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DIY Project: Jewelry Display Wall Hanging

by Grace Bonney

diy woven jewelry holder by designsponge
For me, it’s totally rare to find any sort of jewelry display I actually like, let alone would actually display. And with my crazy macrame and copper obsession right now, I thought they would combine to make the perfect jewelry holder: one that would do double duty as a wall hanging and organizer. This would also make a great entryway organizer for holding keys and outgoing mail! The greatest thing about this project is that it’s insanely easy, so easy that I watched TV while I tied the knots and was done before the movie ended. –Molly Madfis

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-1 1/2” copper pipe
-mini tube cutter or hacksaw
-4 copper pipe corner pieces
-9 copper couplings
-canvas rope

woven jewelry holder how to 01


1. Cut your pipe into four pieces; I decided on a rectangular shape so cut them at 14×12”. Build your base with the corner pieces.

2. Tie a piece of rope to one side, and tighten the knot as much as you can. I did an over-under pattern from behind. Tighten the rope across the width of the base and knot again.

woven jewelry holder how to 02
woven jewelry holder how to 03

3. Trim excess off both sides. If you want to add the couplings, I alternated every three rows.

woven jewelry holder 01

woven jewelry holder 03

woven jewelry holder 04

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  • Sweet!! Love the idea of how to decorate the wall and make it useful :) We are working in a diy project for a wall hanging too!!
    But for this week we have a project for a makeover of chairs and the inspirations of an special artist!! :)

  • This is so much more appealing than those ugly wire cross hatch screens my earrings are on. I loathe that thing! Thank you for such a lovely idea.

  • I love this idea, but I was wondering if there was a link to where to find the canvas rope? I’ve been googling to find something similar, but my google-fu seems to be broken. Thanks!

  • What a cool idea! I like the idea that I could actually make it what ever size I want. I have a couple of jewelry displays that I have done, one like a padded bulletin board covered with felt and ribbons and the other is an oven rack with ribbon weaved through for hanging post earrings, but both are fairly larger and take up wall space.