plants at WE! I know they did a small succulent section last summer and that was awesome, but why not offer some pre-made terrariums and hanging baskets so you can pick them up, stick them on the porch or in a window (or gift them!) and be done with it without having to get your hands dirty?


Mattress pad – I LOVE their sheets, but getting an organic protector for the mattress itself would be great!


I love the vintage inspired furniture/decor at West Elm. It would be neat if they had a department featuring real vintage products that have been refurbished. It’s always refreshing to have a mix of new and old in a home.

Jennifer P

I absolutely love West Elm! My husband and I have outfitted almost our whole condo with their furniture and lots of decor :)
It would love to see a collection of notecards or stationary with their aesthetic. I love to write small notes to friends/reminders to myself and I’d love to be able to pick that up in a store I’m already in!


I mean they really have a great selection, but I would love to see more options of bar glasses (classic and more unique). Also chic pet items would be amazing!


This has been said but I agree – I wish West Elm had a larger selection of bookshelves! But that might be just because I’m shopping for some now…

Farrah Morrow

I would love to see extra large rugs – and wallpaper!


I feel like West Elm does such an incredible job with spearheading the decorating trends in Moroccan and Indonesian-inspired patterns and textiles (the lattice! the ikat!). Even furniture, in some cases. I’d love to see that exploration expanded into more African influences. It seems like everything out of Africa in the decorating world boils down to the ubiquitous Juju headdress on a wall, but there are so many more possibilities!


that’s easy. wider curtain rods. i love their style but none of their rods are wide enough for our windows.

Ronnie Mewengkang

Glow in the dark/neon plumbing light fixtures (sort of like Dan-Flavin inspired lighting) to see the bathroom/kitchen in the dark when you don’t want to startle yourself with the existing (sometimes bright) light in your bathroom or kitchen.


I wish they had kids’/nursery furniture and bedding.


I would love to see some furniture pieces for cats! Scratching posts are usually pretty terrible, but I know that West Elm would be able to make them look like a welcome part of the home.

Su L

Kids furniture – small versions of existing WE furniture for kids would be adorable and look nice in my apartment. Also, flat sheets – sometimes I don’t want/need a whole sheet set.


Kitchen cabinets. Love their aesthetic and would like stylish cabinets and countertops in their approachable price rangeS!

Kate E.

Pet items and children’s furniture … It can be really hard to find stylish pet toys, beds, etc. Maybe some made by artisans?


I wish West Elm sold design advice…. send in a photo and description of a room/space, and get help on foundation pieces that would establish a great space.


Oh I agree with the curb appeal and kids stuff suggestions. Great idea!


more books! by stylists and designers, chefs, and gardeners.

Carol Ann

I love West Elm– my wish list only includes them also selling curated vintage furniture– unique to each location/web


I’d love a signature line of items at a lower price point. Why let others knock you off, when you could do it better yourselves?


Baby furniture such as cribs and gliders would be great!

Jay O

I wish West Elm sold interior decorating classes! I love all of their products and I would adore getting some advice on how to stage a room to draw attention to the unique piece I couldn’t leave the store without.


Definitely more art which is as quirky and edgy as the cushions and furniture etc. what about quirky light switches. I remember searching for ages for something a bit different or even a cool frame thing to go round an existing light switch to jazz it up. Couldn’t find anything. The gift/registry idea is also good.

tiffany birch

Artful mobiles (and I don’t mean in the form of light fixtures) — they instantly add height to a room.


More desktop accessories and organizational products please!


We love West Elm and I wish they offered furniture and goods for children as well. Thank you for the great giveaway!


Hook a girl up with some more hardware! An interesting knob or door pull can define a piece of furniture.


I would love it if West Elm made the home equivalent of a ready-to-wear line for those furnishing an apartment on a budget. :)


I’m sure someone’s mentioned it already, but I’d love it if West Elm was able to offer less expensive furniture & home products. I’m always dragging my boyfriend to West Elm “just to look at all the pretty things” and get inspired, but unfortunately our rather small budget doesn’t allow for a majority of your furniture & decor. West Elm isn’t even that expensive, and I splurge on some West Elm when I can, but I’m sick of Ikea being all I can afford, haha!


I love all the textiles West Elm offers. I wish they offered a fabric-by-the-yard section for those of us looking to reupholster furniture :)


I love flipping through the WE catalog when it comes in the mail. Thinking back, I don’t think they need to add more to their already amazing selection of home items. What they offer is consistent with their style, and it’s not overwhelming to the customer.


I would love to see some whimsical kid furniture and lights.


Removeable wallpaper/ Wall decals would be great. Cool chair covers for kitchen table. Some kind of window tension rod that could be used as a room divider that goes past 15 feet. Renters need this.

Brian F.

Some personal-style items; eg. wallets, cool cufflinks…amybe even down to randoms like guitar straps. Basically individual style accessories.

Also, for a specific item, the log bowls made by Loyal Loot should be a staple!

Kim B

I have the cluster glass pendant. I’m also very clumsy. I wish West Elm sold replacement glass pieces for the light fixtures so I could have a couple on hand in case I break one while cleaning.

Alden Fletcher

A calendar! In the techno age I still find it very useful and inspiring to have a place to physically write my schedule, birthdays, etc., and something pretty to hang on my wall. I think West Elm could make an annual calendar with favorite illustrator’s works, or possibly a monthly DIY inspiration from different designers/bloggers. I would buy that!


There was an offset mirror (made of stainless steel I think) that they carried about ten years ago that I wish they would bring back. I loved it to death, but couldn’t afford it and still think about it after all these years.


First of all, I LOVE West Elm, and it’s tough to find something they don’t already have! There’s a small section on “small spaces” and “first apartment” but I’d love to see a whole line of products that fall under a “Studio Living” category. It would be refreshing offering to compete with ikea furniture which is typically the go to for college students and young adults just starting out.


I would love to see some sets of single shelves, with brackets. Raw edge shelving or reclaimed woods in nice finishes…maybe even raw stone (shale sheets and such). I was shopping for some nice pieces and not coming up with anything. Seems like West Elm style. :)


It would be nice to be able to customize more of the furniture pieces – like with different hardware or legs.


It would be nice to have the option to customize some furniture options with different hardware/legs.


More than selling something specific, I wish West Elm had customer reviews on their site.


I have been looking for a stylish tufted ottoman to put at the foot of my bed for storage. I would love to find in eat west elm!


A desk with a keyboard drawer. I am forever enduring my husband’s ugly desks because he is a computer engineer and needs a keyboard drawer for his workflow. Something pretty and functional would be so very welcome.


A series of clever charging stations for cell phones. The west elm accessories are so stylish, and colors so amazing, that making them into a charging station that you could customize for your own phone would be irresistible.


Floor pillows! Not poofs, just large, structured, stackable pillows

Bobina V

Beautifully designed removable wallpaper for apartments!

Jess Hartnett

I’d love to see WE do mini-collaborations with the Etsy shops that they recommend from their catalogs. i.e. Help the shop owner produce a larger amount of inventory (funding/resources) and sell these “limited edition” items through WE site.


More modular & adaptable furniture, i.e. slipcovers for chairs and sofas. I think the generation of people who typically shop at WE are younger and on the move. Smarter design is always an easy sell for me!

Jacalyn Azevedo

I would like to see furniture, lighting and drapery rods in larger size scale. Many of the items are too small (sofas, nightstands, ceiling lighting). I love a less amount of bigger pieces then more small pieces.

Erica D.

I’d love to see more collaborations with other designers, similar to the partnership with Steven Alan!


KID and BABY Furniture! We got our glider for the nursery from West Elm and feel like we hit the jackpot! what about cribs? kids play tables?

Jacky Lau

West elm should sell thermostats and air filtration hardware. They should also set up a renovation referral booth with partnered renovation companies to make it a true one stop shop for your homes!


I was on the West Elm site recently looking to see if they sold marble pastry slabs. I couldn’t find one, but I got lost in all their other great stuff! I’d love to win. My husband and I are still using towels and sheets from college. *sad trombone*


That’s a tough question! I’m going to go with tile, because I have a love affair with back splashes, and I bet West Elm would have fantastic tile.

Kelley S

Children’s furniture! I swoon at the mere thought!

Katie Romero

I love west elm! They are a great mix of woodland/rustic chic and modern. I only wish they sold more decor!


More stuff for small living spaces. My apartment is tiny, and there’s a whole movement toward living in less space for economical, ecological, and just life-simplification reasons. Wall storage that doesn’t need to be mounted (for rental situations), pieces that can be used in multiple ways, etc.


This is more of a service than a product, but I wish West Elm offered a gift registry service. West Elm offers such a unique selection of products that just aren’t offered anywhere else. When I was getting married I so wanted to register at West Elm! I know you can register at Pottery Barn and if you get gift certificates you are able to use them at West Elm but it just isn’t the same!

Lindsey Lindstrom

West Elm does EVERYTHING so well! I’d love to see them do anything they don’t already do…because their craft and styling is so perfect, I trust anything they create would be exceptional :)


I’d love to see more books and bookshelf decor options — at the end of a long week sometimes I like to treat myself to a little something, and being a librarian it often ends up being something beautiful and unique I can add to my shelf!

Nicole Crane

Definitely pet items. I would LOVE a stylish pet bed/food dishes for my cat!

Julie Edwards

Puppies! No really, how adorable would west elm puppies be? Since that’s not too realistic, what about engineered flooring? I bet you could offer some beautiful alternatives to the big box stores. What about a West Elm pre fab shed? I would save up for one of those!


West Elm has so much, but I wish they offered more of a variety of Vanity options!

Scott Murry

It would be great to expand on the collection of cocktail items. I love your glassware, serving platters and ice cubes. More is always welcome, great for get-togethers.


It would be great to see some jewelry. They’re starting to get into accessories with lovely totes and bags, but I think it’s more from the standpoint of organization than really fashion or design.

Helene Schlachter

Love West Elm! I wish you guys could come up with a simple, elegant solution on how to store and dispense mouthwash. I’m thinking glass, not plastic, perhaps like a beverage dispenser with metal spigot, only smaller, or maybe just a really nice bottle with sealing but pouring top.


Decor/bedding for kids/babies. It’s incredibly hard to find tasteful, well-made items that don’t have cartoon characters or are a color other than pink or blue. I know you can find those items in bigger cities easily, but as someone who lives in a small city (but still appreciates accessible, good design), being able to buy these kinds of things online would be so helpful.

caitlin suttich

I love all things West Elm, but I’d love to be able to purchase locally produced decor / entertaining items.

It would be really fun for certain landmark stores like San Francisco, New York, Austin, etc. to have a certain section in their store OR online for customers to purchase USA local items that fit the West Elm esthetics!

For example, feature SF local art, kitchenware pieces, prints and fabrics, soaps or neat light fixtures and much more!

I would love to feel an even deeper connection to my own West Elm store and the local community that surrounds it!


More items for storage like stackable boxes that are larger than those for jewelry etc….


I wish West Elm sold wide bamboo or grass cloth privacy screens for balconies and patios. Your outdoor collection is beautiful but for those of us in urban areas, our outdoor spaces could use a little zen, natural material screening to help us make the most of our little gardens. I think WE could make some beautiful pieces like this!

Judy Creed

Simple.. Bird Houses and Bird Cages… Bring alittle of the outdoors in…rustic, traditonal and even a little abstract.

Susan Brinson

I noticed someone said dog stuff. I agree. More pet beds and collars. There was some really cute pet totes, how about nice dog bowls?

Window Hardware! One company has this market cornered, but wow, is it ever expensive. Love to see a lot of diversity in this category. One simple thing I can’t find, nice looking tension rods. Or a company that carries a full range where you can use similar hardware throughout the entire house.

Case Goods! Really nice storage and display cases. Look at traditional design from victorian times of even the 1950s. We need a revival!

If ya’all ever want ideas for Pottery Barn (which I love, love, love) I have a list of about 50 items. I have a lot of ideas…

Judy Creed

Simple- bring more outdoors in with bird houses abd bird cages, rustic, traditonal evern abstract…


More cute eco-friendly cleaning products, maybe like a kit in a cute bucket that would fit under my sink.


I would love to see West Elm sell plumbing fixtures. I can only imagine that I would immediately need to update our current set if this became a reality.


A clearinghouse section of all their products that are about to go out of stock forever. I have bought several things from West Elm that I’ve loved, only to need a replacement in a few years and not be able to get one (bath mats, towels, etc.). If I had known the product was going away permanently, I would’ve stockpiled! :) (And I know they often sell overstock in their outlets, but I don’t have one anywhere nearby…) Love West Elm!


I would love to see more items for renters. Removable wallpaper and shelving that won’t do too much damage to walls. Thank you!


It would be great if you could have a USA made section calling out all your product made here!

Andrea B

I would love to see some children’s options but with the West Elm aesthetic– nothing too cutesy/precious but suitable for kids size-wise. I love West Elm and have so much W.E. stuff in my house — a $500 gift card would be put to good use!


More hardware items would be nice. But I really think West Elm carries everything my heart and home desires :D

Johari Huggins

Not exactly a sale item, but I wish West Elm created an AirBnB listing—a place as beautifully designed as their brick-and-mortars. Each listing could feature designs and decor from various local artists, supporting the community and fostering new product relationships. I’d rent one out in every city I traveled!

Judi in Tinton Falls

West Elm has access to such unusual fabrics. I’d love to see a fabric by the yard option, so that we could expand on our choices.


I would love West Elm to sell items for children’s spaces! I have been desperately trying to create a chic, modern but child-friendly play space and I would love to incorporate the West Elm look!

Sam F

Ooh, that’s a tough question. But I guess I would say, maybe, fabric? I would also like to see more wall art in various price ranges.


This is quite specific: your bamboo magnetic dry erase board in larger/different shapes and sizes! To help out the organizationally challenged.

Ramya K

Multiple options as add-on pieces/accesories! West elm sells pretty much everything I would want. I wouldn’t want them to diversify in to too many different spaces while there’s still room for improvement within their existing portfolio.

To me personally, WE is the next logical step from IKEA. I used IKEA while still in school and as a new grad through the first small rental apt with my husband. Now that we’ve both been earning for a while, we yearn to change up the cookie cutter IKEA look and bring in some custom look pieces that are modern, trendy yet still classic – pieces that can transition in to our to be purchased home. This is where WE excels. But within the wide variety, the ability to add a custom touch to a piece without resorting to DIY solutions is sorely lacking. There’s enough inspiration out there to DIY but for folks who do not want to invest the time/engery/effort in that, having multiple options ready to go with their ready to go purchases would be awesome. The opportunities could be endless. Dressers/storage with multiple options for knobs/handles. Shelving with different styles of brackets and in different finishes that can be purchased as one piece. Wall racks/pegs with different types of hooks that can be mixed and matched (I almost always like a particular style of WE wall rack, with hooks from another WE rack product so I end up putting off the purchase). Small changes that can make a big impact!

For those of us who are not in to spray paint, glue guns, staple guns, what have you.. it would be great to have some options within the existing style of the furniture and products we love so much! Not to mention the huge appetite for it. :)


I agree with other commenters that I’d like to see West Elm market expanded. I live in a very small apartment with very little closet space, so my broom/vaccuum/mop bucket/etc. are all out in the open. What I’d give for a mop that doesn’t make me cringe every time I look in that corner of the kitchen!


I wish West Elm had a West Elm Babies and Kids section. West Elm nursery furniture that can grow with you child or a Mid-Century Bunk Bed for siblings who share a room(like my daughters ;) ) Can you just imagine an acorn colored tapered legged bunk-bed???..swoon!


Kid stuff! Kid bedding and general decor to give my kids simple + stylish looks to match the rest of the house.


A bigger kitchen for me to put all their stuff in. Zing! But really, I’m always looking for a range of coffee presses and drip cones, as well as tea infusers.

barbra stevens

More great designs for family living, i.e. durable home decor beyond textiles (vases, planters, bowls, lighting, frames, candle holders, etc). These could be used in shared spaces as well as kids rooms.


I love their furniture, but I wish they also carried furniture in a lower price range!


George Clooney and the red chair on page 38 of their March catalog.

Elyse G.

I would love for West Elm to carry more items for pets (i.e. dog beds).


I would like to see DIY kits, where you can take a west elm design and your own personnel touch to an item. Like Shibori dying kit for pillow covers. Or ways to photo transfer onto dinnerware, accent your own wreath, dip dye lanterns, mobiles, chimes, hanging planters, concrete planters, house numbers, all where you can add your own touch to something with a classic and innovative design.


I would have to say more seasonal items. Specifically holiday decor!


The raw edge coffee table they used to sell!!! Bring it baaaaack

Danielle M

Artisan Collaboration Series: work with a designer or artist to curate current products that West Elm already sells by allowing an artist to give it a fresh look or incorporate a new design element. This way West Elm doesn’t have to produce a brand new product, but build upon your existing style.


I like the idea of being able to customize some of the furniture like a selection of drawer handles to choose from or legs for sofas


I’d love to see West Elm offer slip cover options for their (non-tufted) furniture. I have many a friend who loves their WE sofa or chair only to have the upholstery torn by an errant pet, or spilled on by human or beast and requiring more than just a spot cleaning… It’d be fantastic to have the option for fitted covers, in great fabrics (obviously!) for all of the WE furniture to help that investment last or change up the look for a lower cost.

Elizabeth Addy

I wish West Elm would carry items related to children such as bedding, pillows, and lamps. I also would love more basic cleaning items on the lines of the wooden handle brushes, brooms, dustbins, etc that are attractive but essential tools.

Anna K

More hardware with things like attractive brackets for shelves. Or furniture pieces separate so you could customize- these legs with that top, etc.

Dawn Warfield

When we moved to Brooklyn, we went to West Elm to find everything that we couldn’t get at thrift / vintage stores – a sleeper sofa, duvet, a beautiful broom, etc. When you live in a tiny apartment, everything is out in the open, so you don’t want just a broom, you want something that you won’t have to stuff in the (shoebox-sized) closet when your friends come over. I loved that I could find my Berea College broom on West Elm’s website…I may never have heard of them, otherwise.

It would be great if West Elm had a more tailored online Market that featured a seasonal, curated collection of products that might be hard to find otherwise. For example, I’ve recently been searching for a simple, well-made pepper grinder. I found one made by a French company that doesn’t ship to the U.S. In another season, you could feature a mix of pet products either handmade in the U.S. or by a brand renowned in its home country, and introduce the name to your market.


Independently designed clothing and jewelry with a similar aesthetic to the housewares!

Alyssa S

Like so many others – I wish West Elm sold more nursery options! Cribs, rocking chairs, changing tables, etc. I would love pieces that could grow with my child and become and heirloom for them.

Julia K

Removable wallpaper / wall decals! Indoor/outdoor rugs would be great too. Natural fibers are great in most rooms, but there aren’t a lot of stylish rot-proof rugs out there for bathrooms and terraces.

adrienne k

It would be amazing if West Elm sold craft cocktails while I walked around and shopped. It’s one of those stores that I can wander around and around for over an hour, and it would be fun if part of my shopping experience, involved sipping on a West Elm inspired cocktail.


Its not exactly something they could sell but I really wish they had a wedding registry! I love West Elm and it would have been awesome to be able to register with them.


I would love to see more options for apartment renters (IE removable wallpaper, beautiful shelving that’s easy to move from place-to-place). Love Design Sponge and thank you, West Elm!


Pot holders! You have a section called “oven mitts and pot holders” but it only contains oven mitts!


I wish West Elm would sell a boyfriend to go along with the beautiful home goodies – a boyfriend with a rugged beard and a propensity for reclaimed wood, maybe? ;-)


Pot holders! You have a section called “oven mitts and pot holder” but it only contains oven mitts :(

Alex Mutch

i really wish that west elm had some beautifully designed paper products – stationary, greeting cards, and all of the other accompaniments to make west elm gifting even better.


More containers for organizing and small storage (Make-up, knick-knacks, mail, jewelry, etc.) that are also attractive. In a small apartment, it is essential that everything has its right place, but when one also lacks conventional storage space, it would be nice if the organizational tools were just as beautiful as everything else West Elm makes..


Pretty excited Westelm is now in Sydney. I’d like to see pjs preferably 100% cotton jersey which is now impossible to find here. Also 100% cotton comforters (which we like to call doonas). American Vintage odds and ends would go down well here also. Thanks for listening to the customer.


