Ouigi Theodore of Brooklyn Circus’ 8 Favorite Things

Sometimes you meet the most amazing people in the most unexpected of places. A few years ago, Amy and I were walking around The Brimfield Antique Fair and found ourselves in an incredible vintage and antique eye wear booth. While I considered a pair of bamboo glasses, I found myself next to one of the most stylish people I’d ever seen. Thankfully he was also one of the friendliest. A few handshakes and a delighted realization that we lived in the same borough later, we had a new friend: Ouigi Theodore of Brooklyn Circus.

Ouigi was already an incredibly successful store owner at the time, but since Brimfield meeting, Ouigi has gone on to become not only one of the most influential people in Brooklyn fashion, but in fashion on an international scale. His unique style, a mix of old and new design with an appreciation for heritage brands, has created a devoted following of people across the globe. With shops in Brooklyn, Chicago and San Francisco, The Brooklyn Circus (or BKc) is now a place where Ouigi and his team work to, “foster creative relationships, providing a social sanctuary for open-minded forward-thinkers”. No matter where you live and what your style is, the community Ouigi is building and fostering through BKc is one that I’m so fortunate exists and is now a part of not just the Brooklyn creative scene, but the global creative scene. Today I’m thrilled to share his favorite things here on the site, from antique chairs and rings to books and perfectly worn in boots. Thanks so much to Ouigi and Christianna for sharing this with us! xo, grace

Portrait of Ouigi by Ryosuke Sato and video music by
Goto80 and the Uwe Schenk Band
via FMA

Click through for Ouigi’s 10 Favorite Things after the jump!

1. Favorite book or magazine: Freedom by Manning Marable

2. Favorite color or pattern: Herringbone (Shown here on our BKc + Etiquette Clothiers socks).

totally look inside this hole
3. Favorite piece of art or artist: Mac Premo is my Favorite artist. (Attached photo of his art titled “Totally¬†Stick Your Head Inside This Hole”)

4. Favorite place or spot: My Library.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 8.54.10 PM
5. Favorite vintage item he owns: WW2 Military boots.

6. Favorite piece of clothing: Vintage leather club motorcycle jacket.

7. Favorite fashion accessory: Vintage mexican biker rings.

8. Favorite piece of furniture: My antique rocker.


This guy is my best friend in my head. I’ve been an admirer of his business and fashion sense for years.


I live on the same street as Brooklyn Circus and have enjoyed several great interactions with Ouiji over the years. What a fascinating man – thanks for profiling such an interesting and genuinely nice person!


It’s so uplifting when you meet inspiring people. I get such a great vibe from this post. Lift me out of my everyday! Thank you.


Nice to see a more masculine take on design and fashion, with fab Americana, and cool style mixed with rustic charm. Lovely photos.

fran Pelzman Liscio

What a cool post. Now I have to learn more about Mac Premo and his art. And those herringbone socks–really beautiful. So glad you posted about Ouigi and his wonderful store.


You can see how much love they have for what they do. And how much fun they have mixing it up. Love it.