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Vintage in Nashville

by Amy Azzarito

Ruthie Lindsey is a decorator, designer and stylist in Nashville, Tennessee. Her job is constantly changing – sometimes she’s designing stages for a musician’s show, sometimes it’s styling for a photo shoot or working on a Kinfolk workshop, at other times, it’s decorating homes and businesses or hosting parties. Ruthie moved into this home in November of 2013 and her goal was simply that the space feel warm and welcoming. We think she did just that. Thanks for welcoming us in, Ruthie! And a big thank you to Heidi Jewell for the lovely images. –Amy

Image above: This is my bedroom. My dear friend James from Handy Dandy Productions built my headboard. The American flag is in my hometown of St. Francisville, LA. The lamp on the left is from Target and the one on the right I thrifted in Frankin, Tennessee. The bedding I got years ago on clearance at Anthropologie.  And the overhead light is from West Elm.
Image above: This was the dining room table I grew up with at my farm house in Louisiana.  It is one huge piece of cypress. It was a blonde color all growing up, but I had a friend stain it with this nearly black color. Whenever I have guests over, I still sit in the same spot I always sat in as a little girl between my papa and my oldest brother, Lile. The lace curtains were a hand-me-down from my Aunt Raven. The stained glass I thrifted in south Louisiana. Last summer I found those old mason jars at an abandoned shack on Lookout Mountain on a weekend away. I planted succulents in them last fall for a dinner party I was hosting with my friend Beth of Local Milk.  I tied luggage tags with beautiful quotes about friendship onto the bottles.


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Image above:  This office is one of my favorite rooms in my home. I painted it Burl by Martha Stewart. There was a popcorn ceiling, which I can’t stand, so I covered it with tiles from Home Depot. The light is also from Home Depot. I got the red desk when I was a teenager. I just love the original red color. The wooden chair was going to be thrown out at my aunt’s really old house in Mississippi, and I snatched it up. I got the wooden lawyer shelf at the Nashville flea market. The gold lamp was $4 at the flea market. I thrifted the white based lamp and added a lamp shade I got on clearance at Anthropologie.

Image above: I thrifted this chair years ago in Franklin, TN for $40. My nieces call this the Tay-Tay chair because Taylor Swift shot her album art for her RED album at my old house and she poses in this chair in one of the pictures. I found the lamp for $20 in Asheville, it just needed to be rewired. The two botanical prints were in my sweet friend’s great-grandmother’s botanical book that she inherited. She let me pick four pictures and she scanned them for me at Kinkos, and then I used simple Michaels frames.


Image above: I hung a drop cloth on a wall in my living room to add texture. (I love wallpaper but it’s so expensive, so this is a great alternative.) I thrifted that adorable table at a store in Louisiana, and I got the wonderful brass candle stick holder on the same trip. That succulent is from Home Depot, I love succulents because they are harder for me to kill! I used the old thrifted clipboard as a display for a beautiful picture of my mom, my folks on their wedding day and a print that I love. I am very sentimental so most things I display have a meaning or a story. 

Image above: I had wanted an orange “eames” (its a remake from the ’60s) for so long. I finally found one on etsy that I could afford and had it shipped to me through Greyhound. The side table I got on clearance at a moving sale from a local Nashville store. The lamp I thrifted years ago. The painting is from my friend Emily Leonard who is also one of my favorite water color artists, her work blows me away.

Image above: My kitchen also had a popcorn ceiling so I put up bead board to cover it. The ceiling paint color is Palladian Blue by Benjamin Moore. The lamp is from West Elm. I don’t enjoy clutter but all of those pieces on my fridge are really special to me. The quote “the deeper sorrow carves into your being the more joy you can contain” by Gibran are words that resonate so deeply for me. I grew up on a farm and that’s a photo of my cute papa plowing our garden with a mule (was he not the cutest ever?!) and a pic of my parents on their wedding day.

Image above:  I had my friend James from Handy Dandy Productions build these shelves out of old barn wood from Good Wood for my kitchen. I use them to display some of my favorite things. I love, love, love copper. The mugs are from Beam and Anchor out of Portland. All the other copper pieces have been gathered at different flea markets and thrift stores. I inherited all of my grandmother’s old milk glass and have added to the collection over time. I love collecting small glass bottles to use as vases for all around my home and to give as gifts. The R was a gift from my dear friend Christian from 1924.

Image above: This was my namesake grandmother Ruth’s vanity that I spent so much time playing with as a child!  That’s her photo in the small frame. In the larger frame is a feather that I had land at my feet in LA over the summer. I was in the midst of sharing something really hard that was going on in my life and then this gorgeous white feather landed at my feet in the middle of downtown LA. It felt so hopeful and redemptive so I had my friend Emily Leonard sketch it for me and I then had it tattooed onto my arm. Every room in my home (all but the office) is painted White Duck by Sherwin Williams.

Image above: My bed becomes a catch-all for most things so I keep a tray at the foot of my bed. I designed the hip pack to go onto my belt. I broke my neck years ago in a car accident so purses can aggravate my neck and back, so I designed this back when I was looking for a cool fanny pack and was unable to find one. I’m now going to be doing a collaboration with Boutonné to make my hip packs! I’m so excited about it! I also have a deep love for writing and receiving letters so pictured above is a beautiful encouraging letter I received from a new friend a few weeks ago. I’m probably getting too old for flower crowns but I just love them so much! They make me so so happy! I found the red quilt at an antique mall in MS for $40! I love it so much, it’s from the early 1900s.


Image above: I want my guests to feel at home when they visit. So the old vanity case is filled with toiletries and things a guest may need. The old cedar box is filled with pieces of inspiration that I received from Kinfolk when we were planning our holiday Kinfolk workshop. The lamp was in the room that I always slept in at my grandparents’ home (I added the lamp shade, again from the sale room at Anthro)  The sweet little botanical print was a graduation gift from my godparents. The bed was my mine as a child and the rug was a gift from my mom for my 30th birthday.


Image above: The feather I was telling y’all about that I had tattooed on my arm. It’s a beautiful reminder to me that there’s always hope and redemption to be found even in the midst of extremely hard and broken seasons of life.

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  • Thanks for sharing more of Ruthie’s home than I already see on her awesome instagram feed. Not only does she have a beautiful home. She has such a sweet spirit that shines through in all her posts.

  • I love this sneak peek. The pieces in her home are warm, meaningful and lovely to look at to boot! I aspire to have a home that evokes this same warmth and welcome!

  • I know it’s a tiny detail to obsess over, but I LOVE your blue candlesticks! Also, cool hat in the last photo!

  • This one is really great, I love how sentimental all the pieces are, and I love her passion and how she fills her home with quotes and things that are so meaningful to her.

  • I love this home and I love that a photo of the owner is in this sneak peek! (And I totally agree with the commenter about the blue candlesticks – such a small detail but it packs such a fantastic punch!)

  • I’ve been struggling to rediscover my personal decorating style after a divorce and Ruthie’s home really speaks to me. I love the mix of modern sale finds, vintage thrifting finds and heritage pieces.

  • The best homes are alive with meaning and give comfort to their owners and their guests. Sometimes I get distracted by the onslaught of all the pretty showroom home decor images online, so this post was a good reminder of that, thank you for sharing.

    Oh, and you are NEVER too old for flower crowns! Fact!