Children’s bed linens and furniture would be fantastic.


West Elm has a great platform to build up the outreach available to local talent. I would love to see a ‘Local Artisan’ section supporting small businesses from the region surrounding each store. From a personal standpoint, I think it’d be great to walk into the Salt Lake West Elm and be able to purchase a textile tapestry from ‘Susie’ down the block, a print from ‘so-and-so’, or a wax candle representative of the Utah beehive insignia.


A design service, perhaps? Like a personal shopper for furniture with a record of what you already own and your favorite items.


I would love to see outdoor patio items for smaller spaces. Most stores only sell large bulky outdoor furniture options for huge backyards.

Lizzie Lewis

West Elm has so much that it would be hard to name something they don’t have. That being said, wall decals would be awesome. And pet stuff (but that’s only because I’m a crazy cat lady).


Wow, this is a really good question. Maybe jewelry? It doesn’t really seem like there is anything really missing from the offerings. I’d probably suggest maybe a line that’s less expensive.


I love everything at West Elm, and wanted to register there for my wedding, sadly they don’t do registries yet. So the one thing they “should sell but don’t” would actually be a registry to sell all their amazing selection of goods and furniture.


It’s difficult to think of something they don’t already sell! I would love to see how the West Elm aesthetic would be translated to a children’s line.


Definitely textiles/fabrics that they sold in the store!


More masculine bedding options — and that includes coverlets, large blankets, etc. In other words, not just duvet covers. I’ve been trying to find something to update my boyfriend’s (a.k.a. the human heater) bed for ages now, and everything that seems like it might work is too heavy for him. He’s a design nerd, so the plain stuff is too plain for him, and all the interesting prints and patterns seem to be in colors that appeal more to women. Le sigh.

Susan Davis

Outdoor Lighting! I know West Elm sells an outdoor light string but I’m talking pendant and sconce outdoor lamps. It is so hard to find stylish and well designed outdoor fixtures and I’d love to see what West Elm would offer for modern and traditional homes alike.


It would be great if they featured elms from the East and not just the West.


I’m preparing for the arrival of a baby very soon, and I would love it if West Elm carried stuff for nurseries. I love their clean, mid-century style, and I think it would be great to find pieces like this for a more modern and neutral nursery.

Karen koenig

I definitely vote hardware! House numbers, knobs, outlet covers, etc… Also would love to see the spine bookshelves come back, or wall mounted spine shelves! Even better! Shaped bookshelves?! Also, slipper chairs! I can never find a cool slipper chair for my small bedroom and the one I have now is on its last legs!
And wallpapers! A whole range of cool, elegant wallpapers would be amazing!

Dominique Christoffersen

Outdoor lighting. It is so hard to find cool outdoor lighting that doesn’t break the bank but also keeps that great West Elm vibe.

Dominique Christoffersen

Outdoor lighting. It’s hard to find outdoor lighting that doesn’t break the bank but also has a cool/unique factor that people have come to expect from West Elm


I love the West Elm aesthetic but I have a couple of things that I would love to see. For starters the ability to register vs. the wishlist! When I got married last fall, I had to make a wishlist that just wasnt as convenient as a registry and there was so much I wanted! Also, more affordable and mobile storage for renters.

Katie C

The unique and simple style of W.E. is UNDENIABLE. As an artist, I LOVE your print selection (it’s fabulous). I’d love to see artists featured, such as pop up shops with original works available for limited time. West Elm has always been a style leader and for such an established retailer to offer these limited “fun” sales would be a great way to be on the forefront of new and fresh original work. Who doesn’t love one of the kind!

Laura S.

I would love to see a combination bed that can be turned into a desk or dining table. This would be great for both small apartments/offices/college students.


I wish they’d have a children’ s section and would sell more hardware

Sara S

Stylish slip covers! In similar fabrics as their bed linens, towels and rugs-obviously;) I have a wing back chair that has dark maroon fabric showing through its boring white slip cover. And it was SO difficult finding that one anyway!


I love West Elm!! I recently purchased a rug and setee from there! I wish they had more options for sheets. The ones they have are nice, but sometimes not what I’m looking for.

Jerry Rose

I would love to see West Elm sell reconditioned vintage furniture in collaboration with industry designers. It could be a auction style one piece a month deal, with sofas and chairs in new updated fabrics. Have a small write up about the designer of the piece and raise awareness of the designers and furniture manufactures that paved the way for the objects that occupy our home today.


I wish West Elm sold complete kits for kitchens and bathrooms – cabinets, vanities, counter tops, sinks, shower stalls, bathtubs, fixtures, etc. I would LOVE to be able to create my own custom designed West Elm kitchen and/or bathroom!!


I LOVE West Elm. L.O.V.E I go into the stores frequently and just gasp at about every single thing that’s in there.

I would love to see more paper organizers. Even with my efforts to make as little waste as possible, I find that I’m accumulating more and more papers than I really know how to deal with!

I also snooped on the other comments, and saw this, but if this means that they might start carrying it, i’ma say it again! Dog beds! Specifically some cave type of bed that my little mini doxie ill love

Paige Posladek

West Elm is great at working with local artists and makers–I would love to see more of their products sold in the actual stores. Also, hardware! I’m always inspired by West Elm’s architectural design elements. It would be nice to bring that to the pieces of furniture I already own in hopes of creating a more cohesive look with my West Elm pieces and vintage furniture.


Food- that way I could essentially live in a WE store and never ever leave! Honestly, I think the collection is at the perfect size right now. Not ikea overwhelming but not super sparse and limiting either. Keep on keepin on!

Emily Marshall

West Elm, what would it take to find some talented wood or metal artisans to design unique wall light switch plates? These simple pieces contribute a sense of energy (no pun intended, ha!) to the room each time a switch is flipped; they are a simple and easily changeable accessory to fit the season or whim!

Hayley Nickerson

Pajama sets! A la Pine Cone Hill… but with a West Elm twist!

Kayla F.

I wish west elm would sell more pet accessories like beds, bowls, leashes/collars, and just general pet decor.

Chelsea T

Wallpaper! I love West Elm’s aesthetic and use of pattern – wallpaper only seems like a natural extension of that.

Also, more 9×6 rugs :)


Because it’s on my mind right now, outdoor lighting fixtures! We’re adding a covered patio to our house right now, and West Elm lighting would be just the right style and budget for us.


I wish West Elm carried BABY NURSERY FURNITURE!!! Baby’s room needs to be just as nice as the rest of the west elm house.


More hardware and floating shelf options! I see some other people are commenting dresses and clothing. That could be an interesting offering that seems to be a natural extension of the West Elm style!


The pet stuff that West Elm currently offers is great, but more would be better. Pet dedicated or pet friendly furniture in the West Elm style would be appreciated.

Amanda mccabe

Vinyl record storage with style. Finding good mass record storage is difficult. Especially with drawers! Not everyone wants to use ikea shelving but it’s usually the only option.


That’s tough, maybe wallpaper? West Elm carries a lot of stuff!


A canvas tent! I’m dying to put one up in my backyard for summer camping and entertaining and I can visualize the type of tent WE would offer… maybe someday?


I would like to see more options for pets! West Elm does a fantastic job of bringing on-trend design to the market at an affordable price… I would love to see you guys do this (at least a little bit more) for the pet market, too!


I wish you would sell kids’sized furniture. Beds, desks, etc. :) maybe some artwork!
Otherwise I LOVE West Elm and keep up the great work!!

Amber G.

I would love to see more items designed for small spaces, and more hardware!

Krista G.

Custom custom custom is the name of the game! I think there are a number of items that West Elm could make easily more custom, and do so at scale. I think the demand and price point for something custom like that more than warrants the work that could be done to provide those products! It will something that will keep those of us that love West Elm buying custom products with West Elm rather than having to reach out for them elsewhere :).


I would love to see more stuff for pets and children. West Elm is does a fantastic job at bringing on-trend pieces to market at an affordable price, and I would love to see you guys branch into this segment more!


This is very specific but I would love some more outdoor décor options, specifically pillows. It is so hard to find nice outdoor pillows that don’t look cheap, or cost too much!


can you reinvent the slip cover – so it stays put – looks chic


Garden tools! rubber boots, more sustainable products – maybe a whole section of “green” or recycled items, artwork from local artists (per region in the US?), curated stone or porcelain tiles for bathrooms/ kitchens (could rotate similar to an art collection…so that everyone’s backsplash doesn’t look the same ;)) Maybe a well-being/ healthy living section that includes yoga mats, totes, and water bottles. Oh, and more WE outlet stores!! Because even your out of season/ discontinued items are fab!


Stationary! I love West Elm’s style and I love that they are partnering with artists to do all kinds of things. Last Christmas I was at the mall and wanted to pick up some really cool, fun Christmas cards and the other stores in the mall wouldn’t cut it. I was looking for something “West Elm style” and ended up having to wait and get some from Paper Source instead. Thank you notes, Christmas cards, birthday cards…I could totally get into that.


I wish West Elm had nursery furniture and bedding!!! We’re expecting our first in October and I’d love to incorporate the WE aesthetic into our little peach’s room.


Simple, not too expensive jewelry would be great. I need some earrings and rings stat.

Daniel Nguyen

I would love to see more integration with some classic designer like Eames, George Nelson…ect. I love the mixing pieces, rather than just having everything from one store.


I love the design aesthetic of West Elm- modern with beautiful natural materials. However, the price point can often be a little out of reach for my grad-student budget. I wish West Elm carried furniture options for a little less. Also I would love to have West Elm hardware to dress up flea market finds.


Individual stair treads! Every version I’ve seen is either ugly or expensive or both! Help me out west elm!


I so appreciate West Elm’s dedication to more transparency in the production process of their goods – here’s to even more of that, and more Made in the U.S.A. products as well! I also think they would do a fabulous job on a line of children and baby goods.


I would love to see a wallpaper line. West Elm seems to always have the pattern or color of whatever it is that I’m searching for… why not cover my walls in it too!


As spring approaches, albeit slowly, I’m craving a beautifully designed hammock that is easily hung up and taken down, without permanent installation required. Also, a cabana set up for outside – for privacy, shade for children, or just a great nap and reading spot would recreate the cozy cabanas found in South Beach hotels.


I would like to see more eco-friendly or sustainable furniture and accessories. Would be awesome. Or even a collaboration with Flor. West Elm would have some awesome patterns and graphics to offer Flor.


Maybe I just have weddings on the brain recently but I would love to see what they would do for wedding table top decor and hanging paper decorations!


Anyone who could design a litter box that doesn’t look as horrible as a litter box i will happily give my money to. That goes for scratching posts, furniture covers, anything pet related (but easy on the eyes) would be a category id be interested in.


I wish West Elm had a children’s furniture and textiles line, with the same clean aesthetic that characterizes the rest of their collection but with a more colorful and youthful vibe.


There are so many good ideas already listed. How about having a photographer doing portraits kind of like Sears and Kmart did in the 80’s (or maybe still do)but cool West Elm style. Maybe you can have a weekly revolving studio of local artist that make personalized art for people. Like Mondays could be the cheesy/cool portraits, the next day could be a sketch artist that does family or pet portraits, the next day could be someone who does silhouette cameos. This would just be the next step in connecting customers with local artist curated with West Elm’s style.


I would love to see a more budget-friendly selection of furniture.

Samantha H

I would love for them to carry chic office supplies!


I’d love if they carried storage/organization pieces. Also, more kid-friendly furniture!


A canvas tent – for backyard sleepovers and entertaining!


Plants. I would love to see a selection of indoor plants.


I have been looking for half round rugs for my entryway and can’t find them anywhere! Would love to have them in a West Elm style…


It would be cool if the folks at west elm collected and sold some one-of-a-kind vintage items. I’m sure a lot of the people in that company have a really good eye, and many of them are probably expert shoppers, scouring antique and consignment shops to decorate their own homes. So the skills and the opportunity are already there.


Pet products! Specifically those cat condos/ towers! Surely there is a better solution than wood covered in carpet.


I love West Elm! I wish they had more lighting options and more shelving options.


I would love to see more kids and baby furniture. I know there are daybeds and white pieces, but as we’re thinking of expanding our family, my husband and I would like to incorporate West Elm’s clean design aesthetic into a child’s room, but still have it be a bit whimsical.


Pet items! Pretty cat beds and scratching posts that don’t make my house look like a crazy cat lady lives there


Honestly looking at the site seems like they have everything, but having children furniture would be a great bonus!


I was going to say stylish modular storage.. but then i discover that they have it. Kinda a little too excited about this

Sunshine Stephens

I wish West Elm sold fabric by the yard, pet beds (made with sturdy, graphic fabric and washable please) and modern children’s (pre-teen sizing up to a 14) and women’s clothing. Love West Elm!

Taryn McCabe

I love the wallpaper that West Elm carries. I wish there were more installation items – like tiles. I would use them as a detail embellishmentin an actual tile project (kitchen, bath or outdoor stairs) or even individually as trivets/coasters. It’s exciting to see how seamlessly all the various components at WE interact together. I would love to see tiles in the mix!

Rachel Rodriguez

I wish West Elm sold clothes. They already procure so many wonderful and stylish home wares, I feel like their selection in women’s clothes would be amazing.

Heather A

More space saving/double duty furniture for small living spaces.


West Elm is one of my favorite stores — they sell so many things and such great collections it’s hard to say, but maybe more variety in their hardware department, like unique knobs and things like that, so you could customize your furniture or update old pieces.


I wish West Elm sold a line of furniture at lower price points. I have big style and a tiny budget. And, I mean teeny tiny.


Dear West Elm,
Thank you for all the wonderful things you carry! What do you think about providing some chic bar accessories and trinkets?

Alex Stoll

I would love to see West Elm hardware and plumbing fixtures!!!

Sara R.


I would love a few things – more hardware-type items would be wonderful (iron table legs, for instance) but also I think West Elm could sell some cool tech items.

I find that when I am looking for a new electronic, such as speakers, the reviews tend to focus on all aspects but the aesthetic. It would be nice for West Elm to pre-curate a list of good electronics that are both pleasing on the eye and worth their salt. Since West Elm seems to be a use/design/budget trifecta, I think carrying a few unique electronic items could go a long way. Also, there are a lot of smaller, great electronics brands that aren’t easily searchable on google. If West Elm could find some of those pieces I would be grateful.


West Elm has everything I would ever want for my home, though I wish there was an outlet store nearby (or some more affordable pieces)!

Kate Franco

Home fragrances! I would love for my home to smell like a West Elm photo shoot looks!

Roxanne R.

Like many others, I would love to see some beautiful pet furniture. shelves for cats to run on, little houses, beds.

Samantha Stanaway

I would love if West Elm sold a narrow profile sofa that was 32 inches deep or less. Every inch counts for those of us with small living spaces. :)


I would love to see West Elm carry artwork that was carefully curated to match the aesthetic! Perhaps stores could carry work by artists from their respective regions. I would love to support local artists, but it can be challenging to find things that would fit my decorating style.


They have almost everything I’ve ever searched for. I would like to see a better quality jewelry box. I opened one in the store & it broke in my hand!

Sharon Wills

We now have West Elm in Melbourne, Australia, YAY!!!!
Such a gorgeous, stylish, timeless range of furniture & decor all of which I love, so the only addition for me (as a first time mum to be with a designer aesthetic) would be a beautiful, mid-century styled baby cot to work in perfectly with your existing chests of drawers xx

Sarah Rose

As an artist, I think it is so important that consumers support their local artists rather than buying generic art. I think it would be wonderful if West Elm would partner with local artists to have an in-store art section customized to each region. It would provide customers with the chance to buy unique and beautiful work for their homes, as well as helping young emerging artists in the community.


What does West Elm NOT carry? Pet stuff would be cool. Maybe a really well designed pet bed that would save many of us from looking at sad oversized pillows.


I would like to see curtains in prints that weren’t only graphic print. I have a curtain weakness and lust after many of Anthro’s prints, but the price!

I have two sets of West Elm curtains (maize chevron and slate stripes) and they were so affordable and a great quality: good weight fabric, bold color, etc. that I would love to be able to purchase there more variety of styles.


Kid’s stuff for sure. We’ve outfitted pretty much our whole apt with West Elm and couldn’t be happier with how everything looks and functions…if only we could do the same for our daughter’s room.


I absolutely love everything at West Elm! I think I’d like more bookcase or bookshelf options.

Hannah Mayhew

I wish west elm sold trendy & beautiful camping supplies, more hardware, & more lighting.

Sam Solis

I adore West Elm! I would love to see them add home fixtures-knobs, drawer pulls, etc. Just little touches that can give your already existing items some WE flair.


I wish each west elm had featured artworks by local artists. I know west elm supports small business and small shops, but it would be awesome to go into a local west elm and purchase some regional artwork (or neighborhood-ish) for the NYC stores. Maybe there could be a submission process similar to a gallery– email of artworks and part of the designers time could be to buying artwork!

Daniela Olmedo

That question took me a minute but then I realized that even West Elm can get better. I’d say as one of your clients and style-like designer, fixing up children rooms can get interesting since there is not much available besides blue and pink. Your Earth inspired palette can be so useful and offer diversity. I also wish to see more art on the walls, maybe special collections that have just 100 pieces each in the country. The clients like to feel that their home is being taken care of and treated as a unique project, so limited editions ALWAYS work!
Please keep on with the awesome work!

Alexia Szabo

Outdoor lighting and hardware… and different size options for bath rugs (it’s so hard to find a bath runner). LOVE LOVE LOVE West Elm! Wish I could afford to redo my entire home with their products!


I would like to see some great West Elm designs in kids items!


I wish West Elm sold slip covers for some of their furniture pieces. that way I could easily change the look of my living room.


West Elm Kids! Baby and Children’s bedding, furniture, toys, etc. Sustainable, non toxic, thoughtfully designed, suitable to grow with your child. The possibility for collaborations with small children’s designers is limitless.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen photo albums or photo organization ideas (other than frames) offered by WE. Would love to see what they come up with!


I wish West Elm sold tiles so I could tile my home with their modern yet rustic aesthetic that I love so much.


I wish West Elm sold cat resistant furniture (claws + hair).


Love West Elm as is, but I’d love to see them carry beautiful unique wallpapers.

Teneka K

I love the fact that West Elm brings us some of the world’s greatest treasures, but I would love to see them incorporate floor tiles and jewelry pieces as well. I could see it being an amazing opportunity for your display teams to wow us even more with some gorgeous pieces that shine.


Bathroom Vanities. They have such a wonderful selection of modern furniture for ever room except the bathroom. It would really be nice to see that design in vanity pieces.


I wish West Elm carried a larger selection of table linens with interesting fabrics!


I absolutely love West Elm’s international collabs… I really hope we’ll get to see one with Japanese textiles and tools!

Stephanie Haley

I’d love to see doorknobs/handles and other hardware. Or, a good small spice rack!!


I like how West Elm already supports artists and independent sellers, so it would be great to see each West Elm location stock a selection of pieces made by artists in that city, or even that country.

Rikki Rogers

I would love more things for my son’s room. Everything they sell is so cute but some toddler or young boy decorations would be awesome!


I wish West Elm (or anyone) had modern looking rugs designed for use in front of the kitchen sink. Stain resistant, machine washable, and non-slip backing of some sort would be extra nice. I’ve tried using a bath mat with a rug pad, it just doesn’t work very well. There are products out there designed for this purpose, but I’ve yet to find one that I think looks good enough to take home.


Anything for beautiful for babies: baby dogs AND baby humans! And how about a west elm designer paint series?

Danny Stine

I would like to see more reclaimed, repurposed furniture. I love old antiques and that would be an awesome addition also.


REMOVABLE SOFA COVERS!!!!!! I’m one of those people who likes darker furniture in the winter and lighter during the warmer months, so being able to change the cover would be AWESOME. I just bought a house and am buying two West Elm couches so that I can rotate the couches in the sitting room/main living area depending on the season. Crazy? Kinda.


Curated restored used furniture would send a good message, environmentally, and save people the time it takes to find old pieces.


I wish West Elm sold design services, helping you combine their products with your style. Love everything West Elm :)


Decorative mobiles to suspend over a dining table, bed, or baby’s crib. They are so calming to watch and immediately transform a space.


