#DSHARDWARE: Show Us Your Favorites

Hardware is, without a doubt, the simplest the most affordable way to change the way a room looks. As powerful as paint is to bring life to a space, you can’t beat the quickness with which you can unattach and attach new knobs, pulls and handles. I feel like I’m constantly capturing small hardware moments on our Instagram feed- from great old doorknobs to elaborate antique pulls in older buildings throughout the city. So for our next Hashtag Challenge, we’re celebrating HARDWARE. All you have to do is upload a photo to Instagram or Twitter and tag it: #DSHARDWARE. We’ll collect entries for the next three weeks and post our favorites here on the site. Right now my favorite hardware is the simple dowel knob situation (above) that Max and Daniel created for their beautiful Kingston home. I am constantly amazed at what those two can do- and these wooden drawer pulls are one of my favorite details they’ve come up with so far. If you’re looking for more hardware inspiration you can check out our favorite hardware in DS Sneak Peeks right here or our Top 10 Hardware Resources right here.

Porcelain drop pulls on Nicole Colbert’s bedroom dresser.

Leslie Lewis Sigler’s vintage green glass cabinet knobs.

Vlad Fridman

Hardware is definitely an easy and affordable way of updating the look of any space in your home. Sigler’s vintage green glass cabinet knobs are especially beautiful in providing a unique touch. At CBD glass, we find that upgrading the look of your kitchen (in a more obvious way than hardware) is also a great way of providing a unique touch without breaking the bank.