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by Grace Bonney

I’ve lived in Greenpoint for the better part of ten years now and it’s amazing to see the sort of changes the neighborhood is going through. While some of them are less than desirable and involve giant glass buildings without much character (or the affordable housing those buildings are supposed to offer), some of them are wonderful and involve long-dormant buildings and homes being turned into beautiful spaces. In our Design*Sponge neck-of-the-woods, we’ve seen almost 10 new restaurants open in the course of a year, so many of which have incredible inspiring interiors. The latest hotspot to open happens to be directly across from our office, Coco.

coco_9 coco_14
Coco66 has a bit of a history in the neighborhood, having been open before and serving as a fun divey bar with live music and performances. But it was closed a while back and is now re-opening by restauranteur Michael Callahan (or Republic and Indochine). Along with a new chef, Joe Capozzi, Michael has reopened the space to include a bistro that focuses on local, seasonal food. We’d heard quite a bit of buzz online, so we decided to go check it out ourselves.

The space is full of natural light, salvaged wood details and a nice mix of vintage and new furniture. Tiny bits of Pendleton fabric, handwoven wall hangings and antique mirrors decorate the space along with kilim rugs and cacti. I’m particularly fond of all the reclaimed windows used in the space- they contribute so much to the open airy feel in the space. Now that we have this in our neighborhood, our daily take-out lunch orders might turn into lunches across the street. Thanks so much to Coco for welcoming us inside- click here for more info and to visit in person. xo, grace

Photos by Max Tielman

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  • I love the aesthetic, but good god change the water in the centerpieces or just dump it out completely – skunk water with dead slimy foliage is not appetizing.

  • Yay for Coco and little Greenpoint gems in general! I love this interior, and such beautiful photography by Max.

  • Such a beautiful space–but then I clicked on the links to the website and got really confused. Is this even the same place? The aesthetic of the restaurant and the aesthetic of the site (BIG BOLD FONTS! STARK COLORS! DJ SETS!) are so different!

  • I live too far to try this place. The colours, textures and charming patina of this bistro are so inspiring and inviting! I could see someone wishing this look in their own home! :)

    I noticed something though that I’m going to mention in case it was typo. I was surprised to read ‘Madelines’ on their dessert menu. Shouldn’t it say Madeleines? It’s the first treat I drooled over on their website. I’m not sure if by now the term has been Americanized, I hope not, Madeleine is such a sweet name.

    There is an interesting story behind it. It was named after Madeleine Paulmier who was a young servant. Some say she was a baker… It is said that the Duke Stanislas Leszczynski was giving a fancy dinner in his castle but a quarrel erupted in the kitchen and not only the cook quit, he took the dessert with him!! Madeleine the young servant, saved the evening by proposing a recipe from her grandmother. The dessert was well received. The Duke was so relieved and impressed that he asked to meet the author of this delectable treat and introduced her to the nobles at the table. He then decided to name the cake after her! :)

  • Max, it sounds like you’re listing affordable housing under the “less desirable changes to the neighbourhood” category. Really?! If so, that’s quite the elitist view of urban and interior design, and I’m disappointed to see that opinion expressed on DS.

  • oh wow, interesting, i wonder if the food is any good. we used to live on that block and maaannnnnnn i do not miss having my sleep disturbed on a nightly basis by the music at coco. not one tiny bit. but the new restaurant looks cool.

    • Claire

      No no no– I’m sorry if that comment was confusing. I meant I was disappointed that the huge glass buildings aren’t offering as much affordable housing as I would like. I would NEVER be upset about affordable housing. The city usually requires it in these new builds (which are all over the place in Greenpoint now) and somehow they keep getting away with NOT building in the affordable housing they’re supposed to :(


  • you are so lucky to be working and living in Greenpoint! I love this restaurant-the wall sconces made with plumbers pipe are great and I love the pillow back hanging from giant rings! I also want to add that the first thing I do everymorning when I reach work with coffee in hand is to go directly to DS! Thank you for a great beginning to my day!

  • Thank you for writing about coco grace. It was designed on a shoestring and so much fun.