I have had the hardest time finding a futon cover made of nice quality fabric. I think West Elm could really come out with some great pattern options with different textures. (like tweed perhaps!)

Julie Choquette

Woven roman window shades & furniture hardware!


A nursery collection. I use your furniture for my kids already, but before when they were in cribs, I would have loved to shop West Elm for them!


Perfectly fitting slip covers for all of the upholstered furniture.

andrea bautista

I would love if West Elm would sell dog beds and water/food bowls. In my household (and probably a lot of others) these items are part of our furniture. It would be great if I my pets beds would offer the same amount of eye appeal that all other west elm products offer.


I really love West Elm designs. I have been waiting for the day when I will be able to purchase a sectional from them. That being said, I wish West Elm would sell non down-filled options for their sofas/sectional that are labeled down filled. I have a particular friend that is allergic to down and would love to pick a piece that I love and be able to entertain people with this allergy.


I wish you sold Billyballs (aka Craspedia), original art, custom frames and eco (glass?) countertops. Wish you had more light fixtures and huge cactus plants! :)


I love West Elm! I wish they sold other desk and cabinet storage options that coordinate in various sizes. And pillows without button closures, odd but I would go pillow crazy with the West Elm patterns if they zippered shut instead. It’s better for pets not to chew, etc.


Heirloom baby toys. I think West Elm would do a great collection of wooden treasures for little ones!


It’d be great if West Elm sold dried flowers and air plants. More pet supplied. Oh, and please bring back the blue colorblock planters.

Jade Sheldon-Burnsed

Before my husband was my husband and we decided to move in together, I REFUSED to move in until we could go out and pick out new bedding and upgrade from the awful blankets his mother had lovingly but mistakenly picked out for him. We found the most beautiful set from West Elm, so you can say that West Elm really marked a milestone in our relationship. Now, 7 years later (including nearly 2 years of marriage) we just moved into a new home and are looking to fill it with beautiful pieces. Of course West Elm is one of out first stops. West Elm has been there since we decided to live our lives together and now I’m hoping it will be there as we journey into growing our family. I’d love to see cribs, bedding, whimsical lamps and decorations that are classic but modern that seamlessly fit in with the rest of West Elm’s aesthetic.

Jennie Slagerman

I love West Elm, oh how I do!
I gawk over their website, so fabulous, woohoo!!

Would be great if they had things for kiddos and tots,
or a more inexpensive line, I would buy lots and lots.

They’ve got the style, the vibe, the look.
But to woo me even more, add some things to the book.

Wallpaper, fabric, more knobs and hooks.
Things to spice up a place and get envious looks.

Overall I would say that West Elm has it right,
but a few simple additions would be such a delight!

So please consider my small little poem.
I hope to win, so I can spruce up my home!

Danny Stine

I would love to see more reclaimed, repurposed wood furniture. Also antiques would be a great addition.


Wall paper for sure. I would to see some beautifully designed West Elm wallpaper!


I love West Elm, but I would love if they had more stuff for kids. The Marketplace and their support of independent artists would be ideal for this!


more american made furniture and objects. (but they do have everything already!)


I know that West Elm sells a select few food items, but I think it’d be wonderful if West Elm partnered with organizations around the world, such as MercyCorps or Freedom from Hunger, to sell eco-friendly grains, jams, etc and have a portion of the proceeds go to charity. What a great way to raise awareness for an important global issue!


It was difficult to think of something, but I decided pet products. In particular, I find there’s a dearth of affordable, design-conscious cat products: bowls, trees, scratching posts, beds, etc. Yes, I’m an unabashed crazy cat lady, but I’d like to be a stylish one at least!

Jennie Slagerman

I love West Elm, oh how I do!
I gawk over their website, so fabulous, woohoo!

Would be great if they had things for kiddos and tots,
or a more inexpensive line, I would buy lots and lots!

They’ve got the style, the vibe, the look.
But to woo me even more, add some things to the book.

Wallpaper, fabric and more knobs and hooks.
Things to spruce up a place and get envious looks.

Overall I would say that West Elm has it right,
but a few simple additions would be such a delight!

So please consider my small little poem,
I hope to win, so I can spruce up my home.


I agree with something for pets! <3 And maybe outdoor games like Bocce, Jenga, bean bag toss, etc…


I know West Elm already sells a select few food items on their site, but I would love to see West Elm partner with charity organizations, such as MercyCorps or Freedom from Hunger, and sell eco-friendly and healthy food such as grains, pastas, jams, salsas, coffee, etc with a portion of the proceeds from each sale going to charity. It’d be a great way to bring awareness to such an important global issue!


I am always drawn to interesting, well made toys for children.

Josée Gaudreault

I would like to find more products designed for small living, mini condo! Also simple key pieces for tiny budget new owners (of small condo!!). Thanks! Your products are such a great inspiration for me!! Josée


Definitely more moderately priced options… that is the only addition I could offer, as you sell such an amazing array of things I want!


I would LOVE to see baby/children’s bedding. There are already great decor options that would work in a nursery, but a subtle, cute kid’s bedding collection would be great.

Chelsea Taylor

My husband and I purchased the Morocco Bed right after our honeymoon. In nine years, it has survived moves to four different states and seen us welcome two children! I love our bed.

And now, as I am knee deep in redecorating my kids’ nursery, I think the one thing West Elm needs to add to its repertoire is children’s furniture. I really wish West Elm made affordable, adjustable bed frames that transitioned from a toddler to twin size- and all compatible with the twin headboard options.


i would love baby furniture from west elm- pottery barn baby line is a little too chic for my taste!


Oh, I’d love some kiddo and baby room decor, bedding, furniture… mostly because I’m waiting for a bun to come out of my oven-body and I’m pretty obsessed with finding cute stuff in a clean, modern, simple and stylish style for her space. I’d love to see what you guys could come up with :)


I wish West elm sold the dunham sectional in more upholstery choices, I would LOVE some high performance white options! And even a tight slipcover might be a nice offering. I also think hardware (knobs, pulls, etc) would be a great addition. But honestly there’s easily $5k worth of items I would love to have so you’re doing a good job! :)


I think West Elm already had such a wide variety of great products; I do wish they sold more furniture specifically for small spaces/apartment living.


I’d love to see West Elm curate their favorite “lifestyle” type books – cookbooks, architecture, crafty/DIY, photography, even fashion. Or even a line of West Elm-branded books written by their buyers/designers/etc.

Erin L. Hunt

I would love to see high design+ cost effective peices for the young graduate living in a new apartment or first home. As a design graduate I find myself dreaming about modern peices that are sometimes too out of reach for my college budget. I seek out philosophies akin to that of the Eames family, where everyone deserves to have a well crafted and beautiful investment at an affordable cost. I also hope that the peices transition into a well rounded collection that stands the test of time from a design point of view: form and function. As a young designer, I find that my living environment is extremely important in cultivating my creative spirit. I am sure that there are people that feel the way I do about their home.

lisabeth waldheger

Large brass drawer pulls would be great to see at West Elm as well as door knockers and mailboxes.


consultation/design services. a west elm expert/interior designer who could advise you in your home about furniture placement, proportions, wall hangings, lighting, window treatments, the right sizes, heights, color story, accessories, editing, organization, selection of pieces for your specific budget and space.

Loretta Noble

I would love to see more small spaces solutions, but what I would buy in a instant is a mid-century bed with a shorter headboard, say 36 inches max? ;)


I wish West Elm would have more affordable wallpaper. Those prices are very high, and the selection is a bit too muted. I think wallpaper should make a statement, but the options right now are underwhelming.


Like a lot of people here I thought to myself – man I wish the had wallpaper and the I did a search and you guys do have wallpaper but very expensive wall paper! So with that I say some modern wall decals. I love dots and I am sure the west elm team would pick out some amazing colors. I also am in need of some cabinet hardware!


I don’t know what else they could add! I love everything they carry, just wish it was a little cheaper!


I would love to see West Elm partner more with independent artists. It’s so fun seeing some pieces from Etsy (for example) sprinkled through the catalog, but I think limited edition decor accessories in this vein would be great. Speaks to an appreciation for handmade goods and authentic craftsmanship. Plus, decor accessories can be added into anyone’s living arrangements at various price points.

Erika Matheson

Incredibly specific, but I can’t seem to find a stylish round dining table under 40 inches. I’m decorating a small cottage and might have to go the DIY route.

Otherwise, I wish West Elm sold wallpapers -especially of the temporary variety for those of us who are commitment-phobes or renters….or who can’t convince their husband that a wallpapered powder room will look fabulous.


Would love if West Elm added a modular wicker outdoor set to their other amazing outdoor furniture sets :)


Children’s dinnerware, furniture, and wooden toys, as well as pillows and decorative item for children, modern and stylish.


I so desperately wish West Elm sold slipcovers for the Tillary sofa. I would buy them right away!


I’d love to see more budget friendly options as well as selections for children-could definitely see a West Elm kids breaking out!

Marsha Szczerba

I love everything West Elm! We purchased furniture for my daughter when she moved to New York! I wish you offered slip covers for the furniture in particular the lounge that we bought for her! (Ps come to Michigan )!


I wish they sold fabric. I’d love to make pillows to match my West Elm furniture (in sizes I needed), but I never seem to pick out the right fabric.

Loretta Noble

I would love to see more small space solutions. But one thing I would love to see is a mis-century bed with a shorter headboard! 36″ max;)


More mirrors for small spaces! I have a tiny entryway and finding a mirror is currently the bane of my existence. I love westelm’s aesthetic but I just can’t swing one of their giant mirrors.


It is hard to think of anything west elm does not have. I would be nice if they had folding chairs.


Dog beds. Really simple ones — it’s surprisingly hard to find a nice-looking dog bed that’s not wildly expensive.

Natalie Hildreth

Furniture shelving and drawers (bookcases, chest of drawers, etc.) that can be fitted/customized into a space with eaves. I know a lot of city dwellers that shop West Elm but live on the 3rd floor of a triple decker (attic space that sellers love to label as “penthouse”) that need shorter furniture to fit into all the nooks and crannies of the eaves. Also, I agree pet items and baby items would also be awesome to add to West Elm’s selection. I also like Design Sponge’s idea of their regular post of “Pet, Human, and Home” -maybe once in awhile West Elm could have a line of items that accommodates all three too (and a baby/kid item would be amazing while you’re at it)! And the human piece could easily bring in a handbag, shoe, jewelry, or coat that goes with the home/pet/baby piece.


I wish West Elm would sell a home design book with photos of their best designed rooms and projects to breathe life and personality into a room.


Hardware (knobs & pulls)! I would love an alternative to the more frou-frou options at Anthropologie.


In the spirit of eco-friendliness and living with what you need and love without overwhelming yourself with ‘stuff’ , I think it would be wonderful if West Elm partnered with small high-quality, american-made brands for a special collection of decor and furniture with an emphasis on sustainability and timeless design!

Austin Storm

Definitely more kids stuff – Land of Nod is great, but there’s room for more.


Love West Elm’s quality but I wish they applied to 20’s generation, with more stainless steel and blacks. Would definitely shop there more often if the items were more city style, because the quality is unbeatable!


I wish West Elm would sell a home design book with photos of well designed rooms and projects to breathe life and personality into a space. Thanks!


I wish West Elm sold more window treatments (like roman shades & blinds). I also would love for them to branch out with a kid/nursery line! Love their aesthetic.

Sarah B

West Elm sells these captivating and charming items like paper flowers and turquoise retro fridges, but much of the furniture looks too grey, angular, and modern to go with those other things. I’d like to see more charm in the furniture: bright colors, fun prints, etc.

Linda Bon Geldern

Considering WE is my favorite design store, I had to really mull this over – more original art- photos. prints and paintings .


A side-by-side refrigerator under 68 inches tall, because ours just broke and it is seemingly impossible to nowadays find one shorter than that.


I love West Elm! I could echo what some folks have said — jewelery, dog beds, hardware and more lighting, but I’d also love a line of well designed seasonal items in the West Elm aesthetic:

Spring: Umbrellas, Rain Coats, Totes
Summer: Sunbrellas, Totes, Picnic/Beach Blankets
Fall: Scarves, Totes and Throws


West Elm would have the best outdoor and garden style. Take interior decorating outside.


With baby #3 due in 2 weeks, i would definitely go with a children’s/baby line of furniture/decor!


I love the West Elm vibe and would completely furnish my home with their products if I had the money. More fabric options in a range of colors for non furniture items like drapes/curtains, kitchen linens, and bath would be fantastic.

Kyndell walsh

I loved it when they used to carry children’s items. Wish they’d bring that back:) maybe carry some Kilim pillows as well . Thank you west elm!


A wall-mountable, iron and wood-top shoe bench. And more copper-plated furniture.


I LOVE west elm and am a huge fan of your furniture, decor and bedding! I wish west elm had wedding registry services. I got married this past fall and I would have loved to go to town around the west elm store. I would also love it if west elm created a line of kitchen and bathroom focused hardware, tiles and even bathroom vanities. We are renovating a bathroom and could use a west elm styled vanity, tiles and even toilet paper holder!


i would love to see a rustic looking desk with reclaimed wood that isn’t a parson’s desk

Eden epling

There are two things I would like to see west elm carry:

1. Walnut. Please bring back the walnut parsons end tables, walnut dressers, walnut lamps….everything walnut.

2. West elm should have local items in their stores. I know they try to offer “green” or sustainable options, they need to go a step further and support local artists and crafts.

Valarie Cook

Dog beds, bike accessories, baby goods, chandeliers that do not have to be hard wired, fabric by the yard…I’d buy all of it


Outdoor items. Definitely more outdoor items. Now that I have a porch, it is a favorite room.


I wish West Elm would sell items for little outings. Items for picnics or beaches such as cute portable chairs and tables to set the mood of a temporary outdoor oasis.


More kitchen appliances! Mixers, juicers, coffee machines, etc.


west elm’s colors and patterns are so lovely, I would love for them to partner with a tilemaker and make some decorative 4×4 ceramic tiles in their pretty rug or bedding patterns!

Alternately, more cabinet knobs!


I wish the Wooden Perpetual Calendar designed by West Elm. Not produce it anymore, but it is very nice!


You have wonderful bedding and cushions, but no bright coloured, fun outdoor seat cushions for their Jardine chair. It’s extremely difficult to find cushions that fit this large seated base, and West Elm only carries neutral colours.

Jamie Griffith

I’m really a fan of West Elm’s style, and I would love to have more seasonal and holiday DIY crafts, like specialty egg-dying kits and unique cookie cutters. Nothing tacky or too primitive–keeping the modern style of their furnishings and decor.


We saw some cute decanters with wooden balls to keep them closed and clean that we really really liked but we already have decanters and just want the wooden spheres too bad they don’t sell them separetely


I would like to see some outdoor home accessories like mailboxes, house numbers, lamps etc.


Ok, I’ll be honest. Never heard of West Elm before, but that’s what I love about D*S – constantly being introduced to new shops, creative room/furniture make-overs, and recipes! So I visited the West Elm site and am very impressed with its commitment to buying from artisans from around the world. It’s wonderful knowing the economic fortune is being passed directly to the artisan, and from there back to his/her local community. I agree with many of the posts above – looks like most everything is covered! However, biased opinion here (as an owner of BlueBeehiveStudio.com and the Etsy store). Keeping with their style and connectedness to artists all over the world, it would be interesting to see what they would select if they branched into jewelry. . .


West Elm has great stuff, and there’s not much they don’t carry. That said, I’d love to see a super wide floor mirror, like for a really big wall. They have some lovely ones that are narrow, but no mega-sized ones.


Extra long bed skirts-I have a bed that’s pretty high off the floor and I can’t find bed skirts that go all the way too the floor!


Wish they sold some stylish litter boxes for cats! Sounds silly, but it’s so hard to find something that isn’t totally hideous.


If West Elm were to add something to their already wonderful offerings, I think it should be hardware that is in line with the aesthetic of other West Elm products.

Katy Cartland

I think it would be really cool to see West Elm feature some fabrics- textiles at West Elm are one of my favorite elements of the store’s brand, and it would be so great to be able to purchase some fabric designed especially for West Elm’s clientele in mind – I would buy it!!

rachel o

I wish West Elm sold stuff in New Orleans! I am biased (since I live t/here), and this may seem selfish – but, really – you’d be doing the South a big favor if you opened up a store around here. Just think about it…


I wish west elm had modular pieces for tiny apartments (150 sq ft). Almost everything I love is too big for my closet-sized studio.


I’d love to see books and paper goods! Gorgeous coffee table books, how-to decorating books, cook books, note pads, cards, the list goes on! Love the West Elm aesthetic and would love to have some of it ON the bookshelf, as well AS the bookshelf!


Textile art — I have a giant white wall that is begging for some interest + texture. Two birds, one stone = textile wall hanging. It’s hard to find modern looking ones.


Children’s furniture; like a mid-mod version of Land of Nod


Could you imagine: clothing and even jewelry? It would be so perfect. All of West Elm’s textiles and designs are so clean and so much is timeless. I would die for clothing too.

Cory Burnsed

I believe there is a very versatile aesthetic that West Elm conveys, but there is one thing they have always lacked for me: music. There are so many fantastic artisans hand crafting beautiful instruments from pianos and guitars to classical instruments like cellos. I believe they would bring another layer of complexity to the West Elm brand as well as appeal to a sensibility that we all share, whether we play an instrument or not, an appealing and interesting piece of our environment.

Brooke Brockman

I would love to see some beautiful hanging furniture…a bed, a chair, etc…

Rachel Rich-Shea

I love that West Elm incorporates green and eco-friendly options into many of their product lines. I am always drawn to the products that are organic, made from recycled materials, FSC-certified wood, etc. I would like to see more products that “detoxify” or “purify” the home such as air purifiers, water filters, more HEPA vacuums, as well as beefing up the cleaning and personal care lines with more organic, eco-friendly, and non-toxic options!


Wish they sold stuff for super small homes. Like I cannot for the life of me find a bedside table that fits the (13 inch) space it’s restricted to.


I would love for West Elm to sell a well-designed standing desk.


I’m moving in with my boyfriend in a few months and we’ve made a list of West Elm gems we’re hoping to own soon. I wish West Elm sold a wider variety of glassware!


West Elm is so organized, smart and to top it off, stylish! I would like it if West Elm sold single women and single men who were also organized, smart and stylish so that I could buy them for my single friends who are having a hard time meeting the right one for them. If this is not feasible, I would love it if West Elm sold more organizational accessories similar to the Container Store- but cuter.


I would love a to see a west elm baby. I had to work really hard to find a modern crib and changing table that was remotely in our budget.

Thanks for the giveaway!


I wish West Elm sold children’s furniture, accessories and bedding. I also wish they sold fabrics!


i’d like to see more west elm outdoor gardening supplies. there is an aesthetic west elm goes for, and I’d like to see planters and outdoor living furniture that echoes what they offer interiors. so much of living today, in warmer months, is done outside. why not bring that indoors design aesthetic out?

Jordan Troublefield

I think it would be nice to incorporate dorm bedding (twin XL)/furniture! When I was going to college I pretty much had pottery barn teen and target to choose from! It was so limiting…
Also it would be neat to sell a line geared towards bridal registry!


Clothes! It’s not a huge leap from the great patterned textiles to similar fabrics for clothes….


I’ve been pouring over the site lately trying to outfit our new place quickly (and on a budget)… And have found so many great things. A few specifics I wanted to find from them would be a headboard that looks a bit more “found”, some dining chairs at a lower price point perhaps wire, a tapestry, and a room divider I could use for the spare bedroom headboard. Just a few thoughts. :) thanks!!


Dog bowls, dog food storage containers, & dog beds. Nice to see other people saying the same thing, cute dog items are in high demand!


I wish West Elm carried a collection for children (furniture, accessories, and bedding). I also would love to see some fabrics!


A very trim wooden bed frame, with legs, to substitute for a metal frame for all the great stand alone headboards. There are so many great headboards but I just can’t stand the look of a metal frame.


I would love to see what west elm could do with hardware – drawer pulls, doorknobs, hooks, etc. Maybe even making some of their furniture pieces customizable by letting the buyer select the pulls on a set of drawers, for example.

