Flower Glossary: Mystery Tulip

DesignSponge Mystery Tulips
This time last year, we decided to pull off what ended up being a pretty epic April Fool’s Day prank: We turned Design*Sponge into Cat*Sponge. A good third of you thought it was a TERRIBLE idea and another third seemed genuinely happy about the feline focus. Thankfully it was just a joke. This year I decided to keep things simple and stick to what we know and love: flowers. To kick off what will inevitably be a day full of pranks online we’ll spare you the tricks and stick to sharing our love of tulips.

We’ve already discussed Tulips in a broader sense, but I wanted to spend a few posts zooming in on particularly beautiful, rare and exciting varieties of flowers. There are many varieties of tulips, but one of my favorites is the gorgeous purple Mystery Tulip (often referred to as “Arabian Mystery“). This variety ages so gracefully, so elegantly, it’s almost more of a pleasure to watch them slowly fade than it is to see them at the beginning of their life span.

Mystery Tulips were introduced in 1953 by P. Hopman and Sons. Tipped in white, these beautiful tulips are of course striking on their own, but they are so beautiful (and often quite expensive because of their relative rareness) that I suggest picking up 1-3 and putting them in a simple vase that lets their petals shine. xo, grace