Mariana Kajlich

I wish west elm made some stylish cat beds that would fit into my mid century vine house

janice anne

Design*Sponge has it been 10 years already?! Congratulations and more power to you. Thanks for the years of inspiration.

As for the contest, we love west elm so much. I just wish they sold unique and sustainable kid and baby friendly products and furnishing. If that happens we will be frequent visitors in our local west elm store!

Raquel Mideau

What a great contest! And such a great way to gain intel from fans and customers through a site like Design Sponge whose aesthetic meshes so well with that of West Elm’s.

I do think adding a children’s collection to include furniture and bedding, accessories, etc would be extremely well-received.

Land of Nod is one of the few retailers offering children’s products with modern designs for those parents who would rather not plaster their nursery with Winnie the Pooh. ;)

Loved looking through the comments entered so far. Some interesting suggestions, but so far it looks like children and pets are in the lead.


All in all, I think West Elm pretty much covers all the bases! However, I think semi-permanent wallpapers/tapestries/gear aimed toward renters would be amazing!

Scott markman

It’s more of a service, but decorating consulting. I never know what would work well in my place.

Stephanie Gauthier

I would love West Elm to offer its Tilden Storage Bench in a variety of colors. It would be lovely in the horseradish chevron pattern.


I wish West Elm sold more furniture options that could be easily disassembled, or even prefabricated pieces. I think this could make the moving process more simple. Think of the urban dweller who changes apartments every few years!


So… RIGHT NOW I am trying to find a really lovely and tasteful arrangement of flowers to send to my sister for her birthday. Everything I’m finding online looks mass produced … so depressing! More than once I’ve found myself wishing that one of my favorite stores for furnishings or clothing also carried fresh, locally grown flowers. This seems like such a great fit for West Elm with its collaborative spirit of working with local and indy designers… For a chain store, this really earns my respect in a big way. And I could totally see West Elm starting collaborations with indy florists and maybe offering a monthly rotating collection of super well-designed bouquets, perhaps featuring some of the pretty vases and vessels already sold in the store (you could even pair up an indy florist with an indy ceramic artist for joint projects — so fun!). Then the next time I go to order flowers for someone, I’ll just go straight to the West Elm site, knowing I’ll find something perfect.


I wish West Elm sold more hardware and stuff for the bathroom like sink consoles, medicine cabinets, and towel rods.


I want to see a sturdy, simple wooden platform-style bed that DOESN’T come with a headboard!

We need to replace our cheap bed frame, and we already have an awesome headboard that we love, but I can’t find a quality (i.e., not Overstock) solid wood bed to go beneath it!

Kim W.

Fixtures beyond lighting would be great (bathroom, etc.). Having a registry offerring would be awesome as well.


I think West Elm should extend their enamelware collection to plates/bowls sized for kids. It’s questionable whether even the BPA-free plastics and melamine that most kid dishes are made with are safe. I’ve found stainless steel plates and stainless divided plates (by ECO lunches is one brand), but aesthetically they’re just plain stainless. It’d be sweet to have kids plates that match the grownup ones, and I love West Elm’s current enamelware line in the Market section. Can you imagine a white and red enamelware plate divided into sections for a kiddo, how cute? I think a style like that would work great for grownups alike, especially for summer entertaining. I also really wish there was another great resource for cabinet hardware — West Elm would be perfect to offer a more modern/industrial/rustic style of hardware. Maybe even milk paint knobs!


Well, this is probably overly-specific but… I’d love to see a combo open bookcase/tv unit with a natural feel.

Sarah Williams

West Elm!? More like BEST Elm. Best. Store. Ever. One thing I wish they carried was a compact office/desk. I’m a graphic designer working from my small apartment with my daughter crawling around, and I would LOVE an attractive, organized, and compact place to keep all my sketches, Pantone books, printer, etc. One that could even hide all the mess too would be AMAZING!


Wow I can’t think of much they don’t sell, but I’d love some outdoor furniture designed specifically for compact apartment patios! All the great outdoor sofas I see are huge, but I want something for two people to cuddle up on to watch the sunset!


I love West Elm a ton for their aesthetic sensibility. But as a renter who moves frequently and lives within a tight budget, I wish there were more simple & inexpensive furniture options available. Stuff that is relatively light and possibly folds up/disassembles easily, while still looking fantastic. Kinda the holy grail of apartment living!


How about an in-store, gourmet coffee shop? It would enhance your chic and sophisticated image, and would give customers an opportunity to sip a latte while browsing for new decor.


I’d love to see more collaborations with small American makers and designers. And a West Elm porch swing,


i would love it if they sold tablecloths….so hard to find ones in colors I love, and I do so love the color palette that West Elm has!


i would love to see musical instruments and baby/child-related items!


I love West Elm! I would like to see them sell design books – either their own or some of their favorites.


Larger desks would be nice…none of their desks are big enough for all the stuff that my engineer husband accumulates.


Dog beds! I would also love frames — I know that’s kind of a weird thing, but it’d be great to be able to get clean interesting modern frames.

Laurie Veldkamp

iphone cases! West elm has such a unique vibe in their products that other company’s don’t offer. I’d love to see their prints/designs in the form of a case for my phone!


Larger scale furniture would bring something new and different to the plate at West Elm. I know most of the furniture sold at West Elm is for apartment living but if the same style of furniture and look was offered in a larger scale for condos/small homes it would create more personal options.


Affordable solid wood (non veneer) pieces. My bedroom suite is from west elm but you can tell it’s not solid. I love west elm’s aesthetic however! Thanks!

Hillary Martinez

more affordable furniture, removable wallpaper, desk set (tape holder, stapler, etc), more organization for small spaces!


I would love that WE offer more century modern pieces.

Angela Kawai Chan

Me and my boyfriend are buying a new house. Going to get the Emmerson set, the bed, the dinning table and the benches from West Elm. have been looking around for a indoor swing, those one seat hanging cage looking swing. I really wish West Elm carry those!!!


I’d love to see West Elm sell books! I think a small selection of well curated cookbooks, design books, and art books would be a perfect fit.

Caryn Shapiro

Gardening items, tools, pots, plant markers, etc.
Also, I wish WE would offer the paisley sheers they had 7 years ago…I want more.


I love the pieces at West Elm with a refreshed, mid-century modern feel. I would love to see more retro/ bold prints. I love the vintage surfer vibe of the new Summer Scene tea towels!


Lovely and durable utility items and hardware, like house numbers, entry door handles, and well made dusters.


I wish they sold more children’s items, but I still love West Elm anyways. They always have a great selection and a stellar clearance section. Just hoping they open more stores too…maybe Pittsburgh?


I love West Elm! I would love to see more items for small space living that is stylish and cleverly designed to serve multiple purposes that is also budget friendly. As a long time renter I wanted to live stylishly and compactly without breaking the bank. Even now as a first time homeowner, I’m very conscious of the value of my furnishings in terms of space, function, and economy.


Bedding and housewares for children. Products for pets!


More space-saving furniture items and accoutrements specifically for places like my little apartment. :)


I love the unqiue yet beautiful & contemporary designs West Elm has to offer when it comes to home decore. However, I would love to see more one of a kind quirky items. For example, why not sell ecentric & eye pooping wall art. I personally would love to see wall art of sock monkeys but Andy Warhol style.


Bathroom vanities and accessories are my vote. I would love the West Elm style to flow into my bathroom. I’m tired of the builder basic that has no flare for style. West Elm would fit right in and it’s something I could switch out DIY!


Blinds. I remember they sold some a few years back (Roman Shades). It would be cool if they did a roller shade in some patterns.
Also, as an owner of one of their daybeds I would love to see a full mattress cover. I had one of the linen covers but it came up easily. Maybe even a simple daybed dust ruffle.

Tina Newhouse

More West Elm for kids’ rooms. The same modern, clean lines, simplistic style, with just a tad more whimsical fun so kids will WANT it in their rooms!


Clawfoot stubs and tiny corner sinks. : )
Oh and some awesome fabric would be amazing. : ) xoxo


They sell so many wonderful things already! I’d like to see affordable, customizable furniture for the diy crowd. Like maybe unfinished pieces with great bones and custom West Elm paint and hardware so customers could personalize it. How many customized Ikea rast dressers have we all seen on Pinterest…too bad the basic shape of that piece is kind of blah. But West Elm could really create some beautiful and hopefully affordable pieces with room for customer creativity!

Ered Massie

Edgar the 10-pound rescued poodle mix says: I wish SO MUCH that west elm sold pet furniture and supplies…I just KNOW that the company would be able to design and produce comfy, functional, and attractive stuff for me to climb, sleep, and chew on! My Doggy Mommy says that my toys and bed are JUST SO UGLY but I love them a lot, so she keeps them around. But I know she would replace them in a minute if there was nicer stuff out there for reasonable prices…


Children and baby furniture. Been looking at things for a baby shower, and can we please get some modern style in that department??


A large stand up jewelry armoire. All the ones I see around online are SO traditionally styled and I just can’t stand that; I want one that has a danish modern style!


I would love to see removable wallpaper, especially in vintage prints.


Interior decorator/designer’s advice and consultaion would be nice! Even though each piece I purchase looks awesome, it is hard to put them together nicely in the room.


More office storage solutions besides open baskets and large credenzas. I have to have secure files in my home office for confidentiality purposes and all the locking filing cabinets I’ve found out there are ugly!


a overstuffed couch that you can just sink into, in one of the great neutrals that west elm sells.


My favorite pour-over coffee pot is the Chemex. I think that would be a fantastic fit for WE.


I would love to see a wallpaper line and/or baby stuff!

Cathy M.

I would love to see WE carry a porch swing or hanging outdoor chair! It’s hard to think of anything since West Elm carries so much.


I love West Elm but wish that they had a curated selection of basics for studio apartments. It would be great to see smaller scale furniture with a price point to match. $350-$400 small sofas, creative bookshelves that fit in tighter spaces under $200. etc.


Have lots of West Elm, just more picture frames. Still searching for frames that I love.

Sheila - Denver Diva

I would love to see a small line of swinging chairs for indoors & outdoors!


As an artist I like to see a connection with artisans to their products, especially sold in such prominent stores. I’d like to see products from local artists, spotlighted & sold, to show an emphasis on maintaining a community, while celebrating your global influences.


I wish West Elm sold an exclusive collection of items that were inspired by mid-century modern design. Items like pillows, throws, bedding and accessories that it that aesthetic.

Christy H

I wish I would love to see some pillows or curtains with an indian sari inspiration… or moroccan.

Lila D

I’d love to see a vanity mirror. I’ve been searching for a while and have not found one with a clean modern style and I think West Elm could do it well. Vanity mirrors make a great accent if needed or are super useful (in my case). I do my makeup at my desk and need a mirror out at all times which calls for good design.


I wish they sold some more vintage inspired art pieces!


After I’ve shopped for everything else, I’d like to be able to buy one thing that brings luck to any space—a horseshoe. And elegant but understated hardware to mount it over the door.


I would love a hanging chair (indoor hammock) from west elm!


Art work, and not that cheesy mass produced pop art that over saturates the majority of home goods stores. I think West Elm could do a really great job at teaming up with independent artists and making GOOD art more accessible for all.


Hmmm, west elm does so much so well already. I would suggest some more floor lighting options and bar cart accessories (for man gifts!).


I would love to see West Elm incorporate ideas to save space for small houses/living areas.


Dog beds! Would love to use those gorgeous textiles for my pooches but am not skilled in the sewing department.

Sarah m

A console table with a shelf underneath to tuck laundry baskets!


I wish West Elm would sell more organic furniture with a non-toxic guarantee, so we know we are getting minimal chemicals and maximal happiness with our products! The inside matching the outer West Elm beauty in perfect harmony :)


i know you can order fabric by the yard that west elm uses on their furniture, but i’d like to see some more patterns and prints!


I live in a 500 sq ft studio, so I would love to see smaller furniture. And I think a great addition to the West Elm Family would be to have interior decorators!

Karrie Smith

bookcase ends/ or bookcases? I’m not sure if I have seen the first ones or not.

kristi mcintyre

furniture & accessories for nurseries or children’s rooms would be fantastic!!


Car wedge tissue box covers. Only the tiny “car wedge” tissue box will fit on my decorative shelf in my powder room. It deserves to look cute too and a good host always supplies tissues in the powder room right?


Garden gates! And possibly complementary fencing? Aaaaaaaand complementary mailboxes AND house numbers….


Men and women creatives of WE, please make this dream come true. I’ll buy it all so fast my financial advisor’s head will spin.


Stove top tea kettle!! Just online looking for a stylish one for my spruced up kitchen.

Jess E.

A partnership or collaboration with an audio equipment/speaker company
to make a line of beautiful, functional, aesthetically gorgeous, amazing sounding speakers that add an artful element to a living space. Once this happens, the pretty room of furniture, pillows and rugs becomes a party!


A four-foot long wooden entryway bench that accommodates baskets (for shoes etc) underneath. And always more organic linens for bed, bath… Thank you for the giveaway.

Cynthia Flores

Beautiful organizers! I am thinking specifically of a makeup organizer or some way to display makeup on your vanity without it looking cluttered, but organizers in general. I would also love to see some plant stands!


west elm’s aethetic would translate into an incredible line for children, a niche of contemporary mixed with the work of local and international maker’s….the aesthetic that their current customer would love to translate to a space for children. although i would be thrilled to see what they would for furniture, it could start out as a destination for crib linens and the smaller pieces. many of their current pieces work in a nursery (i recently advised a friend to get the james harrison rocker for her’s and it looks amazing) but what if they were intentional?! i can only image what sorts of goodness they’d come up with. they could fill a gap in the market. i’ve even got a name for the children’s line; it’s yours if i’m chosen. ;)


This is such an easy answer for me but I’m kinda wondering if it counts…. I have been in love with the METAL PARSONS DESK for so long. They discontinued it a few months ago and I was so heart broken, I even emailed them asking if it was ever coming back. So again, I’m not sure if this counts since I’m recommending a discontinued product but it was the first thing that came to mind. :)


Furniture, bedding, and accessories for babies/kids would be a welcomed addition to what’s out there! Modern with a touch of whimsy. Would be the coolest kids room. Ever.


Tiles and cabinet knobs and more selections in lighting!


I would love more selections in the lighting but tile, wallpaper and knobs would be amazing!

Megan King

I shop at West Elm all of the time and love it. I do however wish that West Elm would carry more bookends, had a larger selection of office storage options, had a small section for children and baby bedding, furniture and accessories and also had more hard wired pendant lights.


I’d love to see West Elm’s take on a bicycle.. Maybe something Dutch or European style. Or, a bicycle bell!


Agreeing with the many posts suggesting fabric. Also wallpapet — or maybe a partnership with Hygge and West? Love that line, and it seems very WE to me.

Somewhat goofy alternative: the gorgeous wall treatments sometimes featured on your blog (like that ombre wall a while back… Shiver) could somehow be turned into idiot-proof, general-application products? Temporary wallpaper or murals, maybe?


I would love to see a really simple bed frame that would work well with any of your headboards–Also maybe some clean, metal beds? My perfect bed would be:

1) Very simple, wood or metal (no upholstery)
2) Generous clearance underneath for storage–so many simple beds are super low to the ground. I prefer having the height for practicality and also aesthetics. A little lift makes the bed look less heavy.
3) No footboard (or optional)
4) Avoid having the legs at the end of the bed stick out too far past the mattress or at least rethinking a square corner.

That said, your new Mid-Century beds are pretty beautiful. They are a little low with only 8″ clearance, but the deal breaker for me is the height of the headboard. Maybe you will also offer a shorter version as well.


West elm has almost everything I love except… stationery! I love to their stationery line. When I travel oversea I always go to stationary shops and buy notes, pens, letter set, etc. I am obsessed with paper goods!


They might but I can’t find a good low profile bed frame that supports both a mattress and the box spring.

Corey Leggett

A Wedding Registry! My husband and I went to West Elm last year to register for our wedding, but they have no dedicated registry, just a ‘wish list’ which you have to add items to through their website. We had hoped to select and add items to the list in store. Our friends and family had a difficult time selecting and purchasing items from the wish list since they couldn’t see what had already been purchased. At the end of the day, even though our wish primarily West Elm items, our guests shopped from Target’s registry instead because it was more straightforward… But I would have preferred to have more West Elm items in our home!


Either a long, thin table to go between the sofa and the wall or a floating shelf in different sofa lengths.


This is oddly specific, but I’ve been looking and looking for a year or more: I wish they (or anyone, really) sold a daybed with a sturdy backrest and no arms.

The appeal of a daybed is the versatility, the ability to use it as a sofa or as a bed or for lounging full-length, but both my husband and I (and many of the guests who might sleep on a daybed in our home) are too tall to be comfortable sleeping in a standard-length bed with both footboard and headboard – yet every time I track down a decent-looking daybed without arms, it also has no back, and our layout means we can’t back it up to a wall.

It seems like such an easy thing to find, but it’s proven quite difficult. I’m almost resigned to making my own, which is no small project in a tiny apartment.

Katie F.

Wedding cards by Rifle Paper Co. I have two weddings to attend this spring! I would love it if greeting cards on westelm.com. :)

Bailey Renz

pet accessories, pet beds, etc that are actually tasteful. Maybe even something midcentury inspired or modern not an eyesore like most.

Chy Parker

I wish West Elm sold a wider variety of bright and colorful sofas/sectionals. I love their clean lines but a real POP of color would definitely make an impact.


fabrics, by the yard/meter. could be a collaboration with a designer, too. maybe even with an option to use them on existing pieces .. (upholstery, slipcovers etc.. )..


I think the West Elm aesthetic would translate AMAZINGLY into kid stuff! Nursery/kid furniture, accessories, bedding, and toys, especially.


Fresh food! Wouldn’t it be great to have a farmer’s market stand selling local produce, cheese, bread, etc…


As a student, I’d love to see some dorm furniture – small, portable, multipurpose, and fabulous!


you find such beautiful accessories and art to style your catalog and I never know where they’re from if you don’t sell them. I wish you’d sell those!


I LOVE WE! I wish they sold a counter height table like the Rustic Kitchen Island but without a bottom shelf.


West Elm should look into tamarind cutting boards from Indonesia or Thailand. I can’t seem to find them anywhere, and they are too heavy to cart back from my travels there. Thank you!

Dana Wilson

I LOVE West Elm but I would love to see some vintage art prints by important and maybe not so famous artists along with more of your contemporary prints as well. Limited runs on these prints would be great so you know you still have something unique.


Another fan here! I’d love to see a great design of a ‘convertible’ sofa (rather than the pull out type) added to your collection. Also, more pieces with blown colored glass lighting would be brilliant!

Margaret Freiberg

An attractive indoor/outdoor rug. There isn’t anything with your design esthetic on the market.

Annie Twitty

I would love to see some futon covers in the beautiful prints West Elm offers on duvets.


West Elm already does a pretty great job on everything they tackle, but I would like to see more small space furniture and organization pieces. I’m being very picky, but would love to see a rectangular dining table for two. Thanks for the giveaway!


I wish West Elm sold slipcovers and more fabric choices.


I would love for West Elm to sell some statement jewelry pieces!

Megan M.

Ooo…reusable wallpaper, children’s bedroom furniture, large scale photos – both framed and unframed…then I’d have WestElm in every room of my home!

Raphaelle Armstrong

Oh I do wish West Elm made bicycles! They would be as cool as the old Raleighs with a modern take. How great would it be to lix design with the coolest mode of transportation?


I wish West Elm have a complete copper dinnerware !
Also, I wish there were a kids section at Montreal’s boutique so I can find awesome stuff for my little one too :)
And why not awesome stuff for pets too?!

Anyways, I’m a big fan of west elm for ever :)


West Elm needs to have more vintage things to add some individual flair to all the stores.


One of your designlab-decorators to take home for a day :)


Kitchen mats that fit in front of sink and are water resistant.

Denise Lachinski

No one has a dedicated line for teen boys/young men decor. i think that would be fabulous!


A few unique items to make camping {& my camp sites!} more efficient, cleaner, or lovely wouldn’t hurt my feelings ~_~.


I wish they had more options for lighting. I love the ones they already have but sometimes they are very similar.

Kate M

I only wish that West Elm had more curated, one-of-a-kind vintage and travel pieces. I absolutely love those sorts of things when I can find them and West Elm has such great taste, I know they’d have an amazing collection!


I love west elm!! I wish the sold paint ( which would be displayed on the wall also so you could see how it looked with their textiles etc), and as everyone else said baby/ children’s items ( cribs, beddingjng, etc).


This is a tough question… But, my final answer is… stationery.

Charise berghaus

Original art by local artists! I buy most of my art from the street artists that sell their stuff on the sidewalk, and some of it is soooooooo great! I would love to see the stylists for each store searching the streets and local galleries ans shops where local artists display their stuff and work it into the store displays! Each store would have a local vibe and the exposure for the artist would be great!!!! I remember the Jonathan Adler little store that used to be on Broome street in nyc and all the original Rex Ray work used to knock my socks off! (I know RR is from Sf) but at least it was all original work and very exciting!!! It would also be a great tool for folks to understand that they can get the items from west elm that they love without their place looking like a west elm store!


I wish West Elm had a section devoted to one of a kind or limited addition high quality pieces, whether it be furniture or art. I love their stuff, but so do my friends. This would allow us to enjoy West Elm, yet also express our uniqueness.


The kitchen sink?! :) I find it hard not to find the perfect piece from West Elm.
Children’s furniture would be wonderful though.

Ashley R

Baby/kids furniture and decor OR bathroom/kitchen fixture like faucets and shower heads in sleek, modern designs to match their overall aesthetic.


As a perpetual renter, I would love to see more rent-friendly wall pieces . . . decals, backsplashes, removable wallpaper.
And I’ll add pet items to the growing clamor for them! Oooh, does my cat want a new bed . . .

Lynn Eadie

I wish they sold pieces of their beautiful wood wall installations in stores. If there were “tile” pieces, you could build your own headboard, wall art, etc in creative ways.


A la carte table bases (like trestles, sawhorse style bases, etc) in different styles and finishes — the same way you sell your shelf brackets without the shelves — so you could supply your own top (or could also choose from a simple selection of tops — i.e. glass, wood plank, etc.)


Children’s room accessories, something like bedding and furniture and possibly wooden toys. We are finally moving into a bigger apartment and out little one will have a room of her own for the first time. She has a wonderful imagination and I would love to incorporate a sort of whimsical atmosphere for her. I love West Elm and including these children’s items would be wonderful

Melissa Mastandrea

Kids furniture/decor and kitchen and bathroom hardware


I would love to see reclaimed wood or metal items. Reuse materials.

cindy Noble-Funderburgh

Well, it seems there is a consensus for baby/kid furniture and pet accessories. I’m all for stylish pet beds that do not cost $100 and that are made from durable textiles. Maybe even there could be a limited run using excess fabric from custom upholstery or discontinued styles.
As for baby and kids, a well designed series of translational baby to toddler beds would be fantastic for cutomers with growing families.


More marketplace stuff–that is where i look first every time–for unusual items.


I wish they would start selling their goods in Albany NY!!!!


this was hard to come up with because West Elm has pretty much EVERYTHING i love!

I would love to see West Elm vintage or special collections of around the world treasures, linens, art, etc.

I think it would be awesome to to have a book section!


I’d really like to see more small-scale storage (dressers, cabinets, etc.) and tables. It’s hard to fit all the things I want in my apartment


The exact shade of green curtains I need to complete the look of my dining room. I really don’t want to make them myself! And more lighting, I need a bathroom vanity light and flush/semi flush mount ceiling light and nothing they currently have is just right. But I can still find plenty of amazing things to spend the $500 on, so no worries!!!

Janna Soelter

Pet supplies that would benefit rescue organizations. I am part of a rescue in Marine City, MI, we foster animals that have been thrown away or abused, bring them back to health, spay or neuter and microchip them before they are adopted. It would be wonderful to have support from such a prestigious retailer.

Dawn Redmond

Cool looking yet affordable cat climbers or perches. There are a couple options out there but they are overpriced. We need things to complement a well designed living space.

Jessica Van Luxemborg

I wish they would sell in Atlantic Canada-retail store please!!!
Online I’d love more hardware :)

tracy a.

More drawer pulls/cabinet hardware! (:
P.s. West Elm has some AMAZING curated collections on etsy! More of that, please!


What I wish West Elm would sell but doesn’t? Sleek hardware…change it out on drawers or cabinets…brings a whole new feel…also, like a few mentioned, wallpaper…however, how bout reasonably priced temporary wallpaper? Not an easy find!


I would decorate my whole house with west elm designs! Which is why I wish you all had a design option where I could insert my room dimensions and create a room with products from your website! I could be my very own interior decorator!


More decorative items such as jar fillers, botanicals like those shown in the catalog and website, more wall art, and interior design services.


I would love it if West Elm would offer some one off items, like antiques or hand made pieces. Something like that would marry so well with their look!

Connie Beecher

West Elm has a really comprehensive inventory. I do like the idea of affordable, customizable pieces like curtain and pillows. My house has the oddest sized windows and most ready-made curtains don’t fit. Also some other window options like blinds or roman shades


I LOVE the beautiful basic items like cleaning supplies etc that you have sold more of in the past – I would love to see more of that. With lots of enamel! I would buy ALL OF IT


Fabric! So I could use their gorgeous textiles for my own projects! :)

Aimee Siberon

I will love to see wall decals that go with their style to complement their decoration, a west elm decorating reference book with lots of ideas and how to’s of decoration step by step. I think it would be a great hit : )


My husband and I are waiting for an expandable round Parker dining table. Thanks for asking :)

Also, agree with Elsa a couple comments above about a daybed with no arms – they take so much space.


Most definitely bath shower and mixer taps. In simple, organic shapes and brushed metal. It’s only recently i’ve realised how difficult it is to find nice ones.


West Elm has a great mid-century vibe going on, it would be really cool to be able to get a few pieces that are actually from that era. Any mid-century “originals” would be really cool.


I wish West Elm had a standing jewelry holder especially for earrings. I have one from Muji but it’s a little too utilitarian looking.


Locally produced artwork, items for the home by artisans. That way each time you visited a different location there was a curated selection that was unique and specific to that city. Please!!


I’m thrilled that West Elm is moving in the direction of green and sustainable design and I would like to see more offerings in that category. I’ve had their organic cotton pintuck bedding for years now– it’s held up beautifully! But I’m ready for a bedroom overhaul and I’m determined to stick to eco-friendly options!

Shani Herstein

I wish West Elm sold hardware (drawer pulls, hinges, etc). I would also love to see some more custom options like different finishes on sofa legs and different fabrics on headboards.

Jessica Faircloth

I have shopped at West Elm for YEARS – for my own home as well as for clients. Through the years, I’ve wished WE would carry certain things: more outdoor furniture, hardwired lighting, etc. But then, as if reading my mind, they’d add it to their inventory! If I had one wish, it would probably be more hardware. Cabinet handles, knobs and maybe even door knobs. I LOVE WE! Keep up the good work!


I love everything they sell. I wish there was a store closer to my house!


“Just-add-water” packages that provide the perfect job, apartment, and family to accompany all the picture-perfect furnishings and home goods. :)


I would like to see WE carry more apartment specific items. You know, pieces that can pull double duty.


I wish they did kitchens! As in had the resources to apply they’re awesome aesthetic to actual cabinets, counter tops, back splashes, etc. I know they have beautiful serveware, appliances and even furniture for islands and pantries but a whole kitchen designed by West Elm would be dreamy!


This is a tough question. I think maybe an expanded wall art section, especially large scale art options.

Sarah S

More art from artists in developing countries. Something that I could invest in, but also feel like my purchase was going to someone who would in turn invest it in their community.

Judy Johnson

This isn’t really something to sell, but free shipping for orders over a certain price would be nice! Also a senior discount??? I’m older than your average customer, but we love West Elm too!


More variety in the window department, like roman shades? Not all windows work with long drapes.


I wish West Elm had a wedding registry! My fiancé and I definitely would have registered there. Also, I’d love to see some quirkier prints on bedding and decorative pillows. Perhaps inspired by travel or art.


I wish there was a store in South Carolina. It’s one thing to browse online, it’s another thing entirely to have the tactile experience of an instore visit.


I love W.E. I would love items made for the outdoors, that mimics the style of their indoor furnishings. So your house can be cohesive from the inside out.


Small space pieces would be wonderful! My husband and I live in a one-bedroom apartment, so having some awesome additions to our place that wouldn’t take up too much of our limited space would be amazing! :)


Love West Elm. After using West Elm to supply much of our house remodel from hardware to lighting, it would ideal to use West Elm for our next phase… a nursery for our first child.

Ann Boughton

Products for older consumers. I love the look of low slinky furniture but my knees prohibit owning it. Just because a person is over 60 doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate great design.


I feel like I am always hunting for affordable artwork. It would be amazing if West Elm provided some beautifully framed prints that featured the work of a collection of new artists.


I wish they sold leather furniture! West Elm could do a handsome caramel leather sectional, sofa or midcentury style club chair so well! That genre is one that its competitor and sister brands sell but one for which the target West Elm demographic doesn’t have many (if any) options to fit our style and budget.


Hardware! I’d love to use west elm door knobs, cabinet pulls, etc.

Jessica E.

West Elm is my spirit animal! Every time I get the new catalog or walk into the store, my heart swells with happiness. I joke to my husband that I am going to quit my job as an interior designer and go work for West Elm as a stylist.

Anyways, I think it would be fantastic to see a series of products (maybe seasonally?) that spotlight different up and coming designers. One of my favorite things to do at WE is attend the Etsy collaboration events, so it would be cool to see some of these talented people be showcased at West Elm!

Thanks!! :)

Jessica E.

West Elm is my spirit animal! Every time I get the new catalog or walk into the store, my heart swells with happiness. I joke to my husband that I am going to quit my job as an interior designer and go work for West Elm as a stylist.

Anyways, I think it would be fantastic to see a series of products (maybe seasonally?) that spotlight different up and coming designers. One of my favorite things to do at WE is attend the Etsy collaboration events, so it would be cool to see some of these talented people be showcased at West Elm! Oh, and more hardware & house parts!

Thanks!! :)


Pet products that are beautifully designed and actually functional and will hold up to wear and tear by said pets. Live plants that come with their own pretty pots.


A sustainably sourced line of furniture and home goods made in the USA….make the supply chain super transparent and be sure people are paid equitably. It would cost more, but people would pay for a curated, seasonal collection they could feel good about.

Celeste Dolan

I think featuring local artists within say a three or four state region (i.e. I’m in Chicago so we consider the five state region to include Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana). It would tie in with your different lines of reclaimed items and frankly the WE brand. I’m thinking artists that work with glass, wood workers, metal, even painters and ceramicist. I’m envisioning displays with the artist’s photo and a short blurb about their work/story. Each piece would be signed to bring authentication to the line. You could have an in store event featuring the artists and your clients could meet them and get to hear their story. You could also create a movie short featuring the artists and put it up on your website and also have it playing in store. We would get to see their workshops or studios, where they live, how they work/create their pieces. You could also included local artisanal food items as well. Spices, dressings, sweets, cookies. These items sell well during the different holiday seasons.


I think this had been said plenty already, but I would have to agree about the children/baby furniture. I would’ve loved to have that as an option when I had my daughter. Don’t other places have like toddler beds, etc? I think a friend of mine looked at RH for her toddler bed, but something more like West Elm would fit my tastes.


More electronics! Blue tooth radio and a wall mounted charging station. And, removable wallpaper. Two things I’m searching for at the moment. :)

Lindsey P

West Elm does sell some, but a more expanded collection of wallpapers would be wonderful! A wider variety of bold patterns would make my heart so happy!

Amanda H.

Oh man! They have so many wonderful things already but I do wish they carried beds, bowls etc. for pets.

Marcia Gregorio

West Elm Kids/Teens! My daughter would love that!

Joy Makon

1) love to see more fixture/hardware options: drawer pulls, knobs, interesting hanging and shelving materials. Doorknobs? Little hardware touches that add interesting texture and functionality to a place. 2) continue the focus on local artisans. Never too much of that.


HARDWARE! Hardware that compliments their wonderfully modern design aesthetic.


I feel like West Elm already has a great selection, but I’d be happy to see more kid-sized items in their cool aesthetic.

Lauren Wiebe

Oh I would SO love a West Elm nearby! I’d love to see more selection for hardware and custom finishings – furniture legs, various upholstery, etc. But that’s just a wish – not like you don’t have more than enough awesome stuff to keep me happy already!


West Elm is a fantastic store and I love it’s design and aesthetic with all the pieces it does bring in. I would love to more ‘basics’. Taking an element from the clothing industry, as there are basics we wear, there are basics we use in our home. I know West Elm has elements in all departments of basic things we use, but more focus on the basic elements you need to start a home that are reasonably priced and design to compliment each other. Dining sets, bath and bedding sets. I think would be a great idea, because going to Ikea is boring.

Heather Baleka

West Elm removable wallpaper would be a dream!


I wish they had a more affordable section, for people like me that have Champagne taste but with pocket of beer (the saying sounds much better in spanish…”Gusto de champagne con bolsillo de cerveza”).


Cat furniture that isn’t tacky and ugly. I don’t understand why cat trees, beds, etc are usually so hideous. Lots of people who own cats care about design.

Lucy Reiser

It is so hard for me to think of anything West Elm sells that I don’t already love. As an artist and soon-to-be college graduate who adores the style of the store but is also a strong advocate of DIY-ing to cut costs, I think it would be wonderful to see a larger selection of patterned textiles so that the WE style can be tailored to an individual’s budget and the specific projects at hand. I also wouldn’t hate it if the puppies in the dog-bandana photos were for sale…


Tablecloths. I might be the only one still using them, but with a table as beat up as mine is, I need one.


I was really into the “West Elm Market” line, with lots of enamel, vintage-style, wood, etc. I can’t seem to find it anymore, though! So my vote is to bring that back. I loved that old-farmhouse aesthetic. I’ve also been really loving some of the West Elm lighting lately (I am swooning over the Milk Globe Pendant).

Lauri dukes

Retro modern ashtray stands. I know it’s not cool to smoke but they are a blast from the past that looks great as an accessory or change dish!


Simple home products like brooms and dustpans, made from beautiful wood and classic west elm colors.


I wish West Elm can do more office chairs or dining chair options! Also a cool more affordable younger line would be nice too ; )


I wish West Elm sold jewelry and accessories. The collection they would curate would be top notch!


Nursery stuff! Imagine the adorable cribs! Also, fabric by the yard would be awesome!

Heather Kemp

Bed skirts! For the love of sunshine, bed skirts. I love West Elm, the store in Austin is divine. -HK, Austin TX


An umbrella stand. Do you know how hard it is to find a chic, modern, umbrella stand? They seem to be out of fashion but I’m tired of leaving my umbrellas dripping on the floor, and hooks mean they will just drip down my walls…


a beautiful modern west elm couch + 2 toddlers = desperate need for slipcover for couch as beautiful & well-designed as the couch itself. i know you can do it, west elm!!!

Melisa Pignataro

I love West Elm! I also hope you keep the mid century line going. Some stores will refurbish vintage pieces and up the price 3x. It’s refreshing to know you can purchase this style brand new and still get the same look. Do not get me wrong vintage pieces are great, but I was very happy to see your mid century line for sale. Especially after watching Mad Men! More hardware ,more DIY lighting & outdoor gardening/accessories would be awesome! I do not have children yet , but I could see a nice children’s furniture section :) thank you West Elm! PS – I love that you feature artists & maybe local artist would be a great idea also !


PLUG IN PENDANTS. Or at least, more variation than just the little bulb on a string thing they’ve got going on.
Also a pink sofa.


I adore West Elm and will join some of the above votes: Removable wallpaper (or decals), nursery decor, and a better mix of styles in the patio furniture — especially outdoor cushions. (Sidebar: It is SO hard to find pretty outdoor cushions that don’t look like they got lost on the way to a luau. WE usually avoids the Hawaiian print but still goes too shiny or modern — I want garden decor, not pool/night club decor in my yard.)


It’s pretty hard to say what home good West Elm doesn’t sell… Their website and catalog displays often feature beautiful houseplants in the beautiful planters they sell, but it would be nice to be able to purchase the plants, as well!


At first I was like, I have no idea, West Elm carries so much great stuff already. But the other commenters are on to something. Yes! Window Shades. Minimal Pet Furniture. And more cool wall covering ideas like the stick on wood panels.


Basic furniture to replace our falling-apart thrift store finds.

Pam Arthur

I’d love to see cat trees, condos and accessories. That would be so great.

Lauren HB

West Elm has lots of great buys, but I would love to see a set of rose gold toned serve ware, cake knife, ladle etc. Turkish flat woven towels in a luxurious HUGE bath sheet size. brass hardware. I second all the requests for removable wallpaper!


I love all things West Elm! Do you ever stock paint? I suppose it’s a whole new world to get involved in, but I’d love a curated selection of paint from West Elm.


Fabric! I love going to the Crate and Barrel outlet to pick up Marimekko fabrics – I wish West Elm did the same!


I wish they would sell good children’s furniture. Especially bunk beds. Also always looking for better wall sconces and desk lamps.


(1) Greenery. Indoor plants make a huge difference in a room. While it might be logistically difficult to open a nursery type of area, styling and selection advice on plants would be appreciated especially for urban and small space dwellers. Health benefits and plant care accessories should also be presented.
(2) Design and problem solving advice. It can be difficult to envision the potential of a bland space. West Elm could offer a unique service by accepting photos from potential customers and critiquing the space while providing furnishing options. This concept would need further development and maybe even testing, but it would be a godsend for people who need help decorating but can’t afford to hire designers.
(3) Affordability. The pieces I really like are always way out of my budget. I’m an entry level professional climbing up the ladder. I know one day I’ll be able to afford the pieces that I really want, but right now it would take a lot of saving and scrounging to get that beautiful rug I’ve been eyeing for some time. I think releasing a sister line of more affordable options would be great. It would appeal to more budget conscious folks. I’m going to be daring enough to say that it could help low-middle class people who enjoy your style but leave it at wishful thinking at best.

Julie K

Per Antoine de Saint – Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. West Elm is perfect, nothing more to add.


I love West Elm products and curation, and their customer service is phenomenal. I would love to see some more options for customizable wood furniture. Different sized table tops with various leg options, modular shelving. The wood and wood veneers West Elm uses are lovely quality, but apartment dwellers know it can be tough to find the right size desk, dining table, or book shelf for your space. It would be nice to have something that you can change up or resize when you move into a new space or your needs change.


I have been looking for a mid-century styled small dresser to go by the front door. Something with 4 drawers to hold hats a mitts for a family of 4. Everything is either too big/tall or too dresser-ish (feels like it belongs only in a bedroom)… so a really versatile and timeless piece but on the smaller side narrow profile- 14-16″ deep…


Better wall treatment options. There are so many great basics but not enough one of a kind with great detail.

Liz Mara Rodriguez

A collection dedicated to small spaces. There is a micro home movement and West Elm should be a part of it. I am not talking about more bistro tables or foldaway chairs but smart design focused on (slim)(storage)(hide-away)(vertical)(multi-purpose). Think of an american muji.

Erin Johnson

Well, West Elm has elements to inspire every room in the house…outside as well.
Myself, like I am sure many channel my energy and spend the most of my time living and hosting in the kitchen. I love cooking internationally-Foods from Portugal, Morocco, Mexico, Turkey, Peru…Having a mix of cookware, earthen ware, copper, wide shallow ceramic bowls etc.etc. is my dream. The mix of aesthetic beauty and travel. Because food inspires people and brings them together. Mange!


I would like west elm to start selling cake stands that don’t have domed lids (or and lids at all). Also, I’d like to see outdoor lighting

Julie Post

I wish west elm sold a full line of products for temporary living. More plug in hanging lamps, removeable wallpaper and wall treatments, architectural elements. Items that make living in rental properties more stylish but can be removed and reinstalled Ina new location.

Sara Lynott

West Elm sells the nicest home wear. I would like to see items for infants and children and maybe some pet items. Children’s furnishings and nice dog bowls and beds would be so great, you could have your whole house decked out in West Elm.


I’m sure it would be too expensive, but I’d like to see more solid hardwood furniture.

heather f

I have 3 little grandsons and it’s never to early to get them interested in design. I hate movie themed toys and clothing. I would love to see a line of interesting toys and art for Little kids that also pleases Big kids such as ME!


To echo other peoples’ comments, cool, modern furniture that also was pet-friendly would be awesome.


Once I contacted West Elm customer service trying to track down a duvet cover set from a past season that I LOVED. Unfortunately it was no longer carried and would not be restocked. It would be really cool for west elm to do a limited time ‘throwback’ and restock some of the best-sellers. It stinks when something is all over pinterest and I can’t find it in the store! Love west elm, thanks for the interview!

G. Van Eaton

A big, three section, canvas, wheeled laundry hamper–that’s what I’d like to see. It should have the West Elm elan and moderate pricing. I need it.


Time and Patience. That way I could buy more time for me to shop at West Elm and more patience for my husband as our bank account gets smaller ;)


My kingdom for a decent tea strainer! It’s amazing how difficult it is to find a durable and stylish single-cup strainer. More coffee and tea accessories would be greatly appreciated.


I really like the wheeled hamper, but I’d buy one at a lower price. I have a hard time wrapping my head around a laundry hamper,for $170. I really like the wood grain bath towels. How about a similar shower curtain and/or bath mat? I might be buying those towels.


Would love to see slanted headboards- covered and non-covered and more finish options for their Mobile Chandelier and Eclipse Table Lamp (such as polished nickel like their Cluster Glass Pendent or a lighter gold colour). :)


I appreciate the fact that West Elm provides design-savvy furniture & decor at reasonable prices, but I think a line of beautifully designed pieces offered at the next price level down – focusing perhaps on the fresh-outta-school/young professionals crowd – would be amazing.

Jen H

I would LOVE it if you carried a childrens line! Could you just picture the cuteness of mini me chairs and soft yummy throws pint sized or a special Christmas guft section of mini versions of the ironing board etc?

Michelle Starke

Bunkbeds. My space is tight and I have only two bedrooms and two kids. They share a room. It would be nice if there was more style and options for bunkbeds.

Marci Simonini

Bathroom vanities. I wish that West Elm carried them when I was renovating :( Oh and some kids stuff too please and thank you.

Taylor M

Slipcovers for sofas and loveseats! It’s so hard to find trendy/attractive ones!


I wish they sold fabric by the bolt–not just for me but for my clients. The products that West Elm provides are so great, stylish, fun and chic, and I wish we could get fabrics for little upholstery projects and window treatments… I could get carried away!


A line of flat-pack items (ala ikea) that are budget friendly but bring the beautiful modern design sense of West Elm! Night stands, coffee tables, side chairs, credenzas, maybe even a buffet table!


simple children’s line with a little flair would be ideal!


Fun things for pets! Bowls, little mats, beds, even collars and leashes would rock!

Morgan Lemly

I’d love to see more curated art pieces and especially some of those textile wall hangings that I’ve been seeing all over Pinterest lately. <3 those!!!


I would kill for some West Elm roman shades! Sure, I could buy their lovely by-the-yard fabric and make one myself…but I’d rather have them do the hard work for me! I’d also take some bamboo shades–so hard to find quality ones that aren’t a million bucks or totally see-through, and I’d trust West Elm to do it right.


I would love to see curated vintage. It doesn’t have to be on a regular basis. But it would be fun to have a semi-annual or quarterly vintage curated event online. Set a date once every quarter and offer up a beautiful selection of vintage rugs, pottery, etc. in the West Elm vein. Offer sneak peeks through social media channels building up to the events. I know I would be plugged into Facebook and Instagram on the reg waiting to see what West Elm found! I would also be up and at ‘em on the day of an online vintage curation to get my hands on things off the virtual shelves and add them to my cart before anyone else! It would be fun and thrilling! It could also be branched out to local store events with a vintage curation offered from finds offered from the region. Example: your Boston store could have vintage finds from New England, etc. West Elm has such impeccable style and would love to pair any of their current line with some curated vintage finds. Thanks for this generous giveaway.

Jason Shattuck

Since West Elm does such a great job with affordable modern, I would love to see a line of products geared towards the DIYer. A line of original affordable fabrics, washi tape, small project paints, stencils, etc… It doesn’t have to be complicated, just a line of DIY materials that hold up to West Elm’s discerning expectations.


Please – no baby or kid stuff; doesn’t Pottery Barn Kids do that?

Cabinet hardware; bathroom “furniture” (cabinets, etc) and hardware such as pulls/knobs.

Thanks for listening.

Michael McCarty

I wish they sold paper goods. I think the patterns that WestElm uses on their textiles would transition well and really nicely to stationary sets, or even just prints that could be framed.


you sell everything. west elm rules. maybe more mid-century teak furniture?

Jennifer T

I wish West Elm carried removable wallpaper, bathroom sinks, fixtures, and cabinets.

Brian F

I like the idea of outdoor house accessories to increase curb appeal as well. House numbers, mailboxes…I suppose garden and yard tidbits fall into it, too. Love to see some unique products that make me step away form the local big box hardware store.


I would love if West Elm carried options for kitchen cabinets. It would complete the perfectly styled home with just the right kitchen!

Amanda C.

I would love to see more local, one of a kind or small series items that focus on the community that the west elm store is in. Having a group of items that focus on local artist and craftsmen helps to support the city that West Elm is in. These items could range from the handmade to vintage and found items from the community.


Bring back the window shades! West Elm used to be my go-to source for well-priced and beautiful shades but they’ve been discontinued.

Mary M.

Really want to get wild outside? Modern storage sheds are IMPOSSIBLE to find!

Movind inside, a West Elm flooring line would be awesome! Sleek and modern, dramatic and moody, or reclaimed wood (or faux) styles would be fantastic!


I wish there were more office accessories/sketchbooks/drawing tools. That would be perfect :)


I would love to see pet and juvenile items I love your current lines

Sara L.

Since I have been searching for and researching banquette options for my dining room, that is what I would love to see. Something upholstered and modular, that could fit in whatever corner you happen to have, but with that great mid-century style that West Elm does so well!

Toree Cleveland

I think it would be wonderful if West Elm offered furniture legs – hair pin legs, mid century modern legs, etc to be able to switch out on couches, dressers, tables, side tables, and coffee tables. This would add a variety and allow customers to truly have a one of a kind West Elm piece.


It seems as though WE has been able to provide literally everything to the customer. It’s nice that they’ve partnered with Etsy… but really, I have not been able to see this partnership in any of the stores. I think it’d be great if WE could partner with local artists in every city and design each store with more of a local feel — namely, by inviting local artists to display/sell their artwork within the store, WE would be more of a part of the communist and would be giving back in a bigger way. By hanging REAL one of a kind art above a sofa, for example, WE is not only taking away from the manufactured/factory/as-seen-in-catalog feel, but is also giving a new community space for the artistic local community to share, meet, sell and grow.

Toree Cleveland

I wish West Elm would sell furniture legs: hair pin legs, mid-century dowel legs, and other interchangable styles. These legs should come in multiple lengths to cater to sofas, tables, side tables, and dressers. This would allow the WE customer to have a truly one of a kind West Elm piece.


a sofa with modern clean lines but with traditional rolled arms please!

Jacqueline Irwin

I would love if they sold affordable lucite/acrylic pieces – things like curtain rods!


Since I live in a small apartment, I am looking for a good hallway “landing strip” for keys, wallet, etc. Would love for West Elm to have something like that!


I was engaged last August, and as I’ve been planning my wedding, I’ve had trouble finding clean, modern, beautifully-designed (but affordable!) decor and accessories for the ceremony and reception. I would love to see West Elm offer pieces for wedding and special events!


I wish west elm would offer design service. It would be awesome if I could talk to an in store staff for what I like and they help me put together a mood board of west elm products for a fee.


I know it’s already been said, but as a renter, I’d LOVE to see removable wallpaper in addition to the (lovely) traditional options.

Vanessa N.

I LOVE everything West Elm has in store! However, sometimes I go looking for a gift and end up going somewhere else to get some boring clothes.

So maybe it would be nice to have more artwork, paintings, or pewter bowls like the ones they do in Mexico, or even those beautiful vases and figurines the Mexicans do out of mud/clay. I also love all european ceramic plates, pitchers, vases, bowls…that would also be lovely to see in the store.


West Elm already offers a wide variety of items already but it would be great if there were options for children. As a first time mom and home owner (we just started escrow today), it would be wonderful if I could shop at one place and be consistent in style/designs for the entire house.

Jennifer Martinez

It would be really cool to have a DIY line, full of unique odds and ends that people could use in their crafty projects. There could be a section of the store that has a different knobs, sticks, panels, hardware, stones, figurines, geometric shapes, etc…. that are higher quality and more inspired items than the things you would find in your typical craft store.
It would be cool if the items could correspond to a few of the pieces of furniture, mirrors, vases, etc… that customers could make their own with diy projects completed with things from the craft department.


I wish they sold kids’ furniture. Or even furniture for the stylish pre-teen/teen.


a smaller version of their bliss down filled sofa for my railroad apt. i want that so so bad. id also want dif leg options, if we’re really dreamin the dream.


Childrens line. But I’d also love a catalogue of your new stuff each season, like what Ikea does.


West Elm already has a pretty kick-butt modular desk/storage system, but I would love to see them expand this into a really nice collection (with color options, wood options, etc.) (and perhaps even having a sliding price point scale to make it even more accessible). It would be nice to have a curated selection so it wasn’t too overwhelming, but to still have a wider range of choices.

Becky Behling

Well, I was going to say a local section in each store – carrying local artists’ textiles, prints, bags, ceramics, etc., but I see above it’s already done in some cities. (Sadly there is no store in Madison, WI) Bravo!

So, I’m going to put a pitch in for Heath Ceramics. I would love, love, love for a collaboration to complement the mid-century modern line. I can picture it already . . . hurry!

And a mod fireplace, too. I definitely want West Elm to add their design touch to a sexy Malm-like wood-burning fireplace. Pretty please with sugar on top?


I’d love to see a west elm collection of built-ins for bath and kitchen. If they had these, I’d probably never have to go to ikea again!


I’ve always wanted them to sell knobs and accessories for existing furniture!


I would love some cute pet products!! I use their bowls for my kitty cat because they are so cute!! It would be awesome if they designed some pet bedding and some other items for the most loved members of our households!!


I’d like to see modern décor options for children (rugs, curtains, bedding). Since, I love your products, I think my daughter would, too!


i wish west elm sold a modern take on those vintage ceramic kitchen towel hooks that look like animals and hang on the wall.

Lauren Fulton

I would love to see some curated tiles for specialty back splashes or even flooring.

Heidi E.

My West Elm wish would be for the stores to provide flooring and wall covering options. I’m in the market for replacing the flooring in my kitchen, it would be great to go to westelm.com and see a collection of cork flooring, as well as tips on installation.

Jodi Parrish

Larger selection of pillow/upholstery fabrics (including outdoor fabric) with mix & match options for pillow size & fabric, so these can be customized. Also, outdoor rugs would be nice. I like to think of indoor & outdoor spaces as one large, happy living space.

Katie Jane

I wish West Elm had a section (maybe just online) for wedding decor/ideas. Like banners, table numbers, small favors, lights, textiles, etc. A classy, light, West Elm styled wedding would be really great! And in a perfect world, RENTING tables and chairs and such from WE would be a (expensive) dream come true.


Hmm… I love everything West Elm! I’d love to see WE start to sell furniture legs… it would be such an amazing, low-cost way to bring WE into your home and customize furniture. I’d also LOVE to see more kitchen furnishings! I love the Market line but I’d love to find a fantastic mid-century kitchen island. Seriously, I would buy it RIGHT AWAY if you guys sold something like that. Blending the high-end, high-quality furniture with the awesome, rustic Market products would be so great!


Would love to see more outdoor decor items from west elm. I think they’ve got the indoors pretty well covered!


Wallpaper! I’m always looking for a modern but muted pattern that I think West Elm would do well.


Since I’ve been engaged, I’ve had trouble finding clean, modern, beautifully-designed (and affordable!) decor and accessories for my wedding ceremony and reception. I’d love to see West Elm offer pieces for weddings, parties and special events!


I wish West Elm carried items from small local makers. Or they could always do pop-ups with local makers, such as ceramicists. By doing pop-ups then West Elm could also get people into their stores to buy their other great products.


Doggy items! My dog has high end taste and needs some classy West Elm accessories.

Lisa M

I would love to see West Elm carry products from more small local makers. Another solution to this would be pop-ups. This would be a great way to support local makers while also getting customers in to West Elm to buy the products they already love.

Jen Freeman

Rocket ships. As in iconic kid toys that ignite the imagination.


I was just there yesterday! I would love to see some wallpaper, or wall decals done by local artists. Especially since it would be nice to see those in person.


I would love to see West Elm carry custom Roman shades, bed linens for kids and dog beds!

Becky Behling

I wasn’t aware that West Elm has a market featuring local artists in some of their stores. Love that! (Sadly there’s no store in Madison, WI.)

Since that’s already happening, here’s a few more things I’d love to see West Elm take on:
1) Sell us the beautiful non-West Elm vintage pieces used in your catalog shoots if possible. A one-of-a-kind auction or online pop-up shop.

2) Collaborate with Heath Ceramics on a WestElm influenced design. It would be stunning with your mid-century modern line. Swoon!

3) How about a West Elm designed mod fireplace along the lines of the Malm fireplace? I think WE would make it even more gorgeous. Pretty please with sugar on top?

And I agree with all the hardware fans. Knobs and pulls, please!


Fixtures for bathrooms & kitchen! I can only imagine how beautiful they would look, but I don’t want to imagine anymore! I want to use them.


I would love to see West Elm create a children’s line


West Elm is consistently fabulous! A selection of pet items – like dog beds would be a fabulous addition!

Sarah B

I’d love to see West Elm carry wallpaper and basic pump bottles to put shampoo, conditioner and body wash in (san labels).


Would love to see plants as others have mentioned, more locally sourced goods that provide varying items based by location that supports local artists, crafters, etc. And more organizationally minded design solutions that blend form and function — especially focusing on making the most of small spaces for urban dwelling types with minimal room.

Also would love to see a line that is a bit more affordable if possible—kind of like an “apartment starter kit” or something that features some key pieces that are affordable and transformative in a space for a those of us who love West Elm but can’t afford to buy our whole home there!

thank you!


I wish that West Elm would host little decor workshops. It would be great to take a 15 minute to a half-hour workshop teaching me how to design a nightstand, a dinner party-scape, a coffee table, guest bed decoration, etc. It would be informative to understand uses of color and objects, spacing, and such from the design experts in the West Elm stores. I think these little workshops would be easy to digest and not a huge time commitment, also lets West Elm to show off some unusual products, and provides the customer with additional design knowledge. Complete with West Elm products of course!


probably wallpaper or more hardware or bathroom fixtures. They have sooo much to choose from, but I would love to see these things as well.

Kim Smith

Wallpaper and paint. West Elm has made my new home look fab with great furniture and decor options– but I still need help with my walls! Instead, I’m stuck walking through the aisles of Home Depot with swatches from West Elm with my fingers crossed.


i think west elm has done an amazing job. i bet they could come up with some really chic wallpaper.


While I understand WE probably sells mostly to those who rent, as a newer home owner it would be nice if WestElm sold bathroom vanities, similar to what Pottery Barn is doing, but with a more modern/rustic edge. Please make remodeling easier for the masses. Ikea seems too often to be the easiest go-to, but lacks in durability and quality. Some nice coordinating plumbing fixtures would be a bonus!


Eames furniture. I’d have to travel 100 miles to the nearest retailer, or shop online, but if I could travel 10 miles to a West Elm…well, then I would just be in trouble…


I would love if West Elm would provide short 15 to 30 minute design workshops. I would love to learn how to decorate a nightstand, coffee table, dinner party-scape, or guest bed and a brief workshop would be super helpful. This would provide West Elm an opportunity to show off their more unusual décor items, and encourages the customer to be more adventurous with their home decorations. Complete with all West Elm furniture and décor items.


I think there is an opportunity for West Elm to expand their product lines to include more recreational-based items– like chic bike wall mounts, concert blankets, wall mount beer bottle openers, backpacks… things with a more “outdoorsy” vibe!


I love everything West Elm has to offer. I would love to see children’s furniture.


love west elm, but I wish for more rugs in 8′ square size, please!


Limited edition unique/whimsical decor that is affordable (~$50) and could be awesome for gifts. Something that you could buy without having to save, and something unqiue that people would be surprised you found and you don’t see it in everyone’s house because you didn’t buy it at IKEA.


I second baby/kid stuff. Now that I’m a new mom, my life is overtaken with kid stuff and I want to take back my house. I’d love things that stand up to the wear and tear of kids, that are functional and comfortable but that still maintain good style!! Plus, talk about a good market, I can’t believe how much I find myself willing to spend on baby stuff!

Korin A.

OOh I would like to see more art. And possibly more modular storage options – baskets, bins and drawers that fit into the cabinets or bookshelves? And I miss the old moroccan cut out headboard. Sniff. But hooray for a giveaway.


I would love to see an expanded version of the West Elm catalog in book form, containing an inspirational showcase of designers or artists’ homes and the beautiful ways they use West Elm products.


I’d love to see a really comfortable, masculine chair for particularly tall people!


Puppies! Definitely Puppies because they would be the cutest Puppies.


Storage specifically for hiding away bulky baby/toddler toys and gear. Thanks for the opportunity to win!


Oh, gosh. I LOVE West Elm. I think the one thing I wish they did sell was wallpaper and tiles. I live in an apartment that I’ve dressed up with some gorgeous West Elm hardware, but it would be great to go the next step and wallpaper. Of course, if it was removable wallpaper, all the better! Us apartment dwellers would like a chance to style via WE.


More products that are fair trade and made in the U.S.A. would be great!


I was going to suggest fabric by the yard, but someone else suggested plumbing fixtures and I completely support that!


West Elm seems to have everything I could think of! If I had to choose something though, it would be fun if they could include found, vintage, and antique items in the stores and a section online. Furniture items and hardware that you have to jump on in order to own because there is only one and someone will buy it quickly. I’ve seen more and more furniture companies doing this lately and it’s nice because it gives more options for owning vintage, one of a kind pieces, instead of having to wait for flea markets and antique faires that happen once a month. I do love West Elm how it is though.


West Elm carries beautiful items, but I’d love to see more offerings with small-space design in mind – small-scale furniture and storage, multipurpose/multifunction pieces, and modular furniture would be wonderful. Given the spread of small-space living (due to either necessity or choice), there is an huge number of potential customers that would be delighted to find their needs met in this way!

Bobbi Beito

West Elm is my favorite kind of eye candy. I would love to see a line of wedding decorations/kits from them.

Amber H

I would love to see them match their style to jewlery! Unique pieces, that can only be found by them.


I would love to see West Elm carry more furniture designed specifically for small spaces. For example, high-quality convertible couches (that don’t involve the standard metal pull-out mechanism that’s not comfy for guests) and furniture with hidden storage.

Robyn G.

West elm sells dog bowls but I wish they sold food bowls for cats!! It’s hard to find attractive cat toys/accessories/bowls.

Bronwyn Livingston

I wish they had a section for local goods in each city.


I wish they sold a mid century desk with a file drawer.


I wish West Elm sold stationery sets of their beautiful prints and patterns.

angela kovach

A coordinating paint line. plus an instire design consultant or some kind of design app would be awesome.

Julie Z.

I would love to see kid’s items. Play furniture especially that inspires while being functional and adaptable as kids grow. I LOVE the aesthetic of West Elm and would love to see it carried out throughout my home in more playful ways. I am currently trying my best to instill a love and appreciation for art and nature (and the balance of the two) even at my daughter’s young age of 2.5 years :)

Becky Behling

What would make me incredibly happy would be a West Elm/heath ceramics collaboration. It would be beyond smashing, I’m sure, and would be a lovely complement to the mid-century modern line. And while we’re at it, how about a WE version of a Malm-like fireplace? Swoon! Know what else? I’d love to be able to buy the vintage wares and furniture included in the catalog shoots. Maybe an online auction or pop-up shop? And a framing collaboration with Etsy artists? That would make my life so very much simpler and undoubtedly more beautiful. Pretty please?


I would love if I could buy fresh flowers/succulents in the store to put into the vases!


Arts and crafts stuff for kids like a coloring table or cool cork boards to hang their artwork


One thing I’ve always wished West Elm had was a special market for younger adults (mid-late 20’s) that are still single or living on their own. This “brand”, if you will, would be the same style and look as current West Elm products, just scaled down in price. I assume this would mean sourcing different materials in order to sell at a lower costs but it would still give people the option to buy nice furniture (that isn’t Ikea or Target!) as they start their journey into adulthood. Overall, I love everything West Elm makes and sells, I just wish it was more in my price range as a 25-year old, single woman.


I would like to see an outlet store, or sections of incomplete and imperfect items. For those folks that can’t afford the expensive stuff.


I love the idea of West Elm hardware–like kitchen pulls and knobs!


I would love to see bath and kitchen fixtures to compliment the beautiful items they already carry including faucets, cabinet hardware and vanity lighting. I think these are such key pieces in a home and there is absolutely nothing out there that is affordable with that gorgeous West Elm aesthetic and flavor!

Heather U

Children’s furniture and all the things I love discounted more often!!! :)


I’d love to see more lighting, but I love everything!

Nikkita Patel

There are so many directions to go in, but having two small kids, I would love to see more children’s furnishings including toys. I love all of your products and would surely love the children’s items you would come up with. I also would love to see more sustainably produced items!

Nikkita Patel

Having two small children, I would love to see more children’s furnishings and toys. I love your store and would surely love this as well. I also would love more sustainably created items!


Definitely paperie and stationery and office “stuff”, like organizational tools. For some reason that subsect just sucks me in, and I don’t know if it’s my field or generally suckeryness.


I’m loving the West Elm Local partnership with local makers and designers. It would be great to see this partnership in every West Elm store as a way to promote local makers and encourage more people to shop in brick and mortar stores.


I would love for there to be a selection of curated vintage items, i.e. furniture, knickknacks, dinnerware, etc. a la Three Potato Four. The products at West Elm are always so perfectly curated, I cannot imagine what a vintage selection might look like!!


Indoor hardware – switch plates, outlet covers, cabinet pulls, door handles, etc. Outdoor fixtures would be great too! It’s hard to find stylish and affordable house numbers, mailboxes, door knockers, lighting, etc.

Kristen Carpenter

Children’s things…furniture, bedding, toys, tech accessories, and fabric!!!


Vintage looking hardware for doors, cabinets, windows, etc.!


I love West Elm. I wish you carried branded stationery, pens and notebooks.


I would love to see more art for my walls at West Elm stores. I love their furniture, and I’m sure they’d have some cool art!


I would love to see some mid century inspired woven lounge chairs, and art from artists in the local community!


To be completely honest here and no offense to small businesses… I wish they would stop selling a bunch on little nonsense items that no one cares about and all that retro stye furniture. I really miss their MODERN furniture that they used to sell before they started all those “collaborations”. Make the Market items into their own shop! Keep WE as a furniture shop and please bring more furniture items like the storage bed, I want to decorate the rest of my house with this style, but you stopped making this modern style of furniture.


I love love West Elm! As we get ready for our new family member to arrive, I just wish they had baby/kid items. I find a lot of the nursery furnishings out there to not be so aesthetically pleasing and wish we had more options.


I was going to say paper placemats, but I see you carry those already! WOW! PK! Make some with little known facts or botanical drawings with information on how to grow or care for the plant. Or…contact me! I
ve got a million ideas!


I wish West Elm sold more one of a / kind of vintage finds. There is nothing that makes a home feel more homey than an eclectic mix of old versus new. Take the thrill of shopping a flea market or a yard sale on a summer day and the feeling you get when finding that one hidden treasure everyone else looked over. I would love to see that sentiment brought to the site.

Jamie Berg

A general wish – West Elm does a great job of listing products made in the USA, but I would like to also see more fair trade distinctions in the product choices made outside of US. Thank you!


Plumbing fixtures and hardware…I’d love to see West Elm’s interpretation.

Jamie Berg

This is a general comment – I appreciate how West Elm distinguishes items that are made in America, but I would also like to see more fair trade items among the great products already available.

Maddy Porter

Would love to see more attractive small appliances, specifically a coffee maker. If the aesthetic of the market toaster evolved into a small drip coffee maker I would be a happy woman.


Hardware for cabinets, doorknobs, etc. More sconce lighting!


Kid’s furniture and bedding. When trying to furnish and decorate your home, you also need to think about the kids’ rooms.


As I’m expecting my first baby in a few months, I have been on the hunt for great baby & kid stuff. I would LOVE to see stylish furnishings and textiles for the little ones!

Mary Frances

Pre-fab kitchen cabinets (and hardware). Similar to IKEA — but more beautiful and more durable. I also like the idea of plumbing fixtures!


Affordable artwork (prints), dog beds, patio furniture, planters and plant stands. It’s really tough to find plant stands that aren’t hideous.

Jenny v.

I would love to see them do some tech pieces – alarm clock with USB port, speakers, wooden charging station, etc. Could be very beautiful.


I love West Elm’s aesthetic and would love to see textiles to make my own pillows and curtains.

Kari Odegaard

I wish West Elm sold a greater variety of dinnerware!

Emily C

Furniture slipcovers would be a fun addition. It is nice to change out your style, without paying for new furniture.

Amy Gannett

With West Elm’s uncanny ability to combine a clean aesthetic with bold patterns, I imagine many beautiful wall papers would be a wonderful compliment to the classic styles already offered.

clara b.

What a wonderful interview! It’s reassuring to read how passionate West Elm employees are about creating impactful and enjoyable customer experiences.

My boyfriend and I are about to move into our first shared apartment and we are having trouble finding affordable furniture that fits our style. We absolutely love what West Elm has to offer, but prices can often be a bit too steep for our budget. It would be awesome if West Elm could create a line geared toward individuals who don’t want to compromise on style but need to maintain a strict budget as they begin their professional lives.

At the moment, West Elm provides us with limitless inspiration, but we often find ourselves scouring used furniture sources (craigslist, thrift stores) to fuel our modern-vintage aesthetic.

I hope this helps!


I’d like to see more modern tech that is well designed and possibly integrated into pieces around the home and not be such an eye sore.


West Elm already carries tons of things but I could see a line of hardware and maybe some wallpaper!


I would love to see a section of West Elm specifically for commercial rated furniture and fixtures, items that would hold up in restaurants/offices. I specify West Elm products on a regular basis for my clients and that function on their website would save me a great deal of time on a regular basis.



I’d love to see a fair trade, Certified Organic “Buddha” chair to just dive into after a long day!


Craft supplies! I’m thinking along the lines of fabric, ribbon, dried flowers, shells, etc.


I’d like a salt spoon. Actually, a salt cellar and spoon in WE style.


Storage solutions for a growing vinyl record collection. Thanks for the giveaway!


I wish West Elm stocked their rugs in more sizes their stores. I bet they could also do a fine looking cat tree. I love my cat, but not enough to put one of those giant carpet covered monstrosities in my home.


I would say art from local and international artists – to connect us more locally and still know we are still part of a larger community


DIY kits. Love the idea of customizing a piece while having the base components already pulled together.


I think West Elm should associate with local artists, designers or creators. Montreal has such great comtemporary artists, I wish West Elm would support them more and therefore support the local economy as well. I also beleive West Elm should carry organic fabrics and fair trade products.


Hardware! A very classic yet modern hardware line that could be used throughout the home, from hooks to knobs to more!


Hi West Elm! I love the look of your wallpapers, but wish there was a less permanent option–some sort of easily-removable wallpaper tiles, perhaps. Also, I really wish you had more stores around the country. It’s hard to pull the trigger on a chair you can’t try out first. (I’m lookin’ at you, Bentwood office chair!)

Kristen Ball

Paper and office products! Stationery, notepads, pens and pencils, desk accessories for the office or home office and custom designs for personal use. Perhaps a collaboration with May Books or another collaboration with Tanamachi Studios!


As I prepare to move apartments, I’d love a great looking full size modern couch that easily comes apart into pieces.

Nikki K.

Snacks/water so I never have to leave the store! (Can you tell I’m preggo?! Lol)

Kathie Chavarria

Please sell more one of a kind textiles/cushions/rugs sourced from small villages around the world – places the general consumer would never get to but would love to support!


I think disposable party goods (plates, cups, cutlery etc) would be a great addition for West Elm. I’m planning a bridal shower, and I’m either stuck with the cheap stuff or having to source from a ton of vendors to get the look I’m going for. Would love to see the West Elm style in party dishes.


I would love a selection of sophisticated pet products or more plant accessories/planters.


I’d love it if West Elm brought out some tall cat scratcher posts/trees (essential for any indoor pet) that would compliment a stylish and modern interior. Natural/sustainable materials would also be a big bonus!


I already love West Elm, especially all of the mid-century style offerings, but some more practical office furniture/storage would be nice. Cabinets for hanging files, or file storage boxes (which I remember west elm selling once upon a time) that coordinate with the overall design aesthetic, would be awesome.


I love West Elm linens and would love to see complementary pajama sets, socks and slippers.


Outdoor rugs! More colors of indoor rugs! More rugs rugs rugs.


I would LOVE to see West Elm sell their beautiful textiles by the yard, kind of like Ikea. The bedding, pillows and curtains at WE are so lovely, but some crafty shoppers might want to sew their own items to compliment various areas of their home, use the fabrics for making clothing, or other fun craft/DIY projects! I know I would definitely buy West Elm fabrics!

Jillian Rose

You sell just about everything. you really should start selling shampoo and laundry detergent so i would have a reason to go to west elm, even if I didn’t need any furnishings :)


Wait, there are things West Elm doesn’t sell?! Kidding! Of course. I wish they sold some more modular/customizable things, like wall shelving units.


West Elm would rock nursery furniture! Having just furnished a nursery… I’d have to say most options are too cutesy and kiddish at my price point. West Elm would really elevate the nursery game!


I love West Elm! I wish they carried more compact storage for places like bathroom, etc. I need a small set of drawers or a little cart for mine and I’d love to be able to purchase it from West Elm


I know west elm already has a few for sale, but what I would really love to see more of is vanities.

Personally, I really enjoy the process of getting ready, whether it be for work or special occasions. Right now, I do it in front of my bathroom mirror, over my cluttered counter top, with my makeup, hair brushes, and skincare products strewn everywhere. While I can get the job done, there’s just something so much more luxurious about sitting down in front of a gorgeous vanity, with my perfume all organized on a tray, and my make up and everything in its place. It’s a luxury, pure and simple, and what I love about vanities is that they are so frivolous yet useful at the same time. It’s a piece of furniture that is meant purely for you to sit in front of and stare at yourself. And you can make it as pretty as you want!

I think vanities really fit with the overall aesthetic of west elm products–when I think of west elm, I think pretty and exquisite. Many of their items are beautiful in and of themselves, and can be enjoyed like works of art separately from the purpose they serve. Vanities are much like that–a piece of furniture that is to be enjoyed as much for its beauty and frivolity as its purpose.


I would love to see PLANTS!!! Succulants, specifically.


Between all that West Elm already covers and the other awesome suggestions above (baby/kids, pets, hardware, party supplies, vintage items) I’m hard-pressed to come up with something else, but what about…1) bolts of fabric for reupholstering and other projects, 2) accessories like robes, hats, etc., 3) sports items like billiards, croquet, bocce. Thanks for hosting this contest, WE!

Davonne Smith

I wish they sold wallpaper because I bet it would be a great affordable mid century modern type of wallpaper that would look great on one wall in my rooms.


I love everything from West Elm, but it would be great to see some baby furniture – I could definitely picture a beautiful crib or high chair

Alison Grego

I feel like west elm has a great selection, but I think it would be awesome if they had a discount store for items about to be discontinued or slightly damaged. Then maybe more people would be able to afford the awesomeness that is west elm!


Hmmm….maybe cats? With a $500 gift card and the things I already own, I could have the perfect living if I just added a cat :)


A clean, modern white bookcase with a slim profile that attaches to the wall (rather than freestanding or modular) and can take the weight of books and artwork. I’d buy that in a heartbeat!


Shades/blinds for windows. I love curtains but sometimes just want a really simple window covering that doesn’t have as much floof and fabric.

Teresa DeLong

I would like to see some cool knobs and pulls. I’d like to see a few size options for furniture. I like most of the coffee tables, but they are too small for my space.


Teresa DeLong

I would like to see some cool knobs and pulls. Also, having a few size options for furniture would be great. I love the coffee tables, but they are too small for my space.



Picture frames and more wall art – it could add so much to the already beautiful aesthetic!


Every time I’m in there I just want a cookie. I feel like chocolate chip cookies at the check out would be perfect except it would get all over the gorgeous furniture. . . there has to be a way.


I’m jumping on the hardware bandwagon. Knobs! Pulls! Love you, WE.


I would like west elm to carry more throws and textiles in general. I feel like they are often an after thought


I wish West Elm sold extra large coffee mugs and pretty cupcake wrappers.

Jen Powell

Bolder colored sheets. I love the mix of patterns for bedding (sheets, duvet covers, and pillows) in bold bright colors. Its always nice to have a pretty bed.

Jess C

We’re daydreaming of more West Elm hardware: Drawer pulls, switch plates, house numbers!!


I’m a sucker for jewelry, so I can only imagine how awesome their jewelry would be!


There are these types of towels that don’t have the woven loop – you often see this material in dishtowels but can sometimes find it as bathtowel sized. I wish there were more of these in the world!


I’d love to see the stained pallet wood wall trend re-interpreted as a temporary wallpaper. Or any kind of removable wallpaper! I’m selfishly asking as a renter who would love to cover vast expanses of white walls without breaking the bank.


more stylish space- saving products for us city dwellers.


I genuinely don’t know! I have yet to visit their site and not ind what I’m looking for. I especially love their holiday selections.


I think it’d be cool if WE got in on the DIY movement a bit by selling some kits I could build and customize myself–like antiqued plumbing pipe shelves with weathered wood boards and suggestions for different configurations.

Kelly E.

I would also like to see children’s furniture. Also a store in Savannah, GA would be great! I currently drive two hours to Florida. Not that THAT’S a bummer or anything, but I’d like to have one closer. Thank you for the chance to win!


I would love to see more hardware, more linen (blankets and bedding especially!) and more customizable options for furniture. Love it all already though!


I would love to see more hardware, more linen (blankets and bedding especially!) along with more customizable options for furniture. Love it all already though!


I think that the modern, minimal design aesthetic they have would work well with jewelry.

David Becker

More DIY products like paints, wallpaper, furniture hardware, stencils, “how-to” books and guides, and also locally sourced art. Frankly, I love West Elm; there is some West Elm in every room of my home!


I want West Elm on my walls! Paint, wallpaper (especially the removable kind for us renters), and even tapestries. I love so many of the patterns and colors I see elsewhere…they would go so well on my blank walls!


I pretty much could find everything I need for my home in West Elm especially with the newer mid century inspired items, however an added bonus may be a collection of children and pet furnishings/decor to really round out their collections!

Jordan G.

I would love to see West Elm show a design for a canopy bed in the Parson’s collection. Since the Parson’s desk came out, I have been obsessed with it and love the clean look it provides for a room, with the ability to personalize and make it your own. I have waited two years to move and have a room big enough to own a Parson’s desk and it is finally happening in July, but I would love to be able to have a canopy bed that has the same sharp sophisticated and lacquered look that the desk offers. I would even suggest putting together packages that could be offered for accessories for the desk such as vases and frames for the wall behind it that are generally pictured when you search the Parson’s Desk online and Pinterest links come up, or other websites that show how to style the desk to make it your own!


More products for dogs! It’s so hard to find nice-looking dog toys and beds.

Rebecca B

A robot that could dust and clean all of my West Elm goodies!!!

Adele S.

I would love to see more wearable fashion at West Elm. I love the aesthetics of everything in the store and image that some simple clothing items that mirror West Elm design aesthetics would be fantastic. I purchased a kitchen apron at West Elm recently and wear it every day at work to carry all of my necessary artist tools; I get compliments EVERY day! I would be excited to see how West Elm can expand in this way.

Andrea T

I’m looking for something to put on a blank wall in the kitchen. Nothing so specific that screams KITCHEN or EAT, and not something you see everywhere (like those goofy Italian paradies). I’m not really sure what I want, but I do know what I don’t want!


I wish west elm sold some if their great light fixtures in an antique brass finish!


Really they have a great variety of everything, but I would love to see more US made products, but as far as a tangible items go, vintage-esq accessories and wall hangings.

Erin Brigham

I would love to see West Elm start a children’s and babies’ line of furniture, accessories, and linens. It’s the one area of the house that West Elm hasn’t reached yet. Of course that might turn into something requiring a whole separate store!

Alison Taylor

I love West Elm’s wares and I’m hard-pressed to think of what else I’d like to see on its website/in its stores, but big house plants would be fabulous.


Kitchen organization, definitely. Something to help upgrade the space and keep it functional.

Elizabeth Thankful Shannon

I wish that you had cafe’s in your stores with coffee, tea, and pastries, because I always spend such a long time perusing the fabulous designs around me, that I always get thirsty and hungry. Enjoying a beautifully designed pastry in a beautifully designed store, is a true pleasure, indeed.


I’d love it if West Elm offered a children’s furniture line. I’d love a midcentury crib, and those are hard to come by!


I’d love to see more options for nice-looking file cabinets/organization systems…I’m currently on the lookout. And I agree with everyone who posted about kids stuff!


I would love to see some hanging tapestries or hanging wall art on West Elm.


dog stuff, beds, dog bed covers that coordinate with their bedding, cute unique collars

Laura Candler

Okay, this is a no-brainer. I wish West Elm sold sofas that didn’t contain fire retardants. My husband and I were recently searching for a sofa, and we FELL IN LOVE with West Elm’s designs. Like, we went down to the Atlanta store, which is two hours away from us, sat on all the sofas, looked at leg finishes and fabrics. We had one all picked out (the Crosby sofa in Timber! Although if we had a bit more change, the Dekalb Leather Sofa is just gorgeous.)…but then we learned that West Elm complies with California’s flame-retardant requirement (California Technical Bulletin 117), which means that despite taking steps to reduce toxicity, West Elm still uses powerful chemicals in its cushions. It’s pretty well-documented (articles in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Building Green News) that these chemicals exist in companies that sell their furniture in California, and it’s really unfortunate that there is no way to opt-out. Fortunately, California just repealed that law. And hopefully, more companies will start sourcing their seating foam from place that don’t douse them in flame retardants. My husband and I decided to go with a more expensive company that doesn’t use flame retardants, although we still wish we could’ve had that beautiful Crosby sofa in our home for a great price. West Elm, we love you but we really wish you made sofas without flame retardants.


I wish the had a wedding registry! I find so many things I want but I can’t register directly with West Elm :(

Kathryn Cummings

more kids stuff!

also- not something they sold, but having an online component where you could build your own mood board/room. I think that would be super cool- like their own pinterest. Or where you could upload a photo of your room and have them help suggest what you need- like decorating-lite. :)


I wish West Elm sold design services or had a design guide to help us plan spaces that fit in our homes like they are laid out in the catalogs. I’d also love to see more stuff for children.


I’d love to see some partnerships with independent artisans in Portland, Ore! :) I’d also love some brighter textiles – I really enjoy the textures and patterns that you have, but I tend to be drawn to what I think of as “happy” colors :)


I would love to see a wider range of office supplies, so I can bring some style into my otherwise drab cubicle!


Definitely cribs and dressers with a changing table option. But mostly, I just wish I could afford to buy more things they already make. Beautiful stuff!


I would love to see west elm selling more pet related products, like food bowls, pet beds, or even toys! I can’t seem to find any store that sells modern upscale pet products for an affordable price.


Stylish and modern pet furniture! It’s so hard to find anything reasonably priced that doesn’t look like garbage

Carol Buchman

I’d love to see West Elm carry nursery furniture.

Kate R

I would love paper goods – note cards, stationery, planners and calendars. A truly beautiful calendar or notebook makes any desk or side table more attractive. Although I guess that’s hard to do with a West Elm table.


I loved reading through these suggestions. I have to jump on the children’s items bandwagon. I’m already imagining a beautiful West Elm designed nursery!

Ashleigh Hodges

Love all that West Elm has to offer! My husband and I are preparing to remodel 2 bathrooms in the next few months……. I’d love it if you offered sink consoles, bathroom fixtures (faucets, shower) and possibly signature tiles (some cool accent tile for the shower or counter backsplash)!

Kim Clark

I wish West Elm sold shower curtain hooks and rods!


Unique sofas. I would love to see some modern leather sofas with antiqued leather or a solid wooden framed sofa.

Kim C

I wish that West Elmsold shower curtain hooks and rods!

Josh Beaton

I wish that west elm carried full kitchens like ikea!


Would love to see more hardware and fixtures as well as some textiles, like wallpaper. Perhaps a collaboration with Spoon Flower and other independents for even more inspiring prints.


Hard question….I would love to see outdoor/patio and children’s items!


Taller bed frames. I love the look of their beds (the headboards in particular) but we have really high ceilings and standard-height platform beds just make it seem like we’re sleeping on the floor.

Meg M

Children and baby furniture and decor! We bought West Elm’s small mid-century modern dresser for a changing table, as well as your glider, but more options for kids would be great!


I wish they sold the Dekalb sectional sofa in FABRIC! As soon as that becomes available, I will be the first in line.


I guess its not really an item but I SO wish that West Elm had a gift registry!! I was major bummed that I couldn’t register for all of the beautiful things I was in love with at West Elm when I got married last year.

Wil Furnstahl

I would like to see small unique electronic devices that coordinate with the West Elm design aesthetic. (ie. shelf speakers, entertainment systems, docking stations, small appliances).


My husband and I took back almost everything on our wedding registry and took all the money to West Elm.. lamps, pillows , frames, and our beloved duvet. We are moving into a new house and I could fill some rooms!

Carolyn Jackson

I wish West Elm sold a 24 hour live in decorator to help me arrange the beautiful selection of furniture and accent pieces in my home, with the exquisite taste and practicality of it’s creative designers.


I would love to see West Elm carry The Chicken Gardener brand Chicken Coops and garden products. The Chicken Gardener makes stunning, high quality cedar backyard sustainability products that are as beautiful to look at as they are functional. With food prices on the rise and the environmental and health impacts of the high volume food industry, more people are turning to cultivating food in their own backyards. The industry is booming and West Elm would do very well selling The Chicken Gardener products.

Mya Murphy

Being a major animal lover, I would say more pet products, especially ones that repel fur.


I think they’d make nice baby stuff! I’d like to see that!


Custom-ordered rugs by size. I have been looking for a beige/natural runner that is 2’x6′ and cannot find anything that will work for me. But if that is not available at this time… I am sure I could figure out how to spend the $500 on other items!


I approached this from the angle of what I’m currently in the market for (specifically a headboard + a few misc items) and they already have these things! One random thing they should start carrying is cabinet hardware!

Danielle Clifford

I wish West Elm had more things for small space living. It would be great to see some of their beautiful designs for organizational systems.


a line of eco-friendly, reasonably priced cleaning supplies that smell really good


A styling consultation!

I would love to be able to provide a WE designer with information on the shape/construct of my space in conjunction with a brief description of my style, and receive a design proposal of WE products. It could encompass everything from the light fixtures to the rugs and all else in between.

Making a space your own is a beautiful process, and pulling from the inspiration of others is a wonderful way to push yourself into unexpected and new places. Sometimes an outsider’s opinion is the perfect method to seeing something in a new frame.

Jaclyn Reynolds

More outdoor furniture and kids outdoor play pieces!

Kim B

I would like to see a high boy dresser. Something that is over 40″ wide and over 55″ tall. I keep finding tall narrow dressers but am having trouble finding a dresser for a small space that takes advantage of vertical space to maximize storage.


I’ve been on the hunt for nightstands with lots of storage. The current selection of nightstands at West Elm are very attractive but they tend to be on the smaller size. I live in a small house that lacks storage and having nice sized nightstands with lots of storage (like I see online for vintage pieces) would be ideal.


Bathroom furniture, such as vanities and medicine cabinets.

Krystal R

There isn’t much that West Elm doesn’t carry. Maybe some more interesting cocktail mixes to go with the pretty glasses!

Jessica B.

I’ve been looking for sofa slipcovers, so that’d be amazing. Everything I’ve found is so ugly or ill-fitting.


A fully furnished house. Every time I visit West Elm I want to stay and never leave.


You know the bare chested, oiled up men who carry Sultanesses around on chairs through verdant spice markets? That. That is what they should sell.


I love West Elm’s clean, modern design style! I would love to see varying price points within the furniture department- something for every design lover, every time!


West Elm is amazing! I’d love to see more outdoor & gardening things- tools, plants, etc. I also would love it if they had wallpaper.

Heidi Devereaux

I love everything in that store! It would be cool if they took on the concept of closet design/organization. They do everything else so great, it is time for someone to bring a fresh perspective to that area.


I’d love to see nursery designs and baby items! Nesting is a super design-y phase and I think you’d draw in a lot of long-term customers.

Ania G

I love West Elm’s aesthetic, and my boyfriend and I are staring down the barrel of renovating and furnishing a farmhouse from 1849. We would completely outfit it in all WE if we could! WE does a really great job of making reclaimed wood furniture available to the mainstream. I would love it if they were able to branch out into reclaimed wood flooring! It would make it so easy for people to be both stylish and green.


I want to see more fox-themed items as I am a collector. So far so good! I loved the ceramic fox speaker you guys had last winter!

Suz C

I’d love to see stylish modular shelving. So important for apartment living!


This is such a great question. You can see the love the brand inspires…and my wife and I know exactly why. West Elm is amazing. I’m sure there’s a reason why they don’t sell many things in these comments, including my suggestion, so I’m not too upset, but here’s my idea: I’d love a bathroom sink/cabinet that has interchangeable sink bowls and hardware from which to choose. Imaging matching a reclaimed wood base with a few drawers with an interesting marble/granite/glass bowl and then selected hardware to match. Selling the items separately would give us ownership of the product with the West Elm touch we all love.


i wish west elm sold their own wall papers, tiles, countertops, faucets, sinks & tubs! a west elm design center is what the world needs. Plus a little somthin somthin for the littles … kids stuff would be rad too!


The hope of warmer weather makes me excited for longer days, and lovely summer evenings. With that said, I wish West Elm sold a simple outdoor canopy pavilion system composed of five component pieces: (1) four bamboo staked poles and (2) one heavy duty drop cloth with fasteners at each of the four corners that one would attach to the poles.

A canopy structure is a far prettier alternative to the utilitarian vinyl pop-up tents available at sports/outdoor stores or online. Folks with backyards could stake the poles in grass while city dwellers could anchor them in heavy duty (cough – West Elm – cough) planters. Perhaps the drop cloth could have a UV coating on it? Or perhaps the drop cloth could be made out of washable, pre-shrunken indoor-outdoor fabric?

If it’s a choice between an “outdoor canopy pavilion” from West Elm or me making this myself, I’d take the West Elm version any day of the week.


Cleaning supplies (like the Laundress or Caldrea) and more organizational stuff (like the Container Store).


I love West Elm so hard (have a rug, the Bliss sofa, and my amazing wood bedframe from them).

At work I’ve often been pairing striking metals with concrete, like brass and copper, so I’d love to see some of that show up in West Elm in a geometric style. In general I’d always love to see more color (not that West Elm lacks in this already), but interesting furniture colors and rugs. The Alyson Fox rug collection was an amazing example of this, and I regret being out of the country and missing out on one of the rugs.

And how about some hanging furniture, whether for outside or inside? We need some better examples of designer hammocks/chaira/ whatever!


Hmmm… I already thought West Elm had everything! I love just browsing online & wishing I could afford more! Have always loved the sister company… PB, but West Elm is my new favorite!


Hmm, I thought they already sold everything! Have always loved their sister company, PB… But West Elm is my new favorite! Just wish I could afford more!


It would be interesting if they carried paint & did accent walls with the colors in their stores to showcase wall vignettes with art, mirrors, etc.


I was surprised they didn’t sell nursery items really. Also, not furniture directly, but I think more office supplies like stationary from them would be amazing.

Sarah Wohl

Vintage pieces that are in the West Elm aesthetic but upcycled!


I would love to see some baby furniture from West Elm! My husband and I are getting ready to start a family, and I’ve now realized how picky and particular I am about so much furniture. I’d love to see West Elm’s take on basics like a crib and baby bedding.

Shannon Doronio

I wish West Elm could bottle and sell their impeccable sense of style and taste. It would come packaged like a fine wine and would be the most favored gift at every house warming party. The world would become a more beautiful place. I’d be more than happy to design the packaging!


Tile. I think that dwell is able to pull it off that west elm could do a few patterns.


I love so many of these options. I definitely think it would be great to add some things with a more outdoorsy feel–a nicely designed bike mount would be awesome. Also more options for renters! I’d love West Elm-style removable wallpaper or panels (possibly removable back splashes for the kitchen).


Plumbing fixtures. Faucets, shower heads ect. We just bought all new plumbing fixtures and it was so difficult to find good quality beautiful plumbing fixtures at a good price.


I would sure love to see some beautiful free standing coat racks!


I would love to see some beautiful free standing coat racks!


There is a dining chair that you used to sell about three years ago. I can’t remember its name but it looked a bit like a mid-century Thonet chair–one of the ones with a curved back. It was all wood. West Elm didn’t carry it for very long and it was sadly discontinued before I could buy some. I will never forget it. It had the best design!


Apartment friendly items, table cloths, removable wall paper, clothing!

Sarah S.

I would really love if the fabrics used on pillows, poufs, and other textiles, even some of the upholstery fabrics, were also sold by the yard so consumers would have even more options for bringing the colors and patterns into home designs.


I wish West Elm carried large raw wood furniture. Like large round coffee tables, or bedside tables. :)

lindsay k

my most-wished-for item of the moment is linen sheets, so I wish West Elm carried a set. but I do love the linen duvet cover and shams!


I’d like to see EVEN MORE wall-mounted storage for small spaces!


I think that I would like to see a line of home office/workplace themed products. I’m still looking for a functional, aesthetically pleasing way to store important papers- especially in an era when I’d like to have everything located in the cloud but want to keep a hard copy backup just in case.


I would love to see attractive and affordable roller blinds from West Elm! I would also love to see a curated paint collection, much like Restoration Hardware’s line.


Um, is it weird that I wish they sold clothes? Because if the West Elm sensibilities could be applied to clothes, that would be my new favorite place to refresh my wardrobe. You just know they’d be perfectly tailored and so, so gorgeous.

Michelle C.

A lovely little clock worthy of my mantel…many mantel clocks are very traditional (with roman numerals, curvy lines and such), and not that I’m altogether opposed to traditional, but I’m going for a “streamlined traditional” I think? Not too mid-century, but one that would certainly complement West Elm’s take on the mid-century design.
So, yes, a clock!! Something I could keep forever and could almost call an heirloom ;)

Whitney Y

Lounge wear! would fit right in with bedroom/bathroom


I love the aesthetic of West Elm’s furniture and home items, but I would feel better about spending the money on those things if I could be sure that they were made in the US and were eco-friendly. Good design should also be responsible and add to our own economy. Similar to the pages in the WE catalog that feature emerging artists/ Etsy, I believe that a page or two in the WE catalog emphasizing things “Made in the USA”, and/ or using green materials, would draw in a significant number of shoppers.


Salt Water Taffy! I love salt water taffy and West Elm – this would make for a perfect shopping experience!


I wish west elm had more solutions for small spaces: versatile room dividers, fold down writing desks, more compact storage solutions. Moving cross country, thanks for the entry!

Nicole Brenner

Outdoor furniture and/or slip covered couches…we have messy children :-)

Cathie Richardson

I would like to see products with an emphasis on the concepts of Aging-in-place and universal design – innovative use of technology in the home, product lines that will take us through the stages of our lives with West Elm modifications, updates and tweaks along the way.

Pat Konzen

Outdoor storage and garden items ….from containers to cute little sheds! Maybe even chicken coops!
Even better if the can be ikea style put together!

K Heller

I wish west elm would sell modern, elegant cribs and either rockers or more options for gliders for a nursery!

Lucy Delia

(More) round tables! I’ve been in the market for just the right round table for our library for a while now, and keep coming back to West Elm to see if any new ones have appeared :)

Adithi Kasturirangan

I would love to see a section for unique, one-off products that may not have a huge market, but could be crowd-funded by West Elm customers. This would be especially great for unique, labor-intensive items that can’t be mass produced and that expose us to the great work by small-scale artisans across the world.

Adithi Kasturirangan

I would love to see a section for unique, one-off products that may not have a huge market, but could be crowd-funded by West Elm customers. This would be especially great for unique, labor-intensive items that can’t be mass produced and that expose us to the great work that small-scale artisans are creating.


I would love to see more items specifically for pets. Beds, bowls, collars, etc. The items they do have are cute but I would love to be able to browse and entire pet section so I can spoil my Frenchie with good stuff that looks great in my home.

Vina Tran

I think it’s less about introducing new products and more about finding ways to market the new products West Elm already features. West Elm already collaborates with so many amazing designers and local artists/artisans and it’s hard to keep track of which store is doing what and selling what. It would be great to expand upon the Market Shops in the same vein as the new Urban Outfitters “lifestyle” concept stores that are opening – a one stop shop for local wares or the featured handcrafted items with more “lifestyle”/community events that showcase the collaborations/bloggers for inspiration and more “how-to” demonstrations. You could tie in working with local chefs/food bloggers showing us how to host the perfect housewarming party while using West Elm products; or having a silkscreen printing session with the handcrafted artisans; etc. Under the Lifestyle/Market Shops you could branch further out into beauty products, more kitchen/food items, office organization/products, books, tech/music products, etc. that are missing, but I think West Elm already has a vast selection of interesting and amazing products, so maybe the focus should be more on curation/dissemination.


Kid / baby stuff would be awesome. Or cute pet bets. We are currently in the market for both :)


Oh, how exciting! For the first time in my life, I’m about to move into an apartment that actually needs furnishing, with the person whom I want to spend the rest of my life with. (I still need to tell my mom about this–you guys get to hear it first! :S) We were walking around DUMBO on a rainy evening a week ago and saw the West Elm store. She knew the brand and I didn’t, but we went inside and fell in love with so many pieces–I love the rustic/practical/elegant aesthetic that comes out in pieces like the Emmerson industrial table. We started putting things on our wishlist (we need to get a little sofa, a coffee table, a dining room table, bookshelves where we can house my Proust by her Bechdel), but the one thing I’d really love you guys to make is a long wooden desk that two people could work at. Both of us are writers (I never wanted to date a writer, but you can’t stop your heart, I guess!) and we like to work near each other. A two-person desk would save space in our little Bed-Stuy apartment and allow us to work side-by-side. Grace, thanks so much for this opportunity!


Original art from budding artists selected by West Elm designers. Reasonably price and selected by West Elm. Maybe Giclees if that makes more sense. I spend so much time trying to find reasonably priced original art that I love. Searching through Etsy is overwhelming. I am willing to spend more on Art than price range of the prints they currently offer.


Original art from budding designers selected by West Elm designers. I am willing to spend more than the current price range of the prints they sell. I spend too much time trying to find art I love on Etsy etc but it’s overwhelming. Maybe giclees if that makes more sense to West Elm…

C. Anderson

I wish West Elm sold mantels and fireplace accessories.


Original art in addition to the prints! West Elm has such a nice aesthetic and I think it’s a shame you can only buy prints.


My husband and I love West Elm. They need a wedding registry!!! Our family and friends were so wonderful to us with gifts for our wedding and a registry would have made it much easier for them. We could be a West Elm model home with all of the beautiful things we were given!


Love the question!

I’d like to see more in the way of small batch flea market type items – limited run throw blankets from Mexico, artist collaborations with stained glass pieces and custom framed photos/artwork, unique ceramic pottery and planters, etc.

mariam shahab

Food! Would be adorable if West Elm sold pre-packaged macaroons or other party foods beautifully packaged in keepsake servingware.


I wish West Elm had a nightstand with more storage and I wish it had some lower headboards


Decals! I think if done right, decals can be really awesome. and I bet west elm could make amazing ones.

Cara Narkun

I love West Elm’s aesthetic, and I also love vintage items and antiques. I think it would be super cool if West Elm curated and sold some vintage and antique items that they think match their style and aesthetic.


I wish you could help me decorate my new home from far away. I wish you had a service where I could send you pictures of my home, a list of your furniture that I like, and then have a free consultation on Skype with your designer to help me make the best choice. That way I can be sure my home will look fantastic, and I can be sure I made the best choice for the money spent. I really need the help, for example, what size table looks best in my dinning room? Help! Thank you.


It would be so cool if there was a brick and mortar store in more areas (metro Detroit) so people could see the actual colors and sit on the furniture before purchasing. Not to mention saving money on shipping. :)

amy cordell

I love West Elm pillows and that they sell them as covers so that it’s affordable to change things up for a new look. I’d love to see more pillow COVERS for OUTDOOR pillows.

Emily Travis

The one thing West Elm doesn’t sell that I wish they did is stylish office supplies. It’s such a bummer to get your office together, and then clutter it up with junkie staplers, pens, etc. I’d love some West Elm style details there!


“Rugs by the Foot” – so you can choose your color and custom size and voila!

Annamarie H

I’d love to see more pet products. It’s hard to find a well made, affordable, aesthetically pleasing dog bed.

Stephanie council

West elm is off to a great start with their curated paint selection. I’d like to see this expanded upon with textured paint, WALLPAPER, and 3D wall treatments. Another idea is a line dedicated to the rented apt dweller with products such as a drum ceiling light fixture that adapts to most of those ugly ceilings lights most of them seem to come with.


Two things:
(1) a really good murphy bed system.
(2) really fine iron beds


Okay, three things…
(3) separate bases for dining room tables
I have this idea that I would like to get a nice slab of marble, or some other material, and put it atop a well constructed base. Perhaps a pedestal or a matched set, or a great metal base with a raised edge that I can get a piece of stone cut to fit locally. It would be even better if it came in different widths as well as lengths.

The other two ideas were listed someplace above.


A pipe clothing rack. Gathering my own materials and assembling seems too a daunting a task for me. I’d rather have everything come together and leave the assembly to me.

Angelina Sorokin

I believe that if West Elm had a pet section that it would be a great hit:)

Fabian S.

West Elm should sell original art by local artists.

Shelly Kerry

My boyfriend’s answer – milkshakes. Totally irrelevant. We love you West Elm, keep up the great work!


What I would like to see is a collection of modern jewelry. Created by the designers that created the furnishings or well known architects. Their design aesthetic always lends itself to very cool beautifully crafted jewelry.


others have already said this, but more options for children furniture. pottery barn is a bit too traditional. some modern items would be great! upholstered platform beds. cool mini chairs and table sets. also more mini furniture for small spaces. a small minimal console or curio cabinet. lastly, offer a wee bit more colorful options for rugs, mats, towels.


More handmade and USA-made items, in a more permanent sense!


+1 for baby items! i’m not a parent yet, but will be in the next couple of years, and would love to see some simple, clean items for the nursery. it would be a welcome change from all the cutesy, overly colorful things at other retailers!


Larger scale lounge furniture scaled for a house. I feel like all the furniture now is for an apartment.


We live in an open loft, and have carefully put together items from West Elm, our local flea market, local artisans, and of course…craigslist. The one thing we haven’t been able to find is a hutch to serve in place of an open bookshelf. I work from home and want to have a functional, but streamlined look for our books and files. West Elm would definitely be filling a gap in the design space by providing a bookshelf / cabinet / hutch that would work in an open space by hiding the chaos behind. Thank you!


We live in an open loft, and have carefully put together items from West Elm, our local flea market, local artisans, and of course…craigslist.The one thing we haven’t been able to find is a hutch to serve in place of an open bookshelf. I work from home and want to have a functional, but streamlined look for our books and files. West Elm would definitely be filling a gap in the design space by providing a bookshelf / cabinet that would work in an open space by covering the chaos behind.

Lori C.

I wish west elm carried tablecloths. Their place mats and table runners are lovely, but we need tablecloths!


I second everyone who said more hardware. I’d also like to see some more beautiful and useful everyday items such as brooms and dustpans etc.

Nicole S.

I love West Elm! I wish they had more modest sized coffee tables. My house is too small for most of them.